You Don't Know Me (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You heard that cell-site records
place the defendant
at the scene of the murder
at the time of the murder.

You've seen CCTV of him
driving towards the murder site
moments before Jamil Issa was killed.

Traces of the victim's blood
were found beneath his fingernails,
which he has never accounted for.

You've been shown the firearm
recovered from his flat
and the ballistics report that indicates
this was the same weapon
used in the murder.

- You found Kyra, didn't you?
- What?
If I was you, I would tell that girl
to pack her bag today.

How bad is Jamil's situation?
Take his money, lie low,
let Glockz hit Jamil,
run away and wait it out.

I can't rob Jamil, bro.

Yeah, I know you can't, bruv.

I'm gonna rob him.

We'll do this one thing
and then we'll go away for a little bit.

And after, you'll be safe?
- And you'll both be together?
- Yeah.

We're gonna have a whole future.

Your rounds and your numbers, now.

Is he dead?
Book a flight.
You don't wanna be around
for the next few weeks.

He can't hurt us now.

Tomorrow, we can go swimmin' in the sea.

It'll all be like it was a bad dream.

- Hello?
- Yo, it's me, Jamil.

Who was that?
He's alive.

You know, I've been wrong
a lot of times in my life.

But only once
when it really, properly mattered.

And it was you who set me straight,
in that moment,
when you asked me, "Do you love her?"
It's good to see you.

I need to go and get ready
for what I'm saying tomorrow.

Man's last day and that.

- Gotta get it right.

- You can't keep lying.


They're going to convict you anyway.

And you'll be
- You'll be an old man when you get out.

- Yeah, and you'll be an old woman.

We can drink tea
and complain about our dodgy knees
or whatever it is old people do.

It'll be okay.

Either way.


Just tell them the truth.

- Okay? No
- It's not up to you.

- I know there'll be consequences.

- This is my choice.

But what you're doin'
What you're doin's not right.

- It's too late to go back now.

- No, it's not.

It's not too late.

You know, I made a lot
of wrong decisions in my life.

But only once,
when it really, properly mattered.

And it was you who set me straight.

In that moment.

You asked me, "Do you love her?"
If I said
you should leave Kyra under that bridge,
you wouldn't be here.

but you never would've done that.

And I'm grateful for that.

Who would I have been
if I just left her there?
You gotta try and love people.

Even if it works out bad for you.

So I know it's cost me.

Thank you.
Thank you.

But that's
the price you pay, innit?
Last thing I need to talk about
is my car number plate gettin' caught
on CCTV on the way to the murder,
and the cell-site evidence that puts me
at the scene when it happened.

Then I'll tell you who killed Jamil.

We've all seen the footage.

Well, my barrister attacked that evidence,
saying how you can't see my face
that clearly in the CCTV,
so it could've been anyone driving.

Same thing with my phone.

Maybe it got stolen.

Maybe someone took it to set me up.

I appreciate him trying,
but that's not true.

It's me driving that car.

And it's my phone in my pocket.

But you need to look at how those facts
don't stack up
with the story he's telling you.

In that CCTV,
you can see that I'm driving fast.

And If I know that I've got a gun
in my car, then that's not smart, is it?
'Cause I'm risking
getting pulled over by police.

So, why am I driving that way?
Maybe it's because I know where Jamil is
and I'm gonna try and get him.

Only if I'm actually plannin' to kill him,
then why am I driving my own car?
A car that's registered to me.

And I'm going with my own phone,
a phone that's registered to me,
that I was makin' calls on
whilst I was on the way there.

I mean, that's all in evidence.

Now, you can say,
Maybe this guy is just an idiot.
Or you could say,
"Maybe it's something else goin' on.
And knowing Jamil was still alive
meant we had to go back for Mum.

Curt! What are you doing here?
It's so good to see you!
Auntie, how are you?
But what's happening?
You're all here?
You don't need to move your stuff out.

You can keep this apartment.

I'll pay for it.

You must live somewhere else.

Just for a little bit.

