Young Babylon (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

♪In a sudden instant♪
♪Dreams shattered and then recovered♪
♪Babylon's youth♪
♪Fearlessly living their lives♪
♪They keep moving forward♪
♪The noisy coastline in June♪
♪Reminds me of midsummer nights♪
♪The subtle emotions between you and me♪
♪No longer ordinary♪
♪Seasons come and go, steps never cease♪
♪Leaving behind evidence of existence♪
♪Watching time flow away♪
♪Anxiety gradually grows♪
♪Don't want to miss the scenery along the way♪
♪The scenery along the way,
evidence of existence♪
♪Dazzling you in my dreams♪
♪Are the source of my courage♪
♪The scenery in the air is amazing♪
♪Turn around to see the girl I miss♪
♪And the familiar nice wind♪
♪When this story reaches its conclusion♪
♪Perhaps it will be moving♪
=Young Babylon=
I'm not afraid of you.
Don't run.
This is my mask, Uncle Ma.
Why is it with you?
That's for you to answer.
What were you doing last night?
Last night?
I went to watch videos with Li Guangnan.
We came back around midnight.
What's wrong?
What videos did you watch?
Why do you care about that?
Tell me.
"Once Upon a Time in China 3"
"The Provocative Lady".
Aren't you too young to watch that?
It's just the name that's a bit provocative.
It's actually nothing like that.
We were tricked.
show me the tickets.
Those underground theaters
don't sell tickets,
Uncle Ma.
What's wrong?
Why are you interrogating me?
Tell me,
what's going on?
Stand up.
Who told you to sit down?
Let me tell you,
last night,
that pervert in a raincoat
appeared again.
This thing
fell off him.
Are you suspecting me?
Why not?
How come it's you again?
You're falsely accusing me!
The evidence is here.
Is it a false accusation?
I swear this mask
must have been stolen by someone.
It's just what you say.
why would I do such despicable things?
"Our grudge isn't settled yet."
Didn't you say this yourself?
You don't believe me, right?
Then go ask Li Guangnan.
He's the most honest person.
He won't lie.
Do you doubt that
Li Guangnan is an honest person?
That makes sense.
But I'm really not lying.
Alright, go back for now.
we'll continue the investigation.
Whether it's you or not,
the truth will come out eventually.
when the truth comes out,
don't forget to apologize to me.
Hey, Xiaolu,
that's evidence.
Give it back to me.
Dr. Bai,
do you think he looks like that
But you were just
So I
I couldn't say that to him.
It's okay.
I have a way.
=Episode 2=
=Between Us=
=There's Only Hatred, No Love=
Have you heard?
That pervert appeared again last night.
But in the end,
he was driven away
by Dr. Bai.
Dr. Bai
usually looks
quite weak and delicate.
I didn't believe those rumors before.
But after what happened last night,
I started to doubt it.
Well, by the way,
Dr. Bai is always
dressed so provocatively.
No wonder
she attracted the pervert's attention.
Do you want to try it?
Dr. Bai taught me this. It is delicious.
Let me tell you,
women shouldn't dress too provocatively,
let alone invite trouble actively.
What's wrong with you?
Oh, Dr. Bai
You finished your lunch? Sit down.
You look so good today.
- Isn't it, Dr. Tian?
- Yes. Yes.
- Aunt Dong,
- Yeah?
even if I dress like you,
perverts would still appear.
Well said.
Perverts don't choose their targets,
and they don't care about age or status.
- No, this
- Dr. Bai,
I rushed over as soon as
I heard about yesterday's incident.
Are you alright?
Did the pervert hurt you?
You're alright?
Of course I'm alright.
That's good.
(Medical Room)
Today is the day for the new workers'
physical examination, right?
At this time,
they should have gathered at the hospital.
Alright, I'll go take a look.
Why are you going there?
This used to be handled by the hospital.
No need for us to make a trip.
You think that pervert
is one of our workers?
Not necessarily,
but let's rule out the suspicion.
As long as we can catch him,
I'll fully support you.
Wait a moment.
My dad brought this
from the exhibition in Hangzhou.
Whenever I got frightened as a child,
I'd have something sweet.
It worked wonders.
