Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

God's Will

1 You're the priest? Did you know I would come here, too? Yes.
My job is to convey God's voice to the people.
I hope everyone is well I hope everyone is happy God teaches me everything there is to know about this world! What do you mean by your "job"? You don't make any money.
All you do is pray every day.
Hurry and remove your dirty clothes! You were driven out of the castle for making dubious claims about hearing God's voice, you know.
Why were you driven out of the castle? I'm surprised.
You lived in the castle, but you don't know? Episode 7: God's Will Move, move! Out of the way! You lived in the castle, but you don't know? I don't even know what was happening within the castle.
Hak! Hang in there! Can you hear my voice? Hak! Hold this.
He has a fever.
Hak I've treated it, but the fever won't break for a while.
Tonight will probably be the worst of it.
Save Hak! I'm working on it.
I don't want him dying on me.
But I'm not a doctor.
Don't just assume I'll save him.
You still haven't thanked me for saving you.
And what about him? Have you ever thanked him? He nearly died to protect you.
It's all right.
The god of death hasn't come for him yet.
He'll come back.
Yun, you should be kinder.
But I hate kings and nobles and the like In her own way, she's fighting.
Would you like to go for a walk? Yun's medicines are very effective.
He's saved me countless times.
Ouch Are you okay? Why do you live out here? I was living with the flow, and I ended up here naturally.
I suppose that doesn't answer your question.
It's just Even here, there are flowers that bloom.
Um Thank you for saving me.
I'd like you to tell me about you priests.
I may not know anything, but I don't want to remain ignorant.
Actually, I'm not a priest.
I just look after that useless priest who can't look after himself.
Long ago, priests had greater influence than even the king.
Than even the king? Yeah.
They were revered as messengers of God.
Priests were deeply involved in ruling the kingdom, and sometimes, they even influenced wars.
One priest even deposed a king, saying he had angered God.
So priests became a problem for the king.
During King Junam's reign, Kouka Kingdom was expanding into other kingdoms' territories, and growing stronger.
Apparently, Prince Yu-hong's achievements played a major role.
For Yu-hong, the priests that could threaten a king's power were a nuisance.
So that's why my uncle drove the priests from the castle.
Isn't living in the middle of nowhere difficult? Not at all.
I find villages troublesome, and Ik-su can relax more easily here.
Villages are full of poor people.
Only certain cities are wealthy.
Ik-su is too nice.
He once tried to help everyone, and then suffered from depression when he couldn't.
He can't live without me.
Thank you.
Teach me more sometime.
Hak is gone?! Hak Stupid Hak! I'm appalled.
You're sitting in the dark, badmouthing me? "I'm glad you made a miraculous recovery and seem to be feeling well.
" What's wrong? Did you have a scary dream? I wouldn't cry over that.
Oh? Where were you? I was looking for this.
Then you should have woken me! I understand.
You can't sleep alone.
Shall I sleep next to you? Here.
You fool! You're injured Now I'm a fool? You're behaving recklessly, when you're a total wreck.
I thought you were going to die.
Don't go off without saying anything! You have to stay by my side! I want to die now Huh? I've had all I can take of that ugly crying face.
I really want to die, and see how much you'd cry then.
Crash If it's not okay, just turn your head.
Not okay? I thought you wanted to check your temperature, so I stuck my forehead out.
Wasn't that it? Oh, right The fever's making me irrational.
It's come down, though.
How moronic Your hair I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
I don't mind.
It's lighter now.
Besides, I've always hated my red hair I love your hair, Yona.
This isn't so bad, is it? You're right.
She says I have to stay by her side like it's so easy.
Your brains might not be so good, but your hair's all right.
I should sew your mouth shut.
Even now that she doesn't have enough hair to fasten, she still hasn't thrown away that hair ornament Huh? The priest's house? This place? Yes.
What a coincidence.
I know you're living in hiding, but I would've expected a priest's house to look more like a shrine.
Hey! Don't eat that without asking! Please, priest, grant me your hospitality I'm not the priest! Where did the priest go? Priest? What's wrong? I was dreaming about you A dream about you and this world.
Princess Yona, would you like to hear the voice of God? Mun-deok told me to have the priest show me my path.
Is a path something that must be shown to you? I thought I was supposed to sit still, not doing anything.
But after being chased, Hak nearly getting killed, and nearly dying myself, my blood is so hot, it's practically boiling.
I can walk on my own two legs.
I want to live.
I won't let anyone take my life or Hak's! That is my only wish.
I have nothing to ask God.
No For you, living doesn't mean spending your days in ordinary peace.