Can I still go to my work?
- Can I go to my church?
- Yes, yes, yes.
Just ma make sure
that no one's following you.

Maybe you can ask someone to give you
a lift to the station or something.

How are you fixing this?
I am, Mum.

That's not what I asked you.

I asked you how,
because you don't want to call the police.

Are you going to take that?
- What?
- To stab somebody's child?
- Is that what you are now?
- Come on, Mum!
You know me.
You gotta believe me!
Don't lie to me.

That's what every child
tells his mother when he's caught lying.


Who are you?
You run away from him,
you don't tell him anything,
and he suffers.

- Mum, please.

- You come back, you don't say anything.

- Mum
- I give you nothing but love.

- What do you have to say to me?
- Mum, it's enough.
Just leave her alone.

- You go.

- Mum.

You can fix this.

My son is a good boy.

He has a good heart.

I'm sorry.

We found my mum a studio flat
out in West London
and moved her and Bless there.

It at least felt like it was a long way
from Camden and Tottenham and Camberwell.

The next day, it all hit me hard.

I kept thinking of what Jamil and Face
would do to Mum, and Bless, and Kyra,
knowing we couldn't hide here forever.

It was like I was getting crushed.

Even doing nothin',
I felt like I couldn't breathe.

I'mma see you real soon.

You and Kyra,
your mum, your little sister.

I'mma come visit all of you.

Jamil's gonna kill us.

You know that, don't you?
If they find us, they'll kill you
and hand me over to Glockz.

Yeah, I know.

- So when does it end?
- I don't know, Ky.

- If we all left the country
- And go where?
You really think we can just up and leave?
Mum ain't gonna wanna go.

Her whole life's here.

So what, they
Maybe they just forget about it.

Let it go if we stay out of sight.

Face ain't gonna let this go.

Curt says his whole reputation
is based on not lettin' things go.

And Jamil's his guy.

So this is us, huh?
Until we're dead or they're dead?
I don't know, Ky.

I don't think we have the option
of hoping it all goes away now.

So what?
What, we kill him?
Where's this comin' from, Ky?
I'm tired.

I just wanna be safe.

No fuckin' way.

We're not executin' people.

- That'll make us just like them.

- We are nothing like them.

They do this for money.

They don't care about anything else.

I said no.

If they hurt your mum or your sister,
you won't love me anymore.

You'll blame me in the end.

And I know you think you won't,
but you will.

You won't forgive yourself,
and I will be part of that,
and that will be it for us.

Can't kill someone, babe.

That's not us.

We don't have any other options.

So you tell me if there's another way.

There was no other way.

That's the hardest thing to tell you,
but it's the honest truth.

We wanted to live.

And they weren't gonna stop.

Police wouldn't stop them.

Prison wouldn't stop them.

Runnin' wouldn't work.

You don't know these people.

I didn't know these people.

And I was scared.

I wanted to hide under the covers,
like some little kid.

But there wasn't time for that.

As soon as Jamil was out of hospital,
we were done.

We didn't know if we had hours or days.

So we made a plan.

'Cause what else could we do?
We staked out Jamil's club
to see if we could get to him
before he got to us.

When was the last time you slept?
I tried.
It ain't workin'.

Round the front there's always bouncers.

But round the back,
it's just one guy now and then.

I don't know, maybe that's somethin'.

This whole ting ain't you, man.

I don't want it to be me.

Sorry I dragged you in.


I was already in it.

Do you want a bit?
No, I'm good, bro.

- Um?
- Like, you you can say no to this.

But can I can I ask Bless out?
Bro, if you say no, I ain't askin' again.

All right? It's gone and we move, I swear.

Ask away, big man.

Hope she says yes.

But, you know
you can't ever tell her about any of this.

Killin' people and that.

She can never know.

She thinks people are good.

- Thinks that about everyone.

- She ain't stupid, though.

Yeah, but I gotta be able
to look her in the eye without
seein' her thinkin' of me that way,
you know?

I feel you.

Same with me.

