Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Red Hair

1 So hot.
It's like fire I can't look away.
Has the princess always made these expressions? You idiot! I told you not to move! Why did you come out? Episode 6: Red Hair H-He's a monster.
Princess! Hak! Damn it.
The poison on that arrow Now's our chance.
Get him! Hak! Yes! There's an abyss below him! Throw the Thunder Beast down! At this rate At this rate At this rate, Hak Hak will Hak will Hak will die! Princess! Wait! No, Princess.
You mustn't go to him.
You're going to the castle with me! I won't let you kill him.
I won't let you kill him! I won't let you kill him! Never! To defeat General Son Hak, Kouka Kingdom's greatest warrior, would bring incredible honor.
Get away! Get away from Hak! Princess Get away from him! Stop, Princess! A princess should keep quiet and Don't! Don't hurt the princess! But, sir Th-This is Princess Yona? Princess Hak, I'll save you.
You idiot! Run! You can't do it! Run far away! No! Never! Hak, I'd never forgive you for dying! I'd never forgive you! Wh-What are you doing? Get the princess away from Hak! Lord Tae-jun! Find her Find her! We must rescue the princess immediately! Calm down, sir! We cannot enter this valley.
You'd never survive this fall! Let go! The princess I must save the princess! Lord Tae-jun! The princess is already Princess Yona Lord Su-won.
What is it, Advisor Keishuk? Though I hate to disturb you on the eve of an important day, the son of General Gang Su-jin, chief of the Fire Tribe, insists on seeing you.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Lord Tae-jun.
What brings you here today? I apologize for coming at such an hour, on the night before your coronation.
I have come because there is something I must give you.
Princess Yona is dead.
In the northern mountains that separate the Wind and Fire Tribes' lands I cornered General Hak and Princess Yona.
Just when they were within my reach, they fell into the valley.
What? They fell from those cliffs? Lord Su-won instructed you to contact him the moment you found them.
Instead, you cornered and killed Princess Yona.
This is treason, Lord Gang Tae-jun.
That's right I killed her.
Please punish me.
Lord Su-won Rest at the castle today.
You will attend tomorrow's coronation.
Huh? No! You must punish me! Please! Lord Tae-jun Lord Su-won! Lord Su-won! Lord Su-won! Long, long ago, when the big red sun was gobbled up, and the world was stained black What a bother.
Someone's dead.
Lord Su-won Elder Mun-deok, of the Wind Tribe, has arrived.
The next general is with him.
The next general? Then they have chosen one.
They must have thought it necessary, to protect their tribe.
Though given Lord Mun-deok's temperament, it is something of a disappointment.
Perhaps someone encouraged him by cutting ties with the tribe.
Huh? Nothing.
Who is the next general? He's younger than General Hak.
The youngsters of the Wind Tribe are so full of energy.
Keishuk, for someone so young, you sound like a grandfather.
25 Years Old You're one to talk.
It's dawn.
What a truly fitting dawn sky for a coronation ceremony.
The Castle of the Red Dragon symbolizes the King of Kouka Kingdom.
I swore to myself that I would return to this castle one day.
Su-won! Su-won, welcome! Come quickly! Today, we have stewed pears.
You're open! Ouch.
Hak You're too slow, Lord Su-won.
You'll get in trouble with the old man.
What are you talking about? Master Mun-deok said I had a natural aptitude for combat.
Oh? Have you ever beaten me in practice? It's natural for you to be strong, since you must protect Princess Yona.
What's that supposed to mean? But I truly am jealous.
That Yona has you for a servant.
You have servants, too, Lord Su-won.
Pout I want you! Become the king, then.
Huh? Marry Princess Yona, and become king.
Wh-What? But I could never marry Yona You want me, don't you? It was a figure of speech Either way, as far as I'm concerned, you're the only man who could become the next king.
When you do, I'll be your right arm.
I'll stand by both of you, until the day you die.
By the way, I'll need three meals a day and naps.
It's a great deal! After all, I'm the Thunder Beast of Kouka.
