Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

The Dragon's Claw

1 What a pleasant feeling.
The king I have been waiting for has finally appeared.
My clan's greatest wish has been passed down since the age of myth.
To the people I left behind in the White Dragon's village I promise I will protect the king.
White Snake, you must be exhausted from the long journey.
Call me "White Snake" again, and I'll tear out your throat.
This isn't enough to exhaust me.
Well, I thought you must be missing your village by now.
What are you talking about? The princess asked me Rumble to protect you if it becomes necessary.
Does a sheltered boy like you know how to fight? That's enough! We're going to be traveling together, so don't fight.
I'm sorry, Princess.
Hak, Ki-ja is anxious about leaving his village for the first time.
Don't tease him! I'm not Ki-ja, teasing people is Hak's hobby.
Don't let it get to you.
My hobby? Let's get going! Okay! Episode 11: The Dragon's Claw Ki-ja, you can sense the other dragons, right? Your name is Yun, yes? Of course I can.
By sharpening my mind's eye, I can feel their presences.
Tell us who's closest, then.
I shall try.
I believe the closest one is the Blue Dragon.
You even know who it is? Where is he? Well I feel something coming from over there.
That location's awfully broad Don't worry.
Follow me, everyone.
I will worry! I'm worried about following someone who's never left his village before! This may be my first time outside, but I know about the world.
My clan has visited various regions and gathered information— Ki-ja! Wh-Wh-What are these? Who gave them permission to make their home here? W-Wait Stop No more! Nooo No! Stop! Ahhh Nooo Stop Stay back! You can follow behind us, White Dragon.
Stay Back Wahhh I can still feel them crawling all over me I see that dragons are weaker than insects.
N-No! I just dislike creepy, crawly creatures! I have been granted the proud, divine strength of the White Dragon.
It isn't like that of ordinary men.
More bugs.
Well, whatever.
I'm not expecting anything from your dusty old power.
What? Want to test it right here, then? Oh? Princess, hide.
Hak? What's wrong, Ki-ja? Someone's coming.
Someone? Who? There are quite a few of them.
Their footsteps sound unrefined.
That's bad! We're near the Fire Tribe's land.
Is the Fire Tribe our enemy? Yeah, basically.
Hey! Hak, can I use my bow? I won't allow it.
Go hide.
Let's go.
Well, who would've thought we'd find prey out here? They don't look like they have much.
Oh, they're just bandits.
What does that mean? No, look.
There are two women over there.
I'm a handsome young man.
This boy's wearing some nice clothes.
I bet we could sell him, too.
Hey, it's all right if I tear them apart, isn't it? Or you can hide, if you want.
Who would hide? What's wrong, boy? Are you trembling? Don't worry.
If you behave, we won't kill y— What happened? I-I don't know, but his hand is boiling hot! Huh? Don't be stupid.
You should be careful what you touch.
This power has waited thousands of years to protect its master.
Not even I can control it.
Huh? What is that? His arm! Sorry to have kept you waiting, arm of the White Dragon! H-He's a monster! That's the power of a dragon's claw You're more heartless than you look.
This still isn't enough.
Hak, was it? Shall I also protect you, as the Princess instructed? Don't worry about me.
I can handle myself.
Don't mess with us! Wh-Who are these guys? They're not normal! How rude.
The White Snake is the only one who isn't normal! Where are you aiming that thing, White Snake? I told you I'd tear your throat out if you called me "White Snake" again.
Don't let it get to you.
It's just my hobby.
Anyway, aren't you getting a bit too excited? You're attracting too much attention.
Nothing delights me more than protecting the princess.
It's your blade that's getting in my way! You dragons certainly are devoted, aren't you? Why do you protect the princess, then? I'm not telling someone I just met, idiot.
I-Idiot? Let's go.
I thought he was a helpless human, but he's incredibly strong.
I hate to admit it, but he may be as strong as the dragon's arm.
They're weird.
They're definitely weird.