Huh? Your life will create a storm that will shake the Kingdom of Kouka.
Priest? If you wish to simply live an honest life, and cannot stop the hot blood in your veins, I will convey the voice of God to you.
When darkness falls upon the land, the dragons' blood will restore life once more.
In accordance with the ancient pact, when the four dragons are gathered, the sword and shield that protect the king will awaken.
The red dragon will return at dawn.
Flump Conveying God's voice requires spiritual strength Quit acting so old, you pain.
I don't know what this business is about dragons or gods, but I'm not buying anything this crackpot is selling! He's not selling anything.
Crackpot? Does the "red dragon" in the prophecy mean the mythological king? You are familiar with the kingdom's creation myth? Yes.
The red dragon god took on human form, descending from heaven to rule a kingdom on Earth.
He was the first king of Kouka, King Hiryuu.
My father used to tell me about him all the time.
But once King Hiryuu became human "He eventually had to fight humans.
The people's hearts filled with evil, they forgot their god, and their country fell to ruin.
Even King Hiryuu was captured by humans who desired power.
Just when everything seemed on the brink of destruction, four dragons descended from heaven.
Hiryuu, we have come for you.
Let us destroy the humans, who have forgotten their faith, and return to heaven! Hiryuu rejected them.
No, I am human now.
Though the humans may hate and betray me, I cannot help but love them.
The dragons loved Hiryuu, as well, and did not wish to lose him.
In order to protect Hiryuu, they gave their blood to human warriors, and granted them strength.
One gained sharp claws that could tear apart anything.
One gained eyes that could see across great distances.
One gained legs that could jump high into the sky.
One gained a strong body that could never be injured.
You are now our other halves.
You will serve Hiryuu as your master, protecting him with your lives.
You will love him, and never betray him.
With the power of the dragon gods, the warriors led their clans to protect Hiryuu, and brought order to the kingdom.
Before long, the red dragon grew tired of fighting, and fell asleep.
The mission of the four dragon warriors thus ended.
They thought of their king, no longer moving, and wept.
They did not know whether they grieved the loss of someone precious, or if the dragon god blood within them mourned Hiryuu's death.
Realizing their power was beyond human control, the four dragon warriors left their tribes and disappeared.
The tribes they left behind continued developing on their own, forming the five tribes of today.
" The kingdom's creation myth What does that have to do with me? You said you wanted to live, correct? Yes.
But you cannot live on your own.
If you leave this place, your life will be endangered again.
You have Master Hak supporting you.
However, at this rate, Master Hak will die.
Hey, wait.
Don't assume I'll die.
I can't hear the voice of God.
I'm not— I'm not giving you alms, no matter how much you threaten me As you can see, the situation is grave.
You need allies.
But who? You must search for the four dragon warriors.
You mean the four dragon warriors from the legend? They exist? They really exist?! Yeah, right.
They're from the age of legend.
They do exist.
Even now, they live quietly in this kingdom, with the dragon blood they inherited.
They will lend you their strength.
Priest, I don't want Hak to die.
But I'm not sure the legendary dragons will lend their strength to one such as me.
That night, you miraculously escaped death, you miraculously escaped the castle, and you miraculously survived a fall into this abyss.
I believe those were not miracles, but God's will leading you here.
If you find the legendary dragons, it will be not only your wish, but God's will.
God's will However, heaven can only show you the way.
You must walk the path yourself.
I don't know anything.
Not about the castle or the rest of the world.
King Il will not wake again.
I don't know.
I love your hair, Yona.
I want to know the feelings of others, and the many other things that I once passed by heedlessly.
I want to become stronger.
Princess? Shove Hak, don't! You should lie down! I'm all better now.
I'm not going to die.
Hak, I want to meet the people with the dragon blood.
Why meet them? They may not exist.
And if they do, they may not be your allies.
I'll worry about it then.
At this rate, I can't even leave this place.
I want to move forward somehow.
I will become stronger.
Teach me to use a sword and bow.
I'll learn.
I don't want to die in this absurd state.
Even more, I don't want to lose you! To prevent that, I will acquire even the power of the gods.
I'm telling you that I won't die Well, if that's what you want, I guess I'll take a chance on God's will, or whatever it is.
Hak, you've been a good boy lately.
There, there Please don't get too close.
Why? Because it's annoying.
What? You have more wrinkles.
You're kidding! If you're angry all the time, you'll become a wrinkly old lady.
That's none of your business! Now you have even more! Hak, you idiot! Have you made up your mind? Yes.
I have a favor to ask of you two.
That should do it.
Next Time Ik-su, to me, your words are absolute.
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