Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e05 Episode Script


1 I wish they had something smaller Hey, Lord Hak, what are you doing here in the middle of the night? Sorry, did I wake you? No, that's not what I meant.
The door is broken.
I want a small sword and bow.
Are you going hunting? Yeah.
I'm going.
I may be gone for a while.
Sorry to bother you.
Lord Hak, you're paying for these? You always say to put it on your tab.
Thanks for everything.
Live a long life.
You're so serious now, you dumb Thunder Beast.
Episode 5: Howl He's back! Heang-dea's back! Tae-yeon, are you all right? That was inhumanly fast, Heang-dea.
Leave it to Heang-dea Are you in pain? Is there anything you need? Thank you.
I'm fine.
Twinge What an adorable creature! Let me nuzzle you! Let me hold you! Heang-dea, live.
Okay, I'm going to check on the merchants.
I'll bury this corpse while I'm at it, too.
But I'm alive Move, move.
Oh, Rina Ma'am? Oh, my.
Did you call me "ma'am"? Elegant Perfect timing Take these.
Really, those Fire Tribe men are out of control.
It's full of injured people inside.
The merchants that were attacked by the Fire Tribe Why did this happen? What did we do? As long as you're alive, things will work out.
If it comes to it, I'll take care of you.
Sorry, Rina I'm a little unsteady.
Rina? The Fire Tribe would go this far to put Su-won on the throne? This absurdity is allowed? Can you Can you allow this, Su-won? It's all right! We'll be fine with the young lord and the elder around.
Despite how they seem, they look out for their family.
Family Yeah! Everyone in the Wind Tribe is family.
So you're part of our family now, too.
Huh? Ah Aww You made her cry, Heang-dea.
Lord Hak's gonna kill me! Hak and Mun-deok The kind people of the Wind Tribe They must be feeling such terrible pain, and intense rage.
The proud wind hides these feelings within, and smiles.
Huh? Rina, are you all right? I can't let these people get caught up in this! Hak Tae-yeon? Rina Was that Hak? Yeah.
What is it, Rina? I wanted to thank you.
Thank me? You gave me warm food, wiped away my tears, and brought me cheer.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
I thought you were going to stay here forever.
Oh, well Oh, well Some nights, I wanted to die.
But with this small body, with his strength and smiles that never showed the slightest sign of pain, he gave me courage.
I will not forget you or the people who live here.
Stay well, and take care.
I'm sorry, Hak.
I just promised I would protect Rina, but I don't think I'll be able to Looks like you're actually keeping watch today.
I can't sleep without someone at my back.
Don't sleep.
Where are you going, Lord Hak? I'm leaving.
Really? See you later.
Seriously? That means you're the Wind Tribe's next chief.
No way! It's too much work! Wait, are you leaving Rina behind? I thought about seeing her before I left, but Take care of her, too.
Princesses with baggage are a heavy burden.
You knew? Hak! I'm leaving this place.
Come with me! What did you say? I'm leaving.
If I stay here, Capital Fuuga will be caught in the conflict.
Go back.
I've already spoken to the elder.
This place is safe now.
You should live quietly here.
I don't remember allowing you to leave alone.
You told me to use you as a tool to live.
I returned the name of "Son.
" I'm no longer a general or your servant.
I'm about to leave on a free journey.
I don't have to take care of you.
If you keep quiet, Su-won won't do anything.
I've already decided! No matter what you think, I'm not taking you with me.
Do you have money? If we're going to be traveling together, I'll have to protect you.
I'm asking if you have the money to pay for my services.
Or will you pay with your body? I don't have anything to give you.
You catch on quick.
Now, go.
Goodbye, Princess Yona.
But I want you! Give yourself to me, Hak! What are you talking about? You're so willful Damn it, it's so annoying.
This is why You win, Princess.
Hak Old man! Call me "Grandpa"! Were you there the whole time? I heard you being rude to the princess! Mun-deok It seems I must let another grandchild go.
Everyone told me that I was family.
It made me happy.
That's why I'm leaving.
Mun-deok, please protect the Wind Tribe.
Don't forget, Princess If you ever lose hope again and need assistance, the Wind Tribe is always on your side, no matter who stands against us, nor how far you may be.
Lord Gang Tae-jun Tell me later.
I'm miserable.
What? My father scolded me.
He told me not to act without permission.
I have good news for you, Lord Tae-jun.
Huh? Princess Yona was spotted near Capital Fuuga.
What? A soldier saw a girl with red hair.
General Hak was also with her.
The two of them headed toward the northern mountains.
The northern mountains? Why would they go to such a desolate place? Who knows? So that man is with her, then? My luck has turned.
Gather the soldiers! We'll capture Princess Yona! Do you see anything? No.
How does the old man expect us to find someone, when we don't know where he is? A priest? Yes.
