Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

Echoing Fear

1 My eyes tingle more than usual today.
Intruders? A small and weak female voice.
They intend to trap her underground.
They mustn't.
Warriors of the four dragons What is this? You are now our other halves.
You will serve Hiryuu as your master, protecting him with your lives.
You will love him, and never betray him.
What is this voice? My eyes throb The moment I touched that girl, a voice echoed through my head.
I nearly collapsed where I stood.
There was a white dragon Why did I think he was a white dragon? Why does it feel like my blood is boiling? My eyes throb Be still.
No one must learn of this power again.
Episode 13: Echoing Fear A villager nearly took you below ground?! Yeah.
Rumble Damn them.
Not only do they refuse to respect you, but they tried to trap you underground.
They must be determined to incur my wrath! Gija, your face! Calm down.
You're such a sheltered kid.
You want to kill common villagers? Grow up.
You should grow up yourself, former general.
But you're sure that man was the Blue Dragon? Yes.
Then why did he run away? I don't know.
The Blue Dragon, the villagers What's going on with this place? They're both dragon villages, but this one's the polar opposite of the White Dragon's village.
What? Since we saw the White Dragon's village first, this village appeared different But now that I think about it, maybe the White Dragon's village was the exception.
These villagers don't revere red hair, and they don't regard the dragon's power as exalted.
They may even think it's abominable.
The villagers and the Blue Dragon may actually regard us only as intruders.
That's ridiculous! The four dragon warriors must hasten to join their master immediately.
Once I met the princess, up until the moment I left my village, I did not hesitate.
You don't hesitate enough.
Of course not.
That wasn't a compliment.
But he saved me.
The Blue Dragon had gentle hands.
I want to meet and speak with him.
So you're going back into that maze? Yes.
Even after that scary ordeal, you're not fazed at all.
You have guts, Princess.
Let's go.
There was something at that dead end, right? You stay here, Princess.
Hak? Yun and I will find the Blue Dragon.
What are you saying? I shall go.
We're counting on you, White Snake.
What?! In any case, don't go back in there, Princess.
Wait outside and— No.
Gija, Yun, and I will go.
You wait here, Hak.
Gija knows the Blue Dragon's location, and Yun knows the way.
And I must meet the Blue Dragon.
I believe that is my job.
And someone has to stay outside and watch for the villagers.
I'm the only one left, so I have to do it? Because I know I can depend on you.
I'll be careful not to let anything like that happen again.
Hak? This time, come back.
Otherwise, I'll stick annoyingly close to you from now on.
Hak I don't want to be annoyed.
So I'll be careful.
Yes, please do.
I pity him.
Hey, White Snake.
I'm not a White— I'm counting on you.
I know.
They're watching.
They've been observing us this whole time.
What a creepy bunch.
I'll just have to intimidate them.
Princess, you're actually a bit scared without the Thunder Beast, aren't you? Yun, don't say that! When Hak's around, I rely on him too much.
Doesn't the Thunder Beast want you to rely on him? Yes, but Hak actually served my late father.
He's still following my father's orders.
I don't think that's the only reason Hak didn't like being a general or a bodyguard.
I can't do it yet, but someday, I'd like to set Hak free.
Huh? The dead end has a hidden passage? Yes.
It's open! How interesting! Gija, let's go.
What's wrong? Ah, nothing The Blue Dragon is in there.
I'll wait out here.
You two go ahead.
Huh? Why? It's all right.
This handsome genius knows the way.
I'll depend on you.
Got it.
Now, then What do you want to do in this narrow space? We cannot allow those who follow that path to leave.
You are scoundrels that have forgotten the Red Dragon's nobility.
I, the White Dragon, shall not allow you to approach her.
The White Dragon is nearby.
Someone is walking through the passage.
Ao, hide.
Chomp Intruders? I will defeat any enemies! Hello.
What is this? Who is this person? This isn't good, Princess! A masked man crouching at the back of a hole like this must be dangerous! It's you again.
Huh? What's this little creature with swollen cheeks? He's stuffed too much in there! What's his name? Ao.
He answers questions? That name doesn't suit him at all.
Try to meet him halfway, Princess! It doesn't suit him I knew it.
I agree.
I'm Yona.
What's your name? The Blue Dragon.
No, your name.
That isn't your name, is it? I don't have a name.
