You Don't Know Me (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

When the defendant
shot and killed Jamil Issa,
he left a very substantial
trail of evidence.

Armed police!
The firearm recovered from his flat,
the same weapon used in the murder.

Traces of the victim's blood were found
beneath the defendant's fingernails.

Hairs matching the defendant's
were found in Mr.
Issa's car.

moments before Jamil Issa was killed.

The truth is that I did not kill that boy.

I sold cars.

How much to sit Kyra in the back seats
for the night as well?
You're a wasteman, Jamil! You know that?
But everything
goes back to her.

Ky, it's midnight.

Call me, yeah? Ky?
- I can't find her.
She, like, vanished.

- What do you mean?
Who can you call who knows Kyra?
Is this the person
who stuck up posters?
I saw someone last night
who looks exactly like her.

So I got my answer.

I knew where she'd gone.

- Do you know where I can get a gun?
- For you?
- You saw her and you let her go!
- Bruv, she got driven off.

What's that stupid car of yours
for, then?
You drive, and you follow her,
and you bring her home.

Hey, yo, wait up.

Bruv, deal with me first.

- Yo, get out of here, man.

- Nah, come on, man.
How much?
I got money.

A hundred quid.

I've only got 80.

What can I get for that?
If see you again, boy, you get bodied.

That's what you get for 80 quid.

- Come on.

- Come on, man.

Yo, you already took my money, man.

I get at least ten minutes, no?
Yo, hold up.

No, don't hurt him!
Shut up, man!
Did I tell you to talk, bitch? Did I?
Shut up, man.

Let's go! Let's go.

What have you done?
- Let me go! Let me go!
- No! It's done! Stop fighting!
Come on!
- Get in the car.

- No!
- Get in, Kyra!
- No!
What have you done?
Open the door!
Let me out of the car!
Let me out!
This can't happen!
Let me out! You need to let me go!
Let me go!
Oh no!
Just listen to me!
- We're gettin' out of here.

- I need to get out.

- We're gettin' out of here!
- Let me out!
Let me out.
You need to let me go!
- Just let me out right now!
- Stop shouting!
- Just let me out of the car!
- Stop shouting, Kyra! Come on!
Oh shit! Oh shit!
You're safe now.

I'll get you something for your hands.

You're gonna be okay.

I'll sort this out, yeah?
Oh shit.
Oh shit.

Oh shit.

Tell me what's going on.

- What you doin'? Babe, what you doin'?
- I've gotta go back.

I don't understand.

Please, Kyra, please.

Please, just don't go.

Just just stay for a minute, please.

I know I just told you
I shot a man.

But he didn't die.

And I'm not on trial for that.

My QC told me under no circumstances
to tell you that story.

He said it proves I had a gun
and I was willin' to carry it
and shoot someone with it.

And that's all true.

Even though I'm not on trial
for those things.

And maybe you judge me for it.

All I can do is give you the truth.

Gunpowder residue evidence
is a result from a lab.

All it says is something happened.

They say what happened is I killed Jamil,
but they're wrong.

That's the part that matters here.

My Lord, there is a legal matter
that needs to be dealt with
in the absence of the jury.

Members of the jury,
I will ask you to retire
while we hear this argument.

And can we clear the gallery, please?
As Miss Mahmood points out,
you are very frequently
introducing new evidence,
things you are now claiming to have done.

The jury will be told to disregard it.

And depending on how far you go,
I may consider allowing
prosecution counsel a right of reply.

That will be my application
in due course, my lord.

The Crown believes that the defendant
is using his closing speech
to construct a work of fiction.

We'd like the chance
to make that absolutely plain to the jury.

I follow.

Your honor, I've got points
to make about the evidence,
but if I leave things out,
it makes no sense.

Kyra connects everything.

I'm doing my best.

which evidence
will you be discussing next?
How my hair ended up in Jamil's car.

Hi, can I speak
with Jamil, please?
Qalbi, phone!
- Yeah?
- Yo, look.

