Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e21 Episode Script


1 Wait here a moment.
One day until the battle against Yan Kumji.
It was the beginning of a long, dark night.
It's pitch black Are we being taken somewhere? It's okay.
How are the goods? They're doing fine.
We just acquired two that should fetch a high price.
I'm told one has unusually red hair.
Oh? Red hair Episode 21: Spark This has been going on for a long time Get inside! Ouch! Are you okay? It's sprained.
You hurt your leg when you fell.
Will I be able to carry out our plan like this? If we fail Yan Kumji! I see You're all excellent.
Awa still has some value left in it.
Lord Kumji, what is the meaning of this? We came looking for work There is work.
Work so fun, you may not be able to handle it.
Red hair? Unusual, indeed.
Your face isn't bad, either.
I almost regret having to sell you.
Yona! With so many excellent goods, keeping one for myself would be no great loss.
Lord Kumji! I-I'm sure I can satisfy you better than she can.
Ugh! What am I saying? Oh? Forget about her.
Choose me instead.
No, no.
Who do you think you are? Once he finds out you're a man, he'll kill you.
But I promised I'd protect Yona.
You're quite beautiful, as well.
But Don't interrupt me while I'm having fun! Lord Kumji, you'll damage the merchandise I told you not to interrupt me.
Good, good Nothing pleases me more than obedient women who tremble in silence.
Just like this redhead.
What? Did she intimidate me? This little girl? No, wait.
Girl, are you from Awa? Yes.
Long ago, I once saw red hair like yours at Hiryuu Castle.
For just a moment, in the distance, I saw her hair reflecting the sun.
The girl was Princess Yona.
She was around your age.
Are you Princess Yona? He noticed! I am the daughter of a poor Awa merchant.
I came because I heard you were offering work.
I don't know your red-headed princess, but if being her would please you, I will call myself "Princess Yona.
" I let myself go too far.
Unlike you, Princess Yona would be too self-respecting to rub her face on the ground and grovel before me for work, filthy wench! That's right.
How could I be so stupid? I heard the princess was carried off by attendants and killed.
A daughter brought up under King Il's protective pampering wouldn't have the eyes of a wild beast.
Yun! Hang in there! Who kicks a cute, delicate little girl? What a jerk.
Yun Yona, your foot is turning blue.
It must hurt.
I'm fine.
I'd forgotten about the pain.
Things are starting to get interesting.
I'm not about to forget my pain.
I'll pay him back a hundred times over.
What Lord Kumji said Does he plan to sell us? Let us out! Let us out of here! Someone Someone help! Somebody, please! There's no point.
I've been in here for two weeks.
You can cry or scream, but no one will hear you.
Lord Kumji only sees us as a source of money.
This city has always been that way.
Have you ever wanted to change that? Change what? This town.
Have you ever thought about fighting Yan Kumji and running him out of town so you can all live here freely? What? Are you really from this town? The only people who talk like that are outsiders and the strong And idiots, too.
I'm not particularly strong, but I know people risking their lives to change this town.
And there's an even more powerless girl who's trying to support those idiots.
Who are you talking about, Yun? What are you talking about? Is someone coming to rescue us? No one's that stupid.
I don't know about that.
But if one of those idiots of yours reaches out to save you, you should trust them and take their hand.
If you want to live, please Do everything you can to survive.
I know that I have no strengths to offer.
It irritates me how weak I am.
But let me protect them! As this kingdom's princess, and as any other human being, please let me fight.
Hak Get some rest.
You've been standing like that since yesterday.
This is how I sleep.
Besides, you should tell that to the White Snake.
Damn you, Kumji! Hey, you're dreaming again.
You'll pay for this! What's he doing? Every time he nods off, he jumps up to pick a fight with the air.
Good grief Gija's ruining his good looks.
Green Dragon, you have dark rings under your eyes.
Don't sneak up on me like that, Sinha.
You haven't slept, either.
Who, me? Don't be absurd.
I ate well and slept well.
I even had some fun with the ladies last night.
I'm the very image of composure.
Huh? Let me see your face! What are you doing? Show me your eyes! Gija, you're stabbing me with your hand! Look this way! I've been defiled But that hurt so good.
Dark Circles Keep your clothes on.
You have dark rings under your eyes! I told you, I had fun with the ladies last— Green Dragon, you were in the crow's nest all last night.
You've been watching me pretty closely.
Come on, now Do you love me that much? You're worried about her, too, aren't you? So what if I am? Of course I'm worried about Yona.
Who wouldn't be? She's a girl, after all.
Whatever your reason, as long as we feel the same way, I can trust you to watch my back in a fight.
Do as you please.
