You Are Wanted (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

(Peaceful guitar music) (Footsteps resounding) (High-pitched peep) (Door slams) (Buzz, clanking handle) (Buzz) (Rattling the door handle) (Buzz) (Buzz) (Distant echoing thudding) Hello? (She presses the door handle) (Phone ringing) Hello? (Woman:) Hello? (Man's voice:) This is Jens Kaufmann.
(Theme music) (Gentle guitar music) I always thought we were safe here.
Suddenly you realize nowhere is safe.
It's terrifying that someone took a picture of Leon here.
We were here and it still happened.
(Hanna:) And instead of believing and helping you, they suspect you! Are they allowed to do that? What will they do if they decide you're guilty? I don't know what to do.
- (Hanna:) Shit! - They're just trying to intimidate us.
Everything will be fine, I promise.
- Hanna! - So we just shut down the computer and everything will be fine? What do you want to do? What are you doing? - Fixing the vase.
- It cannot be fixed.
(Suspenseful music) (Car engine starting) (Train driver:) Please use all available doors.
(Train driver:) All aboard.
(Train driver:) Doors closing.
(Phone alert) (Lukas:) A ticket to Frankfurt.
(Man:) "Justitia in suo cuique tribuendo cernitur.
" "Justice is recognized by the fact that it renders everyone his or her due.
" Thank you very much.
(Students applaud) You cannot be serious.
- Thomas - If you want something, enroll and get an appointment.
Okay? (Lukas:) We used to make fun of people who rotted in their offices.
People can change.
Maybe you should try.
(Lukas:) Dalton gave me the hacker's contact.
The guy is dead.
(Lukas:) You think someone would set themself on fire and jump out a window? I wouldn't be bothering you but it's getting worse.
I got a warning from the police.
I'm on video allegedly buying chemicals in a supply store.
But I've never been there.
It's all manipulated.
Here A flight to Frankfurt I never booked.
Look for evidence.
You know how it works.
- I've done it for you more than once.
- One more time, please.
Just one more time.
- Thomas, please.
- So how's my nephew? (Lukas:) Leon's good.
Fuck it.
(Footsteps) (Quiet music in background) (Vero:) You think someone can watch us through that? They can.
They took a photo of Leon.
I'll do it too.
I watch "Sex and the City" in the bath, and other things.
That no one needs to see.
Knock, knock.
- Bonjour.
- Ah, bonjour.
One moment.
- We can sit over there.
- Okay.
- I wouldn't mind you watching through my camera.
- Wish me luck.
(Giggles) - Let's get started? - Mhm.
We agreed on black and white sketches but I already have a layout for Wizzy with bright, cheerful colors.
Let me show you The children should have fun and not realize they're learning.
Right? - Yes.
- Good.
That's it? This is all you managed to come up with? It's even more than what we agreed on.
I think it's good.
I don't want 'good', Hanna.
I want the best.
- I wonder if you want the best.
- Naturally.
Then show me you're better than this.
I don't know you, Hanna.
You see I don't know what's going on in your life.
- You might feel a little stressed.
- I can do it.
I can do better.
Well we agree then.
(Breathing) (Lukas:) Come on.
That's him.
Fuck! He knew where the cameras were.
(Elevator pings) - (Katja:) Everything okay? - (Lukas:) All good.
(Elevator doors close) (Boss:) You look a little tired.
Stress? - No problems.
- You sure? - Yes.
If the police showed up this morning and searched our computers, would that be a problem? Police? Yes, you should have seen it.
I mean everyone else did.
You've earned a vacation.
- I can't take a vacation.
- Then call it permanent time off.
You got the job, Katja.
Huh? Maybe you'll get lucky, she might need an assistant.
Come on.
What? It's fine.
(Phone ringing) (Breathing heavily) (Deep sigh) (Phone ringing) (Lukas:) Unknown number.
(Church bells through phone) Hanna? Hello? (Loud church bells) (Electronic music) (Phone ringing) (Camera shutter release) - (Man's voice:) Hello, Lukas.
- Who's this? Imagine that I'm God.
If you cross me, I can get very unpleasant.
Take that package to Frankfurt.
Don't open it.
