You Don't Know Me (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I've got all these points
to make about the evidence,
but if I leave things out,
it makes no sense.

They mentioned someone called Spooks.

Spooks is my brother.

He's in prison.

- She's safe, yeah?
- Yeah, man, she's safe.

And I'm all he's got.

The Crown believes that the defendant
is using his closing speech
to construct a work of fiction.

So I can tell you who took her,
who shot that Glockz boy
when he was doin' it.

A guy called Jamil.

Sometimes he goes by JC.

They know about him.
They'll see.

Binks just got G-checked
by four of the Glockz mandem.

They were askin' about Kyra.

I knew exactly what it meant
for Jamil, settin' him up with Glockz.

[in Yoruba.]

In Jesus' name, in the mighty blood
[defendant, in English.]

But Kyra was family.
We all loved her.

Yo, paigon!
[automatic gunfire.]


- JC, yeah?
- Whoo!
- Remember that!
- [laughter.]

The prosecution's got
all these little bits of evidence,
but the way they've put it together
isn't even close to what happened.

Step out, fam.

'Cause I'm not a drug dealer.

I'm not in a gang.

Guns, murder,
that's Jamil's world, not mine.

And I knew lots
of little things about him,
but I really didn't know the big picture.

I had no idea who he was
and what he could put together.

- [door opens.]

- [footsteps.]

Sit down, man.

[defendant breathing shakily.]

All right, JC, let me do it now.

Just let me think.

- [Binks.]
- [Jamil.]
Let me think, man!
Okay, he's going to suffer
I could hear
what they were gonna do to me,
and I didn't wanna die like that.

I wanted to die feeling loved.

So I thought about Kyra.

And my family.

All the joy we had.

The laughter.



What are you laughing at, cuz?

Glockz just rolled out on us.

- What do you know about that?
- Don't know anythin'.

Are you mad?
What are you doin'?
Do you see where you are right now?
Look at you! Look!
- [sighs.]

- All right, man.

I warned you.

Look at me.
Look at me.

I warned you.

I kept on tellin' you.

"Fix that Kyra ting.

Fix that Kyra ting.
" You didn't.

Next thing I know,
me and my crew are gettin' shot at.

Look, Jamil.

This has nothin' to do with me.

You said it yourself.

You were slippin' in Camden.

- If they recognize you, how is that on me?
- Because of you!
I got recognized because of you!
Why can't you see that?
Glockz are on me now!
I can't sell in North anymore,
because of all this heat!
You and Kyra cost me, so now you owe me.

I got suppliers I need to pay.

Soldiers I need to pay.

Protection I've got to pay for,
because you've put me in a fuckin' war.

She was your girl.

Your responsibility.

Let me chat to him.

One on one.

Sittin' here just talkin', blud!
[door opens.]

[door closes.]

[chair clatters.]

I go by Face.

How you feelin'?
I've been better.

What do you make of Jamil?
I don't really know him all that well.

I think he's clever.

He's got no idea what he's doin'
at this sort of level.

See, what you're sayin'
about 'im and Camden
was all true.

He was gonna get caught,
there's no doubt about that.

But then there's other things
about Camden.

Talk to me about Camden.

Are you working for Jamil?
If I ask to speak to you alone,
Jamil leaves the room.

We were talkin' about Camden?

I don't know.

You do know.

You 100% do.

So have another go.
Take your time.

All right, let me tell you what I know.

Your girl Kyra goes missin'.

You ask Jamil for help gettin' a gun.

Accordin' to Jamil,
it's 90% certain you got her back.

And then Glockz come lookin' for her.

And not on a casual ting.

They're workin' hard to find her,
like it's a big ting for them.

Look, man, I wanna help Jamil, I do.

- But I don't have any money.

- That's somethin' you can change, though.

Jamil makes me a lot of money.

Drugs, guns, protection.

Whatever Jamil needs, I provide that,
and he pays me.

You know like the golden goose,
with the eggs?
Jamil is my one of those.

Now he owes me money and can't pay,
which means
now you owe me money, understand?

And don't for a second think
about trying to get one round on me.

Cuh I won't put a knife in your leg
like some fuckin' amateur.

I'll kill you, your gyal,
and everyone you love.

You get me?

Yo, Jamil!
I got some good news for you.

