You Don't Know Me (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

We may never know
what motivated the killing,
but we're not required to prove motive.

You heard that cell-site records
place the defendant's mobile phone
at the scene of the murder,
at the time of the murder.

You've seen CCTV
of him driving towards the murder site
moments before Jamil Issa was killed.

Traces of the victim's blood were found
beneath the defendant's fingernails,
which he has never accounted for.

We know that the defendant knew Mr.
that hairs matching the defendant's
were found in Mr.
Issa's car.

You heard from a witness how he shouted,
"You're waste, man" at Mr.
which we say was a threat.

You need to learn to take a joke,
you little bitch!
You're a wasteman, Jamil.

You know that? A wasteman!
You've been shown the firearm
recovered from his flat.

- [door crashes.]

- Armed police!
- Armed police!
- Come forward!
You heard evidence
about the gunpowder residue
on his clothing,
and the ballistics report that indicates
this was the same weapon
used in the murder.

He has chosen not to give evidence,
which is his right,
but all the same, we say you've been given
a clear picture of who this man is.

When the defendant
shot and killed Jamil Issa,
he left a very substantial
trail of evidence,
and there can be no doubt whatsoever
that it proves murder.

That's the case, my lord.

We will now hear the closing speech
from the defense.

Members of the jury,
every defendant has the right
to defend themselves,
and this right can be invoked at any time.

This is what the defendant
has chosen to do.

He has therefore dismissed his counsel.

You can stand there in counsel row.

I'll remind everyone that even though
you're now hearing the defendant speak,
this must not be mistaken
for new evidence.

I know it's not supposed to be me
who's stood here.

I don't want it getting back to other
barristers that my guy did a bad job.

'Cause that's not why I fired him.

What it is,
is I had to fire him,
so I could get to do this one last thing.

This speech.

'Cause this is the last thing you'll hear.

And I could've given evidence earlier,
but my lawyer said, "Don't do it.
"Bad idea.
And I listened to that.

And now
I can see I'm going to prison for murder.

But the truth is that I'm innocent.

I am.

I did not kill that boy.

I didn't.

And I'm sorry Jamil's dead.

- But drug dealers get shot all the time.

- [woman.]
You're a liar!
- He was not!
- [judge.]
I'm sorry, but that's what he was.

Sit down, please.

- Sit down.

- [audeince murmuring.]

Address your remarks to the jury.

Sorry, my lord.

The prosecution's telling you,
"Look at the evidence,"
that why I did or didn't do this or that
doesn't matter.

But you could have all that evidence,
you still wouldn't understand anything
about what happened.

You need to know that
for you to do your job.

I knew Jamil.

But this thing,
it's not about blood on a fingernail
or some air ticket.

It's about a murder.

And somebody else did it.

[audience whispering.]

["Soon Come" by Shy FX.]

I'm not a drug dealer,
and thankfully, I've never been in a gang.

Wanna know what I did?
I sold cars.

I loved my job.

And until Jamil came in that day,
I doubt we'd ever talked
longer than ten seconds.

All right, Jamil?
- What's good?
- Lookin' for a car, innit?
What you thinkin'?
Somethin' fast.

- Roof has to come off.

- Space for the gal, innit.

- How much you lookin' to spend?
- [Jamil.]
Money's not a problem.

Do your job, innit.

- What's this one sayin'?
- This one's 85 bags on the road.

Sound system?
Harman Kardon.

- It's loud.

- Discounts for paying cash?
Gonna have to talk to the manager
about that one.

Come standard.

I mean, you could pay
for the satin-black BBS rims.

Probably get you pulled over
three times a day.


Do you think I'm dumb?
Already got a shit car
for mashin' work.

This one's just for fun, isn't it?
How much to sit Kyra in the back seats
for the night as well?
You heard what I said.


All right, yeah, you're done.

Big man, it's a joke.

You deaf?
You and your little boys can take your
crackhead pocket money some other place.

- Mind your mouth, you bitch.