I guess, um
just gotta let Bless be Bless, right?
I'm telling you everything.

But I realize I should be clear
there's things I didn't know at the time.

Stuff I only knew about later.

Like where my sister was.

I thought she was with my mum.

Stayin' in that bedsit,
keepin' out of sight.

I wish she had been.


I'm volunteering here
for the hospital's listening service.

If you'd like, I could read to you
or we could just talk.

Like what, counselin'?
No, it's not therapy.

It's just talkin', or whatever.

I mean, you don't have to,
but a lot of people get bored in here.


Sit down.

Thank you.


- It's tonight.

- What?
Jamil's comin' out this afternoon.

If him and Face link up,
it'll be at the club.

Here's your plane ticket.

Take it, bro.

But we don't even have a plan
for how we're doing this.

And how do you know?
- Look, bro, don't ask questions.

- How do you know Jamil's gettin' out?
Someone who was
at the hospital told us.

She's seen Jamil.

She been volunteerin' at the hospital.

- You have my sister doin' that?
- It was her idea, bro.

- Did you know about this?
- All Bless wanted to do was help.

Shut your mouth!
Don't ever fucking talk to her again!
You hear me?
Fuckin' prick!
Are you mad?
That's my sister!
What the hell, man?
Bro, all she wanted to do
was find out when he was out
- so you knew when to be careful
- But that's my sister!
This is a madness!
We're talkin' about murder!
You're gettin' Bless involved.

- She just wanted to help.

- I ain't a murderer!
We're not
we're not fuckin' killers, guys.

I'm done with this, man.

We're done, you hear me?
- What do you mean, done?
- This is a madness.

We're goin' to the police.

Nah, man.
What the fuck?
How could you guys do that?
Look at me.


Let's get out of here, okay?
We're gonna go to your mum's
and we can go to the police tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Look at me.

I love you.

I love you.

I don't think Jamil wants to be involved
in any of this anymore.

- I think he wants to get out.

- You gonna say he's a good kid?
If you'd heard him in the hospital,
I don't think
Look at the position he's put us in.

If he knew you were my sister
It's okay, Bless.

We'll figure it out.


Good night.

What you doin'?
Mum's rent on her old flat.

Think we'll have to
tell the police about this?
The money and everythin' else?
Just forget about that now.

Come and sleep.

You're still dressed.


I'll do it later.

I'm tired.

When I first met you
remember that thing you did,
making spaghetti?

I kept thinking, "These are all just
nice things to get me where you want me.
"And once I'm there, he'll stop.
But you never did.

And that's just who you are, isn't it?
You do nice things
because of how you feel about people.

And the first day
I realized that was true
I ran a bath
and I got in it
and I cried.

I can see how, though.

How what?
Just how
you've ended up that way.

You have been loved
every single day of your life.

It's like it soaked into you.

What about you?
I'll tell you in the morning.

That was it.

And with lettin' go
of this idea of killin' people,
suddenly I had to sleep.

Could've had me lying on broken glass, it
wouldn't have kept me awake.
I was gone.

And then, when I woke up, it was dark,
and Kyra wasn't there.

Leave me a message.

Leave me a message.

- Leave me a message.

- Shit!
Where is she?
Where is she?
- Where is she?
- Who are you talkin' about?
I'll fuckin' shoot you!
Where the fuck is Kyra?
- She was right here!
- I don't know.

- I swear, Jamil.
I don't know.

- It's JC!
My name is JC!
You shouldn't be here.

- What's goin' on?
- Come on.

Kyra, what have you done?
Head to our old flat.

- Why?
- I need to get washed.

We need to get rid of some stuff.

- Where's Curt?
- He's okay.
He wasn't there.

- Ky, what've you done?
- Just drive.

You can't park here.

Drop the car, meet me back at the flat.

Nowhere close.
It can't be seen here.

- Ky, I don't know what's goin' on.

- What do I do with the gun?
- Give it to me.

- Tell me what to do.

All right, all right.
Wipe it clean,
throw it down the drain.
I'm sorry.
I want to live.

