You Are Wanted (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(Suspenseful music) (Footsteps running up stairs, panting) (Man:) It's your turn.
8 times 10 to the 10th.
Your most beautiful day.
(Man:) Sent.
(Door rattling) (Silence, peaceful music only) (A dog barks) (Barking) (Screams, music peaks and fades) (Theme music) Thank you, Mr.
Chan, the pleasure's all mine.
(Phone alert) (Man:) New message.
Leon's waiting for you.
Then have a nice day and goodbye.
So what is hydraulic fracturing? (Woman:) I have no idea.
But Google does.
(Man:) I'll be home soon.
Happy Birthday.
- I thought we said no presents.
- Looks like you were low.
I wanted to make sure you have enough emergency supplies.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(Blows) (Deep ominous tone) more dangerous pathologies.
One thing we learned about - (Man:) Katja? - (Katja:) I didn't do that! If it's a surprise party, your vacation is off.
It wasn't me.
(Siren in distance) What happened? (Walkie-talkie:) As far as I know there's a blackout in the whole city.
(Woman:) Ladies and gentlemen, we'll get this under control in no time.
Stay calm and I'll get the information off as soon as I have it.
(Man:) Anyone stuck in the elevators? - (Walkie-talkie:) We're not sure.
- Have a look.
- (Speaker:) What's the hell's going on? - Mr.
Rosenberg (Rosenberg:) I want the lights on.
We're in a conference.
- (Katja:) I'm terribly sorry.
- (Man:) We need them out of here.
- (Man:) We're trying to fix this asap.
I promise.
- (Rosenberg:) Fix it? Where's your generator? Come on! The generator? What happened to the generator? - Are you all right? - You think so? I tripped on loose carpet.
You should fix that.
- Look what happened! - (Rosenberg:) Any idea what these people have paid? (Man:) I must take care of this man.
Excuse me - You'll pay for this, you know.
- Here's my card.
Franke's my name.
Any problems, please, give me a call.
Katja, please help this gentleman.
- (Katja:) This way.
- (Rosenberg:) I'll sue you, you hear? Loud and clear, Mr.
Rosenberg, but we'll take care of this, I promise.
- (Katja:) What can we do? Would you like a drink? - A drink! Everybody in this room deserves a drink now.
- On the house, right? - It's a plan.
- (Katja:) That's a plan.
(Franke:) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a blackout all over Berlin but I'm sure the lights will be back soon.
But meanwhile I'd like to ask you to please be patient.
We have flashlights and candles.
Please help yourselves.
- We invite you for a drink.
- (Katja:) Everybody to the bar, follow me.
Champagne is best served cold.
(Applause) (Franke:) Network overload.
Come on! (Franke:) Are you okay? I'll be there soon.
(Sirens wailing) (Tinkling from house) (Helicopter in distance) - Happy birthday! - Johnny, are you crazy? (Johnny:) Chickenshit scaredy-pants, my friend.
Shoulda seen your face.
- (Franke:) Good to see you.
- Come inside, birthday boy.
Beeper to Robbie The Old Man has landed.
(Whispering:) Awesome, roger.
- (Hanna:) Everything okay? - (Franke:) Okay here? Daddy's home.
- Daddy! - Hey, big boy.
Still awake? - (Hanna:) I thought you'd put him to bed.
- (Johnny:) I'm the godfather.
I thought he could stay up.
So sue me! - I want to congratulate Daddy first.
- To my birthday! How old am I? (Leon mumbles no) (Hanna:) Daddy's as old as the hills.
(Hanna:) Now off to bed with you.
(Friend:) Here he comes.
(Cheering and clapping) Bye.
All the best, Lukas, but I gotta get going.
Johnny talked about the stadium again.
- (Woman:) I don't wanna die.
- (Johnny:) Come on, calm down.
(Johnny:) I think it's a great story.
The whole stadium, all evacuated, They said it's a bomb.
(Johnny:) Nobody knows what's up.
Everyone's panicking.
Not us.
Didn't you text me saying, "We're all going to die"? - (Man:) Yeah, you did.
- (Johnny:) That's not the point.
We only just missed a terrorist attack.
- We could have all been killed.
- (Hanna:) Maybe it was aliens.
(Man:) No.
This was a hack.
I always said one day they'll hack the whole city.
Do you have any normal friends, Lukas? (Sighs) Leon? - You really have to go to bed now.
- I don't feel like sleeping.
What's behind your back there? Can I try it on, please? You can, but then off to bed.
