Young Babylon (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

♪In a sudden instant♪
♪Dreams shattered and then recovered♪
♪Babylon's youth♪
♪Fearlessly living their lives♪
♪They keep moving forward♪
♪The noisy coastline in June♪
♪Reminds me of midsummer nights♪
♪The subtle emotions between you and me♪
♪No longer ordinary♪
♪Seasons come and go, steps never cease♪
♪Leaving behind evidence of existence♪
♪Watching time flow away♪
♪Anxiety gradually grows♪
♪Don't want to miss the scenery along the way♪
♪The scenery along the way,
evidence of existence♪
♪Dazzling you in my dreams♪
♪Are the source of my courage♪
♪The scenery in the air is amazing♪
♪Turn around to see the girl I miss♪
♪And the familiar nice wind♪
♪When this story reaches its conclusion♪
♪Perhaps it will be moving♪
=Young Babylon=
What awful weather!
It's raining heavily again.
(Fucheng 1996)
What are you doing?
I haven't gotten married yet!
Why all this noise?
People are trying to sleep here!
It was scary!
- Oh!
- Mom!
Why is it you?
I was having a nice dream,
playing basketball with Joey Wong.
Forget about that Joey Wong.
You have
the college entrance exam to take.
Get up, get up, get up!
Okay, okay, I got it.
Get up quickly.
Come on, eat.
Canned fish again?
These are top-notch goods exported
to Southeast Asia by the food factory.
Your mom got them with a pressure cooker
to feed your brain.
We've been eating them
for three days straight
and I'm tired of them already.
You picky brat.
We are saving it for you.
Here, have a small piece.
Why are you giving this to me?
Give it to your son.
Come on, a big piece.
- To feed your brain.
- Eat it.
Listen to me.
Finish your exams
and hurry home.
I heard there is a pervert out there.
I can't rest easy with you
going home alone at night.
Why should a boy be afraid of a pervert?
Look at his long hair.
What if the pervert
mistakes him for a girl?
It's my fault, really.
I looked too delicate when I was young.
What's with that expression?
What are you trying to say?
Are you saying our son takes after you?
Yes, exactly. He looks just like
a mirror image of me.
He looks like me, okay?
Yeah, he looks like you.
Our son is so handsome and delicate
- because I'm pretty.
- You are right.
He is
Hey, Lu Xiaolu,
why are you taking the recorder?
Today is the last day
of the college entrance exam.
The head teacher said
we'll have a party
after it's over.
I just told you
to come straight home.
Why do you want to celebrate?
What if you mess up the exam?
He won't. He won't.
This teacher's suggestion is good.
That kid from the chemical factory
didn't do well in the exam
and jumped off a building.
What are you saying?
Don't worry,
I definitely won't do that.
Go get the oral solution.
- Okay, okay.
- Let me tell you,
the teacher personally told me that
you are smart enough
for college.
My son won't mess up the exam, right?
Mom, I think you misunderstood.
I meant, even if I do mess up,
I definitely won't jump off a building.
- You little rascal.
- I'm leaving.
Lu Xiaolu,
check your paper a few more times
before handing it in.
You must be home by six o'clock tonight.
Watch out for that pervert.
Don't worry,
if I run into that pervert,
I'll smash his head.
Oh, stop bragging.
=Episode 1: Young People at the Food Factory=
Go for it, son!
- Bye.
- I'll wait for your good news.
Stay safe.
Attention, all factory workers,
urgent notice.
In the early hours of today,
after a female worker finished her night shift,
(Strive for a Miracle)
she met a pervert in the residential area.
According to the victim's report,
this pervert is of medium build,
wearing a raincoat,
and behaving inappropriately.
If you have any information,
please contact
the factory security department.
- Li Guangnan.
- Yeah?
I'm really a good friend, huh?
I came right before the exam
to help you pursue the girl.
You could have chosen any day to confess,
but you insisted on doing it today.
I must be the first person in the world
to wish her a happy birthday.
Okay, but let's set it straight.
If she doesn't show up
within ten minutes,
I have to go for the exam.
Alright, alright, ten minutes it is.
Here, take this.
Good luck with your exam.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way,
this is for you.
My mom drew it.
Little Pouter.
Li Guangnan, why are you here?
Happy birthday to you!
I've been preparing for a year.
Look, I know you like Chen Haonan.
I bought you all his magazines.
And remember how you liked
those little cards about the Sailor Moon
in the instant noodles?
I collected them all for you.
How about that?
These are things I liked
back in middle school.
I've moved on long ago.
Morning, Uncle Li.
Nice dance, Uncle Li.