The boy's gonna help you out.

Make it right.

One week for my money, Jamil.

[door closes.]

[siren blaring.]


It's Giorgio.

I showed you
how to make that spaghetti alla carbonara.


So, how'd it work out
with that girl, then?
That whole thing
was about some girl, right?
[Kyra gasps.]


Oh, thank God.

Thank God.

I have to tell you all of this.

Otherwise, I can't say
what the evidence means.

But I know Jamil's family
are sat there listenin',
and they're hearin'
some bad things about him.

It's all true things, but it's not
how they want to remember him.

I mean, of course he was gonna lean on me.

He was gonna do anything,
'cause he was scared.

Jamil's situation was the same as mine,
trapped, and owing money
to people who would kill him.

There's a whole chain of people,
all worryin' about the guy
one step above them.

But right then, the truth is that for me,
that guy was Jamil.

[distant horn honks.]

It's not just Jamil.

Glockz haven't gone away.

Maybe we have to go.

Move out of London and start again.

I don't know.

Mum and Bless are still here.

I can't leave until I know they're safe.

- If we could find another way
- We don't have any money.

- Six days to find ten grand for him.

- We just need to think it through.

That's my family, Ky.

I don't want them involved in this.

I didn't have much savings.

Nothin' I could sell
that was worth anything.

My only idea was that 5K
Spooks said he had stashed
under the bath in the trap house.

[door closes.]

I didn't even believe it would be there.

[jazz playing.]

But if the only option you've got
is a bad one,
then you take it.

[woman singing along.]

Who are you?
No one.

Just came here to buy.

Whites and browns are 25.


Just white, please.

So how much do you want?
- How much is five rocks?
- Five is 50.

Yeah, all right.
Uh I'll take six.

No, give it to him.

[man on television.]
 get rid of diesel,
oil, blood, red wine, mustard
- [clattering.]

- bright white.

Don't tell me
you had a late-night kebab.

You're always complaining about
[man laughs.]

Serves me right!
I know they're not good
for my waistline, but,
sometimes I can't resist them!
They're so good! Anyway
Uh, I really need to take a piss.

Go outside.

You haven't got a toilet in here, no?
I wouldn't piss in it.

every time.

Not only that, but you're not allowed
Do you know what? Hold up.


Take it.

Go on.

I have never seen you before,
and we have to be careful in our business.

have no fear
Yeah, all right.

- [whimpers.]

- [snorts[
Bog's next door.

Don't be long.

Be waitin' here for you.


[man's voice, muffled.]

I don't
not givin' you nothin'
- [man.]
Why would you
- [woman.]
I know! I haven't had any yet!
- [man.]
You can't do what you like
- [woman.]
Can't do what I like?
Come on Give it here.

You are doing my head in.

[arguing continues.]

I don't know why you bought it!
You didn't piss.

Uh, yeah.

Just just like she said, uh
- Probably better off outside.

- Hold on.
You look like someone.

- What? What you talking about?
- Shh.

- Let me go.

- I said you look like someone.

Relax, one sec.
One sec.

Can I take a piss now, please?
[door closes.]


There was money,
but nothing like what Spooks said.

It was about 700 quid.

Not enough to pay Jamil
or clear the debt with Face.

That's why I failed the drug test
when they arrested me.

That one hit of crack I had to do.

I know it looks bad.

It was bad.

The prosecution left that out
of her final speech.

Maybe she didn't think it was a big deal.

Maybe she thinks you'd expect it.

But it was a big deal for me.

I'm sort of annoyed
she didn't bring it up,
'cause I'm not a drug dealer.

I'm not some crackhead.
I sold cars.

After I got the job,
I didn't want to be anythin' else.

I loved that job.

And Sam was always good to me,
but right then
I just didn't know how to ask for help.

Jacket needs a press, mate.

Yeah, sorry.

Take it to the bathroom
when you have a shower.

Steam gets into the creases,
then hang it off the rear-seat hook
for the drive in.

That's what I do.

- And smile, or you'll scare the customers.

- Sam?
What was in your head
when you asked your wife to marry you?
Ah! Phew.

Well, there's a question.

Well, mostly I was worried she'd say no.

Closed the windows, locked the doors.

did all I could to stop her from running.