Come on.
- (Leon:) Okay.
- Do I get a kiss? - (Friend:) Only computers - Oh.
- (Friend:) Oh - Alright, cake.
So, darling, we know you don't like celebrating your birthday, - but we do, so - Speech! Don't worry, speeches aren't me.
I love you.
Happy birthday.
(Applause) (Friends:) All right! Aw! - (Friends:) Oh nice! - Hey.
- About time.
Man! (Phone alert) Software flaw caused blackout in Berlin.
Blah blah blah.
(Woman:) At least everything's back to normal.
Dear Mr.
Franke, attached please find my contact details, Best.
Download complete.
(Peaceful music) I'm nervous.
- For you.
- Thanks.
(She croons) (Lukas:) I love you.
Our most beautiful day.
You like it? (Leon:) Mommy? - Yes? - I'm scared of the aliens.
- What aliens? - The ones who switched off the lights.
- That was just a joke, sweetheart.
- (Lukas:) You know there are no bad aliens, right? - No.
- Don't you know the story? - No.
- You can't be serious.
- I have to tell you.
- (Hanna:) Keep it short.
(Hanna:) Good night.
(Lukas:) On the edge of our galaxy is a planet called Gobo, where there once lived - Since then evil aliens are no more.
- What if there are? - I'm here to protect you.
So you're safe.
- What are you gonna do? - I'll knock them hard on their heads.
- Then what? Then they'll fly back into space and tell their alien buddies not to mess with Leon Franke.
- Okay, that makes sense.
- Know what else makes sense? Sleep.
Love you, Daddy.
- Love you too.
Good night.
- Good night.
(Peaceful music) And what about us? (Monitor beeps.
) (Peaceful music continues) (Music becomes threatening) (Typing on keyboard) (Music fades out) (Repeated phone alerts) (Hanna:) Switch it off.
(He exhales) (Phone dinging and vibrating) (Lukas:) You're now connected to the group Antipode.
The blackout was just the beginning.
New York Times reported it.
Our 15 minutes of fame.
Ha ha ha! Leave group and erase all content? (Hanna:) Will it be hectic today? Depends on who sues us after the blackout.
- (Hanna:) Could you drop Leon off today? - What? Pretty please.
- Want me to take you? - Yes! - Grab your stuff.
- We're off.
- (Hanna:) Thanks.
- No problem.
(Hanna:) Okay.
Love you.
- Take care, sweetie.
- (Leon:) See you later.
- Bye.
- (Lukas:) Bye honey.
- (Hanna:) Have a good day.
- (Lukas:) Attack! - (Hanna:) Bye.
(Radio:) The mayor spoke this morning attempting to keep the city current on this chaotic chain of events.
A shocking experience that rattled the very core of the city.
1000s of commuters were stranded (Doorbell rings) Hold on.
One moment! - (Delivery guy:) Mrs.
Franke? - Yes.
What's that? - Package.
Your signature please.
Thank you.
(Ominous music) (Man:) Of course this was an emergency, but we must learn to handle situations in a responsible and professional Well, hello! How nice you could make it.
- Sorry.
You okay? - I spent the night drinking champagne.
- Back to the blackout.
- What? - Got any meds? - Challenges are managers' best friend.
- Thanks.
- Speaking of friends, our beloved customer Mr.
Rosenberg is asking us for a rather large refund due to the blackout.
On the other hand Mr.
Franke, who isn't paying attention, was in a very generous mood last night.
He left a 20,000 dollar tab at the bar.
This causes me real pain.
- Sorry! - Can you explain - why we had the pleasure? - Damage control? Damage control.
Are we talking about the auto industry? A blackout throughout the whole city.
Orgies in the street.
Anarchy And I was sitting in a garden party, - in the world's most boring place.
- Thanks, Vero.
(Vero chuckles) You know what I mean.
- And you mean it.
- Did Lukas turn 95? - (Vero:) What was going on? - Is it lunchtime? - Vero, you hungry? - Yes, but not like you think.
- Is that a yes, or - We'll catch up.
Okay, cool.
Why do you bust his chops? He totally loves it.
He just doesn't know it.
(Vero:) Let's go.
- (Hanna:) I'll join you in a moment.
- (Vero:) Okay.
(Typing on keyboard) (Boss:) I'm gone for two goddam days, and everything goes to hell.
