Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e24 Episode Script

From Now On

1 It's a fawn.
Nice catch.
Flying with it was a bit tough.
Your legs are amazing, Jeaha.
We should find the Yellow Dragon in no time.
Yeah The Yellow Dragon's the last one, right? After coming this far, I wouldn't mind seeing his face.
I'll find him.
No, I shall.
No, let me handle this.
No, I'm much better at searching for dragons.
Let's just take our time.
I'm going to prepare dinner.
Thunder Beast, start a fire.
Episode 24: From Now On Yona, you don't mind butchering animals anymore? It's still a little hard.
When I lived in the castle, I thought nothing of our taking of living creatures' lives.
Turning away would mean ignoring that this fawn was alive.
Growl Growl Grumble Gurgle Growl I'm impressed, miss.
Huh? But all living things one day return to heaven.
Growl Growl You were expressing your gratitude.
I'm sure it'll forgive you.
You're drooling Your stomach's growling.
Who are you, anyway? Growl Don't worry about that.
I'm just a passerby.
And I'm always drooling.
Wipe your mouth! I came because I smelled something yummy.
It still just smells bloody.
Are you hungry? Extraordinarily hungry.
That looks good.
You can gorge yourselves today.
Nice We haven't had meat in a while.
By the way Munch Munch Who is he? A traveler, I guess.
I'm not sure.
He seemed hungry, so we invited him.
By the way, Gija, do you know anything about the Yellow Dragon? Where he lives or about his traits? According to the founding myth, he has a "stout body.
" Maybe he's covered in hard scales.
Or he's a big, burly man.
Hey, you guys.
Come over here and eat.
What do you think? Most likely Huh? What is it? Well, actually I think that kid eating meat over there is the Yellow Dragon Huh? Hm? Did you call me? Hey, I see you've got the White, Blue, and Green Dragons with you.
Well, well Bow The whole gang's here.
Whaaat?! What?! Yellow Dragon? You mean the Yellow Dragon? Why? Why is he here? Why is he eating meat with us as if it's no big deal? You guys need to relax.
Jeno sits like a good boy when he eats.
See? Oh, Jeno's my name.
What kind of self-introduction was that? I sensed the Yellow Dragon nearby, but he seemed so close, I doubted myself.
I know what you mean.
You didn't notice we were near? I don't care either way.
I'm just wandering around.
I'm not concerned with the other dragons.
Huh Not concerned? Despite all you said, you seemed really concerned with the other dragons.
Your claws are stabbing me, White Snake.
Jeno, you don't feel anything when you look at her? Sha-zing This is Princess Yona! Master of the Four Dragons! You're exaggerating again.
Princess Master It's pretty rude of you to say I don't feel anything.
She's really cute.
My heart is pounding.
I know that! That isn't what I meant! Did you not feel that awakening? It had even me saying, "Boil me, take me, do as you please.
" What kind of awakening is that? Is he strong or just really dense? Rumble But since you're traveling alone, maybe Maybe what? Would it be difficult for you to do us the favor of joining us? We've been looking for the Four Dragons and asking for their help, so I'd like you to— Sure.
Huh? Okay.
I'm just wandering around.
I don't have a destination or anything to do.
Above all, the food was great.
Showing my gratitude for good food is my hobby! You mean principle.
Nice to meet you.
I look forward to more great meals from tomorrow onward.
Unbelievable He wandered in and joined us fastest of all.
Maybe he was just starving.
He broke your record for speed of joining, White Snake.
Nice to meet you, too.
Yellow Dragon Jeno Huh? I am the White Dragon, Gija.
I possess the dragon's power in my right hand.
If you wish to protect the princess with us, show us your power.
My power? Yes.
My power I'm not too strong, but my body's real tough.
So it's true.
How tough? That hurt you? You're weak! You're a normal person! Are you really the Yellow Dragon? No, there's just something wrong with him! His arms are ridiculously strong! Hak punches me all the time, too, and they really do hurt.
You always seem to be enjoying yourself, Jeaha.
