Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e14 Episode Script


1 The mask The Blue Dragon's mask What's wrong? Looking at his eyes will turn you to stone! Stone? H-He's come to kill us.
The Blue Dragon saved me.
He would never kill someone for no reason.
He closed his eyes.
Is he telling them he means no harm? Episode 14: Light Why did you come here, Blue Dragon? You have no intention of coming with us, do you? If you've come to help us escape, say so! I despaired at the thought that I might have to fight another dragon warrior! Where are you digging, anyway? The exit is over there.
This leads to the outside.
It's faster to break through here.
You should have said so sooner! Princess, I shall dig us out of here momentarily.
I'll help dig, too.
Let me see that.
Huh? Er You mustn't.
Rescuing the princess is our responsibility as dragon warriors! Our? Let me Let me help! Let's get out of here as soon as possible! Yes, Princess! If you guys want to live, help us dig.
What? With my bare hands I have two.
Use one Hak Are you all right, Hak? Slash I'll come back.
I promise I'll come back! Damn it.
It's solid.
Just how much is there? No I will rescue her! What? M-My son is trapped in there.
My friends got trapped while looking for the Blue Dragon.
You say your family members are around there, as well? Answer me! Hiding the truth now won't help you.
Elder, if we dig from the outside But What is it? If you know something, tell me.
My friends' lives are at stake.
Hurry up.
Sorry, but I don't have any time to waste.
I won't give up.
I have to break more rocks and get out of here Blue Dragon Are you all right? Blue Dragon, take the princess to your room.
It should be easier to breathe there.
I'm fine.
I said I'm fine.
I-I'm not cold.
I'm fine.
He's a kind person.
Why Why doesn't anyone try to understand the Blue Dragon's kindness? He probably came here because he was worried about the villagers.
I'm sure he's protected the villagers in his own way all this time.
It's frustrating.
I hate to see you alone like this.
Is it impudent of me to want to help you, when we've only just met? Okay.
I can keep going.
I can keep trying.
Blue Dragon, for fifteen years, I didn't go outside.
My life was free of concerns.
Within my tiny world, I protected my tiny happiness.
When it was suddenly taken from me, I learned What it means to be hungry.
How it feels to have your heart broken.
The knowledge that, still, you must keep breathing.
That you still desire to live.
I am alive.
So are you.
I won't let anyone say it's pointless.
So I'll tear down this darkness for you.
I'll take you to a place where you can stretch your legs and be yourself! Does such a place exist? Where can I find it? No.
Don't I know already? H-How much farther to the outside? Princess, you should rest.
I'm fine.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Princess! Hak! Hak In truth, I already knew from the moment I first saw her There is a place full of light at this girl's side.
Hak, I'm surprised you knew where to dig.
I got it out of the villagers.
When their families' lives were endangered, they finally confessed their secret.
I'm glad they aren't people who would abandon their families.
Inability to overcome fear is human.
What are you going to do about that, Princess? It's a problem.
I can't give up on him.
Blue Dragon! I'll say it again.
Let's travel together.
I want to take you with me.
I You don't have to close your eyes with me.
Does your power truly allow you to kill indiscriminately? Even though Ao loves you so much? Ao knows.
You are not destructive.
Can I be allowed to live the way I am? Can I grasp the hand of one who says she doesn't mind? Can I trust her? Shall we go? Thank you for your hospitality! I'm sorry for leaving you alone I'm sorry! I'm fine now.
Would you laugh if I told you I made friends I can talk to without the sound of bells? I can't even remember the face of the man who meant so much to me.
Gija, do you know where the next dragon is? Right The next dragon is Gija? Gija? Maybe it's exhaustion He was digging for a while.
Gija Rest in peace.
I'm alive! There, there.
I-I'm sorry.
My body feels so heavy.
The locations of the four dragons are fainter than ever.
Don't push yourself too hard.
We have another guy who can sense where the dragons are.
He's here? He's been here for a while.
Blue Dragon, do you know where the other dragons are? He doesn't even seem to know what the "dragons" are.
How lamentable I understand.
It's not your fault.
No one has told you about them before.
From now on, I shall teach you about the four dragons.
You may call me "Brother.
" He's running away?! Maybe he didn't want to call you "Brother.
