Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e23 Episode Script

Morning of Promise

1 Su-won Yona? King Il will not wake again.
I killed him.
Are you an illusion? You're Princess Yona is dead.
I heard you died on the cliffs of the northern mountains You really are Princess Yona.
I'll hold your hand until you fall asleep, like the queen did.
If you cry, I'll wipe the tears away, so no one will see.
So please smile tomorrow.
Episode 23: Morning of Promise What are you doing here? Where is Hak? No, that's a stupid question.
You're safe.
I'm sure it's because he's still risking his life to protect you.
I came to investigate because I'd heard Yan Kumji, the Lord of Awa, was conducting illegal business with another country.
Lord Su-won! Let go— Quiet.
Be still.
Lord Su-won You can't walk off on your own! General Ju-do, I apologize.
I'm just so excited to be in a new city You're excited? Is that why you're with a woman? Huh? Please, General Ju-do! That's surprisingly crude of you Where you flirt with women is your business! But in the middle of a secret reconnaissance mission isn't the time! Do it when we get home! General, not so loud.
Calm down.
Fine, fine I'll send her away.
By the way, where is Yan Kumji? He's missing.
Last night, on his way to sell slaves to the Kai Empire, he was attacked by pirates.
What about the people Kumji was trying to sell? They all seem to be fine.
That's good Then no one was hurt.
I'd heard rumors of human trafficking, but I had trouble finding evidence.
I must thank the pirates.
Huh? Thank them? We will overlook this incident.
Who will succeed Yan Kumji? I'll decide after we return to the capital.
Is that all, General Ju-do? Do as you please! You're so hot-headed Do you want to kill me? Of course you do.
But I cannot die yet.
There's something I must do.
Goodbye, Yona.
Princess! Hey, what's wrong? What happened? He's earlier than I expected.
I thought you wouldn't return until dusk.
Oh, please Don't tease me.
You shouldn't have time to play around! Have you forgotten why you rushed your coronation? No, I haven't forgotten.
But it's unusual for you to chase women.
You don't even look at the women in the castle.
Was she that attractive? Well I suppose she is unforgettable.
Anyway, we should hurry.
Where to next? I'm done making preparations.
Let's return.
To Hiryuu Castle.
Gija, wake up! How long are you going to sleep? Y-Yes! I'll do my best! Gija, you look funny! Princess, you seem well.
Of course! I'm great! Whoa, there.
I'm great! Yun, what are you making? Abalone porridge.
Drinking nothing but alcohol will strain everyone's stomachs.
I thought I'd slip this in.
It looks delicious! I'll serve it.
Huh? Ah, hot! Yona! Are you okay? I-I'm fine Time to eat, everyone! Food! Yona, over here! It's delicious! You really are a genius, Yun.
Y-Yona, you're spilling.
What are you doing, miss? Wipe it up with this.
Uh, Yona? Yona! If you're going to change, use the captain's quarters.
Hak That'll be a thousand rin.
Huh? That was an act of God! And it was just getting good.
Why did you st— Whap What's wrong with her? Nothing.
Huh That's quite a blade.
People will be shocked to see you walking around town with it.
Until now, I've avoided carrying it in town.
I've been complacent lately.
I need to be careful.
That's rich You were fighting until morning, and you say you're complacent? I'm curious to know who you're staring at so intently.
Ah, either way What sorrowful bloodlust.
Ao But I love your hair, Yona.
It's a beautiful red, like the sky at dawn.
A lot's happened since I left.
It sure has.
You scared me You're everywhere, Hak.
Everywhere you are.
This morning, I let you out of my sight.
But since I'm your bodyguard, I'll stick annoyingly close to you.
If you need anything, call me.
Hak, I'm leaving.
Come with me.
You got it.
Huh? What are you doing? Oh, I, um You should have told us! Huh? Don't "Huh?" me! About you leaving! You can't talk about that without all of us here.
That's right, Princess.
If you command, the Four Dragons will travel to the ends of the Earth.
Oh, you can leave now.
What?! There are only two dragons here, anyway.
Shut up! Every time you "feel something over there," all I feel is annoyed.
Must you always try to pick fights with me? Stop it— Guys I'm leaving Awa tomorrow.
Will you come with me? I shall accompany you.
What a pain.
Huh?! You're cute.
Marry me.
Marry you? I can't do that! How cute.
He's half-asleep.
What a beautiful sound.
Would you like to try? Screech You make a better pirate.
I can play the harp and dance a little.
Harp and dance, huh? You're still laughing at me, Jeaha? No, I was just thinking you really are a girl.
You're a small, unsteady, and powerless pain in the butt.