- Are you tapped?
Is everything all right here?
Bad man over here
wants to pay for a Aston in fivers.

Yeah? Well, that would be a no.


Your customer service is trash.

You know that, yeah? [sniffs.]

These are shit cars anyway, man.

I'mma get a real car.

Look at this, man.

- Cheap.

- Yeah, you don't need to be touching that.

See that?
- I said you ain't gotta be touching
- Jamil, let me box him.

You got four cameras on you, boy.

[Jamil laughs.]

You're a funny guy, you know?
Come, let's cut, man.


You need to learn how to take a joke,
you little bitch.

You're a wasteman, Jamil.

You know that?
A wasteman!
Six months before that,
Jamil's a kid who's bummin' cigarettes
off people on his estate.

And now he's wantin' to pay cash
for a top-of-the-range car.

How has he done that?

I did call him a wasteman.

But that's not some threat to kill him,
or whatever the prosecution says.

I'm not some American Mafia guy sayin',
"I'll waste him!"
I called him a wasteman,
as in a waste of space,
'cause he was chattin' shit about my girl.


He got a rise out of me.

That's it.

The way she's laid out all the evidence,
it's like she's talkin' about
someone I never met.

And Kyra's not even on her list!
I know that's on me, though.

But to talk about Jamil,
I have to talk about Kyra.

Because everything goes back to her.

So you need to know this.

I met her
two years ago.

Before any of this kicked off, anyway.

["Visible Walls" by Kassa Overall.]

I hope they let me go tonight ♪
[music drowns dialogue.]

Sorry, what?
I said, "What?"
As in, "What are you looking at me for?"
Sorry, I thought I recognized you.

Oh yeah?
Yeah, I couldn't place you.


As it turns out,
I probably don't know you.

[music continues through earphones.]

[bell rings.]

She got off
after two more stops.

And after that, I took the same bus,
same time every day.

Took me a week to run into her again.

Now, it sounds like I was stalkin' her,
but, to be fair,
sometimes I had to get that bus anyway.

It was more like I was hopin'.

I know where I know you from.

This bus last week.


Don't know, though.

Maybe not.

This other girl
was readin' a different book.

- It was skinnier.

- What?
Like, a more slender volume.

Is that how you judge a book?
How much it weighs?
No, you judge a book by its cover.

Everyone knows that.

So what's, uh happenin' in this one?
The main character's missing his mum
and he's remembering the last dinner
she made him,
which was spaghetti carbonara.

Right, so it's a kid thinkin' about pasta?
But I'll let you know
when there's a car chase.


- So after he was thinking about pasta
- No, we're done now.


This is my stop.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

It is.

What are those?
Two coffees, two blueberry muffins.

- And that's just for you?
- Yeah, obviously.

But now you're making me feel bad 'cause
you don't have any coffee or muffins.

- [laughs.]

- I can see what you're doin' now.

- Can you?
- Mmm.
It's kinda obvious.

Come on,
tell him your recipe for carbonara.

I was thinkin' I'd need
ham, cheese, and cream?
[man laughs.]

Don't say that in here.

This is an Italian restaurant.

Cheesy ham sauce? Pfft.

Yeah, but I thought makin' the pasta
from scratch is the big thing.

- No one does that.

- Bring her here, man.

We'll do her
a very nice plate of spaghetti.

Nah, I gotta make this one myself.

Carbonara's a real bitch.

How about cacio e pepe?
It has to be carbonara,
and has to be the most amazing thing.

All right.

Get some guanciale.

It's never bacon, all right?
It's never ham, it's not pancetta.

You want pork cheek, guanciale,
big flavors from all this meltin' fat.

This girl's special, then?
This girl's beyond special, man.

["African Giant" by Burna Boy.]

Many, many people don't try, ah ♪
But you can't test the African Giant ♪
Emo omo logo logo ♪
["Weekend Waiting" by Leisure Dub.]

I've been ♪
Wanting ♪
You, babe ♪
For the weekend ♪
I've been ♪
Needing ♪
[music stops.]