Ah, that is a wonderful dream.
Su-won, hurry! Hak, please protect Yona.
When I become king, Yona and Hak will not be by my side.
Warm days like today make me doubt myself a bit.
But now, my right arm is gone.
As is the girl who gave me warmth.
By crushing them underfoot and casting them off, I have made it this far.
That's the new king? He's still young, but he's Lord Yu-hong's son.
Lord Yu-hong's son? Then I'm sure he'll make a great king.
So I will not doubt myself any longer! With the approval of the five tribes, King Su-won is crowned the Sky Tribe's eleventh king of the Kingdom of Kouka.
Your Highness, my new king.
I congratulate you on your coronation.
I, Gang Su-jin, leader of the Fire Tribe, on behalf of all my people, pledge to you the absolute loyalty of the Fire Tribe.
The Fire Tribe They pretend to support me, but their eyes are always on the throne.
The Earth Tribe submits to a powerful master.
The Water Tribe waits to see how things go.
And the Wind Tribe Though they have been quiet since we put pressure on them, they have many strong warriors trained by Mun-deok.
There's no telling when they will learn of Hak's death, and bare their teeth.
Kai Empire Chishin Kouka Kingdom Saika Kuuto Hiryuu Castle Fuuga Suiko Sei Country Shin Country The crowning of a new king will draw the attention of the Kai Empire to the north, and Shin and Sei in the south.
However, first I must unite these divided clans.
Your Highness As you know, there is currently no priest within the castle.
However, the gods above are watching.
They will see what you accomplish, on the backs of what sacrifices As will this old man.
Only after I have seen that will I join the late King Il.
Lord Mun-deok— You're right.
I want you to watch, Elder Mun-deok.
However, a heaven that only watches has no meaning for me.
I do not want gods, but the power of people.
I will restore the Kingdom of Kouka to the mighty nation it once was.
Should anyone stand in my way, even if they be a god, I will crush them underfoot! Long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king! Elder, can we go now? Long live the king! This place is full of annoying people.
Long live the king! Since when has he had that look in his eyes? Long live the king! Master Mun-deok, please teach me how to use a spear today.
Will I never see that kind smile again? I can hear voices.
The voices of a crowd.
Who's there? Su-won? You're awake? My hands are tired.
Eat up.
Who are you? I'm Yun.
I'm just a passing, handsome boy, so you don't have to remember me.
Who are you two? To survive a fall from that cliff, you must be pretty tough.
The cliff That's right.
I Hak! Where's Hak? Hak? Oh, the black-haired man you were with is over there.
Hak! Hak He's alive, just barely.
I removed the poison, but he had a cut on his chest, and he's bruised all over.
A bunch of his ribs are broken, too.
He'd lost so much blood.
If he'd received treatment any later, he would've died.
He probably protected you during your fall.
What? He was holding you when you fell.
Hak The trees must have cushioned your fall.
What a bother.
Why is he so devoted to you? Is he your lover? No, not at all.
I feel bad for him Is this the bottom of the valley? Do you live here? I guess.
Are you a doctor? I'm looking for someone Yun! Yun! Listen! Listen to this! Hey! Why are you covered in mud?! I was praying for everyone's happiness when I slipped and fell What a bother! Heaven has abandoned you.
You're awake.
Thank goodness Hello.
My name is Ik-su.
I'm something like Yun's guardian.
Um, I'm They don't seem like bad people, but I can't tell them my name.
It must have been very hard No, I didn't Hak protected me from the fall.
No, I am impressed you resolved to go on this journey.
Journey? To think that Princess Yona herself would Wait.
How do you know who I am? Oh, the gods told me Are you stupid? How could you tell her all that? What's the point of living here in secrecy? You really don't know how to lie.
Are you A priest is said to live somewhere within the Wind Tribe's territory.
I'm sorry I meant to receive you in proper attire, Princess.
This person is the priest? Next Time Your life will create a storm that will shake this kingdom.
Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 7: Episode 7: Destiny Destiny.