But how'd you know, though?
I mean, it's a lot of money, so
how do you know if it's right?
Well, for one thing,
I wasn't stood there askin' that question.

You haven't got money problems, have you?
- Is she pregnant?
- No.
No, it's nothin' like that.

It's just
I'd do anything for her.

I'll see if I can put a bit extra
in your wages at the end of the month,
but in the meantime, she's ready.

Suit up.

- Morning.

- Mornin'.

- How can I help?
- I'm just lookin' at the moment.

- Don't think I can afford this.

- We do great deals on financin'.

You can tie it into your insurance
- so you can keep up with your costs.

- [phone vibrating.]

Uh Sorry, just give me a sec.

- Hello?
- [man.]
You at work?
'Cause if you are,
you gotta leave right now.

Who's this?
Doesn't it end up
costing a lot more over time, though?
What's the interest rate?
So sorry, what was that?
For the financing.
The interest rate?
I'll, um I'll have my boss
check on that for you, yeah?
Sam, I've gotta go.

What? What are you talking about?
- Look, I'm really sorry.
I have to go!
- [Sam.]
You can't keep doing this!
Come back!
What you doing?
Where you going?
Yo! He work for you?
Get off my property
before I call the police.

If he comes back, so do I.

Yo, let's go.

I haven't seen Sam since that day.

He called to ask if I was okay.

He's that kind of guy.

But, I was just too ashamed
to talk to him.

Didn't wanna get him involved
in all of this.

Done a lot for me.

I'm telling you this
'cause I need you to understand
why I did what I did next.

Glockz knew where I worked.

It was only a matter of time
till they found where I lived.


- [tapping.]

- [gasps.]


Who are you?
[breathing shakily.]
What d'you want?
I'm Curt.

Old friend.

You know he showed up at a crack house
in Tottenham this morning?
Spooks' old place.

Glockz think if they find him,
they find you.
So we've gotta leave.

Look, Glockz has paid a man
to do this ting tonight.

They know him now.
They're not gonna stop.

So whatever you wanna keep,
get it packed.

All right? You can trust me.

- Where shall we go?
- I don't know.

- Back to Mum's?
- You don't want Glockz finding you there.

- All right, a cheap hotel, then.

- Nothing local.

And you need to tell Bless and your mum
to stay away from your flat.

- How'd you find me?
- He's with Glockz.

Heard you're rolling
with JC's crew now.

Come on, bro.
That ain't me.

I know it's not you.

But it's Glockz who think you are, though.

- What else do they think?
- That you and Jamil shot their boy.

And took her.

C'mon, Curt, that ain't the way it is.

Jamil wants ten bags off man by the end
of the week, or he's comin' after us too.

- [bangs door.]

- Fuck, man!
Shit is mad, bruv.


Came prepared.

[unscrews lid.]

Easy, fam.
[breathing shakily.]


Missed you, bro.

For real.

[distant sirens wailing.]

[phone chimes.]

Yeah, I gotta make some calls.

I'll come back.

- Where you goin'?
- I've gotta make some calls.

Oi, keep the door locked, yeah?
Don't go nowhere.

[door closes.]

You okay?
[lock clicks.]

What's up?
Do you trust him?
- Yeah, I do.

- How do you know him?
Known him since school.

You were smilin' before.
What's good now?
- Huh?
- He was always bein' picked on.

- Yo, I
- But one time, Mum saved him.

Mum, don't!
You're hardly eating, man.

- Oh my days.

- Take it, man!
- Why you smiling, fat boy?
- Open up.

- Eat!
- [mother.]
- Curt, open up.

- Get away from him!
- Forget her, man.

- Open up.

I said get away from him!
If I ever see this again, I promise you,
I will call the police
and your headmistress!
Go home! I said go home!
You're dead.

You okay?
Are you hurt? Can I call your parents?
- Mum, can we go?
- [mother.]
Just wait.

Come on, come home
and have dinner with us.


Come on!
Seriously? [sighs.]

You can put chicken in it,
or fish, or anything.

I like it with chicken.

Do you like chicken?
- [pop music on radio.]

- Yeah, I like chicken.

Mum always makes it too spicy, though.

You should try the way
your grandma made it.

This is half as hot as it should be.


Bless liked him straightaway,
but I wasn't so sure.

What are you readin'?
What are you readin'?
Answer me.
What are you readin'?
You like lookin' at men, do you?
Sat there with a hard-on.