GPS data will follow.
Then it's all over.
You don't tell me when it's over, you bastard.
Because it's already over.
Leave my family alone and get out of my life, you got it? Stay on the line.
Don't you hang up on me! (Yelling) (Camera shutter release) (Threatening music) (Whispering:) I hate this.
This is the last time.
We checked Franke's accounts.
They're all regular transactions.
Insurance, day-care, oil and mortgage.
Maybe he feared losing his home.
We secured the electronics, and we got the footage of him buying the chemicals.
Now then Here's my question.
Why would Franke go out and buy chemicals when the hotel is full of cleaning supplies? (She inhales, exhales wheezing) Sandra, you're wheezing.
I'm always ahead of my asthma by a pack of cigarettes.
Okay Hypothetically, with the chemicals and electronics he bought, if he builds a bomb, what kind of power will it have? Enough explosive power to destroy a whole block? Would you just shut up for a second? I'm sharing my ideas, like people do in a team.
I like to think alone.
(Woman:) Where are these chemicals right now? Do you know? I don't know.
That's a good point.
- How's the little one? First day of school's exciting.
- Sure.
So, your contact lens solution.
- Some candy for your boy.
- Thanks.
And the Pranodan for your husband.
He knows how to take it? PRANODAN PSYCHOACTIVE MEDICATION - (Hanna:) This isn't ours.
- It is, the order was faxed from your doctor's.
You're sure? Absolutely.
FRANKE DIAGNOSIS PSYCHOSIS You think after 10 years I'd take these again and not tell you? (Lukas:) Oh, man! Do I look like I need them? (Hanna:) Why are you so offended? That's not the point.
(Lukas:) Then what is the point? (Hanna:) I don't want us hiding things from each other.
- We don't.
- It's been a lot, the last few days.
(Hanna:) The package.
And this Julia - You're starting again? - Look I don't get random photos of guys' nude asses, remember? Don't you understand none of this is real? - You don't trust me.
- I'm having my doubts.
Is that woman real? Yes, I guess she is real.
But I don't know her.
What is happening to us? Whatever happens, however it looks, you have to trust me.
We are real.
And that's the only thing that matters.
Nothing else.
(She sighs) (Engine starting) (Train driver:) Please use all available doors.
- Want me to take that? - It's okay.
(Hanna:) I'll get the shirt and you get the pencils, alright? - I thought we'd do it together.
- (Leon:) Balloons! - (Lukas:) Leon, wait.
- I'll be quick.
- Okay.
Don't run away.
Is this okay? - (Woman:) Yes.
- Thanks.
Do you want a balloon maybe help you blend in? Leon? Leon? Leon! Leon? Leon? Leon! Leon! I'm sorry.
Leon? Daddy, I got a present for you.
- Put it down right now.
On the floor.
- (Leon:) Why? - (Lukas:) Who gave it to you? - A man.
- A man? What man? - (Leon:) I don't know.
What did he look like? (Phone alert) (Leon:) I don't know.
(Lukas:) Coordinates? It was your birthday.
I thought a present would make you feel good.
We never ever take packages from strangers.
- Not all people are nice.
Okay? - Yes.
I told you many times not to go anywhere.
(Leon:) Okay.
- (Hanna:) There you are! - Come on.
- I think - (Lukas:) Let's go, please! - What's that? - A present for me.
- From who? - The hacker.
- What? - He tried yesterday.
- Get rid of it! - He wants me to bring it to Frankfurt.
- (Hanna:) Why? Here.
I'll take it to the police.
- Take Leon home, okay? Please? - Yes.
(Hanna:) Come, Leon.
Miss Jansen, please.
(Phone alert) What are you doing at the police? Your plane won't wait.
Fuck you! (Phone ringing) TAKE VIDEO CALL (Phone vibrates) Hey.
Update? Hey.
I'm still here.
They're making me wait.
- What's up? - What? - It was you who called.
- No, you made the call.
I didn't call you.
(Hanna:) Lukas? - (Lukas:) Hanna? - What is it? Someone's targeting you.
Get down.
(Lukas:) Please, someone's targeting you.