I couldn't see another way.

I'm back.

Leave me a message.

- Yo, don't call me on this line.

- I don't care about that.
Where's Kyra?
- Where you at?
- My flat, my old old flat.

- She was meant to be here.

- Don't worry about Ky.

- She knows what she's doin'.

- If something's happened
I'll call if I hear anything, yeah?
Just sit tight.

- Armed police!
- Armed police!
- Armed police!
- Clear!
Armed police!
Don't move or I'll shoot you!
- Stand up! Now!
- Stand up! Now!
Hands behind your head!
Come forward!
- Come forward!
- Slowly!
On your knees! On your knees!
- Come on, on the floor!
- Now!
Do not move!
I'm arresting you
on suspicion of the murder of Jamil Issa.

- What? No, I didn't do that!
- You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention
- That wasn't me!
- which you later rely on.

That wasn't me!
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Do you understand?
Where were you last night?
Do you have anything in this flat
we should know about?
Any drugs?
Got a weapon here.

Looks like a Baikal.

She told me she was throwin' the gun away.

There it was.

In a box with my passport
and ticket,
a few banknotes.

What do I think about that now?

'Cause I've had nearly a year on remand
to think about that,
waitin' for this trial.

I think
Look how the police showed up at my flat.

Tip-off from an anonymous female caller.

That's what they said, right?

She gave herself enough time to get away,
then she made the call.

She knew I'd still be there.

She knew I'd wait for her.


The law is
you can only look at the evidence.

But that's how you know I'm innocent.

'Cause who in their right mind kills a man
and then keeps the gun?
Who puts it in a box with drug money,
and a plane ticket, and their passport,
in their own flat?
Literally in the same box.

Who does that
after driving their own car to a murder,
usin' their phone all the way?
The prosecution says,
"Look at all that evidence.
"It proves he's guilty.
But look at all that evidence!
How how neat and tidy it is.

It's like she's put a neon sign on my wall
sayin', "He did it.
Now I've done some stupid things.

I think we can all agree on that.

But I am not an idiot.

I know there's still one question, though.

Which is why didn't I say anythin'?
Kyra set me up.

Why didn't I tell the police that?
And to be honest
I thought she'd be back for me.

Even though
she never visited me even once,
right up until this mornin'
I thought,
"She wouldn't let me swing for this.
"There'll be a moment
where she comes through those doors
and says, 'Enough!'"
"'This has gone too far.
"Where she saves me, like I saved her.
But it's nearly over, and
she's not comin'.

I never did save her, did I?
I can see that now.

I lost her the first day she left me.

The girl I thought I knew never came back.

What I'm left with is the truth.

And that's what I've given you.

Kyra killed Jamil.

And I'm innocent of these charges.

All right.
We'll leave it there for today.

We'll sit again at ten a.

All rise.

You've been loved
every single day of your life.

It's like it soaked into you.

What about you?
The defendant chose to
represent himself in his closing speech,
but he has made frequent references
to people and events
not adduced in evidence.

That risks unfairness to the Crown.

And that is why I am allowing the Crown
to briefly respond in reply.

Thank you, my lord.

I'm grateful for the opportunity.

The defendant has talked and talked,
we say in a bid to create a gap
between himself
and the facts of this case.

He has done this because
the real, established facts are damning.

You might ask yourselves
why nobody who could have corroborated
any aspect of his story
was called as a witness.

Even in the course
of spinning this account,
he has said that he bought a gun
and shot a man with premeditation
and planned a robbery
and attempted to dispose of a body.

That was the best account of himself
that he could imagine.

And still, I doubt that any of it is real.

It is a fiction, designed to cloud
the picture, to fog reality.

The CCTV evidence that captures him
driving to the murder is real.

The cell-site evidence
putting him at the scene
at the time of the victim's death is real.

The Baikal pistol is real,
as is his passport and plane ticket
and the money found in his flat.

The firearms discharge residue on his
skin, clothing, and in his car are real.