- Fuck off, Scott!
- What?
What now?

Leave him alone!
That was the first time
Curt ever fought back,
and he did it to protect me.

And after that,
we did everything together.

He's not gonna do it.

Not gonna do what?
Well, almost everything.

- [coughing.]

- [laughs.]

Oh shit!
- Language!
- Sorry, Auntie!
We did warn you!

- [coughing.]

- [all laughing.]

- You all right there, mate?
- Get off me!
[all laughing.]

Family life
was kind of hard for Curt,
so Mum helped out where she could.

She fed him,
let him sleep over.

He became part of our family for a while.

But we lost touch
when he moved north with his mum.

You try to stay in contact,
but life took him
in a different direction to me.

He wasn't all-in with Glockz,
but he wasn't out of it, either.

He at least knew enough
to come and get me.

And even after all these years,
he'd risk everything to help me.

Given the time is nearly four,
we'll adjourn for the day
and resume at ten tomorrow morning.

How'd it go today, son?
Can't tell.

- Your sister wants to visit.

- No.

Just just tell her
I need to sleep, please.

All right.

[men shouting.]

[door closes.]

We sat tight in this cheap hotel room,
waiting for Curt to come back.

We had some big decisions to make.

But in the end, Kyra came up with it.

In the end,
it was Curt's idea what we should do.

We sat tight in this cheap hotel room,
waiting for Curt to come back.

We had some big decisions to make.

But in the end,
it was Curt's idea what we should do.

- How'd you do that?
- What?
Just read like that?
I had Glockz rollin' up on me at work.

We've had to move out,
we're on the run, and you're
- You're reading.

- What else am I meant to do?
I don't know!
[knocking at door.]

Yo, it's Curt.

- Did anyone follow you?
- Nah.

Come on, open up.

I took the bus anyway.

I failed my test like, what? Three times.

Can't do
that reverse parkin' ting.

Is Spooks safe?
For right now, yeah,
because Glockz still think
they're gonna find you, so he's useful.

But someone's gonna get to him
when he's out.

If he makes it out.

I mean, he gave up his own people.

They won't forget that.

- He just needs a chance.

- [laughs.]

Have you seen him lately?
Spooks don't want chances, you know.

He's a junkie.

Ain't nothing you can do about that.

Look, bro, I need
to chat to you about sumtin'.

Let's go get some food.

[door closes.]


I'm sorry.

You okay?
I'm good.

I promise.

You know what?
They should put all the food inside these.

The question should be,
is there a reason we can't
wrap all this food up and deep-fry it?
'Cause otherwise, it's goin' in there.

[both laugh.]

It's like donuts though, innit?
How do you make jam better?
You wrap it up in dough
and deep-fry it.

[both laugh.]

Can't argue with that one, bro.

- What's the plan, bruv?
- I don't know, man.

I don't have the money to stay at a hotel.

How bad is Jamil's situation?
Not good.

He owes money.

I'm supposed to help him pay it.

- That's a weak point for him.

- How's that help me?
Work it through.

How does Jamil make his money?
By sellin' tings
for more money than he buys them for.

- It's basic economics.

- [sighs.]

- We did this in Mr.
Henson's maths class.

- What are you gettin' at?
What if we arranged
for Jamil to turn up at some flat
with 20 grand to buy cheap
cheap wholesale coke,
with the idea he could sell it on
to make enough profit to clear his debts?
- Okay.

- But then he gets robbed.

Now he's lost 20 grand, bro,
on top of
what he's already in the red for.

He can't pay what he owes people.

- So what's he to do then?
- Probably run.

So he ain't worryin' about you
at that point, is he?
- Take his money
- [scoffs.]

lie low,
let Face hear Jamil ran away,
and wait it out.

- I can't rob Jamil.

- Yeah, I know you can't, bruv.

He's not gonna buy that you've
turned into some big-time wholesaler now.


I'm gonna rob him.

I can't have you do that.

I won't do this for free, bruv.

I wanna get out.

I'm done.

Glockz, drugs, everything.

We split the money.


So what, are we
Are we doing this?
- Fam, I'm telling you now,
if he's under pressure,
he ain't thinking things through.

Trust me.

