Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

The Chosen Door

1 I have a favor to ask of you two.
I want you to take Yun with you on your journey.
Episode 8: The Chosen Door Yun, did you make these clothes? Not really.
I just had some leftover cloth.
It isn't silk, so it probably doesn't suit you, but it's better than those rags you had on.
I love these interesting clothes! Interesting clothes? Hey, lend me something sharp.
I'm going to even out my hair.
With that?! Jeez, what a pain.
This is why I hate princesses.
You can do anything, can't you, Yun? Because I have that troublesome priest to take care of.
I learned medicine because he constantly injures himself, and I've mastered cooking.
My only flaw is that I'm far too handsome.
I didn't ask about that.
You're kind, though.
Huh? You're kind to Ik-su, too But you're cutting my hair, even though you said you hated royalty.
Just so you know, this isn't free.
You owe me for the medicine, clothes, and the haircut.
Um Bill it to Mun-deok! Mun-deok?! He's the Wind Tribe's hero! Mun-deok's a hero? Idiot! Mun-deok was a powerful commander, just as strong as Yu-hong.
He was? The Mun-deok I know is an old man who loves his children.
Jeez I'm finished.
Thank you.
You know everything, Yun.
I can't help it.
I'm a genius.
I can memorize books after reading them once.
That's amazing.
But I've only read a few books.
There are tons of books I'm not familiar with in the world.
It makes me angry.
Would you like to read them? Of course.
Listen, Yun It's not a problem, though.
I can collect books, bit by bit.
And I'll be satisfied with this filthy book for a while.
What is that book? That idiot Ik-su dug it out of the garbage for me, then tore it when he tripped over nothing.
He's incredibly clumsy.
He's stupid, isn't he? All his "God" business might seem phony, but I know better than anyone that he can't lie.
I-In any case, if you're leaving on a journey, get out of here.
I don't have time to look after you two.
Ik-su Princess Those clothes are beautiful.
You look great in them.
Yun made them, didn't he? He's an incredible boy.
Anyway, what did Yun say? Ik-su, you're a lot like my father.
Huh? You mean King Il? Yes.
You're too generous.
You're unreliable, a crybaby, and your head is in the clouds.
But you're a cute person.
Hey, Ik-su Yes.
Yun is foul-mouthed, but he loves you.
I don't want to pull a family apart.
I can't take Yun with us on our journey.
So I can't comply with your request.
Ik-su's request? You asked me to take Yun with us, but Unless Yun says he wants to go, I can't bring him with us.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I should have been the one to say that.
Ouch Yun Good timing.
I was just— What was that conversation about? Where do you want me to go? You want me to go with them?! Yun, I want you to leave this place and assist the princess and her friend.
Why me? You can't be serious! You shouldn't stay here.
Go see the world.
Ik-su I'll be fine without you.
RAGE That jerk How dare he say that? Yun, look.
It's a book of medicine.
Go see the world.
Let me fry these fish.
You can already move around that much? I'm immortal.
Actually, I can't afford to die.
I've got a troublesome princess to look after.
Why? You must be stupid to risk your life protecting a princess.
When you protect someone you want to keep safe, do you always weigh your own life against theirs? Want some fish? No.
Damn it.
— Seven Years Earlier — Fire Tribe Region, Toka Village Someone help! Yesterday, I ate tree roots The fields are devoid of crops and even insects.
Today, I'll steal food.
Last time I did it, I was nearly killed.
This time, I'll do it right.
I'll do it in one strike.
I don't care if I die.
All right.
Money Money Food! I'm sorry.
I don't have anything D-Don't move! You're that boy.
Everyone in the village has been talking about it.
Recently, there's been an outsider wandering around with bits of gold.
It's you, isn't it? Give them to me! C-Crying won't help you! I'm sorry I just gave some gold to another child.
That was the last of it.
But if I find something good again, I'll definitely bring it to you.
Huh? It's your fault for spacing out.
This place is a dog-eat-dog world! It's all right.
It doesn't hurt.
Don't worry.
Why would I worry about you? I almost killed you just now! Well, then Please excuse me.
Are you even listening? H-Hey! We aren't done discussing those pieces of gold! You're staying with me today! I'm delighted.
I'd actually planned to camp out tonight.
My name is Ik-su.
He's warm.
He's alive.
If I rub this on It's cold I'm hungry.
Am I going to die here? A potato! For you.
Where did you get this? Did you steal it? I received it.
I haven't eaten a potato in so long.