I'm trying to work on this essay,
but I don't really know what the focus is.

It's loyalty ladders.

Porter's five forces.

It's all in the notes I gave you.

Look, I got that ting for you, innit.

So get my essay done.
You made that deal.

Yeah, but
I locked it.

I just don't understand.

I'll always come back for you, Kyra.

You gotta know this.

How you feelin'?

Don't be angry.

- I have to go to work.

- She needs to see a doctor.

- I can take her to my GP.

- No, Mum.

- You can't.
Someone might see her.

- Why is that a problem?
You weren't there.

- She was dragged into a car.
It was bad.

- How did this happen? I don't understand.

We need to look after her.

Let things die down.
It's just a few days.

And keep her prisoner?
Look at her, Mum.

You saw her.

She's not right,
and she's not safe being left on her own,
so please.

Look, I'm gonna lose my job
if I don't go back.

I don't have anyone else.

Thank you.

What about you?
What about me?
She doesn't even talk to me.

Don't think about it again, okay?
I have to go.

I should have got rid
of the gun, and I tried to.
Believe me.

But then I'm thinkin',
"What if Glockz find us?"
I've been where you are now,
lookin' at some bad choices
someone's made, thinkin', "Idiot.
"Why get yourself into that mess?"
"What did you expect would happen?"
And I've 100% judged those people too.

But I promise you,
it's different when you're afraid.

You know what the right thing is,
but you don't feel safe enough to do it.

My head was a mess.

I was tryin' to calm down,
tellin' myself it would be okay.

All they really knew
was the guy who took Kyra
was drivin' a blue BMW sports car.

That's all they had.

Got a bit of a ding there.

I'll take whatever you can give me, Sam.

Just need to downsize.

Yeah, but a little runaround
after drivin' an M2?
Puttin' my girl on the insurance, innit?
Need somethin' a bit smaller,
the way she's parking.

Wait till you've got kids.

Then nothin' matters
except the boot space.

It's a tragedy.

Do you want the same color
as this one?
Need to forget about this one.

Well, what about that one?
That's a good color.


- You don't like it.

- What?
Any time you're lyin',
you do that thing with your mouth.

- You do it with the customers.

- All right, you got me.

Don't like the green.

Maybe we could try a silver or gray?
Whichever you want, my friend.

End of the day, I've sold enough cars
to know you're not the car you're driving.

What mattered to me was Kyra.

And she was safe now,
even if she hadn't exactly come back,
if that makes sense.

Couldn't really reach her.

But her books,
they always got through, you know?
So I thought, "That's the one thing
I could try doin' for her.
Kyra, open up!
- We gotta talk to you.

- Shit.

Just fucking shoulder it.

What's wrong with you?
All right.

Fuckin' 'ell.

She ain't here, innit?
Point is, has she been here?
She's not been back.

- She ain't got no flatmate?
- Nah.

Spooks says she lives on her own still.

Fuck what fuckin'
Spooks says, yeah?
Nah, bro.
He wants her found.

She ain't comin' back here
after this.

Oh, what the fuck?
Yeah, we're done.


Hey, look.

Go, go!
- Shit!
- Are you all right?
Yo! Yo, we see you!
People want it simple.

Guilty or not guilty.

Innocent or not.

I know that's the question
you have to answer about me.

Even though maybe you know
the world isn't like that.

If that is the question, though,
then I am innocent.

I'm telling you the truth.

"Yes, the owner told her
they'd purchased a photograph in 1982.
Could you give us a minute, please?
I went to your flat today.

I wanted to get you some books.

Ky, when I was there, two guys broke in.

They started a fire.

I'm really sorry.
I tried.

All my books?

Everything's gone.

They mentioned someone called Spooks.

Spooks is my brother.

He's in prison.

He, um he got five years
for having a gun and dealing drugs.

He gave the police information
about Glockz,
and they found out.

And I'm all he's got.

- So you sold yourself for him.