- [whispers.]

- [music starts.]

[music stops.]

[music starts.]

[music stops.]


[music starts.]

Cold plate?
[music stops.]

Yes, mate.

- Yeah.

- [chefs laugh.]

["Why Can't We Live Together"
by Timmy Thomas.]


For you.

Everybody wants to live together ♪
Why can't we live together? ♪
Spaghetti carbonara.

I get it.

This is pretty amazing.

- [sighs.]

- [laughs.]

Is this the first time
you've tried making this?
Wanna know how many eggs
I got through this week?

[both laughing.]

Embarrassin' as fuck!
This is me.

You live pretty close by.

- Do you live with family, or
- No.

Do they live around here?
I don't know.

Can I kiss you?

Can we do this again, though?
I mean the eatin' together part,
not the tryin' to kiss you part.

You didn't really try and kiss me.

Okay, well,
I really liked all of this.

[keys rattle.]

I'll make you dinner tomorrow.

You wanna come here for seven?
I can do that, yeah.


[door closes.]



Oh yeah!
[music fades.]

Sorry, can I take a minute?
Yes, but the closing speech
is not an opportunity
to introduce new evidence.

You can only make your argument
from the evidence already tested in court.

Is that clear?
Yes, my lord.


It's just that so much of this
is about her.

If I'd never met her,
Jamil would be alive.

But I couldn't know that.

And right then, I was goin' round
to Kyra's for the first time,
and I was happy.

[rap music playing through speaker.]

- Yo, you got a cigarette for me, man?
- Don't smoke.

Do you smoke weed?
- I can get that for you.

- Nah, I'm good, Jamil.

[doorbell rings.]

["Criança Boa" by Luiz Gabriel Lopes.]


Uh, these are for you.

- Sou planta que nasceu ♪
- Come in.

Hápouco tempo ♪
Eu vim pra misturar areia e água ♪
Fertilizar a fé e o movimento ♪
You have a really nice place.

How many of these have you read?
- Do útero da terra, minha mãe ♪
- All of them.

- Sou eu ♪
- And they're all random?
Well, they're in the order I read them.

What? You remember all of that?
You know,
you could just get a Kindle, right?
Put 'em all on one little thing.

It is not the same.

Hold on.
This isn't
a vinyl versus digital thing, is it?
You know the words
are gonna stay the same.

- Pick one out.
Any one.

- Lira, lua ♪
- Sol de amanhecer ♪
- Okay.

Let me see.

Dançando com o vento ♪
Eu sou a planta ♪
This one.

Montado na árvore ♪
I read this when I was 15.

Started it in the summer.

I read this copy.

This cover, this typeface.

I mean, this is the book I read.
I remember holding it.

A different copy's the same story, but
it's not the same book.

Yeah, nah.

- Still don't get it.

- Do you really not?
I mean, yeah.

I mean, maybe it's kinda like, um
kinda like that time when my sister
lost her hairband when she was little.

My mum bought her another one,
but she was still upset,
'cause it didn't have
this one little stain.

Mum went mad.

She was like
"I'll put the stain on it for you, then!"

So what happened?
- A bênção pelas mãos, a música ♪
- I retraced her steps and I found it.

She left it in the playground.

Sou eu ♪
- Someone had put it on the railings.

- How long did it take you?
Criança boa ♪
Don't know, really.

- Céu de outono ♪
- Someone had even walked all over it.

She didn't care.

At all.

[Kyra laughs.]

I mean, little kids,
they're funny that way.

Os de agora e os que for nascer ♪
What's the ghost drawing?
Hmm, it's a spook.

Can you put it back?
Dançando com o vento, eu sou a planta ♪
- Montado na árvore ♪
- Well, this smells good.

Just No! [laughing.]

Don't judge me
against what you did with that pancetta.

Guanciale, thank you.

Just stay over there in the corner!
Yes, chef.

Away! [giggles.]

She could've fed me cat food,
you know what I mean?
I had no questions about her at all.