- Yeah.
- Don't hurt your back.
Even if you don't like them,
I got some music for you.
Two tapes, played the wrong one.
Are you crazy?
What if my bosses see this?
Hey, wait, Little Pouter.
The moment I first saw you
in middle school, I liked you.
I still like you after six years.
But I don't like you.
No, hey!
Li Guangnan came on the day
of college entrance exam
just to wish you a happy birthday.
Even if you don't accept it,
can't you be a bit more polite?
What does it have to do with you,
Lu Xiaolu?
You used to be lovely.
Why have you become so rude
after a few years?
None of your business. Move aside.
Hey, Little Pouter.
I really
- Hey!
- Where are the hooligans?
Dakang, these two.
Are you crazy?
You came to our factory gate
to harass the most beautiful girl
in our factory?
I'll teach you two a lesson today.
- What's going on? You've misunderstood.
- Get them!
- Little Pouter, say something.
- Let go!
Let go!
We're not hooligans.
Let's talk
in the security office.
We have to take the college entrance exam.
We can't go with you to the security office.
We need to hurry.
The mayor invited me to a meeting later.
- Let go!
- You don't know who his cousin is?
Who is he?
Let go.
His cousin is the undefeated Lu Dajiang,
Scarface Lu along the Min River.
Let go.
You are scared, huh?
Lu Dajiang? I know him.
He is just a stinky thug.
He's a big thug.
You two are little thugs.
How dare you hit me!
(No Parking)
♪You entered my world♪
♪And everything of mine
began to spiral out of control♪
Li Guangnan, run!
(People say)
(real life starts)
(from the moment of awakening.)
(When I was 19,)
(I always wanted to conquer the world,)
(just like how)
(it wanted to conquer me.)
(On that morning)
(when colorful clothes flew in the air,)
(she walked towards me)
(and the world fell silent.)
(I knew)
(our story)
(from here.)
(Golden Peacock)
Lift your heads up!
(Chief Ma, Security Department)
Lu Xiaolu, the future college student.
Uncle Ma.
You're about to become a college student,
yet you still hang out all day
like a street punk.
Li Guangnan.
- Yeah?
- Don't give me that.
Turn around.
When I first joined the factory,
the two of you
were still running around
in open-crotch pants.
Now you've got the guts
to fight at the factory gate. I
Uncle Ma,
save the lecture for another day.
We're about to take the exam today.
Why didn't you think that
before you fought?
Uncle Ma, if he doesn't take the exam,
his parents will kill him.
- Yeah.
- Why didn't you think of
your parents when you were fighting?
- I
- Okay, that's enough.
Raise your heads.
Who threw the first punch?
They did!
Hey, you
What's your name?
Qin Juan.
Wu, she is a clerk in our labor
and management office.
Tell us,
who started the fight?
I I didn't see anything.
Hey, Little Pouter.
- I
- Alright,
you're not involved here.
You can go.
She can't leave.
She's a witness.
Shut up!
You're the new factory doctor?
(First Love)
Did you see who threw the first punch?
I did.
Oh, Bi.
I heard there was trouble here.
There's not much going on here.
Let me introduce you.
This is Officer Wu
from the police station.
Nice to meet you.
Wu, this is Bi Zhigang from
the secretary's office.
(Bi Zhigang, Factory Secretary)
Come have tea with me sometime.
So, what's the situation?
We're interrogating,
but they all deny
throwing the first punch.
We hold disciplinary
and ideological education sessions
every month.
Our workers are civilized and rule-abiding.
They wouldn't
start fights, right?
That's right.
You are Lu Dajiang's cousin, right?
Your cousin used to dominate Fucheng.
How come you're so worthless?
Getting beaten down like this.
Hey, Bi
- What are you doing?
- I may not have my brother's power,
but I can swat flies,
especially annoying ones like you.
- I
- Dude,
haven't washed your hair in years, huh?
Your mousse is probably stinking.
Look, it must have been him
who threw the first punch.
Arrest him! It's definitely him.
- It must be him!
- Alright!
Calm down.
(Security Department)
- Captain Wu.
- Get down.
She said she saw
who threw the first punch.
Who was it?
- Him.
- I told you!
Dong, take him with us.
Everyone else can go.
- Let's go.
- Have a good day.
You've got the wrong person.
Shut up!
None of your business!
Get lost!
This is not over.
Of course it is not,
you owe me a suitcase.
I think you can still make it to the exam.
There's a shortcut
by the vegetable market.
Hurry on your bike, you can get there.
- Just go.
- Thanks, Uncle Wu.
- I'm going.