- Can you not say it like that?
You gave up our whole life
for someone who was dealing drugs
and snaked on his own gang?
- Yes.

- Ky, if it was me,
I'd rather someone killed me
than see Bless put to work on the street
for something I'd done.

She'd do it for you, though.

And Bless wouldn't ask you either.

She'd just do it.

He didn't ask me.

If you needed money
It wasn't about money.

They wanted to hurt him for what he did,
and so they made me do it.

And if I said no,
then they'd kill him.

I had to choose.

- You chose him.

- Don't.

Don't you fucking judge him.

You are only a good person
because your life
has let you live that way.

I can't do this
- Look, I'm sorry.

- I can't.
I can't.

Ask me would I do those things for you,
yeah, I would.

I know I would.

I bought a gun.

I shot a man.

Those things ain't me,
but I did them 'cause I wanted
to make sure you were safe.

And I can see
I can see how what you did was love.

And I hate it.

But I can see it.

You don't have to be with me.

- You don't owe me.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- You don't owe me anything.

- Hey, hey, hey.

That's not it.
Hey, that's not it.

I'm here now.

And that's not changin'.

What happens next, we can talk about.

All I want right now
is for you to come home with me.

And for us to be together.

You can always
come back to me here.

Let's say grace.

In Jesus' name,
in the mighty blood of Jesus,
Lord God, the majestic father.

Father, in the name of Jesus,
we thank you for this food
and bringing Kyra back to us.

Without her,
there was a hole in our family.

Thank you for your grace
and for your love.

In Jesus' mighty name we pray.

So we went home.

In some ways, nothing had changed.

everything had changed.

I don't think they'll kill Spooks.

Not until they know what's goin' on.

They'll try and find me first.

When's the last time you saw him?
How come you don't see him
if he means that much to you?
You didn't even tell me about him.

'Cause you'd only end up thinking you
should help him just because you love me.

Yeah, what's wrong with that?
You wanna help him.

That's different.

He's my brother.

- I love him.

- How is that different?
Just talk to me.

You know you can
talk to me about anything, right?
Spooks stole this from the school library
for my birthday present.

I took it back to them,
but they let me keep it.

I was in and out of school
and we moved around a lot.

I don't know.
It's just
it's just hard, making friends.

Maybe Spooks tried harder than I did.

He'd find out about all the local teams,
and, um and try and fit in that way.

This one's about a champion ice skater.

And then,
the foster family we were staying with
took us to a real ice rink
for my birthday.

That was Spooks' idea.

He was a really good brother.

Tell me about him.

I actually wanna know.

Tell me.

Tell me something fun that he did.


I guess one thing he used to do was
put beans in a bit of bread,
fold it in half, and call it a bean pie.

You know, 'cause anything
that's got a filling is a pie.

I always thought that was really funny.

I don't know.
It's just
I don't read these ones all that much.

It's kind of weird seeing them together.

I just grabbed what I could, really.


These are the ones I'd want.

It's just some of them are things I miss.

I get that.

I could only bring one bag
when we came to live here.

I had to leave most of my books,
but I still remember them.

Can that be enough now, please?

You think back to the things
that didn't make sense at the time.

And now they do.

Hey, babe.

Yes please.

You, uh might wanna move your car.

Yeah? Why?
Don't want people going through it.

Alicia's little brother
smashed the side window.

I saw him do it.

- What the fuck?
- Hey.

- Hey, move, please.

- Just leave it.

- I'll kill him!
- No!
Move, please!
You don't know
what's going on with him!
Maybe he's hungry, maybe he owes
someone money, maybe he's an addict.

Is that my problem, Ky?

If you go, then we are done.

We are through, I swear it.

Why do you give a shit about this kid?
You don't even know him.

He'll have had a reason.

Kyra laid low,
and I tried to make things look normal.

But maybe I didn't do that good a job,
'cause Sam knew I had something goin' on.

He kept giving me
all these motivational talks.

So what I like to do is,
I think about the good things,
you know, the good memories I got,
and I let them
you know, infuse me.