Your body isn't particularly hard.
Your skin is squishy, too.
Jeno's skin is silky smooth.
The Thunder Beast's body is way harder.
I'd sooner believe he's the Yellow Dragon.
I've been keeping it secret, but I'm actually the Yellow— If you were a dragon, you'd be the evil Dark Dragon! The Dark Dragon Sounds kind of cool Aren't you upset?! He's threatening your position! Remember your pride as a dragon! Yeah, but Now, now.
The Yellow Dragon has his own life to live.
You shouldn't force your values on others.
But But the ancient brotherhood of dragons is finally reunited.
Thousands of years after the age of myth, the reunion is fulfilled in our generation! I Weep Weep Weep I'm truly moved to have met all of you Okay, okay.
We have all four of the legendary dragons.
When you think about it, it should be amazing, but I'm underwhelmed by how easy it was.
Weep Weep Miss Whump Uh I'll carry that.
This is pretty heavy.
Gija carries it one-handed, like it's nothing.
He does what? I can't keep up with that.
But the White Dragon is kind of cute.
Gija's cute.
They're all cute.
You're cute, too.
I know what the others said But I believe you're the Yellow Dragon.
It's hard to explain, but you feel different from ordinary people.
You feel like a warm, golden patch of sun.
We've never met before, but I feel cheerful being around you.
Let me properly introduce myself.
I'm Yona.
It's nice to meet you, Yellow Dragon Jeno.
Heavens, thank you for this day.
The moon is beautiful tonight.
When darkness falls upon the land, the dragons' blood will restore life once more.
In accordance with the ancient pact, when the four dragons are gathered, the sword and shield that protect the king will awaken.
The red dragon will return at dawn.
I've decided.
We're going.
So this priest of yours lives here? Yun, did you once live here? Yeah.
It hasn't been that long, but it feels like I've been gone for years.
Ik-su! We're back.
What is this? Ik-su! Why? Huh? Yun Wait.
I'll treat your wounds.
I'm sorry.
I was so hungry, I slipped and fell.
Huh? Whew I narrowly escaped death.
Nag Nag You can't be serious, you stupid priest! How do you wreck the house, starve, and hurt yourself falling if you're living normally? Without me, you really are hopeless! You're a huge pain in the butt! I hope you die! Thank heavens Yun's shouting! You were so upset, you cried.
I didn't cry, and I'm not upset.
Priest, please forgive our sudden visit.
It's an honor to meet you.
No, I am honored to meet you.
Ah Your group certainly has grown.
You look like you've experienced many things, Princess Yona.
Ik-su, we have all four dragons.
What are the "sword and shield that protect the king"? Is Yona the king? Or is it the current king, Su-won? We'll need some more time before the sword and shield appear.
When the time comes, you'll know.
So it isn't time yet.
Then what should we do now? Why is everyone avoiding the main question? Miss, what do you want to do with the Four Dragons? Huh? You two were chased from the castle, so I know you need fighters to survive.
But what about after that? Will you keep running? No.
No? Then, will you defeat Su-won, who stole the throne, and retake Hiryuu Castle from him? W-We can't attack the castle.
Even with the Four Dragons, these numbers aren't enough Whether we can or not doesn't matter.
I'm asking if that's what she wants to do.
Besides, it isn't impossible to take a single castle with the dragons' true strength.
Nonchalant I'm not that strong, though.
Slump You little Sorry, I know I'm new.
I'm not telling you to do that.
I was just wondering what your plan was.
Following you was my choice.
You're free to come up with your own plan.
Anyway, I'm hungry.
You never quit, do you? Well, we might as well eat.
Hooray, food! That was a surprise.
I wasn't expecting Jeno to go after Yona like that.
He's difficult to understand.
It was only recently that the princess lost her father.
She can barely protect herself.
It's too heavy a question for her.
She isn't simply trying to avenge her father.
Yona sees Su-won as a traitor, but the rest of the kingdom may not.
Retaking the throne means taking responsibility for the entire kingdom.