Jamil Issa's blood scraped from
beneath his fingernails is real.

Jamil Issa was real.

His family is watching these proceedings
from the public gallery today.

The evidence you have heard in court
proves beyond any reasonable doubt
that the defendant is guilty
of committing that murder.

Thank you, my lord.

Thank you.
in accordance with convention
that the defendant has the last word,
I will permit the defendant
very briefly to reply.

If you convict me,
that's not justice,
because I'm innocent.

But I'd understand it,
'cause I know how it looks.

Kyra knew how it would look.

Even with everythin' that's happened
I still hope she got free.

'Cause I know she suffered.

I hope she's a long way from here,
readin' a book.

I can want that for her, and still
not forgive her for puttin' me here.

Whatever you decide,
I'll never be free of this.

My whole life is gone,
and I can't get it back.

But I have to try and let her go now.

It's time I let you go as well.

Thank you for hearing me.

You will shortly go
to consider your verdict,
but before you do that,
I will go over the facts of the case and
After we speak, the police
will interview you under caution.

You can answer their questions
or give them a written statement.

This is all confidential, right?
Yes, it's all privileged.

They've given me a picture
of the evidence against you so far.

I would advise
to say "No comment" to everything.

Okay, I'll do that.

Can I ask you a question?
About how the law works.

Yes, of course.

I didn't kill Jamil.

But I know who did.

And I can't tell them that.

Is it someone you're afraid of?
Because there are ways

It's worse than that.

Can I tell you what happened?
What really happened?
We've had some bad people comin' after us.

And then yesterday,
my sister doesn't come back from college.

Hey, that's my car over there.

Can we get somethin' out of it?
Look, I want my money.
When I get my money,
maybe you can have
your little sister back.

Bring the money to the club in an hour,
and don't fucking try anything dumb
this time.

Yeah, what's good, bruv?
Get Jamil's money together.

Everything you have.

We need to take it to him now.

- Where are you?
- On the way to the club.

Nah, nah, nah, nah.

- He told us to bring it to them there.

- Don't do that.
They'll bag you.

- Bro, they took Bless.

- What?
- Where's my money?
- Where's my sister?
- Shut the fuck up or I'll shoot you!
- People know we're here.

I don't give a fuck who knows!
Where's my money?
All right! All right!
I haven't got all of it,
but I'll get the rest.

Fuck that.
He's comin'!
I helped you!
I got you a gun and you lied to me,
you fuckin' robbed me!
And you!
You shot me and left me in a fuckin' bin!
There is no tomorrow, man.
This was it!
- Look, cameras followed us on the way
- Shut up!
He had me and Kyra dead to rights.

And he was pissed.

I know all about you.

Fuck, man.

This bitch is nothin', man.

Matter of fact, get on your knees.

- Come on
- Get on your knees, man.

Get on the floor now!
Next one goes in his head.

You got the money?
Do you have the money?
Hey, Jamil, man.


- What's this?
- Half.

So what you gonna do, bruv? Huh?
Keep these girls here
till he pays me double.

Get on the floor, man!
Get on the floor now!
- This is on you.

- Come on, please, man.

You put a hole in me, Kyra.

I'mma do so much worse to you now.

Jamil, please, man.

Please, you ain't gotta do this.

This is justice, you get me?
Oi, don't fuckin' touch them!
We have to go.
Come on!
- Come on, move!
- Curt.

Come on, Curt.
Come on.
Come on.

You look after him.
I'll drive.

Watch your head.

Watch your head, watch it.

Watch your leg.
Watch your leg.

Get in the car.

Bless, come on, get in the car, let's go!
Come on!
She picked up the gun
It happened so quickly.

She picked up the gun and she
Listen to me.

All right, and this is really important.

You can't talk to anyone.

- I know.

- No, listen to me, Bless.

Whatever happens, you can't
say a word to anybody, all right?
Not to the police.

Not to Mum.

- I just killed someone.

- No! No.

No, don't say that.

- Maybe you should come with me.