What happened to you? Where are your shoes? I traded them for a potato.
You traded them? What are you doing? It's cold out there.
Why would you go so far for me? Are you really up to something? I just had to thank you for applying medicine to my head.
You were awake? Yeah, it's working well.
My heart feels warm.
Even the corners of my eyes feel hot Why are you crying? You're so weird.
Are all outsiders like you? There are all kinds of people outside.
I don't go to the capital often, though.
The capital? Do you want to go to the capital? Yeah! I want to leave this place and go to the capital and other regions.
Once I grow up, I want to go where I can read lots of books and study freely.
You can read? Of course.
That's impressive Just simple books, though.
Someday, I'll learn to read difficult books.
I'll find you a book, then.
I travel all over the place.
Huh? What work do you do? I'm someone who prays to God.
To God? Yes.
The voice of God leads me to people who are feeling down.
I help those people find the courage to live.
God doesn't exist.
There's no way he exists, but he doesn't seem like a liar.
Are you going somewhere now? Will you be okay without shoes? I'll make some from straw.
I'll be fine.
Straw? I was taught how to do it long ago.
T-Teach me! Amazing, Yun.
It's your first time making them, but you could easily sell these.
Yours are so awful, you should apologize to the straw.
I learned something! You can have these.
Are you sure? These sandals are so nice.
In exchange, teach me something else.
A-Are you okay? I'm fine! That was fun.
I wish I could have talked to him more.
There are so many things I wanted to ask.
I didn't really want him to go, but I couldn't say it.
Next time Next time we meet, maybe I'll ask him to stay here.
Maybe he'll think I'm a nuisance But that's okay.
Please come back soon.
What will you do about this? I was always alone before.
But since I met you, I've been so lonely, I can't stand it.
Ik-su! What happened to you? You're hurt! You're so lightly dressed, too.
I'm sorry it took me so long to come here.
Don't worry about that.
I wanted to give you lots of things, but as I was gathering them, some people who wanted my gold took all my belongings.
Even the books are gone I don't have a single piece of gold left.
Yun, I'm going far away.
Huh? I want to be around people, but when I have gold, it brings out something unpleasant in them.
I wanted to see your face before I left.
I really enjoyed making sandals with you.
I'll go.
I'll go with you.
But I have to keep a low profile.
I can't go to the capital, and your books It's fine.
I don't have to go to the capital.
I don't need books, either! You'll teach me! Besides, you're so unsteady! I'm the only one who can apply your medicine, right? The outside world, huh? Hey, Ik-su Tell me about the heroes of the past.
What a pain.
You injured yourself again? Wait here.
I'll get some herbs.
I know But you're so unsteady.
Yun Here.
Your sandals are coming apart, aren't they? You're still as terrible at this as ever.
Huh? I've gotten pretty good at making them.
What about yours? Huh? Yours are coming apart, too.
You're hopeless Give me a minute.
You're amazing, Yun.
Truly incredible.
Thank you.
They're perfect! Look, look! I didn't fall I didn't fall.
I'll be fine.
Ik-su, I know I called the princess naïve, but she's actually just ignorant.
She probably doesn't know anything about reality.
It's so lame.
Yun Ik-su, I bet you don't know that, to me, your words are absolute.
So if you order me to go, I'll go.
It must be God's will for me, right? Besides, you seem like you'll be totally fine without me now! There is strength in words Sometimes, they become words of power.
I thought that if I said I'm fine, then I really would be fine.
But it's no use It doesn't work.
I'm so sad I You're such a pain.
It isn't the last time we'll see each other.
Have you made up your mind? Yeah.
Hak, you approve, don't you? He'll probably be less of a burden than someone else I know.
Who are you talking about? Who knows? Yun, are you all right? I could ask you the same thing.
Yun, what's all that stuff you're bringing? If they're books, leave them.
It's just more bulk.
They're not books.
What is it, then? Let me see.
This is a bag we can put the princess in when we enter cities that are guarded.
To put me in? I've got a bunch of other stuff.
Do you want to see it? I've seen enough.
Let's go.
We'll lose the daylight.
Huh? Thanks for taking care of us.
We'll see you later, Ik-su.
I'll pray for your safe journey.
What the heck? You're the one who told me to show you See you later.
Let's hurry.
Before the sun sets, we need to cross three mountains.
Are you already ordering us around? I'm a handsome genius.
Of course I am.
Shut up and follow me.
Yeah, yeah.
Next Time Father, if I do not take it, I cannot live.
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