- Take it. It'll calm your nerves.
- Thanks.
Yesterday, we strolled around
the cafeteria with the masks on.
Then, I put
I put it
Where did I put it?
Who could have stolen it?
Most importantly,
if you can't find that person,
you'll always be the No.1 suspect.
Just because of her words,
am I now a pervert?
Come on, fill out
the physical examination form.
Dr. Bai,
isn't this for men's health?
Why are you here?
What will you check later?
Do we have to undress?
Since it's a comprehensive examination,
of course, you have to undress.
Completely undress?
Everyone, pull your pants down
below your knees.
Underwear too?
Have you had a prostate exam?
Then let's start with you.
Turn around.
Take it off.
Keep going.
Come on.
Do it.
Take off your underwear too.
I give up.
Be serious.
Why are you laughing?
It's your turn.
Got bullied by a girl?
Just bear with it.
What can you do?
Can you fight back?
I definitely can't hit a woman.
But if it keeps going like this,
I'll be too embarrassed
to stay in the factory.
I think this might not be a bad thing.
Sometimes, the harder you fall,
the better the chance
to turn things around.
we've prepared everything
and are ready to leave at any time.
Where are you going now?
A group of thugs
from Eastern Fucheng came.
The leader is Boss Hu.
He used to be under me,
but now he's competing for the contract
of the skating rink with me.
Everybody knows that
three kilometers around the food factory
is my turf.
If he wants to compete for business,
I must crush them.
Why not just drive them out of Fucheng?
Do you need
to have a big fight with them?
You don't understand.
Subduing them is just one aspect.
I've already secured the skating rink.
You've already secured it?
I've secured the skating rink
and many people are envious.
I have to let everyone know my strength
and not bother me in the future.
This sounds exciting,
count me in.
Don't follow my footsteps in fighting.
Since you've entered the factory,
find a way to make a name for yourself.
This is your best opportunity.
If you dare do things others dare not to
and you can achieve something
others can't,
no one will dare
to bully you in the future.
when should we set out?
Be patient.
I'll first arrange to meet with them
for negotiations.
When the time comes,
we'll set an ambush
and wipe them out.
Boss Ma,
please bless me
to be victorious.
Look, I didn't know
which flavor you liked,
so I bought one of each for you.
You were also involved in this?
it's my goodwill gift.
But he paid for it.
Why suddenly be so nice to me?
What's your motive?
I was falsely accused
by that witch Bai Lan.
Did you know?
I know.
Li Guangnan told me.
I'm not that perverted stalker.
Do you believe me?
Of course I believe you.
always acts superior,
thinking everyone is interested in her.
Like everyone wants to stalk her.
In reality, no one cares about her.
I can't carry this false accusation.
I've thought about it.
As long as I catch
that perverted stalker myself,
I can clear my name.
But even the police couldn't catch him.
Plus, no one knows what he looks like.
How will you catch him?
What others can't do,
I, Lu Xiaolu, may be able to do it.
I've investigated.
This person always appears
after 7 p.m.
and frequents the area within
a three-kilometer radius
around the three forks.
He specifically stalks lone women.
As long as we can lure him out,
I don't believe I can't catch him.
Here he comes!
I think I understand now.
You want Little Pouter to be the bait.
No wonder you were suddenly so attentive.
So you had this plan.
- Lu Xiaolu.
- Little Pouter.
I think your idea is pretty cool.
I'll help.
So how will you thank me?
I'll cover all your soda for this summer.
- How about that?
- Deal.
Which color do you think looks better?
No, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
I haven't agreed yet.
This is too dangerous.
Won't you two secretly protect me?
What if the pervert
is big and carries weapons?
What if we can't protect you?
You're a man, yet so timid?
Anyway, Lu Xiaolu,
find someone else to do it.
We've only been in the factory
for a short time.
We barely know anyone.
If not Little Pouter, will you help me?
Maybe I can do it,
but Little Pouter can't.
(Boss Hu)
Can you stop being so cowardly?
The stick is too slippery.
What's that?
My mom said
wearing this can bring safety.
Sir, what do you want?
Boss, you won't like me.
I'm a guy.
Oh my
You blockhead.