- No, I'm not leaving.

I'm not leaving till I know he's okay.

You can go.

I won't say anythin' to anyone, I promise.

All right, tell Curt
Tell him
I'll tell him you love him.

I love you.


It's okay.

It's okay.

I got you.
I got you, I got you.

- I don't want this.

- It's okay.

Is he okay?
Ky, listen to me.

I don't have much time.

This is gonna come back to me.

No, we'll say I shot Jamil.

This is my fault.

No, listen to me.

You can still get away with this.

Yeah? So can Bless.

We can't tell them the truth.

You took a gun there, all right?
That looks premeditated.

You'd get at least ten years
just for having the gun.

Bless can't go to prison.

- She hasn't done anything.

- She has.

- So then it's me.

- No.

- Yes.

- It's me they're gonna come for anyway.


I won't let you.

Ky, this isn't just for you.

It's for me.

I wanna have a life with you.

You gotta let me fight for that.

I've seen what you do
for someone that you love.

And this is the same for me right now.

So you need to stay away from me now.

No calls, all right? No visits.

They'll say if you were there
and it wasn't you, then who was it?
I'll say I don't know.

You should say it was me.

Yes, if it comes to that,
if it looks like they won't let you go,
you have to say I did it.

- No, I can't do that.

- Yes.

And if you cannot promise me that,
then I will come back.

No matter what,
I will walk into that police station,
and I will tell them everything.


But you have to get on a plane.

You have to get a flight.

All right?
- Take it.

- No!
Go somewhere
where they won't recognize you.

And if you can promise me you'll do that,
then okay.

For us.


What am I gonna do without you?
Same thing you always do.

You'll read.

As I understand it,
there was only one body at the scene.

No other weapons recovered.

If your sister pled not guilty,
argued self-defense
- No!
- That
I can't put her through this.

Me and Kyra never should have
let her get anywhere near this!
The only reason she was there
is 'cause she loves us.

So no.

Anyway, it's too late for that.

Because I wanted to make it
look like Kyra set me up.

What exactly have you done?
I'd like to make an anonymous tip-off.

I know who killed Jamil Issa.

I can give you his address.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention when questioned
something which you later rely on
in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Got a weapon here.

Looks like a Baikal.

I don't know what that's doin' here.

I want that on record.

Someone's tryin' to set me up.

I wanted to make the police feel
like they've got their man now,
so they don't look for anyone else.

There's already
enough convenient evidence.

Open wide, please.

If you try to spin the police
a story, they'll pick it apart.

That's their job and they're good at it.

If you tell them that you were framed,
they'll ask, "Okay, who? Why?"
Even if you tell them the truth,
exactly as you told me just now,
there's still a high chance
you won't be believed.

If you go down,
it'll be life.

I'm ready for my interview.

Jury's back in 30 minutes.

You're all right, son.

There's no more talkin' left.

It's just me now.
And these
are the last minutes of not knowin'.

Once I leave here, either I'm in a cell
like this for 20 years or I'm free.

But that decision's been made already
and I don't wanna hear it.

I've spent so long thinkin'
about how I could do this.

How to keep Bless out of it
and keep Kyra away from this.

Maybe even walk free.

I've pictured it every day.

Enough that I could hang onto it
but not so much that I get lost in it.

Because no matter
what those 12 people decide,
there's no end to what happened.

I carry that now.

Will the defendant please stand?
And yeah, maybe
I can change the things around me.

Maybe I can rebuild a life.

Or maybe I don't get to do that.

Foreman of the jury,
would you please stand?
Have you reached a verdict
upon which you all agree?

What is your verdict?
We find the defendant

No! No!
In the end,
if you wanna know the truth of who I am
ask me if I love her.

Have you reached a verdict
upon which you all agree?
We find the defendant
not guilty.

Because hand on my heart,
that's the only question
I know I can answer
where it's nothing but true.

"Do you love her?"
"Do you love her?"
What you readin'?
Have you reached a verdict
upon which you all agree?

What is your verdict?
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