Why can't you
just go to the police?
We've got no evidence on Jamil or Glockz
so they can't really change anything.

But you can ask for protection.

They don't do that kind of
thing for people unless for a big arrest.

What are we supposed to tell them?
There's gangs dealing drugs in London?
I mean, they know that.

Look, I know it's bad.

And I'm not asking you to be okay with it,
but I need you to understand it.

All right, we're gonna do this one thing,
and then we'll go away for a little bit.

Then it's over.

And after you'll be safe?

And you? You'll both be together?

Gonna have a whole future.

Come here, man.

Don't be upset.

It's gonna be okay.

Tellin' Bless made it real for me.

'Cause she's a good person.

So if she can see it,
if she can understand it,
she can't see a better way
where nobody gets hurt, then
I know what it is.

It's not good.

But it's the least evil thing
you can think of doing.

[Bless sighs.]

[music playing on speakers.]

[distant siren wailing.]

You got JC's money?
I need to talk to him still.


[door opens.]

- [Jamil.]
You got my money, yeah?
- I don't have it yet.

- [mouths.]

- I was thinkin' you could give me a loan?

- Then I can pay the whole thing.

- You want me to give you money?

Are you mad?
I know a guy
who's gettin' off road, innit.

Reckon I can buy a kilo off him
on the cheap, pay you from the profit.

- What's he sellin', then?
- Cocaine.


[door opens.]

Come on, then.

Move, man.

So why is he gettin' out, then?
I don't know.

I don't really know him like that.

- Just bought a car off him.

- He's talkin' to you about movin' drugs?
No, he talks to me about cars.

This just must've come up, innit.

What, it just must've come up
that he's gonna gi' you a brick?
Who you gonna sell to?
He sells to City boys.

- Says it's easy.

- [laughs.]

I was thinkin'
I could get some names, customers.

You're laughin', but I don't know
a better way to get you money quickly.

You don't know shit
about drug-dealin', do you?
Buying kilos at a time,
that's for man like me, not you.

I'll figure it out.

What we can do is, though,
you hook me up.

- I'll cut you in on a 5% net profit.

- No, I'm talkin' about me buyin' it.

I can't make the money I owe if
You can pay me back slower, fam.

I'm good with that.


Go on, then.

So Jamil bit.

I hooked him up with Curt,
they set a date,
and then it was happenin'.

I didn't even know if it would work.

But what choice did I have?
[reggae playing.]

I've arranged with Jamil
to do the deal here.

Doesn't look like a trap house.

If I'm lookin' to get off road,
maybe this place is calm.

I can rig up a brick that's real
on one corner,
I cut it there,
he comes, tastes it,
and then we're good.

Still gonna look around, though,
isn't he? You need scales out.

Stuff you're cuttin' drugs with.

If there's more people in here working,
it'll feel real.

It doesn't feel real,
he won't risk anything.

How do you know all of this?
I hear you.

We should do all that.

I don't see how anyone else
is gonna come in here, though.

It definitely can't be you, bruv.

Once this whole ting pops off,
make sure you're seen back on your estate
so no one thinks you're in on this,
I can do it.
Full face mask on and a cap.

I can be stood over there or something.

- I can help too.

- No.
I don't want either of you involved.

It's not about what any of us want.

It's about what works.


Bless, you wanna you wanna help me
move some stuff around next door?
It's too late for that.

We'll put the table in the kitchen,
make it a prep surface
for me and Bless to work on.

She's my little sister, Ky.

That's why she's here.

How long's he been goin' through all this?
Since she went missin'.

I'm really worried about him.

He'll be all right.

When the king's palace burns down,
he rebuilds it more beautiful, right?
I can't believe you remember that.

Ile oba t'o jo, ewa lo busi.

Your mum has so many sayings.

[both chuckle.]

You'd be having the worst day,
and she'd talk about how a
how a pig's nose moves.

[both laugh.]

She wants me to tell everyone in school.

I'm like, "Mum.
"My friends already think I'm weird.
You're not weird.

She still makin' that rice
too spicy for you?
She makes it for me,
then she adds the pepper in afterwards.


Remember that time
when I ate a scotch bonnet for a pound?
Your mum came through
with a big glass of milk,
and she was like,
"You'll be needin' this!"
And I was like, "Thank you.

I got this.
I got this"
[both giggling.]