Are you kidding me?
Who is it?
- Stop!
- Xiaolu?
What's going on?
Don't run.
Why is he here too?
attack now!
Now this is a mess.
We didn't catch the pervert
and ruined my cousin's ambush.
Don't mention it.
I almost lost my life.
It's all because you were too nervous.
You were exposed before you even spoke.
It seems we need to find someone
with more courage.
Give it up. Your plan is too dangerous.
Only someone like Bai Lan can handle it.
Dangerous or not, it needs to be done.
If we can't catch the pervert,
I'll never be able to lift my head
in front of that witch.
But where will you find another Bai Lan?
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
The pig's gone mad!
Get off me!
You pervert!
I was protecting you.
Don't just sit there,
come and help!
Who is this?
She's Mr. Niu's daughter,
Niu Xiaoying.
(Niu Xiaoying)
So, you're that perverted Lu Xiaolu?
I am Lu Xiaolu,
but I'm not perverted.
On the contrary,
I've come to ask for your help
in catching that pervert.
Why me?
Don't say it
if it is because
I'm beautiful.
Tell me something new.
To lure out this pervert,
it's not only about being good-looking,
but also being brave enough
to remain calm in the face of danger.
Looking across the entire food factory,
only you can handle this important task.
What if I'm in danger?
There was also danger
when the big pig went mad.
But you were the bravest,
rushing to the front.
I didn't expect you
to understand me so well.
I'll tell you,
you've found the right person to do it.
It's settled then.
♪Crazy woman♪
♪Crazy girl♪
Hey, you don't need to teach her.
Yes, I know.
♪Please give me your number♪
Okay, okay.
♪So crazy girl♪
♪So crazy woman♪
♪Just let me know♪
Stinky pervert!
Come out!
Don't hide in the shadows!
I know where you are!
Come out!
Why are you crying and howling
in the middle of the night?
I'm here to protect the people from harm!
Will the pervert come out like this?
Definitely not.
Can we ask her to keep it down a bit?
Definitely not.
Come out!
Is that pervert blind?
I'm such a beautiful woman,
walking alone on the street late at night,
yet he could resist not coming out?
Miss Niu,
I have to say that your outfit last night
- was awesome.
- Right?
But what you did last night
Wasn't it a bit
A bit frightening.
Was it?
Wasn't it?
I did it to lure him out.
Then I'll change my style tomorrow.
I'll be Christy Chung
from "Love on Delivery",
or Sharla Cheung
from "Fight Back to School".
I'll be Sharla Cheung. She has short hair.
- Oh, no need, no need.
- Ah, you are it!
No, no need.
The problem is
The problem is
Tomorrow is the weekend.
The pervert doesn't work on weekends.
- He will rest.
- Exactly.
So, you also will have to rest.
Then next week.
I'll be available anytime.
Please go back to work.
Thank you. Thank you.
Looks like,
we still need her to solve the problem.
Get off me!
You pervert!
Dr. Bai,
do you need help?
Did you do this?
When you're out in the world,
you're bound to get cut.
Although you're a female thug,
Fucheng is not a place
for you to act recklessly.
But, I'm a generous person.
I can forgive you.
I'm giving you a chance to make amends.
Just agree to cooperate with me
to find the person
who stole my face mask.
Not only will I fix your bike
and escort you home,
but we'll also settle
our past grievances.
You're calling black white.
How ridiculous.
You are the one calling black white!
You forgot your bike!
Are you crazy?
Don't you understand?
Cooperate with me now
while you still can.
You scoundrel!
Fix my bicycle and then
send it to my dorm.
You witch.
You're the female scoundrel here.
Who's in there?
Who's in there?
Lu Xiaolu?
- What?
- Why are you here so early in the morning?
Oh, nothing much.
Just taking a break.
Why does this bicycle look so familiar?
It's Bai Lan's.
Why were you sneakily
fixing her bike this morning?
Who was being sneaky?
I'm doing this openly, you know.
Then why cover it up with a cloth?
I'm afraid Mr. Niu will see and accuse me
of using public property
for personal matters.
But my question is,
why were you sneakily fixing
Bai Lan's bike?
It's a long story.
