Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Shaking Resolve

1 So this is where you were.
As you predicted, I discovered a secret account.
There are signs that taxes were being illegally managed.
Good work.
I have already dismissed the man in charge.
Evidently, the corruption runs deep.
King Il was a kind man Kindness is not a crime.
But sometimes, it awakens the weakness and greed in others.
Yes Your Majesty, the late King Il forbade anyone from reading that.
It's a book on the legend of the four dragons.
When I was a child, I would often sneak in here and find great excitement in reading this book.
But it's only a fairy tale.
Gods of fantasy cannot put the Kingdom of Kouka back aright.
Episode 9: Shaking Resolve It's been a while.
I've been waiting for your medicine.
Sir, do you have any rice? Sure.
But it's rare to see you traveling with someone.
Who's the big guy? Oh I'm a fellow merchant.
We have business near the border.
Princess Princess! What are you so upset about? Because I stuffed you in a bag and carried you? Because I said there were clothes in the bag, and handled you roughly? Because I took advantage of you being in a bag to put my hands all over you? All of it.
How should I punish you for that? I was so afraid we'd be discovered, my heart was pounding.
Listen up, you two.
A red-haired princess.
BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A former general and beast.
It's "Thunder Beast.
" And a handsome genius! POINT! BOOM! BOOM! We all stand out, so don't draw attention.
Plus, we're near Fire Tribe territory and its capital city.
You understand it'll be bad news if they find us, right? Yes, sir.
Still, the priest and the four dragons sure live in obnoxious places.
Priest, do you know where we can find the four dragons? The warriors who inherited the dragons' blood now live and move around separately.
Pinning down their locations is difficult.
What a pain in the ass! But one of them Saika Chishin Kouka Kingdom Since the age of myth, a clan has lived atop a mountain shrouded in mist.
Fuuga Kai Empire Though they live in secret, I'm certain they can still be found there, protecting the dragon's blood.
They don't belong to any of the tribes, and they never accept outsiders.
Current Location That's near the border.
You'll have to cut across Fire Tribe territory and pass by the capital, so the journey will be dangerous.
It isn't just the capital.
It's near the Kai Empire, too.
I finally got to go outside, so I'm really excited to see this mysterious village.
Once I travel across the kingdom, I'll record my personal experiences! What's wrong? Your eyes are red.
If you miss the priest, you can return to those mountains anytime.
What's your problem? My eyes aren't red! Shut up! Hey, Princess! Hak, your injuries haven't healed yet.
You can't carry me for the whole journey.
Besides, I want to see this kingdom with my own eyes.
Okay, fine.
But don't let your guard down.
As I mentioned earlier, it may appear peaceful, but Hey, Yun, what is that? It's a huge water wheel! I've never seen one that big! Hak, what is this? Wheat.
They're growing rice over there, too.
This area is under the capital's protection.
Most of the food you ate in the castle was probably produced here.
Really? Hey! Look! Oh, my Well done.
That's very good.
We have most of the things we need.
But we don't know how long we'll have to stay in the mountains.
I guess I'm a little uncertain Yeah.
Hak, is something wrong? Did you forget to buy something? No.
You can go.
I'll wait here with Yun.
It's probably fine.
From the looks of things, this village doesn't seem to have dangerous connections.
Run at the slightest sign of danger.
We'll meet outside the village By that big tree, right? We know.
I'll be right back.
I found my glaive and sword, but I lost my bow in the mountains.
It's a self-defense sword.
It's small enough for a frail girl to use.
I don't need it.
Protecting her is my job.
Huh? Really? A new king really was crowned, then? Yeah.
According to the rumors, he's quite young and handsome.
But he's Yu-hong's son, right? He must be a terrifying man.
I see Then Mun-deok must have given his approval to Su-won's coronation.
I'm relieved.
Now the Wind Tribe will be safe.
What's wrong? Are you all right? Yeah.
Su-won is the ruler of the castle.
He has taken my late father's throne.
Are you listening? Miss? Would you like another drink? Thank you.
But I'm fine.
Hey Wait! Sir, here's payment.
Th-Thank you.
What's gotten into you? You should try not to act too suspicious.
Hurry! This way! This isn't good They probably weren't here before because they were visiting the capital.
Hey! Hello.
When did you return from Kuuto? Just now.
Really? The capital was gorgeous.
Yeah? It was as lively as a banquet.
Everywhere I looked, I saw food and drink I'd never seen before.
That's incredible.
You should come with me sometime.
It was as lively as a banquet.
Everywhere I looked, I saw food and drink I'd never seen before.
That's incredible.
Be quiet, Princess.
Let's go.
We shouldn't linger.
I'm sorry.
I was careless.
I shouldn't have left you two alone.
No, I I'm sorry.
I heard that, since a new king was crowned, taxes will be decreased.
Don't expect too much.
No matter who rules, they'll never understand our hardship and pain.