You know, I don't know
why anybody would want this life.

Do you want it?
It's not what I want anymore.

I asked my mum not to come in today.

'Cause I knew what I'd be telling you.

All my life, she was sayin',
"Look after your sister.
Anywhere we went, drilled into.

Crossin' roads.

Goin' to the park.

"Hold her hand.
"Make sure you know where she is.
"You're her brother.
"And nothin' means more than family.
You've only gotta answer,
"Did he do that one thing?"
Killing Jamil.

But I have to answer to people.

To Jamil's family.

To Curt.

To Bless and my mum.

Because the truth is
I made choices.

I let my sister stay.

She came back
with us the next day.

I let that happen.

All right, so what you wanna do
is you wanna measure it on the scale,
tip it into the wrap,
and then you fold it.

Always folded the same way?

People don't like change.

I can show you what to do?
It's okay, I know.

Yo, you need to get goin'.

They're gonna be here in an hour.

Yeah, I know, but
But what?
- I can't just leave her here.

- If Jamil sees your face, that's it.

- It's game over.

- I said I know, bruh.

- [engine revs.]

- [tires screech.]

[music thumping from speakers.]

- Shit.

- What's goin' on?
- It's them.

- What do you mean it's them, bro?
Jamil, bro.
He's here.

He's not supposed to be here yet.

Well, the only way out is the front door,
so now you have to hide
somewhere in the back.

Please, bro! Hurry up.


Come, man.

Stay quiet and don't move.

- Just keep working.

- [knocking at door.]

Don't say a thing, all right?
Open up, man.

Wagwan, you're early.

Fuck early, man.
I'm busy.

Yo, hey, chill, bruv.

Gotta check you, innit?
Your boy's gonna have to sit this one out.

Don't fuck around.
No funny business.

Come on, then.

What about them two?
They're workin'.

Check 'im as well, man.

- Mind how you're movin' me, you know.

- [chuckles.]

Dust the yard as well.


[panicked breathing.]

[hangers rattle.]

[slow footsteps.]

[hangers rattle.]

Yo, Binks, hurry the fuck up!

All good, bruv.

Let me go get this pack.

Oi, if you are gettin' off road,
why ain't you sell me your rounds?
You're gettin', what?
Twenty out of this pack?
How about I make it 25,
and you sell me your City boy customers?
- They don't know you, cuz.

- They don't give a fuck.

They bring an order, someone brings it.

No one's askin' where the last man went.

Nature of the business, innit?
So what you price at, for City boys?
All depends, innit.

Yes, my dog.

Variables, see, that's my ting as well.

You've gotta know who's gonna pay what.

So what do you reckon?
Show me the bread.

- You got them rounds written down?
- Fam, enough of this back and forth ting.

Are we doing this or not?
Yeah, yeah.

Put the P's on the table,
so I can count it.


Say nothin', man.

You know what?
Count this, you fuckin' prick.


Hey, what are you doin', man?
Do you think this is a choice?
Put the gun down.

Fucking move, bruv.
Leave it, man!
- [Curt.]
Yo, take take the pack.

- [knocking at door.]

Don't worry, I'm takin' the pack.


- Your rounds and your numbers now.

- [knocking.]

- [Binks.]
Yo, JC! You good?
- [Jamil.]
Leave it, man.
I'm calm.

Am I stutterin'?
I know you ain't memorized it.

Give me your phone.

- It's in the back room charging, blud.

- Let's go! Up, man.

- [Binks.]
Open the door.
You good?
- [Jamil.]
Get at the back of the kitchen!
Up against the window, you lot!
Any of you lot move,
you're gettin' bodied.


[Bless screams.]

There ain't shit.
There ain't shit!
- You fucker!
- [Curt groans.]


[both grunt.]

- Curt!
- [Jamil.]
Fucking come here!
- [grunts.]

- [Jamil.]

I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Bless, no!
[Binks groans.]

[gasps and groans.]

Get off me, bitch!
You're dead!
No! No!
Oi! Get off!
[Kyra grunts.]


- [defendant.]
- [Kyra sobbing.]

- [defendant.]
Kyra, you all right?
- [whimpering.]


Is he dead?
I I don't I don't
No one speak.


[gentle slapping.]

Listen, you won't be getting bagged
if you shut your mouth.
You understand?