- Good luck!
Strive to become a college student.
- Don't be like your cousin.
- Okay.
That's it?
We've taken him out of the factory.
Will you buy him lunch if we keep him?
Let's go back.
when did you start believing in this?
Li Guangnan's mother taught me this.
She said the students would be blessed.
Didn't you say that
our son is naturally bright,
born to excel in academics?
I didn't tell the truth
in front of him just now.
Actually, the teachers said,
"Your son, Lu Xiaolu,
is intelligent enough
for college,
but he's mischievous and doesn't study hard.
It's difficult for him to even get
into the top ten in the class."
Mischievous and lazy,
yet he can still make it into the top ten.
What kind of intelligence is this?
Whose intelligence did he get?
Apparently yours, isn't it?
Not at all.
When I was a student,
I was always in the top three of the class.
I was good-looking,
and my grades were decent.
Every teacher liked me.
- Let me tell you.
- What?
Many people
in our factory ask for
a celebratory banquet when they see me.
I've booked a restaurant.
If this brat doesn't do well,
what will we do?
He'll definitely do well.
No problem.
(Brave the waves, pass with flying colors)
Sir, please don't lock the door.
Let me in.
Stop yelling.
They're taking exams inside.
I'm here to take the exam too.
- Let me in.
- I can't.
Mr. Zhang!
Mr. Zhang!
Please don't shout.
Mr. Hu!
Please let me in!
- I'm Xiaolu!
- Young man,
if you shout again, I'll call the police.
Please, sir, please let me in.
Why are you also outside?
We were both in the fight this morning,
how can I go in alone?
My brother.
Take this.
(Parents, please keep out)
How will you explain
to your mom tonight?
Dare I say anything?
The problem is,
even if I go to take the exam,
I might not pass.
But you could
at least pass a vocational school.
I'm sorry.
It's all because of me.
No big deal.
It's just the college entrance exam.
With my intelligence and talent,
even if I don't go to college,
I can do anything.
Maybe we can work in a factory.
In a factory?
Working in a factory is honorable,
especially if you can
get into that food factory.
Not only is the welfare good,
with endless bread and soda every month,
but more importantly, it's the factory
with the most girls in the city.
Little Pouter works there too.
Let's focus on surviving tonight now.
stop sulking. It's no use.
Come with me
to find my cousin.
My mom's waiting for me at home.
It's too early to go back and meet death.
Early death, early reincarnation.
The basketball court renovation project
(Welcome to Golden Peacock)
can't be taken by Lu Dajiang,
do you understand?
Although he used to be
a worker in our factory,
he committed some bad deeds
and ran off to Hong Kong.
Now he's a
complete troublemaker.
So what if he has money?
We don't associate with such social scum.
Anyway, don't give him the project.
Just do as I say.
He can talk to me at the factory!
He's on his way?
(Lu Dajiang, Domineering Man of Fucheng)
Why didn't you say this earlier?
this is Bai Lan,
our new factory doctor.
I just graduated from university,
and I brought her to meet with you.
You are
Where is my cousin?
Who's your cousin?
Cut the crap!
Someone told me you had him arrested.
That's right,
he openly harassed
one of our factory workers
and got involved in a fight.
The evidence is clear,
and the witness is right here.
He was just taken away by the police.
Good for you, Bi Zhigang,
now you're acting all dignified
and you dare to touch my cousin.
Don't forget
how you begged me
when I beat you up back then.
I was a student cadre.
I couldn't stoop to your level.
Hey, you
What are you doing?
Don't be afraid. I'm here.
You're the witness?
What did you see?
I don't know if your cousin
harassed the female worker,
but he did hit someone
and damaged my suitcase.
That's right.
I'll pay you double for the suitcase.
Call the police now
and tell them he didn't hit anyone.
Get him released right now.
Lu Dajiang, stop messing around here!
Just shut up.
- Hey, you
- He hit someone. That's the truth.
I can't lie to the police.
That's right.
Pig Teeth,
Dumb Jar,
close the door.
- You
- What are you doing?
You You
- What do you want?
- In broad daylight, this is
- Stop making trouble!
- What do you want?
If they don't release him today,
no one will leave.
- Wait.
- Listen,
your logic is flawed.
He's not even here.
If you have the guts,
go to the police and ask for him.
That's right.
If you have the guts, go ahead.
You are talking about logic?
I may only have
a middle school education,
but I understand logic.
You framed him,
so the police arrested him.
Change your tune,
and they'll release him,
This is not logic at all.
This is unreasonable.
Let me tell you,
this is the factory director's office,
not where you can act wild.