Climbing is rough, but I'm glad we don't have to worry about being watched.
Don't lower your guard.
There's no guarantee that Fire Tribe soldiers aren't patrolling the area.
I need to learn swordsmanship.
Hak, you said you would teach me.
No, I didn't.
You can teach me while we travel.
I need to be able to repel attackers.
Princess, could you kill someone? You may try to repel enemies, but they won't just run away.
You must kill or permanently incapacitate them.
Can you do that? When we were cornered in the mountains, I had a sword, but I couldn't use it Even if I can't kill or stand toe-to-toe with someone, I want to be able to, at least, create opportunities for escape.
Self-defense swordsmanship Will you teach me? Very well.
A bow? I'll fight on the front lines.
You'll fire at our opponents while hidden.
Give me a sword, too.
For now, I'll only teach you the bow.
Princess, King Il never let you handle weapons.
Now I disobey the orders of my king.
You should consider why the king hated weapons.
But how are you supposed to train with a bow while you hike through mountains? Well If we weren't traveling, I'd make her shoot two hundred arrows a day.
Two hundred?! But for now, I guess you can practice shooting birds or rabbits.
I approve.
If you shoot something, we can eat it for dinner.
I'm counting on you, Princess.
What What?! — One Hour Later — Wobble Flap Flap Hak, I can't hit anything.
What am I supposed to do? That.
How did you do that? I aimed.
I don't get it.
Don't get what? Prodigies don't understand how the incompetent feel.
Prodigies don't understand how the incompetent feel.
You could never be a teacher, Hak.
Hold it.
Listen up.
You lack basic strength.
You must build the strength to draw the bow without shaking, and then Learn by doing.
A master archer can strike a target with their eyes closed.
Don't be deceived by what you see.
For now, focus on shooting straight.
What's that sound? She's practicing archery this late at night? This morning, we're having poultry and rice.
That looks delicious! You really can do anything.
Well, I am a genius.
Your shooting posture is getting better.
Really? Can you shoot a bow? Well, I'm not unable But it's best not to take up weapons half-heartedly.
Huh? I'm talking about whether you can kill someone.
You say it's for self-defense, but do you really think powerless people like us are shown pity on the battlefield? For us to survive, we need to learn merciless techniques to strike vital points, or use this and rely on mental battles.
The Thunder Beast can afford to hold back because of how strong he is.
It's cute.
Even if it were human, I'd have to shoot it on the battlefield.
Drawing a bow means taking and losing lives.
My father hated pain.
But, Father, if I do not take lives, I cannot live.
You almost had it.
I needlessly injured it.
That's just cruel.
Because you hesitated.
Yun, you go ahead.
Sure, but you'd better come soon.
We're nearly at the place Ik-su mentioned.
We'll be right there.
Now, then.
Show your teacher how much progress you've made.
Okay! First, try to hit this tree.
Congratulations! I knew you could do it.
You hit the tree.
For some reason, I resent you right now.
But it was a compliment What else? Well Aim for me.
I can't! It's all right.
I'll dodge it.
You'll practice hitting a moving target.
No, you'll practice shooting a person.
I'll move around.
Try to shoot me.
Don't blame me if I hit you! Hak! Don't move around so much! You aren't even close to hitting me.
You lack the intention to kill.
Th-The intention to kill? Of course I don't have that.
Then imagine I'm one of your pursuers.
Envision the men who want to kill you.
No one like that exists! Really? Then Imagine I'm Su-won and shoot.
I hate this side of you.
But To protect you, I'm willing to take up a weapon, even if it means sacrificing someone! Hak Don't say you'll protect me.
Why not? It stirs my desire.
In any case, it's my job to protect you.
I told you to think of me as a tool.
You don't have to worry about your tools.
It's gotten harder to see.
How far did Yun go? A mysterious village, shrouded in mist.
It should be around here somewhere, but where is the village? Hak, there's trouble! I can't see anything.
Where are you? Here! Come quickly! Hak, these are Yun's belongings.
Yun! Where are you? Answer me! Leave! Leave! Leave this land immediately.
Who's there? If you intrude any further, the gods will punish you.
Your gods must be quite magnificent to punish people while hiding in the mist! Who are you? You cleared our mist with a single swing.
Are you from the dragon's village? You're familiar with our clan.
All the more reason we cannot let you leave alive.
Is the boy one of your friends, too? Did you take Yun? What did you do to Yun? The boy You! Red hair Red hair.
Could it be? But she's a young girl.
Where did you come from, red-haired girl? From the Wind lands.
A priest instructed me to seek out the four dragon warriors.
Do you possess the blood of a dragon? A priest? No We are guardians of the white dragon.
We will show you the way to the village of the White Dragon.
Next Time I have inherited the blood of the ancient dragon.
I have been waiting for you, my master.
Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 10: Episode 10: Anticipation Anticipation.