That's ill-advised for a sixteen-year-old girl.
Hak, you know the king.
What is he like? Hard to say.
He still refuses to speak about Su-won.
Have you noticed? Whenever you say that name, Hak's face darkens.
He must really hate him.
He must have been a very dear friend.
Pleasant night, isn't it? Ik-su Are you thinking about what he said? But I see no doubt in your face.
For the first time, I spoke with people outside the castle.
I walked myself ragged, carrying the weapons my father had forbidden.
I heard their bitterness toward the reality that hadn't changed since my father's rule.
It was mortifying.
My father loved peace above all, but his kingdom wasn't happy.
The more I learned, the more powerless I was.
But when I reached out in desperation, someone reached back.
I wasn't strong enough to pull myself up, but others pushed me from behind.
There are many in this kingdom I want to protect.
I don't regret shooting Kumji, Lord of Awa.
Since then, I've been thinking.
There must be other cities in Kouka Kingdom like Awa.
So I will gaze across the kingdom, and help those in distress! Father, forgive me.
I will take up weapons to protect your kingdom.
Before returning to the castle, there is something I must do.
There's something I must do.
Ik-su, I think you know this, so I'll tell you.
In Awa, I saw Su-won.
I thought I hated him, that I could never forgive him.
But I couldn't draw a sword.
No matter how foolish or incomprehensible, some love cannot be discarded.
You may try to stop your heart, unable to forgive yourself, but there will be times when you lose hope as your heart is moved again.
King Hiryuu said so himself.
No, I am human now.
Though the humans may hate and betray me, I cannot help but love them.
That is why I love people.
Are you practicing with a sword? Hak You'll catch a cold.
Let's find shelter by the rocks.
It isn't stopping.
I hope the river doesn't flood.
Are you mad at me, Hak? I'm not mad.
Just a little scared.
Because using a sword could put me in danger? I'm afraid of seeing you in danger, too.
That's why I won't use you as a shield.
On our way here yesterday, Jeaha told me something.
You want me to teach you to use a sword? Hak told me he wouldn't do it.
He said a bow was one thing, but a sword was too dangerous.
I understand.
If I were Hak, I would do everything I could to shield you from danger.
But I like the way you struggle to become stronger.
That's why I came with you.
"I want you, more than any other, to be safe and happy.
" That's probably what Hak thinks.
I can't.
You're right.
In some ways, that restricts you.
Maybe he does want to keep you tied up.
Hidden away where other men can't see you Just kidding.
Can't see me? Who are you talking about? About the man who wants to keep you to— Hey! Hurry up, you two! Okay! Crack I'll kill that droopy-eyed bastard.
Princess, you shouldn't listen to— Yeah, he's lying.
I know that.
I don't understand why you'd want to hide me from people.
Yeah, it's a lie.
In fact, the opposite is true.
I wish I could show you to Mun-deok and King Il.
To those idiots who chased you from the castle.
To the people of Kouka Kingdom.
Look This is Princess Yona.
She cut her hair and took up a sword.
She works harder than anyone to support this kingdom.
"Princess Yona is here," I'd tell them.
What is this? You don't sound like yourself.
You're right.
Forget I said it.
Too late.
I won't forget.
I'm sorry, Hak Once the rain stops, I'm taking up a sword again.
The rain stopped.
Princess When did you come here? What about Fuuga? I'll return there soon.
He's still young.
There are still things this old fart has to teach him.
My, my.
We're counting on you, new leader of the Wind Tribe.
Good work in the Earth lands.
What's your next step? See for yourself, along with the gods in heaven.
I have not accomplished anything yet.
I cannot stop now.
I must keep this kingdom alive.
I'm still weak.
But I don't want to pretend I don't see what's happening around me.
I won't let anyone hurt the kingdom and people my father loved.
Lend me your strength, everyone.
Of course.
Me, too.
Leave it to this handsome genius.
As you wish, Yona.
Me, too! As you wish.
Let's go! Thank you for your support!!