- Infuse?
- Yeah.
You know, like a teabag.

You let the good feelings
spread out through you.

Helps you remember
we're only selling cars.

Then, boom,
someone comes in and buys a car.

Every time.

Every time.

This felt like it was
maybe one of those bad situations,
so I tried, like Sam said,
just to let things go
and think about better days.


I loved my job.

- And I love my family.

- See, I don't wanna say ♪
You've got me ♪
I just wanted everything
back to how it was.

You've got me ♪
- Calling a catastrophe ♪
- Catastrophe ♪
Without you ♪
- Oh, without you ♪
- Oh ♪
Without you ♪
We had space to breathe.

- Without you ♪
- Without you ♪
And even though I never stopped
looking over my shoulder
Without you ♪
I was startin' to feel like
things could end up bein' all right.

Oh ♪
Yeah ♪
I'm just glad that you're here ♪
Here, here, here, here ♪
Oh, you're here ♪
I see mountains and mountains
Are close ♪
Yeah ♪
So I'm searchin' here
I'm searchin' for love ♪
Oh ♪
Where'd you find this, then?
- Got it out of your wardrobe.

- Oh, did you?

- Only good it's not unfair ♪
- How was your day?
Really boring.

- Yeah, yeah ♪
- I'm good with that, though.

Try to stay away from the windows
for a few more days.

- Just sit, sit, sit ♪
- Okay.

We don't have to go ♪
We don't have to go ♪
Without, without, without ♪
Yo, man, I need to talk to you.

- Yo, man, I got work.

- Bruv, fuck work!
- If it's to do with the essay
- Fuck the essay.

There's North mandem
comin' round the estate.

- What?
- Man from North London.

Tottenham, Camden, all of them lot.

Binks just got G-checked
by four of the Glockz mandem.

I'm not on road.

I sell cars.
You know this.

Yeah, but Kel said
that they were askin' about Kyra.

Yeah, and so what?
Why you got beef
in Camden anyway, bruv?
Bruv, I got business there,
like I got business everywhere.

But I keep it on the low.

Now they're in our ends,
my fuckin' doorstep.

Do you understand? That's a problem.

That's not my problem, is it?
- Have you found Kyra, bruv?
- No.

Hey, asking you a question.

- Have you found her?
- I said no, bruv!
When you do, you need to tell her.

Call whoever, do whatever,
I do not want these man in these ends.

- Do you understand?
- All right, man.

- If I see her, I'll tell her.

- Thank you.

- That's all I'm askin', man.

- Right.

Hey, well done on the essay as well.

You got a 70.

You're welcome.

What's that gun sayin'?
That's all done with now.

Look after yourself, yeah?
And that was it.

The moment the walls began closin' in.

- Hello?
- Good morning.

We've got a parcel
we tried to deliver yesterday.

Hold on.

Can I confirm some details with you?
Yeah, go on.

Can I get your name
and the first line of your address?
Uh, yeah, sure.
What's this parcel?
I don't know what's in it.

Okay, and who are you?
We're the courier company.

Where exactly is this parcel meant to go?
Can you confirm your address?

If someone calls you that you don't know,
don't tell them anything.

Oh no.
What's happened?
I think the Glockz got my number.

And now they're trying
to get our address off me.

Just don't answer the door, right,
and stay inside.

If anything dodgy looks like
it's happening, call the police.

- They're gonna find us, aren't they?
- Hey, no.
No, look.

I'll think of somethin', all right?
Just give me time to think, yeah?
No one from your old estate
knows you live here, right?
I don't know.

I didn't really talk to my neighbors.

So how the fuck have they got my number,
and how'd they track you to this estate?
Well, I don't know.
How did you find me?
I had put
those things up everywhere.

My phone number was right there
for anyone to get.

I put stuff online as well.

A million things linking me to her.

And my photo
was on the dealership website.

I mean, if you were looking for me,
I wasn't hard to find.

Nobody's come lookin' for us at the house?
Nothing all day.