All I could think was, "Damn.
"I'm bare lucky.
I had fun tonight.

"You don't know who she is.
We should do it again sometime.

"Don't know where you are.
Don't know what you'll do for her.

[door opens.]

After not all that many months,
Kyra moved into my flat.

She still kept her old place on,
but she was living with me.

And those books of hers started piling up
on my table, on my floor, everywhere.

And life's good.

Hey, babe.

- [water running.]

- [Kyra.]
- [commentator.]
What an opportunity!
- Yeah, please.

- Good day?
- Sold three cars.

Could be able to go on holiday this year.

What you thinkin'?
Or maybe even Français?
[in French.]
It's a shame
that I don't speak French.

- Now this is proper Italian gelato.

- Summer wonder blunder ♪
Bless loved her too.

Floatin' into me ♪
It was like, out of nowhere,
she'd got a big sister.

I can feel it when you breathe ♪
Summer wonder blunder ♪
With other girls I'd been with,
Mum was only polite.

But with Kyra
she was like, "Look after this one.
What kind of muffin was this?

You don't ever meet me at the bus stop
with blueberry muffins,
and I gave birth to you!
It's different, Mum.

He was stalking'you.

- I wasn't stalkin'.

You were a bit.

It's okay, I'm happy about it now.

You were happy about it at the time!
Thank you.

Ain't been the same
Ain't been the same ♪
Ain't been the same
Whence trouble came for me ♪
Benchin' remains, fencin' the ♪
She was the one.

Fencin' the memories
Gluin' the grains ♪
- No more questions.

- Paintin' the stains ♪
But paint never works
As I held onto dirt ♪
Came in a hearse ♪
Summer wonder blunder ♪
Feel they're floatin' into me ♪
And you're a muddaskunt and ♪
And I can feel it when you breathe ♪
Summer wonder blunder ♪
Your whole idea of the future changes,
and you think about your life
as this thing you're doin' together.

I was thinking
we could get a bigger place.

You know, put some bookshelves up,
'cause I know
the books ain't goin' anywhere.

I'm accustomed to that.



- You could get rid of your flat.

- I could run it as a library.

I'm serious.

You can save the money
you're payin' on rent and go uni.

I mean you could be, like, a
like, a professor.

You could do anything you wanted, really.

But paint never works
As I held onto dirt ♪
I know that about you.

When trouble left
Stayed with the death ♪
So I am gonna measure your books
and figure out the shelf space required.

As it fell from the nest ♪
[both laugh.]

["Umdali" by Sibusile Xaba.]

Umdali ♪
[both laugh.]

- You're sure you're keeping all of them?
- Yes.

- This girl.

- [doorbell rings.]

- I'll get it.

- All right, babe.

brother's been stabbed in prison.

Pay your debt.

Just come back okay?
[door closes.]

Who was that?
Some guy looking for someone
who used to live here.

Who used to live here before you?
Who lived next door, I don't know.

It's nothing.

Do you want to stay in this area?
- 'Cause for me, it's like
- [siren wailing.]

I never wanna be more than half an hour
away from Mum or Bless,
but it's still a pretty big area.

I don't know.
What do you want to do?
I don't know either.
Dinner's ready.

[siren fading.]

[audience cheering.]

I remember the exact order
of everything that day.



Where she was sittin'.

Love you.

See you tonight.

[door opens.]

[door closes.]

That's because
I went over it a million times.

My last ordinary day.

[ringing tone.]

- [Kyra.]
Leave me a message.

- [bleep.]

Ky, seriously, mate.

It's midnight.

Call me, yeah?

[car horn hooting.]

[ringing tone.]

- [Kyra.]
Leave me a message.

- [bleep.]

It's been 24 hours, Ky.

Call me.
I'm worried.

Ky, you in there?
my car's too you should see the
Sorry, sir.
What was that?
I'm saying I'm so glad
we're getting the finance for it today.

Ky? You here?
[mother, in Yoruba.]
You need to eat.

I don't want to.

[Bless, in English.]