- Get out of here.
- Hit him!
Don't do that!
Why are you doing this?
Call the police now.
Let him go. You let go first.
Let go, it's dangerous.
- Make the call, will you?
- You
- Fine, I'll make a call.
- Do it now.
Stop wasting time.
Police officer?
- Dajiang!
- Boss!
Oh dear.
She hit him hard.
You You guys
Stop messing around.
Are you okay?
No No
Quickly release him.
If you don't,
just wait and see.
Let's go.
Pig Teeth, open the door.
is not over!
You should go to the hospital
in case of a concussion.
They're gone. They're gone.
No need to come here.
Hit him! Hit him!
Hit him!
Punch him! Punch!
Take it easy.
Boss, are you okay?
(A Better Tomorrow)
Boss Ma,
please protect my big brother
and keep him safe.
What happened to him?
He was
He was attacked by a woman.
That crazy woman!
Who is she?
She wore a blue floral dress,
white shirt,
big eyes,
quite pretty,
but she's too vicious.
Dajiang was fine when he was there,
but once he came out,
he was in bad shape.
Blue floral dress, white shirt
- Dajiang.
- Boss.
- Dajiang.
- Be careful. Slowly.
Are you okay?
Why am I here?
Your head
just got hit at the food factory.
You should rest a bit more.
It's okay, it's okay.
I remember now.
Lu Xiaolu?
You came out so quickly.
It was her.
She's the one who attacked Dajiang.
It's really you.
Why didn't you go to the hospital?
You hit me
and then want me to go to hospital.
Why are you treating me so well?
If there really was a concussion,
there would be consequences.
I let my guard down today,
but I never hit women.
I won't pursue this matter with you.
Stop bothering me.
Get out of here.
Leave now.
Leave right now.
We'll settle this with a game of snooker.
If you win, I'll go with you.
If you lose, get lost.
Nice shot.
You've got some skills.
Do you college girls often play this?
I played for two years
with my foreign teacher
to learn English in university.
My cousin just got injured
and is not feeling well.
I'll play for him.
The power is out.
Who's cooking again?
The fuse
is blown again.
Do what we always do.
- Good shot.
- Nice.
(Lu Dajiang)
Mom? What are you doing here?
What are you doing?
You skipped the exam
and came here to play billard?
Mom, please calm down.
Listen to my explanation.
What explanation?
Dajiang! Help!
Stop! Little brat!
Mom, I'll explain when I get home.
Lu Xiaolu,
stop right there.
Where are you going?
Lu Xiaolu!
You can't leave.
You lost to me.
Hop on.
Mom, stop chasing.
(Dajiang Entertainment)
Where are you going?
Come back here!
You failed the college entrance exam
and your parents won't let you off.
What will you do next?
what were you doing
at 18?
I got expelled from middle school.
When I was 18,
I was fighting,
chasing girls, and selling cigarettes.
Why are you suddenly asking about this?
I want to be like you.
What do you mean like me?
I mean as tough as you.
You do whatever you want
and protect whoever you want
just like Boss Ma.
You should study hard.
You failed this year,
but you can do another year.
there was a moment
when I felt like my life was doomed.
I didn't know what to do next
or how to
face my mom and others.
But now,
I've figured it out.
Since fate made me
miss the college entrance exam,
why not venture out?
Heroes have no fixed origins.
Maybe you can work in the food factory,
you may achieve something there.
Why must I enter a factory?
You don't want me to work for you?
Are you looking down on me?
Life isn't a movie.
It's much harder than that.
You'll understand in the future.
would Boss Ma do
in this situation?
I don't know.
But whether he chooses right or wrong,
he'll definitely rise again.
(A month later)
In the hot summer air
when everything
is flourishing,
our factory welcomes
Secretary Zhao. Secretary Zhao.
Mrs. Li.
I've chased you for a while.
I didn't see you.
Thank you so much.
What for?
It's all thanks to you that
my son Guangnan entered the factory
together with your son Xiaolu.
I'll bring two bottles of good liquor
for Mr. Lu tonight.
We've been friends
for so many years.
Why all the formality between us?
We should thank you anyway.
He couldn't have gotten in
without your help.
- Next up, please welcome
- Oh, come on.
- the representative of the young workers,
- Let's go.
Comrade Lu Xiaolu,
to address everyone.
It's Xiaolu.
Who asked him to speak?
What right does he have to speak?
Because he's talented.
- Just listen.
- Not at all.
Respected leaders and seniors,
I'm Lu Xiaolu.
Due to failing the college entrance exam,
I lost the opportunity for higher education.