What's goin' on? Talk to me.

It's it's nothing.

Talk to me.

Look, it's cool, all right?
We're good.

- I'll be back soon.

- Okay.

- Be careful.

- Okay.

Yo, come here, man.

Them Glockz ain't goin' away.

- Okay.

- You found Kyra, didn't you?
- What?
- Kyra, man!
I know you found her,
'cause you stopped lookin' for her.

And I seen her up there in your flat.

Is she up there?
I ain't seen her.

All right?
And if you've seen girls in my flat, then
maybe that's because I get girls, Jamil.

The reason I stopped lookin' for her
is I stopped givin' a shit about her.

But just for you, yeah,
if I see her, I'll give her your number.

You're a shit liar, man.

I know you got that gun to get Kyra back.

If I was you,
I would tell that girl
to pack her fuckin' bag today.

'Cause them boys do not fuck about,
do you hear me?
I'm telling you, she ain't there.


We'll see.

All I know is that the next time
them Glockz boys come round here,
I'm sendin' them your way, cuz.

'Cause she was your girl.

And I ain't havin' her
cause any more trouble for me.


What's wrong?
Jamil knows you're here.

He's been dealing all over London,
including Camden.

So Glockz are gonna recognize him,
and he knows that.

And he knows that they're looking for you,
so he's gonna tell them where you are.

- Would he really do that?
- Yes.

Yes, he would do that.
He literally
just said that's what he was gonna do.

Well, what do we do?
I'm gonna handle it.

But I need to see your brother.

Don't tell him that I know you.

Just set it up, yeah?
Hey, what is this?
- It's about Kyra.

- But I don't know you.

Spooks, I ain't got all day.

I know where she is, I know she called
you, so you gonna sit down?
Is she okay, yeah?
I can tell you who took her,
who shot that Glockz boy
while he was doin' it.

Same guy been shotting crack in Camden,
stealing Glockz's business,
and they don't even know his name.

- Don't know who he is.

- Who the fuck are you?
You got a deal with them, innit?
Yeah, you give them the name
of the guy who took Kyra,
you're back in with them, right?
Brudda, what do you want from me?
You can see I'm in jail.

- What'd you come here for? Money?
- It's a start.

So who is it, then?
I've still got questions.

Questions? This guy, bro.

Do you know what happened to Kyra?
- What do you wanna know about this for?
- Answer the fucking question.

Yeah, they told me, innit.

- You agreed to that?
- No.

Your sister put to work on the streets
'cause of something you did?
Come on, man.

- Fuck's sake, man!
- Hey!
- Pack it in or you can join him.

- Calm down!
- All right.

- Yo, man!
- They told me about it afterwards, man.

- Yeah, what did you do about it?
You think you know me?
The fuck you know, blud?
You think I ain't tried?
I even got stabbed.

As soon as I got out of hospital,
you know what they done?
They said, "It's cool, bro.
"Kyra sorted it.
You got family, bro?
We're not talkin' about me.

- She's safe, yeah?
- Yeah, man, she's safe.

I swear to God.

- And she ain't gonna go back?
- No.

Look, I got a little 5K
in a bando in Tottenham.

- I can't spend it.
You can have it.

- Where?
- Name first.

- Do I look like a dickhead?
Godwinson House.

Broadleaf Estate.

Bando, third floor.

So, what's his name?
The guy who took her is called Jamil.

Sometimes he goes by JC.

Lives on the Wyndham Estate in Camberwell.

He's been doin' it all
right under their noses.

They look for it, they'll find him.

Jamil, yeah?
Yeah, we'll find him.

Glockz had a name now.

Once they start lookin' into
what Spooks told them, it all looked real.

I gave them that name.

Yeah, that's him.

Kyra knew nothing.

Had to keep her out of it, keep her safe.

If Spooks says Jamil took Kyra as well,
then it's true.

Now all that's left
is what they're gonna do about it.

You know what they're gonna do about it.

