Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e22 Episode Script

The Night History Is Made

1 Launch! Launch! What was that? It launched! The firework.
Where? It's far.
Princess Episode 22: The Night History Is Made You bitch! Are you working with the pirates, too? You and that kid slipped in with the other goods, didn't you? Then that firework They signaled this ship's location to their allies? Is that what you did? Kill them quickly, before the rest come! Don't! You can take my arms or head, or anything else you want, but don't touch Yona— No! I can't believe you You actually did it.
That was pretty cool.
Jeaha! Y-You're the one who sank all those ships The flying pirate.
That's not important right now.
You don't want to approach me carelessly.
I'll kill you.
Huh? I'm not virtuous enough to go easy on the men who hurt her.
I'm alive? Jeaha really does have the power of a dragon.
He's exceptionally strong.
And I, on the other hand Yun? Yun! Yona? Yun! Is Yona crying? For me? I cut the rope for you! Yona They really beat you up.
Yun! I'm so glad you're alive You're a mess yourself I can't protect her.
I can't protect Yona.
You made the plan a success.
You really are a genius! I'm not a genius.
You're the one who's amazing.
We did it.
Get them! Mercenaries Out of the way! Yona! Sinha! He's strong.
Sinha, you came.
I thought the Thunder Beast would come.
Hak's an important part of our force.
I came because I can jump, and Sinha came because of his night vision.
The firework.
Where? It's far.
Princess Jeaha! I know.
Green Dragon, you're tired.
No way.
It just isn't like carrying a girl.
I'm sure those two would jump here if they could.
White Snake, what're you slowing down for? Your movements have slowed, as well.
It's a real pain, not being able to kill them.
With your brutish weapon, I'm sure it is.
Anyway, there's no end to these guys.
I know you're feeling restless, but if you're staying here, you'd better do your jobs.
If you slack off, I might miss.
Not bad, old lady.
You're the only ones on our side with any energy left! No one has more energy than you, Captain.
We've taken out more than half of their forces.
Now we just have to drag Kumji out of hiding.
Once we defeat Kumji, this battle ends! Then you'll be free to rescue that girl, or hit on her, whatever you want.
Hit on her? Wh-What are you talking about? We are the princess's loyal servants! That's not a bad idea.
Hak! Get them! I'm fired up now.
You mustn't! Go! Shove them back! Jeaha, are you all right? If we sink two more, we'll win! Jeaha! Hey.
The mercenaries are fighting hard on the ship next to ours.
Where is Kumji? He must be near his merchandise.
Near? If he's not on this ship That ship has far too many mercenaries.
Lord Kumji, four companies of mercenaries have been annihilated.
Most of the pirates are out of the action, as well.
But those monsters keep sinking our ships And the goods What about them? The pirates will soon capture the ship that's carrying the goods.
I see.
Not only did we fail to sell the girls, but we couldn't even use them as hostages.
Yes, sir.
I-I don't know the specifics, but someone among the merchandise led the pirates to the ship.
The attack hit them out of nowhere.
Among the merchandise? It was that girl.
I have no solid proof.
But I can't stop thinking about her.
That girl must have done something.
We've sent mercenaries, also.
But there's no end to the strength those monsters have.
Only this ship has withstood them.
Lord Kumji, we should pull up the ladder bridge between the ships and retreat! You're telling me, Yan Kumji, to abandon my ship and flee? It took me twenty years to become Lord of Awa.
Since I became the lord, it's been ten years.
You think a group of pirates, led by an old woman and a little girl, will destroy in one evening what I spent thirty years building? F-Forgive me! Leave the rat.
Jeaha! Sinha! That's the ship! Kumji should be somewhere on that ship! Leave it to us.
Yona, help us.
Yona? Jeaha! Kumji's back there, in a hidden room! Aw, man.
I wasn't the first one to get here? I'll let you handle things here.
Sure thing! Kumji, on your guard! I can hire all the mercenaries I need.
Damn pirates I'll go back to my estate, recover my strength, and come back to tear you apart.
Let me tell you something, Captain.
A truly powerful man is one who will use any dirty trick necessary, without the slightest shame, in order to protect himself.
As long as I, Yan Kumji, am alive, the battle is not lost.
The pirates waste their efforts.
Abandoning your subordinates and fleeing is hardly beautiful! Lord Kumji, he's coming.
So you're the flying dragon I've heard about.
I've always wanted to shoot you down.
You're naïve! Well, flying dragon? You can't fly, now that you've fallen into the sea! Wh-What is this bloodlust I sense? Someone is aiming for me.
Where are they? Red hair? Why? Why am I so afraid? She's just a little girl.
Long ago, I once saw red hair like yours at Hiryuu Castle.
For just a moment, in the distance, I saw her hair reflecting the sun.
The girl was Princess Yona.
I see.
I knew it.
You are Princess Yona! Father Captain! Captain Gigan! Kumji took an arrow and fell into the ocean! Dawn has broken.
So tired It's really over Come on, guys.
We should be celebrating.
You're right, though.
We were fighting all night.
You're all a mess.
Are you going to sleep? Yes, Captain But when you wake up, you'll be ordinary fishermen.
Let's go back to Awa.
Hey! Hey! Thank goodness! Princess, I'm glad you're all right.
You guys don't have a single scratch on you.
I hate you.
But you two Upon closer inspection, you're covered in bruises ARGH Calm down, you rare beasts.
You'll just cause more trouble.
I had no idea all these people were fighting all night against Kumji.
Thank you.
Of course we rescued you.
Actually, I simply followed my destiny to protect you.
By the way, what's your name? Jeaha! Quit talking nonsense like it's second nature! Yeah! We did nothing to help you.
You risked your life to help us.
Rina Yuri, my real name is actually As long as people like you are around, I'm sure Awa will be fine.
Thank you, Rina.
So, um Is there some way we can thank you? Thank us? We don't need— Pirates demand a pretty high price.
Bring us all the liquor it will take to get the entire town drunk.
All right! Understood! What are you talking about? Everyone's seriously injured.
We need to treat them first.
Kid, get some snacks! What am I, your wife? I need to treat them first— You idiot! When they win, pirates drink and party until they collapse.
It's still only morning! That sounds fun.
Don't encourage them, Thunder Beast! A party? That brings back memories.
Every year on my birthday, everyone would dance the dragon dance.
Where are the dancers and musicians? Huh? I look forward to the music and plays.
Shut up, moneybags! I'm hungry.
Don't eat Sinha, squirrel! They can't help it, Yun.
Today is special.
We won.
Isn't that splendid? The pure and beautiful Port of Awa and its lovely young ladies To celebrate this day, in all of my beauty, I'll strip.
You're not playing a song? Get out of here, pervert! Dribble Dribble Dribble I'll take it all off.
You're bleeding everywhere! Just die already! Kid, where are those snacks? I don't know, idiot! Thanks for waiting! Your liquor has arrived! It's quiet Last night's battle seems so far away.
I hope I did something to help this town's people.
Father, have I become stronger? If I go too far, everyone will worry.
I'd better head back.
I-I'm sorry.
It's all right I wasn't looking where I was going.
This voice Next Time I cannot die yet.
There's something I must do.
Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 23: Episode 23 Morning of Promise "Morning of Promise.
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