I felt lost and
desperate in life.
I let my teachers,
and my parents down.
Can you be serious?
Speak properly. I might be punished.
You called me here
and then blame me?
At this time,
my mom opened the Xinhua Dictionary
for me to read a passage.
Zhang Hua got into Peking University,
Li Ping entered a vocational school,
and I ended up as a salesperson
in a department store.
We all have bright futures.
That enlightened me!
That's right!
Every road leads to Rome.
I can't be defeated
by such a small obstacle.
I want to thank the leadership
of the food factory
for providing me with a new
and bright future
when I was lost and confused.
So, starting today,
I'm dedicating
all my youth and passion
to this food factory.
I want to put down roots here, grow,
and flourish.
See how well Xiaolu speaks?
He's always been
good at making a speech.
He's a perfect boy!
His writing is pretty good too.
That's right.
Was that speech just now
good enough for you?
I almost had a heart attack.
It's all your fault.
But honestly,
don't ask me to do this again in the future.
I used to be good at self-criticizing,
but now everything I say
feels like a self-critique.
You are not bad
when you are serious.
You should change yourself.
I can't change anyway.
You can let that female college student
make the speech.
She looks most suitable for
making those righteous speeches.
You mean Bai Lan?
My grudge with her isn't settled yet.
Let it go.
Stop bothering with her.
She is
not quite clean.
Bai Lan is
What do you mean?
Her record is not clean.
She's stabbed someone with a knife.
Bai Lan stabbed someone with a knife?
No wonder she's so wild.
She even dared to hit my cousin's head.
So she's a repeat offender?
That little brat!
But she didn't kill anyone.
It was just a minor injury.
But she was once arrested.
That's absolutely true.
Don't tell anyone.
Lu Xiaolu!
Shut up!
The loudspeaker
is still on!
Morning, Dr. Tian.
Lady Chatterley's Lover?
(Lady Chatterley's Lover)
(Saving water is honorable,
wasting water is shameful)
Little Pouter, I'll take you home
after work recently.
That pervert hasn't been caught yet.
It's dangerous.
No need. I live in the dormitory.
I've been working overtime a lot lately.
It's convenient to stay at the factory.
Staying in the dormitory is good.
Is there anything inconvenient for you?
If there is, I'll help you solve it.
I don't think you can solve it.
Do you know who my roommate is?
That Bai Lan.
I found out she's not just a murderer
but also an indecent girl.
What do you mean?
She reads that kind of book.
- What kind?
- What kind?
Lady Chatterley's Lover.
Don't you guys like to read that?
Let's go.
This is Debao,
your shiftleader.
(Debao, Maintenance Team Shiftleader)
Juan, are they the new guys?
- Sir.
- Sir.
This is Crooked Dog,
Wu Hongjun.
♪You will know our names♪
(Wu Hongjun/Crooked Dog, Maintenance)
Don't call me by my nickname.
If it weren't for your uncle's sake,
I would beat you.
Where is Big Feet?
Big Feet!
I am here.
♪We miss no details♪
(Chen Guowei/Big Feet, Maintenance)
Hello there.
I'm Chen Guowei.
They all call me
Big Feet.
Mr. Niu
is the only Level 8 fitter
in our factory.
(Mr. Niu, Maintenance Team Leader)
There's nothing
he can't fix.
Li Guangnan?
Hello, Master.
Your mom is the dormitory manager,
Ms. Dong.
Come here.
You are weak.
It was too sudden.
I I have strength.
Lu Xiaolu,
I carried you when you were this big.
You even peed on me.
You do have some strength.
Take some time to fix your hair.
Don't learn that slick and sly style
from your cousin.
This is the trend.
People in Hong Kong movies
are all like this.
Take it,
you two.
This is a welcome gift from the factory.
Make sure to keep it safe.
If you lose it,
you'll have to buy new ones.
(Emphasize dietary hygiene,
prevent disease through the mouth)
You are cool.
You're cool too.
(Golden Peacock)
♪In summer's carefree delight
and scorching hot♪
♪The passionate me, surging wildly,
indifferent to the outcome♪
♪On the colorful path,
I imagine those summer fireworks♪
♪I am the naive hero of youth♪
♪Life fools me, deceives me, troubles me♪
♪Should I give up, admit defeat,
not care anymore?♪
♪Various things before me seem wrong♪
♪Perhaps these are all my stubborn mistakes♪
♪Unintentionally, I intruded, chose, embraced♪
♪Without hesitation,
protecting, believing, indulging♪
♪No one tells me
how to proceed on the unknown path♪
♪Should I shrink back or push through?♪
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