(Electronic sparking sounds) (Boss:) Do I have to do everything myself? Ever heard of responsibility? - (Boss, muted:) Are you kidding me? - (Lukas:) Wanna play a game? Yes, no (High-pitched ringing sound) - (Boss:) What's going on over there? - (Lukas:) Pity (Boss:) Franke! (Electronic unraveling sound) What are you doing? (Boss:) Franke! I gotta go.
(Boss:) Franke! (Threatening music) (Children's voices at play) (Sighs) (Phone ringing) - Hanna? - (Hanna:) Hey! - Where are you? - Running errands.
Why did you order electronics for 800 dollars? - I didn't order anything.
- Well a package came.
- The money's gone from our account.
- Must be a mistake.
- I'll look into it later.
- Okay.
- Goodbye.
- (Hanna:) Bye.
(Music with fast beat) I'll need a photo ID.
And fill out this form please.
(Man:) No problem.
- Here.
- (Woman:) Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- That'll be 230.
90 then.
(Clears her throat) - Here's your change.
- Thanks.
(Video:) First carefully cover the meat, then perform the same procedure with the breadcrumbs.
If you like you can also put some minced olives - and artichokes in the mix - (Hanna:) Three new messages.
Julia Gracht: thank you for the night.
Daddy! Noah's getting an RC car for the first day of school.
- Sounds like it would cost a lot.
- Not too much.
Can I get one? What does Mommy say? I'll ask her now.
(Lukas:) Okay.
- Can I get an RC car? - Sweetie, you can get something little, but an RC car is for Santa.
You told me I could wish for something, so - You can eat in front of the TV.
- (Leon:) Okay.
(Lukas:) You need help? Scratch off the black stuff, cover it in ketchup, and we're all set.
Is something wrong? There may be.
Why don't you tell me if there is.
(Hanna:) Look what we got.
- What's this? - Who is Julia? I don't know any Julia.
- You really think that? You think - What should I think? That I love you? That I don't care about anyone but Hanna.
Hanna, listen! - I don't know - So why's she naked on our tablet? Spam, phishing mail? Somebody must have hacked our computers.
Tell you what.
I'll fix it.
(Peaceful guitar music) (Lukas:) Change password.
Start virus scan.
(Sighs) (Lukas:) Installation in progress.
System successfully installed.
(Lukas:) I refreshed all devices, reinstalled programs and changed your passwords, including child protection.
Your new password is February 7.
Your birthday.
Correct, right? Come on, let's go to bed.
(Electronic sounds) (Music becomes threatening) (Unraveling sounds, static) (Lukas:) Switch off Berlin.
Antipode attacks.
(Lukas:) Accident at hotel.
Attached find my details.
(Phone dinging) (Atmospheric music) (Lukas:) Congress participants.
Heart surgeons.
(Error tone) Cannot open, file damaged.
(Ringing tone on line) (Man's voice:) Hello? You've reached Jens Kaufmann's voicemail.
Sorry, I'm not available right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Also please be aware that everything you say may be recorded by the NSA and Company.
This service is free of charge to you.
Thank you.
(Doorbell rings) - We gotta talk.
- (Woman:) Professor Lovebird, I'm waiting.
Who's that? (Man:) Nobody.
I don't know what he promised you, but that's not gonna happen.
- You gotta help me.
- Why should I care? You think I have nothing better to do than help you? - I'm here 'cause it's important.
- Wow! We haven't spoken to each other in years but to be totally honest I'm really okay with that.
Thomas, please, listen! This is serious.
I've been hacked.
Why d'you come to me? Ask Dalton! Do you dream? What's that? Do you dream? At night.
Why ask? (Man:) Two thirds of all people don't remember if they dream.
Do you dream, Mr.
Franke? (Lukas:) What do you want from me? To find what gets you off.
To get inside your skull.
I want to know everything you know.
(Man:) Let's start with a simple question.
How's your brother connected to Dalton? (High-pitched ringing sound) (Lukas:) I don't know.
I think he was one of his clients.
Ah And what is his real name? Everybody just called him Dalton.
I never asked.
And you went to see Dalton, did you? Why? He's an expert.
I'm clueless about this stuff.
I get nervous updating computer software.
(Chuckles) So do I.
But updates are important.
Otherwise you're vulnerable.
(Chuckles) (Rhythmic music, city soundscape) - I'm looking for Dalton.
Is he here? - He's not here.
- He has to track a phone number for me.
- (Man 2:) There's no Dalton here.
(Man 3:) Yes! I got hacked.
Someone is threatening my family.
They take photos of my son and money from my account.
I don't know what to do.
That's why I'm here.