She didn't answer my texts yesterday.

Yeah, her phone's off.

- Doesn't even ring through.

- Car accident.

- What?
- She would call you if she could.

- Maybe she got hit by a car.

- Mum, why would you say
- Fine.
I'll call the hospitals.

- Call the police.

If she's a missing person, that's what
they're supposed to be there for, right?

- How worried are you?
- Bruv, I'm worried.

If you're that worried, call the police.

- And say what?
- What you just said to us now.

- Who else can you call who knows Kyra?
- I don't know, Mum.

She's only got, like, two friends.

- So what are you doing?
- Bruv.

Our whole life is just the two of us.

She ain't even got family.

[mother, in Yoruba.]
Everyone has a mother.

[Bless, in English.]
So go see the friends,
go to the hospital and the police.

And if you don't want to,
if you can't be bothered, then I'll do it.

[mother, in Yoruba.]

Take a seat and let's eat.

[in English.]
I just keep
going over things in my head, like
Did I say somethin' wrong, or
No, that's not it.

Yeah, I don't think it is, but
[in Yoruba.]
Hold your brother's hand
and let's pray.

Hold your brother's hand and let's pray!
In Jesus' name,
in the mighty blood of Jesus
[continues prayer.]

I did all those things.


Went to all the ones near us.

And all the ones near where she worked.


Then I went down to South Walworth.

It's the nearest police station
to where I live.

Nine times out of ten,
she'd be home before me.

If she'd be later than an hour,
she'd text.

Is that something you'd agreed?
[radio chatter.]

No, it's
it's not, like, a rule or anything.

I'm just saying, she'd probably text
if she was gonna be an hour late.

It's been three days.

- And you've got no idea at all?
- Seriously, I've gone over everything.

There's nothing.

We'll take some more details
and see if anything's on the system.

Do you have contact details
for her parents?


Just their names?
She doesn't really talk
about family and stuff.

How about where she went to school?
Or where she grew up?
They should have those details.

I don't know.

She, uh she got her A levels.

I know she did the OU
for a bit as well.
Mostly she just talked about books.

- Big reader?
- [chuckles.]
The biggest, yeah.

It's insane what she's read.


Any council bills or other paperwork
that could help us?
[sighs heavily.]

And I know she's thinkin',
"Your girlfriend's left you, mate.
"She's shacked up in another man's crib
with a guy
who'll actually ask her those questions.
Don't know, I
feel like I did ask her those things.

But after a bit,
all you've got is questions in your head.

"Was it this? Was it that?"
[door opens.]

[pop song playing.]

- Hey, Maria.

- Yeah, what's going on with Kyra?
She's not returning any of my messages.

She ill or somethin'?
I can't find her.
She, like, vanished.

- What do you mean?
- I went to work four days ago,
came home, and she's gone.

Look, I gotta ask you,
so just be real, yeah?
Was she unhappy?
Did she talk about wanting to be
with some other guy
She's missing,
and the first thing you wanna know
if she's grinding on some other guy?
No, I don't care about all that.

Maria, I'm serious,
I just need to know she's safe.

You ain't gotta tell me nothin'.

I just don't understand where she's gone.

I mean, nah.
There was nothin' like that.

But Kyra don't really talk
about things like that, though.

She'll talk about this and that.

Mostly she listens
while I'm chatting about Ryan,
who is a genuine fucking loser.

Ryan's who we chat about.

So where is she?
Where is she?
Sorry, excuse me.

Uh I was just wondering,
maybe you guys have seen this girl?
I started askin' everyone in the world
one question.

Her name's Kyra.

- No, sorry.

- Sorry.

You haven't seen her around,
or heard her name?
[horn blares.]

Where is she?
You haven't seen, uh, Kyra, have you?
You don't wanna be that obsessed guy
where people are like,
"Yeah, he's mentally ill.
But if that's who you are
I didn't care.

- You'll tell me if she comes round, yeah?
- [woman.]
Yeah, we will.

That was me.

Good luck.

I put her face all over my socials.