Even if Jamil calls Glockz now,
they're not believin' him.

They've seen what he's doing.

I know what I've done.

What it means for him now.

Now it's waitin'.

I'm sorry.

Help me call his name
I am that I am ♪
The bearer of mighty names, I am
Don't be afraid ♪
Help me call his name
I am ♪
You can't just sit there.

Stand up and sing with us.

You can sing the song
better than your sister.
Get up!
Help me call his name ♪
I am that I am ♪
The bearer of mighty names, I am
Don't be afraid ♪
Help me call his name ♪
I am that I am ♪
The bearer of mighty names, I am
Don't be afraid ♪
The bearer of mighty names, I am ♪
La, la, la, la ♪
Help me call his name ♪
I am that I am ♪
The bearer of mighty names ♪
This looks beautiful.

Sometimes I think it's like
books are letting me feel close to life,
but not be in it.

And I wanna go somewhere now.

I wanna go away with you, and
do some things
without a book in my hand.

Does that make sense?
Yo, paigon!
Oh my God.

What can you see?
I can't really see.
It's too far.

Oh shit.

What's wrong? You okay?
I only ever wanted
to protect the people I loved.

And I can't say
all my choices were good, but
I don't know, maybe that's just it,
but that is not the same
as me being guilty over Jamil.

And yeah, I was willin' to let Jamil die,
but I did not kill him.

Wait! What if it's Glockz?
Come on, man, open up!

All right, get under the bed.

Don't come out.

I'm not losing you!
Not going anywhere, are they?
But I need to know you're safe.

Open the door
or I'm booting it down!

Step out, fam.

- What are you guys doin' here?
- We'll talk later.
Let's go.

- I've got work tomorrow.

- Tough.
Come out the house.

- Hey, yo, at least let me grab my jacket.

- Shut up, man.

You heard all that gunfire?
Yeah, I heard it.

You ain't got no questions about that?
Yo, paigon!
Yo, my name is JC.
Remember that, yeah?
- Yo, mandem! Mandem!
- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Man, go, go, go, go!
Oh fuck! Go, go, go! Go!
Fuck! Shit!
- JC, yeah!
- Whoo!
Remember that!
Where you takin' me?
I knew lots of little things
about Jamil, but at that point,
I really didn't know the big picture.

I had no idea who he was
and what he could put together.

Come here, come here.

I'd break your arms.

That's how my hair
got into Jamil's car.

Not because we were friends.

Not because we were
sellin' drugs to each other.

It's because they dragged me in there.

The prosecution's whole case
is like that, though.

They've got
all these little bits of evidence,
but the way they've put it together
isn't even close to what happened.

Jamil was always one step ahead of Glockz.

And me.

So, yeah.

They put me in their car.

Didn't know where they were taking me,
but I gave up Jamil,
so maybe I deserved this.

Where they were drivin' took us
past all these places I've known from day.

What you need to understand, cuz,
you brought this on yourself.

Ain't got no one to blame but you.

There was places where
we used to kick around bored.

A lot of nothin' places
I hadn't looked twice at for years
that all of a sudden
started meanin' things to me.

And I wanted so much to be back there,
but you can't, can you?
Can't ever really go back
and correct the choices.

The shop where we used to rent DVDs
on the weekend,
and it was always a row with Mum
over what Bless wanted,
and Bless saying
she'd watch whatever I wanted.

And I'm sat there,
thinkin' I'm goin' off to die,
and sort of wishin' that I'd said,
even just once, "You know what?"
"It's her time.
"Let Bless pick.
We go past the church,
and it's not even the one Mum goes to,
but all the same, it puts her in my head.

Then I'm thinkin'
about her and Bless buryin' me,
and I'm hopin'
they know it wasn't for nothin'.

Because what I tried to do for Kyra,
that was the right thing.

And I believe that.

Okay, it's not some big cause.

It's not gonna go in any history books.

I've had a small life,
and I'm good with that.

But I've loved someone.

And I've tried to help them.

I've tried.

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