I'm just the Blue Dragon.
Stay back! Who are you people? Why have you entered this village? Why do you approach me? Why is the White Dragon I came here to see you.
Why do I so strongly feel Blue Dragon, I'd like you to lend me your power.
I want you to come with me.
as though I've wanted to meet this girl? My power Princess! An enemy.
Those who desire the power of the Blue Dragon are enemies! Warriors of the four dragons You are now our other halves.
You Who are you? Why do my hands tremble? I don't know you Why? Why do I want to cry? Blue Dragon, I am not your enemy.
I am searching for the four dragons, so that my friends and I may live.
I want you to become my ally.
Ally Ally.
I am cursed Cursed? The outside world must never learn of this power.
This power of destruction.
Who told you that? It's the truth.
Nod Nod That's why you won't go? Snooze No matter what? Leave.
Leave! Princess Let me say one thing.
Your hand was very warm.
I don't know anything about your curse.
But if that was the hand of a cursed man, then I don't care, even if you do bear a horrific curse.
She's leaving.
It feels as if my heart is being torn apart.
I want you to become my ally.
Ally Ao I want friends.
I had finally forgotten about that Princess You look really displeased.
There was nothing in that room.
Is he getting enough to eat? I feel like I've left someone very important in a dark cage.
It's strange.
That was our first meeting, and yet Get back! Gija They're back.
They came back.
Finish them.
Princess, stay back.
I knew it.
They intend to eliminate us, to keep the Blue Dragon hidden.
Eliminate us? Why? Now that you know about him, we can't let you leave here alive! Why? Why do you hide the Blue Dragon? Perhaps this place really is the opposite of my village.
They called the noble dragon's power a curse Quiet! Don't fight in this narrow space! Gija! Don't worry.
I'm not using my power against amateurs! You only punched him with tens of times the strength of most men.
Please tell me.
Why does the Blue Dragon have to be shunned? What is this curse? Quiet! An earthquake? Run! Princess! Hak! An earthquake? Help! Princess! The princess and the others are in there.
Damn it! You can't be serious Princess Princess! Yun! White Snake! I'll be careful not to let anything like that happen again.
I shouldn't have let her go Why didn't I anticipate this? I can't believe I failed to protect her here.
Please, King Il Don't take her from me.
Hak I'm actually really scared.
I wanted to do my best without you.
But I end up looking to you out of fear.
I'm so weak I don't want to fail, but I Princess Princess Princess! Gija? Are you all right? Huh? What happened? The earthquake subsided, but It's no use! The exit is blocked! No You can't be serious! Are we going to die? We can't get out? You must be joking! We're trapped Yun? We won't be able to breathe for long in this small space.
I don't want to die! Help me! No.
At this rate I'm scared, Hak.
Why did you have to say that to me? Gija? Oh, forgive me.
For some reason, that rude man suddenly I'm counting on you.
just spoke inside my head.
It made me very angry.
It is my job to protect you, Princess.
I'm feeling better.
So am I! It's okay, Yun.
Help will come for us.
You just wait, Princess.
I'll We don't need to wait for help.
As long as you have me, you've nothing to fear.
G-Gija, what are you going to do with those claws? Dig! Monster! Don't be so noisy.
The guardians of the Blue Dragon's village are pathetic.
I told you that I am the White Dragon.
Th-The White Dragon! There really are other dragons that possess cursed powers! I've had enough! It's him It's his fault.
We're stuck in this hole because of him.
Let me out! Let me out! Why? Why is the Blue Dragon's power a curse? But But his hands are so gentle.
You don't know how evil he can be.
He isn't evil— Outsiders wouldn't understand! For generations, monsters with the dragon's eyes have been born in our village.
We live in fear of the Blue Dragon's power.
Even if the Blue Dragon dies, someone else's child becomes the new Blue Dragon.
You don't know how it feels to live in fear that your own child will be next! Those of us who bear that curse must never leave the village.
A mask is placed on the Blue Dragon as soon as they're born, and we rarely let them outside.
Those are our rules.
But the Blue Dragon used his cursed power to kill many soldiers when he was only a child.
We feared more soldiers would come, so we moved here.
I can't take it anymore! What is this, if not a curse?! He's here.
B-Blue Dragon I didn't tell the outsiders anything Stay back! I know nothing about his curse.
But his eyes are breathtakingly beautiful.
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