Signed up to all of them
and friended everyone I ever met.

And friended all of their friends as well.

Stuck comments all over videos,
anywhere people talk about stuff.

Asking that one question.

[notification chimes.]

[rap music playing through speakers.]

Nah, that's sad.

- I hate this yoot, you know.

- Shilo, help him out, please.

Don't listen to him.
You know what
he's on, fam.
He's chewin' you out, cuz.

Shilo, help him out, cuz.

[all laughing.]

Yo, fam.

I heard Kyra dipped.

It's gotta hurt, man.

I feel for you.
I really do.

Do you know anythin'?
Maybe where she might've went?
Does he look like
fuckin' social services, cuz?
Oi, I got reach.

Got houses all over the city.

How many rounds we got now?
I don't know.

We got like 20 rounds, easy.

I'm doin' 120 rocks a day, boy.

She's on these streets,
that's where I be.

- Anything you can do, bruv.

- Yes.

But I'mma need you
to do sumtin' for me first.

Like what?
I don't know.

Maybe you could hold sumtin' for me?
- That's not really my bag, man.

- Bruv, it's business.

I know what you want,
you know what I want.

It's how it works.

Seen the whip?
It's nice.

- That's a fucking car, boy!
- [man laughs.]

- What you doin'? Get down, bruv, get down!
- Safe, safe.

[all laughing.]

Thanks, yeah?
[men laughing.]

[phone vibrating.]

Is this the person
who stuck up posters of the girl?
Yeah, that's me.

I saw someone last night
who looks exactly like her.

Where'd you see her?
This guy had seen her in Camden,
up in North London.

She'd been gone two weeks now,
and I'm straight there.

See, north of the river's
like another country
if you're a Black kid from South.

You don't know those streets,
and the people there
don't know you either.

[man whistles.]




So I got my answer.

Now I knew where she'd gone.

I just didn't know why.

[phone vibrating.]

It's a bit too easy
for his opponent.

And options at the center
- [phone vibrating.]

- [crowd cheering.]

[phone continues vibrating.]

[Kyra laughing.]


He's found a pocket of space.

[crowd cheering.]

Well, visionary approach, and
less than convincing defending.


Can he hold it away?
- [crowd cheering.]

- Another

Well, here's the replay.

It's a very neat piece
of footwork to get past the defender.


Fuck! Fuck!
The interior is down to you.

Let me know
what kind of feel you're after,
I can show you some mock-ups.

Get to work on time.

What color?
Do the work well.

Go home.

I could do that.



It's amazing.

You can be a mess
on the inside,
but the world doesn't need to know that.

I'm thinking maybe that's how she did it.

Maybe I was only lookin' at her outside.

Lookin' at the shell of her.

What I found was forgetting is work.

Gotta make yourself do a lot more things
so there's no time to think.

Gotta rinse yourself out
so you don't lie awake.

It's hard work.

But I know how to do that.

Always did.

I've done some bad things in my life.

You'll know about a lot of them
by the time we're through.

But I swear,
givin' up on her
is the worst thing I ever done.

- [commentator.]
Easy one to come down.

- [knocking at door.]

- [knocking.]

- And trying to find a bit here
- After that ball's played, he's run away.

- [door opens.]

[door closes.]

Hello? You here?
- Mbuemo.

- [sighs.]

- Dasilva.

- [whistle blows.]

- And with the situation developing
- Yo.

Moving into a advanced position.

Wide back.

So this is what we're doin' now?
You can get yourself a drink or whatever.

You have to help her.

Obviously, something's wrong.

- Could it be Antonio?
- Hello?
- [snaps fingers.]

- Bro.

- to the woodwork
- [switches TV off.]

You know, if I had a boyfriend,
I would take care of them no matter what.

I wouldn't sit here like some bum.

- So you're angry with me?
- Yes.

- Because you saw her, and you let her go.

- Bruv, she got driven off.

So what's that stupid car
of yours for then?
It drives fast.