" Blue Dragon! Blue Dragon? Is he drowning himself?! Drowning himself?! What are you going to do, White Snake? He's trying to drown himself.
Panic It's my fault? Is it my fault? B-Blue Dragon? Is this You want me to eat this and regain my strength? I appreciate it, but could you use words? What will you do, Brother White Snake? He's cold.
It's my fault? Are you okay? I'm surprised you knew there was a river here.
Oh Those eyes can see across great distances.
You caught that fish in an instant.
Your kinetic vision must be excellent, too.
Is it true that looking at your eyes will turn one to stone? Really? Then why don't you take off your mask? First, let's make a fire, warm ourselves, and eat the fish the Blue Dragon caught for us.
Miso hotpot, huh? Looks good.
Where did you get the ingredients? I traded them for medicine in the Blue Dragon's village.
I got this pot, too.
When? Yun, there's a problem! There's a bug inside the pot.
A bug? Scoop it out.
The Blue Dragon's clothes still aren't dry.
Still What kind of monster is that? This group just keeps getting weirder.
Don't say that! It's my fault that happened to the Blue Dragon.
It must be very humiliating! The Blue Dragon isn't thinking anything.
Blue Dragon, you'd better hurry up.
Ao's eating everything.
How does it taste? So Good It's good, isn't it? Isn't that great, Yun? Yeah, yeah.
Are you cold? Want to borrow my coat? Th-Thank you, Yona.
"Yona"?! H-He used her first name Without hesitation, either.
It's been so long since someone called me by my name.
I'd like to call you by your name, too.
You don't have a name, right? What do you want to be called? He rolled into a ball.
How about "Furball Monster"? Hey, Yun The Blue Dragon says we can call him whatever we want.
What should we call him? If I were to express the Blue Dragon in a word, it would be "silence.
" Silence Why don't you call him whatever sounds right to you? You're the one who brought him out of that prison-like cave.
There's probably some psychological reason he doesn't take off that mask.
But he seems to have opened up to you.
Anyway, are you sure you're really a princess? When the Blue Dragon drew his sword on you, you didn't flinch.
Even when we were trapped inside the cave, you didn't lose heart.
I was scared, but I'm not afraid of the Blue Dragon.
What? You shouldn't underestimate fear! It's true.
Just remembering it makes me tremble.
When I think about it, I can hardly breathe.
Take deep breaths.
I thought royalty was dishonest and unfair, but I'll admit I was wrong.
But I hate kings and nobles and the like I'm sorry for being so harsh when we first met.
Has that been bothering you this whole time? You're so cute.
I'm going to get a drink.
A-Also Can I call you by your name, too? "Yona"? "Princess" is so long.
Saying it is too much trouble.
You're so cute.
Why? How long are you going to keep following me, Hak? I'm not sure, but I think I promised to stick annoyingly close to you.
That was only if I didn't make it back in one piece.
I'm fine.
I'll be careful.
Wait, Yona— Princess.
Hak, I want you to call me "Princess.
" I don't mind if Yun and the others don't.
I didn't meet them as the princess.
I'm glad they're so friendly to me.
But I want you to call me "Princess.
" Don't forget that I'm the daughter of King Il.
Even if the rest of the kingdom forgets, I want you to remember my father and his daughter.
When you were trapped, I prayed to the king not to take you away.
I asked him not to take you away.
I said I wouldn't wish for anything else, as long as he didn't do that.
I'm painfully aware that you're King Il's daughter.
Hak, what word do you think is suited to the Blue Dragon? Huh? "Mask.
" Be serious.
"Night," then.
Night? Silence I think Well Despite the darkness, he was peaceful and warm.
But he is quieter and bluer than the sun.
Something like The moon.
Sinha It means "moonlight.
" Your name is "Sinha.
" You led me by the hand through the darkness.
Blue Dragon, you are my moonlight.
What do you think? Did he not like it? I think it's okay.
Ao, my name is "Sinha.
" The first name I've ever had Sinha.
She gave it to me.
I will treasure it.
Gija, how are you feeling? Gija? Green Huh? I sense the Green Dragon.
Next Time General Geun-tea, I am thirsty from my long journey.
May I have a cup of tea? Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 15: Episode 15: To a New Land To a New Land.