You're insulting me? You also came all the way here to look for me.
You're an enormous nuisance.
Don't worry! I won't push you to come with me anymore.
I don't understand you, Jeaha.
I'm a very straightforward guy.
I like to spend the night of a party with a cute girl.
That's enough, Jeaha.
That song makes me sleepy.
Why don't you sleep, then? Sixth After-party (laugh) Most of the townsfolk are asleep.
Yona is already asleep.
Sleep? I haven't had enough to drink! Me, neither! Lullaby Snore Stop that, you idiot! You'll put us to sleep! So why not sleep? I won't sleep, damn it! I'm not going to sleep I don't take care of drunks, Maya.
If we go to sleep, the dream will end Dream? Of being a pirate.
This is our last night as pirates.
That's why Idiots.
Even if you're not pirates anymore, you'll keep fishing in Awa, won't you? That hardly changes anythi— But you're leaving! You're leaving Awa with the girl and her friends! Lullaby Snore Jeaha I'll kill you Droopy Eyes How annoying.
I really do love you guys.
May I join you, my beauty? Go away, you lanky brat.
Your vitriol still sends shivers up my spine.
You're my ideal woman, Captain.
If only I were fifty years older— Is this where Kumji shot you? Did the "fifty years" thing offend you? You're always running off to see other women.
Oh, so you're jealous.
Do you understand who she is? Well, more or less Following her won't be easy.
Is this the dragon's destiny? I don't know.
But it seems I just can't stand it when she's out of my sight.
Indeed, even though she's powerless.
She's unreliable, crying as she moves forward.
But her brilliance consumes me The way she shot that arrow roused something inside me.
I was sort of jealous she shot Kumji instead of me.
You should have died with him.
Get out of here already, you pervert! Don't come back.
You're no fun You won't even tell me I'll always have a home here? If that's what you want, you'll need to do a better job wooing me, you snot-nosed brat.
Who are you? You fell out of the sky.
If I let you stay, you'll do anything, eh? You're a foolish brat.
Don't you know how to woo a woman? You're finally leaving, Yona? Come back soon, kid! Promise you'll come back, even if it kills you! That hurts! What's wrong? Jeaha's missing.
I wanted to talk to him, and thank him Who cares about that droopy-eyed— I care! I can't leave like this Jeaha, huh? If you ever come back, you'll see him.
All right.
Let me know if you need a boat.
I'll keep one ready for you.
Thank you.
Your face is still swollen.
I'm fine.
You're not the frail little girl you used to be.
Frail little girl? You can't even clean, wash clothes, or cook properly.
That's part of being a woman.
You should learn soon.
No one wants to marry a girl who's nothing but reckless.
That's none of your business! It's not a problem.
Just find a husband to wash your clothes while you cut grasses in the mountains.
You be quiet, Hak! Miss, in Awa, you only need to be able to cook fish.
That or serve it raw.
If you can't find a husband, come marry me! I'm not marrying you! You're all so rude.
I'm leaving! Wait.
Take this.
Huh? Oh, senjuso! That'll help.
This is too much Don't catch a cold.
The captain sort of sounds like a mom.
Thank you for everything.
Take care! Come see us again! I'll be waiting for you, kid! Goodbye! Yona? They're gone Well, time to fish! The girl wasn't one of the pirates? I knew she was too cute to be one.
Oh? She may look cute, but she's stronger than your average soldier.
After all, she shot Kumji.
Huh? That girl shot Kumji? It was so cool! That girl did, huh? What are you talking about? Yona, stop crying You're crying, too, Yun.
You're crying more than anyone, White Snake.
I didn't get to say goodbye to Jeaha Jeaha? I thought he joined us.
Huh? Jeaha! Hey.
Why? The Green Dragon was always nearby.
I didn't have anything else to do, so I thought traveling with you might not be so bad.
But seeing you in tears while looking for me was unbearably exciting, so here I am.
I missed my chance to speak to you.
I see you're still a pervert.
He reminds me of you, Thunder Beast.
But you said you didn't want to be bound by the laws of the Four Dragons.
This isn't about the Four Dragons.
I'll continue to pursue the path I choose for myself, as I always have.
That's still in accordance with my aesthetic.
I just can't leave you now.
Take me with you, Yona.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
That's right.
You aren't just traveling with Yona.
You'd better acknowledge us, too.
He's right.
We value etiquette, Green Dragon.
Please excuse me.
Allow me to reintroduce myself.
My name is Jeaha.
I'm a beautiful monster with a dragon in my right leg.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Next Time I'm sorry, Hak Once the rain stops, I'm taking up a sword again.
Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 24: Episode 24 From Now On "From Now On.