- You drive and you follow her
- Ky made her choice, all right?
And you know that how?
- Ky made her choice.

- [sighs.]

- She made her choice.

- You saw her underneath a bridge.

A bridge, and you decided.

You decided you knew exactly what that was
and you left her there.

What was I supposed to do?

Do you even love her?
Yo, excuse me?
Excuse me, you all right?
What I got out of people
was that girls on the street with pimps
were run by a gang called Glocks.

They ran everythin' up there.

Maybe you know the name.
I didn't.

Five murders linked to them in two years.

So I was scared.

And that's why I went to Jamil.

Oh my days.

I don't have time for this yoot today,
you know?
Yo, can I talk to you?
- You found her then?
- No.

Move on, fam.

There's, what, like,
nine million people in this city?
Surely you can find another girl
that'll let you smash her.

Do you know where I can get a gun?
For you?
Shit got real at the dealership, yeah?
Oh, you're serious?
Yeah, I am.


I can hook you up.

But I ain't doin' you no favors for free.

You can do sumtin' for me, you know?
- Look, brother, can I just pay you?
- Nah.

You can do my college work.

What do you mean?
I've got bare essays due
and I got no time.

I'm on track to get a 2:1 as well,
so don't be fuckin' it up for me.

I'll send you through the notes.

Keep it basic and I'll do the flair.

Yeah, all right.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Sweet, man.


Binks will send you the rest, man.


Do you like grime?

[woman sighs.]
You can't smoke to it.

That's my problem with it.

And not that drill shit neither.

Hear this, Fever Pitch riddim.

[music plays through phone.]

Tumpa Lion, "Mi A De Doctor".

That's my problem with your grime records.

Too much angry man,
and nothing for the galdem to wind to.

- [turns music off.]

- Ever been to Scotland?

- [music plays.]

- No need, fam.

- They got bagpipes in Jamaica!
- [bagpipes play on track.]

You collect records?
I sell cars.

- Yeah, I sell tings.

- [turns music off.]

Worked in Boots for about three years.

It's not my thing, though, man,
whole day behind a till.

I only did part-time,
but the thing with workin' in a shop
where you get sick people comin' in
is you get all the germs off 'em.

I had people sneezin' in my face
when they were gettin' their wallets out.

- It's disgustin'.

- Look, can we do this thing, please?
You had a Baikal before?
What's a Baikal?
You held a gun?

So a Baikal pistol's
a piece of shit.

It's made for firing gas canisters,
so don't be needin' it.

And if you kill someone,
wipe it down, throw it away,
no hesitation.

Don't hold onto it,
'cause more than anything,
it's the weapon that sends you down.

Ask for Jamie.

He's expecting you, next ten minutes.

Is Jamie in?
- You from Marlo?
- Yeah.

You know there were no prints
on the gun they got in my flat.

So, like my lawyer said,
it being in my flat,
it's not proof of anything.

Anyone could've put it there.

But I did buy it.

I promised to give you the truth,
so I can't pick and choose what I say.

I bought that gun
but not to kill Jamil.

Jamil helped me buy it.


Now, maybe some of you are thinkin'
if I go down for this,
well, then I deserve it, right?
I had it comin' to me.

What would you have done, though?
Do I just go up to these men and ask them,
"Please, can I have my girl back?"
These people are not like you.

Showing up for jury service
'cause there's rules.

Or maybe 'cause it even matters to you.

These people take, and they kill.

What do I do when I'm facing these people?
I don't have an army behind me.

I sold cars.

What was I supposed to do?
Say no to gangs? I agree.

Say no to drugs?
I've been saying no my entire life.

Say no to guns? No guns.

Do I condone violence? No.

Am I a criminal? No.
I sold cars.

Do I believe that I'm above the law? No.

But that's not the question here.

There's only one question left
to say no to,
and it's the one
that you guys can't look at.

Do you love her?
Say no.

Say it,
and try to forgive yourself.

But just say no.

Say no and forget about her.

But do you love her, though?
Do you love her?
Do you love her?
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