It's as if Ki-ja isn't of this world, and the Thunder Beast's speed isn't even human.
Do you want to be useful? Hak told me not to do it.
I'm restraining myself.
But didn't you practice for a time like this? According to my calculations, that guy coming up behind the Thunder Beast should be within your range.
Aim a little higher.
Now! All right! Yun, that was amazing! You're a better teacher than Hak! It's easy to help others.
I can hardly hit anything myself.
Stay still, girls.
You're going to be my hostages.
Princess, are you all right? Thank you.
What a pain.
It is over already? How many did you defeat? Huh? I don't remember.
I defeated twenty-eight.
Then I defeated forty.
Liar! You said you didn't remember! Besides, there weren't even that many— Ki-ja! Are you all right? Yes, I fought a little too hard I meant to fight more elegantly.
Actually, I like that the white dragon god has such a bloodthirsty fighting style.
I'm thrilled.
At the castle, no one could keep up with me.
Someday, I hope we can fight— Hak! Did he die? He isn't dead! You idiot You opened your wound.
His wound hasn't healed yet.
He acts fine, but he's still a mess.
He moved so quickly, with those injuries? This man is unbelievable.
Is he a monster? He probably wouldn't want to hear that from you.
The sun is setting.
We should find somewhere to sleep.
Is there an inn around here? Under the stars.
Under the stars? This is why I can't stand rich kids.
Just follow behind us, White Dragon.
Ungh What are you doing, Princess?! Hak can't move.
We have to carry him Ki-ja, that's amazing! The dragon's arm is ten times stronger than an ordinary person's.
Uh, it's just my right arm, actually He'll be all right.
Huh? Yeah.
Hak is strong.
He protects me all the time now, but someday, I want to protect him.
You are strong, despite living in the castle your whole life.
I'm not strong.
But you weren't that shaken by the bandits.
You're right.
I'm not afraid of bandits.
Nothing could terrify me more than that night.
Hey! Hurry up! Let's go.
Perhaps it's because of the White Dragon's blood that I was granted to protect King Hiryuu, but I wish to support the back of this frail girl who tries to be strong, while verging on tears.
What is this? It's dinner.
Is there a problem? Dinner? These are the weeds that were growing on the mountain path! They aren't weeds! They're mountain vegetables you can eat.
You should be grateful I didn't add any insects.
Insects? You eat insects? Insects are nutritious.
Are you all right with this food, Princess? I still can't eat bugs, but I've gotten used to most of it.
After all, I couldn't afford to dislike it.
But since Yun arrived, the food has gotten better! Twitch.
When it was just Hak and me, it was awful.
Huh? Why are you crying? Princess, your journey has been so harsh What was that about my cooking? Hak, you're awake? I can't let that one slide.
Is your wound okay? My wound? What are you talking about? Anyway, what did you say about my cooking? Cooking? What are you talking about? Oh, are you hungry? You're starting to dodge my questions.
Can you move? Do you want me to feed you? Open your mouth.
Princess, allow me to perform this menial task.
White Snake, don't butt in at the good part.
How dare you allow the princess to feed you? If you've finished eating, I'd like to discuss the Blue Dragon's location.
Ki-ja, can you sense the Blue Dragon? I feel something over there.
Yeah, okay.
Sorry to bother you.
Does the Blue Dragon have a village like the White Dragon, or does he live alone? I'm not sure.
According to the information of my compatriots living abroad Long ago, the Blue Dragon clan lived secretly in the Earth Tribe's land.
However, the Blue Dragon village suddenly disappeared, and the clan went missing.
Disappeared? But they weren't destroyed, right? When I close my eyes, I can feel the pulse of the Blue Dragon.
Ik-su said the other dragons move around.
The Blue Dragon's clan must have moved somewhere.
Ki-ja is pointing east-northeast toward the Fire Tribe's land.
I'd say there are about six locations where the village might be.
Yun, have you been there? No, but the largest city after Saika is here.