But shouldn't you be worried about him? You know, the cute, talkative one.
Yun, right? He seems pretty weak, too.
He could be in danger.
He'll be fine.
That's right.
For his age, Yun is very clever and hard-working.
Sometimes, even I respect him.
The ships in the harbor are moving.
It's time, boys.
Tonight, our eyes are set on the greatest treasure of all The head of Yan Kumji, Lord of Awa! Yeah! Ao.
Hey! What's all the— Huh? Hey, who was making all that racket? Damned girl How did you undo the ropes? Stay— Down! I-Is he dead? No.
The anesthetic I rubbed on the needle just knocked him out.
He'll be asleep for half a day.
Are you really trying to escape? Are you shaking? Your leg is injured, as well.
I'm impressed you pulled that off in your condition.
Don't do this.
We don't want to get involved.
I came to rescue you.
Rescue us? Our job is to signal the ship's position to our allies.
But how? The ships have left the harbor.
We're in the middle of the sea.
I'm going to go up on deck and launch a firework.
Huh? It's a small firework, but I'm sure our allies will notice.
They're out at sea, too.
Wait here.
I promise we'll rescue you.
Let's go.
Have you ever wanted to change that? This town.
Wait! It's swarming with officials out there.
I'll help.
Huh? My father builds ships.
I know a lot about how boats are constructed.
I can show you a shortcut.
Thank you! But why? You said so yourself When help arrives, we should have faith and take their hand.
We, too, want to change this town.
My name is Yuri.
My name is Yo— Uh, Rina.
I'm, uh I'm Yun.
Try not to slow us down.
You're sassy, aren't you? It's started.
Where is Kumji? I will kill him! Don't pass out from all the excitement, White Snake.
I'm not a white snake! Sinha, where's the princess? I don't see her yet.
Don't kill them.
You'll get in trouble with the old lady later.
The captain would kill you if she heard you say that, Hak.
There sure are a lot of them, though.
Kumji seems to have hired a bunch of mercenaries.
Princess, Yun Get out here already! Damn it.
There are so many of them.
Kumji means to destroy us tonight.
Jeaha? You're already tired? But you're so young.
I'm just getting started! Is he going to jump around all night, helping people out? Not even Jeaha can keep that up But that's Jeaha for you.
Finally, it's time for our showdown with the pirates.
We hired all those mercenaries.
They won't reach this ship.
It'll be an easy battle.
A woman! A woman escaped! Stop! Fool.
That's a dead end.
Give yourself up! Time for you to take a nap, mister.
Crap! Don't move! Yuri! Aren't we your precious goods? If you hurt someone by swinging that around, Lord Kumji will— You're defective products that tried to escape! I'll kill you as examples so the Awa citizens will never rebel again.
Stop! Yuri has nothing to do with this! What should I do? I have the firework.
I could rush onto the deck and signal the pirates.
No, that would endanger Yona and Yuri.
If I got caught on deck This is terrible We're stuck here, unable to launch the firework.
What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? The old me would have prioritized my own life.
I would have thought of the most effective way for me to escape.
But now I think I might have become an idiot, Ik-su.
Yona's courage I won't let her courage go to waste.
Huh? I threatened them into helping me.
They have nothing to do with this, so let them go.
A man? I'm actually a pirate.
I stowed away on this ship as a spy.
A pirate? Damn you! Don't think we'll show any mercy, pirate! How dare you mock us? I'll beat you to death! Stop! Wait I have something to tell you.
I've rigged the deck with explosives Rigged the deck with explosives? If I don't stop them, they'll explode soon.
Liar! There wasn't anything like that on deck.
Of course not.
Only I know where they are.
I'm not going down without a fight.
If I can get on deck and Sinha sees us, we can still pull this off.
What should we do? Damn it! You take the women back down.
I'll take this guy to the deck.
And? Explosives or not, I'll cut off his head before returning him to the pirates.
Come! Yun! Hey, behave yourself! Come on, get moving! Where are you going? I'm taking you down to— Y-You little What? Wait! Where? Where are they? There's nothing here! They aren't over here.
They're farther down, near the bow Damn it.
We're in a blind spot.
I need to get somewhere more open.
I knew you were lying.
I'll cut off your head and send you back to your buddies, pirate.
Yona? Get away from Yun.
I'll shoot anyone who approaches him.
Oh, it's the girl from before.
How are you going to shoot anyone with— Yona! Light the gunpowder quickly with that flame! Yun, do you have the gunpowder? It's inside my sash.
Get her! Launch! Launch! It launched! Next Time Father, have I become stronger? Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 22: Episode 22: The Night History Is Made "The Night History Is Made.