Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Hey! Come on! Let me out! I may be handsome, but putting me in a cage is in poor taste! Just so you know, the heavens favor these good looks.
If anything happens to me, you'll suffer divine punishment! Our dragon decides who will be punished.
The people of this clan have the dragon's blood.
How will I escape? I hope the others haven't been captured.
To your left, you will see the White Dragon's— Hey! Why are you taking a casual tour of the village?! Hey, Yun.
How're you doing? I'm tied up, but I'm just fine! I apologize for our treatment of your companion.
Let him out.
But Our guest has red hair.
Excuse me! What's going on? I don't know.
The moment they saw the princess, their attitude changed.
No, it wasn't the princess.
It was Episode 10: Anticipation Please forgive our insolence.
Since the age of myth, the White Dragon, one of the four dragons, has lived here, after fulfilling his duty during the war.
Until now, we have eliminated the scoundrels who have come to claim the White Dragon's power for their own.
Our clan's proud calling is to protect the White Dragon, ensuring his blood is passed on to the next generation.
We cannot allow outsiders into this land so readily.
I understand your situation, but What is this about? Red hair! She has red hair! It's so beautiful! Hak, did you hear? They called me beautiful.
Yeah, your hair.
It is unusual, but do the people here worship red hair or something? Red hair evokes special memories within our clan.
The first White Dragon served a red-haired master.
I hated my hair You mustn't say such things! You were sent here by the priest.
You may be the one we've been waiting for.
But you also may not be.
If she isn't, what will you do to us, now that we know of this place? In any case, you must meet the White Dragon.
Hey! You hesitated too long! Hey, Thunder Beast.
Protect me.
If it comes down to it, protect me, okay? I don't know What makes the White Dragon so special? Aren't all these villagers the White Dragon's descendants? That's right.
However, only one villager possesses the power of the White Dragon.
He is born with a dragon inside his right hand.
For some reason, my right hand has been throbbing this morning.
Quickly, quickly! The White Dragon is injured! It isn't serious! Don't make such a fuss over it! I thought my heart was going to stop I thought you had injured your precious hand.
You always make such a big deal of everything.
Since I was young, you have protected me, to prevent my power from falling into outside hands.
But in truth, I should be the one protecting you.
What are you talking about? You possess the power of the gods.
You are our pride and reason for living.
You shine brighter than all the White Dragons that came before you.
But, I feel impatient.
When am I supposed to use this power? And for what purpose? When the time comes, you will use it for that person.
Your late father and mother watch over you now.
It's possible this era doesn't need your power.
However, I'm sure the next White Dragon and the one after that will also use it to protect their masters, where you, perhaps, could not.
The next White Dragon? You need only stay in the village and not worry about anything.
When will the master I must protect appear? I want to meet the master who needs me soon! By the way, White Dragon You turned twenty this year, didn't you? Jump Yes By now, you're old enough to have a few wives.
Just one is fine.
You don't have even one! Are there no girls in the village you like?! Hurry Please hurry, my master! The village is awfully lively this morning.
Yes, it seems some outsiders have arrived.
What? They must eliminate them immediately! But apparently, they're rather unusual.
People are fussing over them in the middle of the village.
Did they invite them in? But I heard there's a cute girl with them! So what? We must be especially careful of female assassins! I'm going! White Dragon! I will, at least, use my power to protect this village! What's wrong, Princess? It's extraordinary Huh? When a child is born with the power of the White Dragon, the dragon's blood disappears from the previous White Dragon.
The bloodline must be maintained until the dragon's power is needed again.
I came to borrow such a power.
Should we give up? Hak! Lend me your sword! I've made my decision.
I won't turn back.
But if the White Dragon won't help us, you'll have to train me more! Where are the intruders? There they are.
How dare you throw the village into confusion, scoundrels? I will tear you apart with my claws.
You woman Red hair? What is this? My arm! It feels like my blood is flowing backward! You are now our other halves.
You will serve Hiryuu as your master, protecting him with your lives.
You will love him, and never betray him.
This person This is the one I have longed for.
My master White Dragon! White Dragon! White Dragon! Ki-ja In the age of myth, the dragon warriors were born to protect King Hiryuu.
The king will appear again, and require your strength.
Father, when will my king appear? When you meet him, you'll know.
Your blood will seek the king.
The blood of the White Dragon.
You will see a dazzling light.
That is when you must depart.
White Dragon! White Dragon! White Dragon! White Dragon! White Dragon! Are you all right? Look! The White Dragon's hand Father Generations of White Dragons who protected our blood and clan I am grateful! Um, White Dragon? Yes, I have inherited the ancient dragon's blood.
I have been waiting for you, my master! Master? What are you talking about? Congratulations, White Dragon! Our king has finally appeared! King? They think you're the king.
Maybe they think you're King Hiryuu because you have red hair.
My master Huh? Please tell me your name.
Lady Yona This person is the White Dragon.
He has silver hair, and skin so pale, it's almost transparent.
He doesn't seem human.
You're beautiful.
Not at all.
You look far more divine.
Oh, my Oh, my! I'm not your king or master.
Huh? I am a scoundrel who seeks the power of the gods to protect herself and her friends.
Hey! Don't tell him that.
I am traveling to acquire the other three dragons, as well.