Can anyone track a number for me? - His name is Jens Kaufmann.
- (Man 1:) He's not here.
- Yes, but you could - We use public data only, we don't go after individuals.
No exceptions.
- Even if they're assholes? - Maybe you're the asshole.
- Come on.
Please! - No! (Man 3:) Yes! Bullseye.
- You don't want to.
- Sorry.
Rules are rules.
Catch you later.
(Man:) Let's go.
- Who are you? - (Man:) Start driving! - Who are you? Drive and then I'll tell you.
- How did you get in here? - It was open.
Right here.
Are you Dalton? I heard what you said.
I'll help.
Give me the number.
We could have talked back there.
There are things you don't say in the open.
I know Jens Kaufmann.
Alias Case.
We're hacktivists.
Get it? Hacktivists.
Kaufmann was a crasher, you know? He wasn't into this lowlife shit.
Oil, pharma Whole systems.
Man, Case and me.
Everything I know, I learned from him.
I mean he showed me.
Case is one of the good ones.
- The good ones? - He's a white hat, man.
Soft targets like you aren't his thing.
- You're not his style.
No offense - I don't care.
I just want it to stop.
- He's a white hat, man.
- What does he want from me? - I don't know.
I've lost contact with him.
(Paper rustling) Right here.
You'll find him there.
Go to Case.
He'll explain everything.
Thank you.
Hey! Wait.
(Lukas:) How will I find you? You'll find me.
(Electronic music) (Phone ringing) - Hanna? - (Whispering:) Hey.
- Where are you? - I got the address of the guy behind this.
- (Lukas:) I'm on my way to him.
- On your way? Are you crazy? Go to the police instead.
I can't file a complaint against a stranger sending photos of nude girls and packages.
- I have to take care of this myself.
- That's too dangerous.
- You've no idea who he is.
- Trust me.
I'll handle it.
I love you.
(Dog barking) (Barking) Excuse me? - What? - I'm looking for Jens Kaufmann.
- How come? - I have to talk to him.
You're too late for that.
The guy's dead.
It was really bad.
He jumped out the window in flames.
When? A month ago.
(Painter:) So, the question is what killed him, right? The fire ,or the impact down there? (Chuckles) (Vero:) There must be a reason she only showed her tits.
Let's have a look.
Titty Julia.
Man! Look at all the titty Julias.
If she's the one, you have no chance.
(Laughs) No chance at all.
(Phone ringing) Hey.
Everything okay? The guy doesn't live there anymore.
I'll go get the computer and we'll go to the police.
I'm meeting a client at the Fisherman's.
Can you pick me up? - Sure, see you there.
Love you.
- Love you.
Yes, Aunt Vero's canceling her date.
Who needs sex when you can watch "Toy Story" for the tenth time? Vero, you're the best.
(Threatening electronic music) - (Man:) Baseball bat down.
- Who are you? Criminal investigation.
Come on.
Bat down.
Why are you in my home? Search warrant.
Search warrant? - Hey! No smoking! - (Man:) Why don't you sit down? I don't want to.
Tell me what's going on.
- My colleagues needed to look around.
- Why me? Okay, listen Someone's been hacking me for two days.
- I was about to file a complaint.
- (Woman:) Perfect.
So here we are! (Man:) How soon can you do it? (Hanna:) Realistically, in a week.
Write how much money you want on your napkin.
If my napkin reads more, do the job in three days.
- And poor me if your number is higher.
- Okay.
(Hanna chuckles) Okay.
Three days.
Layouts only.
It should be right to the point.
We run a tight schedule.
Deal? I'll do my best.
The check, please.
Can I give you a ride somewhere? I already have a ride, I think.
Can I at least buy you a drink? - That's nice, but you must be busy.
- You'd be doing me a favor.
I'd rather not have to go back to the office right away.
So, Franke, are you a member of Antipode? - Antipode? - Mhm.
- What's that? The group that's claiming the recent blackout was them.
I don't have a clue.
But how could they claim responsibility from your IP address? I told you already, I got hacked.
Do you know what a "warning to troublemakers" is? Imagine someone who's planning a felony.
We know that, but we need more evidence.
Let's assume this someone is you.
Then you can take our conversation as a warning.
In other words, you better stop whatever you're planning.
Do you understand? What is it I'm planning to do? You're going to build a bomb.
What? Building a bomb? (Lukas scoffs) Me building a bomb! This is crazy.
By any chance do you know this man? (Suspenseful music) (Peaceful guitar music)