Get down! (Lukas:) Right now! It could be a shooter! Get down, Hanna! Hurry! - (Hanna:) Come on.
Let's go.
- (Lukas:) Hanna! - Let's go! Hurry! - (Lukas:) Hanna! Fuck! - Where? - Room four.
(Coughs) (Clears throat) So, Mr.
Franke - There was a laser on you.
- What do you mean, laser? (Lukas:) Stay away from the windows till the police arrive, okay? (Hanna:) Lukas It's about this damn package.
I'll do what he wants.
I'll take it to Frankfurt.
I love you.
Why didn't you stay at the police station? You'd have saved yourself a lot of trouble.
- Your family ever deal with a sniper? - Sniper? (Scoffs) Isn't that story a little absurd? (Lukas:) I thought it was the job of the BND To find out if it's absurd or not.
So did you notice the red point? No.
It was on my forehead.
My husband saw it on his cell.
(Siebert:) We get this kind of thing a lot.
Probably some kids screwing around with laser pointers.
(Sighs) Of course, for your safety, we'll check it out.
No worries at all.
Maybe it didn't happen at all.
Sometimes imaginations can run wild.
With the stress.
(Forced laugh) I feel much better now.
Thanks for your support.
Just doing my job.
Good, then I'll see you out.
(Siebert:) I can find my way.
(Suspenseful music) (Security inspector:) Once more.
(Man:) Have a good flight.
(Motorcycle engine) The package! So are we all set? Can I leave? I did what you asked, so can I leave? - Who sent you? - I never met him.
- What did he tell you? He said "Deliver the package, then it would be all over.
" Let me guess.
You were hacked and extorted.
How do you know that? Because it happened to me.
- Give me your phone.
- Why? What for? - Are you crazy? - He mustn't know everything.
- He already knows we're here.
- But not what you'll do next.
I only want my old life back.
There, take your package.
I'm gone.
Take the package! Don't you want to know what's in it? (Quiet background music) So tell me.
Why us? Mutual enemies.
I don't have any enemies.
(Woman:) I do.
I blog about politics, intelligence, industry, military.
People in the shadows.
Some don't like that.
I don't get it.
Coincidence? Or a game? Maybe bad luck.
(Landline phone rings) (Ringing continues) Yes? (Man's voice:) See, Lena? I told you he'd do it.
- (Lena:) Let's go.
- Why? (Lena:) He said we've accomplished our task.
I hope I never see you again.
(Hanna:) Next time a stranger talks to you you can only respond if he knows the code word.
What's a code word, Mom? A code word's a secret word known only to friends.
- And Daddy and you.
- That's right.
Want to choose one? - Johnny always calls me Robbie.
- Yes.
- Robbie.
- Super.
So one more sleepy time, then it's your big day.
(Leon:) Robbie.
(Truck thunders over cobbles) (Lukas:) Sorry about your phone.
Here's my number just in case.
(Engine starting) (Peaceful music) (Felt pen scribbling) (Phone vibrating) - Hello? - Hanna? I delivered it.
It's over.
Oh, Lukas.
What's this number? - My old phone was broken.
- (Woman:) Please put your phone in the basket.
My plane leaves soon.
I'll hurry.
I love you.
Will you be here in time? Lukas? (Leon:) All done! (Hanna:) Nervous? When will Daddy be home? He'll see you at school.
- Good.
Then I'll get my bookbag.
- Yes.
Arms up.
Turn around.
- Okay, done.
- Thanks.
- (Woman:) Excuse me, sir.
- Something wrong? Follow me.
(Whispering:) 70.
(Exhales long and slow) (Phone alert) Here we go! Delete.
(Suspenseful music starts) (Breathing heavily) Shit.
(Breathing loudly) 70.
(Hitting emergency button) No, no! (Moaning) (Sobbing) (Elevator ping) (Panting) (Panting, moaning) Fuck.
(Woman:) We welcome to our podium Mike Heinz.
Next up will be Lisa Schulz.
Now we'd like to welcome Leon Franke.
(Woman:) Next to the podium Sven Lehmann.
No, this seat is taken.
(Hanna:) I said this seat is taken.
I'm Julia.
(Muted:) Your husband and I slept together.
(Dark electronic music)