Saika There are merchant roads and aristocratic villas in this area.
There are only about six other places that are infrequently traveled and away from human eyes.
Amazing! You really do know everything, Yun.
Could you stop treating me like a little kid? We're only one year apart.
All right, boys! Tomorrow, we'll start searching for the Blue Dragon! Anyway, goodnight.
Goodnight? Wait, here?! Goodnight Wait Shut up, White Snake.
What? Haggard Ki-ja, your beautiful face looks awful! I'm sorry you had to see that Hey, there's a bug on your back! Ki-ja, wait! Hak is lying! Be quiet, you jolly exotic beasts.
Listen up.
We're about to enter a village.
And we're in Fire Tribe territory, so don't draw attention to yourselves! Okay.
Dragon's Claw Red-haired Princess Former General Silver Hair Not that it's possible.
Ki-ja He isn't here.
I guess it won't be that easy.
Next, we'll go forty kilometers ahead to Wait, we can't go there.
That's a training ground for the Fire Tribe army.
Huh? What about here, then? That area was recently developed.
I'm glad we didn't go there.
Ki-ja, what's wrong? Nothing.
We've reached a decision.
It's a bit of a walk, but we're down to three possibilities.
The village will probably be one of them.
Really? You know a lot about this area, Thunder Beast.
Well, I was a general.
I'm sensitive to changes in the tribes and their armies.
Tell me more sometime.
Sure thing.
Let's go.
Ki-ja Not here, either.
Or here.
Ki-ja, anything? He isn't here, either? I feel something from over there.
What? He's still farther away? That's odd We visited all the likely places.
The Blue Dragon didn't cross the border, did he? Maybe your nose is congested, White Snake.
I'm not sniffing him out with my nose! Princess, did you hurt your leg? I'm all right.
I'm just a little tired.
Drink this.
It's good! What is this? Loquat juice.
It eases fatigue.
I'll wrap your legs in honeywort.
You should rest for today.
Yun, you're amazing! You know so much! H-How can they sleep in a place like this? They're all tired.
They've been walking off the beaten trail for days, while concealing themselves.
If I could detect the dragons' locations more clearly, the princess wouldn't have to exhaust herself.
To have to rely on Hak and Yun's knowledge and wisdom It's so frustrating.
Blue Dragon, brother of dragon's blood I have been calling out to you all this time.
Our master is searching for you! You're waiting there, aren't you? You are waiting for the king, aren't you? I fell asleep What was that? Princess It's the middle of the night.
Princess— Don't disturb her.
When did the princess begin practicing with a bow? She's been practicing every chance she gets since before we met you.
She shoots up to two hundred arrows a night.
Two hundre— Keep it down.
Why does she push herself so hard? She has me.
She has no need for martial arts.
Yeah, the princess has me, so she doesn't have to do anything.
But the princess can't allow herself to be powerless.
Her father was killed, and she was exiled from the castle.
But in order to survive in this world, her shame for her inability to do anything herself drives her to struggle to find what she must do.
You don't stop the princess from wielding a weapon? I don't want her to fight.
But I am conflicted, as I also want to watch her struggle like a human being.
Damn these insects! I want to help her.
I want to be useful to her.
He protects me all the time now, but someday, I want to protect him.
She's just like me.
All right! I will find you today, Blue Dragon! Ki-ja, did you get any sleep last night? Huh? Ah, um You're tired, aren't you? I can tell you haven't had any rest, since you aren't used to sleeping outside.
Take care of yourself.
We can't progress if you're not feeling well.
Princess Am I useful to you? Of course! No one could replace you! Blush Ba-dum Ba-dum What is this? My chest hurts.
Is the dragon's blood excited again? I got it! Yun? The Blue Dragon's village! I missed it! I didn't think anyone could live there, but there is a place! It's right on the border, in those mountains.
The Blue Dragon lives there Next Time The hand I touched in the darkness was so gentle and warm.
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