We were all naked,
and Dr. Bai was just looking at us.
I felt awkward
but she didn't even bat an eyelid.
Is that how a woman should act?
You know nothing.
Dr. Bai went to a university.
She's open-minded.
You can't compare her
to the female workers in our factory.
Those girls
blush at
the slightest joke.
If Dr. Bai could be my wife,
that'd be so great.
But unfortunately, she doesn't fancy us.
Well, you never know.
You can pursue her
and he can also do that.
Maybe Dr. Bai likes
our working-class.
Yeah, exactly.
I have
better chances than you.
She would never choose
a drunkard like you.
She graduated from a university
yet you didn't even finish high school
and got expelled.
Where's your confidence coming from?
I'm the Chow Yun-fat of Fucheng.
Then I'm Andy Lau of Changle.
Let's make a bet.
Come on. What's the bet?
Let's bet on
who can win over Dr. Bai first.
How about a month's salary?
If I win her over
Congratulations to you.
Get ready for the wedding.
Are you crazy? Why threw a rag at me?
That's what I wanted to do.
Watch your mouth,
or next time, it won't be a rag.
- Thanks.
- Have a good one.
(Convenience store)
They want to pursue Bai Lan,
why do you care so much?
I just can't stand
a group of men
talking about a girl like that.
That is Bai Lan,
the girl you hate the most.
I get it now.
Are you starting to like her?
What are you talking about?
After hugging her in the canteen,
you thought it felt good,
and your heart started racing,
thinking you should pursue her.
How could I like her?
There's only hatred between us.
So what's going on? She likes you?
Li Guangnan, let me tell you.
Between me and Bai Lan,
it's nothing but hatred.
There's no love.
Alright, why get so worked up?
What I mean is,
if you really manage to win Bai Lan over
and help her escape
from those people harassing her,
she'll cooperate with you.
Not bad. Your little brain
sometimes comes in handy.
Of course.
(Lady Chatterley's Lover)
(Lady Chatterley's Lover)
Was the one on the loudspeaker her?
Yes, it's her.
Do you think she looks like a murderer?
I think she does.
Maybe she's carrying
several lives on her back.
Keep your voice down.
What are they doing?
Ignore them.
I'm Afang.
I live in the room next to yours.
These people
do nothing all day
but gossip about others.
You're so pretty,
I definitely don't believe those rumors.
But what if they're true?
Thank you,
but I don't mind.
Hey, are you reading
Xu Guozhang English?
Do you want to study abroad too?
Have you talked to Director Ding
at the administration office?
If you want to study abroad,
you have to go through him.
I've talked to him.
He said I could take the exam,
but whether I can get in depends on me.
I've been studying all the time,
they laugh at me,
saying I'm overestimating myself.
Do you need reference materials?
I have a lot in my dorm.
I can lend them to you.
Come on.
You timely mended your mistakes.
So you are not completely hopeless.
Get up, I'm leaving.
Wait a minute.
I have something important
to discuss with you.
You really act like a clingy dog.
You're mistaken.
I'm not a clingy dog.
I'm your suspect.
I'm glad you know that.
Those workers are betting on you.
Can't you see it?
So? Do you want to join them?
I'll help you out.
You can be so kind-hearted?
I'm not doing it just to help you.
We can make a deal.
I'll help you get rid of those workers,
and you'll help me catch the pervert
and clear my name.
Are you threatening me?
Not at all.
It's mutually beneficial.
Think about it.
(Medical Room)
- Does it hurt here?
- Oh, lower, lower.
- Here?
- Lower, lower.
Lower, lower.
Does it hurt here?
Lower, lower, lower.
Workers in your gel workshop
bend to work every day,
so muscle strain is normal.
How did you hurt your buttocks?
To be honest, Dr. Bai,
ever since you saw my buttocks
during the last physical examination,
they haven't been feeling great.
You must take responsibility for it.
Okay, how do you want to treat it?
Should I give you a painkiller injection
perform surgery directly?
Dr. Bai,
isn't there a gentler way?
Oh, you lazy thing!
You're the number one slacker.
Don't move, just lie here.
I'll call your workshop director for you.
Secretary Bi,
please don't badmouth me.