[Binks groans.]

Can he breathe?
Yeah, but he can't see or hear.

Ky, take Bless home, please.

Ky, take Bless back to Mum's.

None of you turn your phones
on until you get back to Auntie's.

You understand?
Book a flight first thing tomorrow.

I mean, I don't know.

Somewhere in Europe.

Make sure you don't book it
on the same card.

The don is dead.

Between Face and the feds,
people are gonna be asking questions.

You don't wanna be around
for the next few weeks.

Come on, we have to go.

- But
- Bless, just come on.

[door closes.]

He saw my face, bro.

Anyone else see you?
I don't know.

- There's only about five bags in here.

- What?
He was gonna pay five
for my rounds, innit?
He knew I'd check the P's for that,
so that had to be real.

It's calm.

That's for you, me,
Bless, Kyra.

- Bro, you ain't gotta do that, man.

- Bro, listen.

We did this ting together, man.

Take this.

Take it, bro.

Gotta get this place cleaned up,
all right? Get rid of this body as well.

[dog barking.]


Curt, man.
Let's go.

[both grunt.]

[siren wailing.]


Gonna have to deal with him, you know?
We can't just let him go.

Don't wanna kill him.

He's got nothin' going on without Jamil.

It's over for him.

It's gonna be a problem for you
if he thinks you were there.

Yeah, but he didn't see my face.

Maybe we can leave him in the car,
dump it somewhere he'll be found.

[train passing.]

The way he'll see it, Jamil tried
to rob you and then fucked that up.

That's on Jamil, not me.

They ain't comin' after me 'cause of that.




We'll do it like that.



It's me.

Book your flight?
- Yeah.
You should, um book yours too.

- Yeah, I will do.

Just need to get clean first.

Just, um he went for the gun, and
and I just wanted to to stop him.

- Hey.
Hey, I know.

- [sniffles.]

Hey, hey, hey.

- [sobs.]

- I know.
I know.

His face, though.

It was like he couldn't believe it.

Ky, he would've sold you back
to Glockz tomorrow.

All right?
You and me, we're nothing to him.

He can't hurt us now.

And tomorrow,
we can go swimmin' in the sea.

And it'll all be like it was a bad dream.

- [sniffles.]

- Glockz, Jamil,
it'll all be behind us.

What about his mum?

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, it's okay.

I know Jamil's family are Muslims.

I've got enough friends to know
how they wash the body before it's buried.

I was thinking
about Jamil's dad washing a body
that's been crushed up
with people's bags of rubbish.

And how my mum would feel
if the situation was reversed.

[siren wailing.]

If she found my body like that.

[till bleeping.]

The smart thing is call from France.

Not when you're still in London.

But what if that rubbish truck
came first thing?

I need to tell you where Jamil is.

If you wanna do somethin' about it.

You took that call.
You know you did.

- My Lord.

- I know you remember.

- [judge.]
You will not address the gallery!
- Please tell them it's true!
It proves I'm telling the truth.

You will not address the gallery!
You can see it on her face! That's how
you know everything I've said is true!
I'm going to clear the court.

Take the defendant back into custody,
take him down.

Come on!
Why would I lie about this?
[plane landing.]

Avez-vous un poisson?
"Have you got a fish?"
- [both laugh.]

- Swear down!
There you go.

- Oui, j'ai un poisson.

- Thank you.

"Yes, I have a fish.
How are you
You guys don't speak any French.

- [Curt.]
She does.

- You speak French?
- [Kyra.]

- [phone vibrating.]

Listen, if we're gonna go France,
we need to learn how
to speak proper French.

Not Spanish
- Hello?
- [Jamil.]

It's me.


You called an ambulance
because I made that call!
If I'd left it, Jamil would've bled out!
That call saved his life.

Why'd they find a air ticket to France
I never used?
'Cause that ambulance saved Jamil's life!
That's why we couldn't go!
He saw my face, he knew it was me,
and he'd be going after
Mum, Bless, and everyone I'd ever met!
- [murmuring.]

- Let me go! The fuck off me!
Let me go!
I wanted you to hear it from me.

I'mma see you real, real soon.

You and Kyra,
your mum, your little sister.

I'mma come visit all of you.

[hangs up.]

Turkish! [laughs.]

Who was that?

He's alive.

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