I ask that you grant me your power first.
Would that be all right? There is no greater honor.
No matter who you are or what your goals, I am now your dragon.
That is what the blood inside me says.
Elder, I will leave immediately with my master.
Yes, sir.
What are you saying?! We must throw a banquet first! Prepare a banquet to celebrate King Hiryuu's revival! Y-Yes, ma'am.
Red-haired king, we have been waiting for you.
Your beautifully blazing red hair, wise and lovely eyes, and smooth skin I regret that you do not have these things Well, this is a surprise Ik-su's prophecy was right, but I didn't think he'd join us that easily.
When I told him I'm a princess, he was surprised.
You called yourself a scoundrel.
Well, it's true.
I didn't want to lie to him.
And that guy was creeping me out, grinning the whole time.
I'm not grinning.
I was just excited to hear the princess pick a fight with a god.
Are you being sarcastic again? Of course not! My right arm and body are still hot.
The moment I saw her, all the blood in my body boiled.
The dragon's voice echoed in my soul.
Since I was a child, I've been told of my clan's greatest hope.
The calling entrusted to me over a thousand years ago.
Father, please watch over me.
Excuse me.
Huh? Insolence! How dare you enter the White Dragon's dwelling without permission? Yeah, sorry.
What are you doing? I came to get some things that might help us on our journey.
Do you have anything? Here.
Huh? You're so generous, White Dragon.
Take this, and leave the village.
Huh? I appreciate your efforts up to now.
I will protect the princess from now on, so you may leave.
Huh? He's back.
Rumble This looks pretty ominous.
What's wrong? Princess, we can't use him.
Let's find someone else.
You must leave! I can protect the princess myself! A sheltered kid couldn't handle the outside world.
Princess, why does such a boorish man escort you? What happened? The White Dragon said he would pay me to leave.
And what's that bulge on your stomach? Maybe I'm getting fat.
Protecting the princess is the duty of the four dragons.
Those who are not dragons should leave! No! Hak is my childhood friend.
Since I left the castle and ended up alone, he hasn't abandoned me.
He's important to me.
I want Hak with me! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Well, you know Happy That's that.
Really Happy It can't be helped.
I'm returning this.
If you insist, Princess But I need you, too.
Otherwise, Hak will die protecting me.
I want you to protect Hak, so he won't die.
I see.
That's how it is? You sought my help because he's weak? Leave it to me.
I will protect you and this man.
Huh? No, thank you.
I haven't fallen so far that I need to be protected by a white snake.
A white snake? Did you just call the sacred dragon a snake? This is gonna be a pain.
Up to now, I have raised four White Dragons.
How many tears have I shed every time I imagined this day? Yes, ma'am.
Hey! Don't cry on such a joyous occasion.
Y-Yes, ma'am.
White Dragon I told you all you didn't have to see me off.
This is too much! We didn't think you would leave so soon! What are you saying? My master has appeared.
She needs my power.
The power that generations of White Dragons have passed down for this very day.
White Dragon If I let you spoil me on the day I depart, I will incur the wrath of the heavens.
Until you return, we will protect this village.
I'm counting on you.
Even if I die, a new White Dragon will be born, as long as the village remains secure.
Don't say such things! You'll make us cry! You idiot, White Dragon! I-I'm sorry.
White Dragon! Granny Take these rice balls with you! You'll get cold on your journey.
Wear these coats I made for you.
Also, here's ten years' worth of medicine and a serum to preserve your good looks! Take this beauty with you, too! Granny, I can't hold all this! Granny I will be gone for a while.
The elders will handle the village.
No one told me anything.
As the village's oldest member, it is my responsibility to look after it.
But I heard your eyesight has worsened.
No one in the village is healthier than me.
You certainly are energetic.
But This is discouraging.
Tomorrow morning, I won't be able to wake you Our clan's greatest hope has come true, but I didn't think it'd be so sudden Granny, lift up your face.
I have spent more time with you than with my parents.
You have watched over my growth.
You are my dear granny.
Even from distant lands, I will pray for everyone's happiness, as well as yours.
You should rest your body, and live a quiet life.
Inexcusable! You make it sound as though I have but a few years left to live.
I haven't lived long enough yet Once you fulfill your duty and return, I'll be the first to welcome you home.
I promise No matter how many years pass, even if I'm blind, I will always be able to see your radiance.
You must fulfill your duty and return Which way should we go now? Yun, did Ik-su tell you anything? No, I have no more leads from here.
What's wrong? Your eyes are red.
Shut up! This is a problem.
You're looking for the four dragons, aren't you? Yes.
I can detect those who possess the power of the dragons.
Really? Yes.
Though the link is faint, the four dragons are something akin to siblings.
Since ancient times, our blood has called out to one another across great distances.
I've never met them, though.
How convenient! Convenient? Well, for now, let's start down the mountain.
By the way White Dragon, what's your name? Everyone calls you "White Dragon," but that isn't your name, is it? Can I call you by your name? I thought no one would use the name my parents called me ever again.
Please call me "Ki-ja.
" Ki-ja.
That's a nice name.
Hurry up! If you keep dawdling, we'll leave you behind! Next Time You should be careful what you touch.
Not even I can control this strength.
Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 11: Episode 11: The Dragon's Claw The Dragon's Claw.