I have muscle strain.
Is it that serious?
Let me arrange early retirement for you.
Your seniority shouldn't be
less than 30 years.
What retirement?
I received a tip-off
that workers are lining up to see you.
I thought something was wrong,
afraid you might be harassed.
So I came to help you out.
Lining up?
There were several more outside.
Don't worry,
I've already sent them all away.
Why are you helping me?
Since that scoundrel Lu Xiaolu
said on the loudspeaker
that you're a murderer,
I'm afraid these workers
won't be friendly to you.
I can't stand
bullying and oppression,
especially bullying the weak
by the strong.
If they all think I'm a murderer,
how could they dare to bully me?
But the key is, you're not a murderer.
I've seen your file.
I just feel you're
a person with a tough life.
- So
- Bad news! Bad news!
Dr. Bai,
some workers got drunk at Good Cat Stall
and got into a fight,
and someone got injured.
I'll go with you.
Dr. Bai, let's go quickly.
Another fight?
- Let's go.
- Secretary Bi.
I'll send you there.
Can you fight?
Who's injured? Let me see.
- I'm injured.
- It's okay, it's okay.
Just a little scrape.
With Dr. Bai's arrival,
I'm already healed.
Dr. Bai,
I heard you're also from the north,
so we're half-fellow countrymen.
These are dumplings I made myself.
I'm Sun Guanghui.
These dumplings
have shrimp and crab meat.
I'm Lin Weihao.
These are egg dumplings
made by a special chef
from the No. 2 Light Industry Bureau.
Dr. Bai, try them.
Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down.
Dr. Bai, these are dumplings
I made myself.
My dumplings
are top-notch in our factory.
Have a taste.
Dr. Bai, let me tell you
Dr. Bai, have some.
Don't be shy.
Try mine. Try it.
Enough with the dumplings.
Take them back.
Alright, it's a shame.
Why did you trick me here?
How could we be tricking you?
Dr. Bai, you've been at our factory
for two months,
and we haven't had a chance
to get to know you.
It is a good opportunity for us
to sit together and get to know
each other today.
- That's right.
- Well,
it could lead to something more.
I think you've misunderstood.
I'm here at the factory to work,
not to make friends.
The examination I did the other day
might have been a bit offensive,
but it doesn't mean I have any interest
in any of you.
And also
And also what?
And also,
she already has a boyfriend.
Lu Xiaolu?
What are you doing here?
I heard you were here to rescue someone.
I'm here to pick you up after work.
These are your gifts
for my girlfriend, right?
Thanks to everyone
for looking after my girlfriend.
Please order anything you like.
Dinner is on me.
Lu Xiaolu,
stop pretending!
Everyone here knows that
you and Dr. Bai are at odds.
- Right.
- Exactly.
Her boyfriend? Ridiculous.
Calm down.
I know it's hard for you all to accept,
but that's the reality.
look at my watch.
August 7, 1996,
one minute
before 8 o'clock in the evening.
You'll remember this moment
because in the next minute,
I'll become your boyfriend.
♪So please don't leave me alone,
sad and cold♪
♪And I think everybody knows but you♪
♪I'm happy to be your company♪
♪Expecting your attention♪
♪Counting every memory clip♪
♪Happiness is always followed by pain♪
♪So let me shout it out♪
♪I think I'll make you proud♪
♪Nobody tells me what to do♪
♪My life is not a boring loop♪
♪It's not a joke this time♪
♪The feeling of hitting rock bottom♪
♪I follow your steps from now on♪
♪For the answer to the question in my heart♪
♪In summer's carefree delight
and scorching hot♪
♪The passionate me, surging wildly,
indifferent to the outcome♪
♪On the colorful path,
I imagine those summer fireworks♪
♪I am the naive hero of youth♪
♪Life fools me, deceives me, troubles me♪
♪Should I give up, admit defeat,
not care anymore?♪
♪Various things before me seem wrong♪
♪Perhaps these are all my stubborn mistakes♪
♪Unintentionally, I intruded, chose, embraced♪
♪Without hesitation,
protecting, believing, indulging♪
♪No one tells me
how to proceed on the unknown path♪
♪Should I shrink back or push through?♪
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