Since ancient times, a priest who has seen the Kingdom of Kouka's future is said to live somewhere within the Wind Tribe's territory.
If you are unsure what to do next, you should seek out the priest.
I am sure the priest will show you the way.
Long ago, the priest lived in a temple at the royal palace, and was deeply involved in the kingdom's rule.
After Yu-hong began oppressing the priest, he left the castle.
Now he lives quietly, somewhere far from people.
Far from people This certainly doesn't seem like somewhere a person could live.
If you tried living here, you might fall off a cliff.
But I'm sure one could do it if they really tried.
Even though I called myself the princess of the kingdom, I only know Hiryuu Castle.
It sounds foolish to say I don't know.
What path should I follow now? Right now, just trying to live takes everything I have.
By the way, Princess, if we must search every corner of this area, we'll have to sleep outside.
What should we do? Sleep outside? I've gotten somewhat used to it.
Unlike the mountains behind the castle, it gets cold here.
Then I'll snuggle against you while I sleep.
Whoosh Jeez I don't mind, but I'll play pranks on you.
Pranks? Pranks are things like this.
Hak, what are you— Quiet.
Forty No, fifty.
Pursuers? I thought they weren't chasing us anymore.
That's quite a lot of people, too.
Are they the king's men? Or— Princess, if we're going to be snuggling in our sleep, I won't feel like pranking you if you aren't a bit more comfortable to hold.
Zoom What are you talking about? Now, then I'm all warmed up.
Time to get to work.
Stay close, Princess.
He truly is a Thunder Beast.
Su-won once said Hak's techniques are like lightning.
If we fought in earnest, I'm sure he would destroy me.
Even in these moments, I still remember your face so naturally.
What's wrong? Are you finished? I see the Thunder Beast is going strong.
So it is you.
I've been waiting for this moment, General Son Hak and Princess Yona.
I, Gang Tae-jun, of the Fire Tribe Look, Princess.
There's nature everywhere.
What?! Why are you enjoying nature while I'm talking to you? Oh, you were talking to me? I'm neither a general nor a "Son" now.
Sorry about that.
It's fine, so long as you understand.
Wait, what? You're not a general? That's right.
I'm just wandering traveler Hak.
Which means Whatever I do now has nothing to do with the Wind Tribe.
So that's it Well, either way, I don't care about the Wind Tribe.
I will make those who stand in my way disappear.
I have business with Princess Yona! Don't let him rest! Stop him! Stop him! Archers, fire! You've gained weight, Princess.
That was unnecessary! We're gonna run.
After them! I'm scared.
There are arrows and soldiers closing from all sides.
Not even Hak can handle all of these.
Aim for the princess! Hak! Hak, are you all right? Hak Don't worry about me.
It's creepy.
Why, you— Amazing.
Don't stand around impressed! He's injured! After him! We haven't found them yet.
What about over there? They're not here! Don't move, no matter what.
Hak, you're bleeding It isn't mine.
But Wait, Hak If we're going to be traveling together, I'll have to protect you.
To protect me, you Where's the princess? Where did Princess Yona disappear to? Gang Tae-jun Hak must have helped her escape.
Find her! The Thunder Beast is human, too.
He seems to be tiring.
The arrow that hit him was poisoned.
What? You fired those at the princess? I knew Hak would shield the princess with his body if we fired at her.
An ordinary person wouldn't be able to move.
He's a terrifying man.
Then, when he turns his back, fire at him.
They're going to kill Hak? Don't move, no matter what.
That's right.
If I reveal myself, I'll only slow him down.
It'll be fine.
Hak is so strong.
Hak Hak can dodge an arrow.
I should quietly wait here for Hak to come.
Hak won't die No Why did I leave Capital Fuuga? So I could live in hiding, under Hak's protection? If that were the case, I should have stayed in Capital Fuuga.
I'm just a burden on Hak.
I am sure the priest will show you the way.
Before I question the gods, there are questions I should ask myself! Yona Wh-What is this? Princess Yona I never thought you'd come to me yourself.
I wanted to speak to you.
There's no need to be so cautious.
I came to get you.
Get me? Tomorrow morning, Lord Su-won will be crowned the new king.
Poor princess It must have been painful, losing the king and being chased from the castle.
Come with me, and we'll make this known.
We can drag the detestable Su-won, who chased you from the castle, off the throne, and avenge the king.
Why did you move? So, Princess, come with me— If you knew that, why did the Fire Tribe put pressure on the Wind Tribe? Huh? Those were my father's orders.
It wasn't my will Why did you attack the merchants? If you know the truth, then instead of driving the Wind Tribe into a corner, instead of trying to kill the innocent Hak, there's something else you should be doing! Those burning eyes Why? I can't look away.
I may be an ignorant princess, but I'm not desperate enough to listen to someone who doesn't understand reason! Princess! The red hair of what should have been the young, weak princess appeared to be a flame consuming her.
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