Young Babylon (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

♪In a sudden instant♪
♪Dreams shattered and then recovered♪
♪Babylon's youth♪
♪Fearlessly living their lives♪
♪They keep moving forward♪
♪The noisy coastline in June♪
♪Reminds me of midsummer nights♪
♪The subtle emotions between you and me♪
♪No longer ordinary♪
♪Seasons come and go, steps never cease♪
♪Leaving behind evidence of existence♪
♪Watching time flow away♪
♪Anxiety gradually grows♪
♪Don't want to miss the scenery along the way♪
♪The scenery along the way,
evidence of existence♪
♪Dazzling you in my dreams♪
♪Are the source of my courage♪
♪The scenery in the air is amazing♪
♪Turn around to see the girl I miss♪
♪And the familiar nice wind♪
♪When this story reaches its conclusion♪
♪Perhaps it will be moving♪
=Young Babylon=
Earlier, I
Do you still want me
to help you catch that flasher?
Let me tell you, no way.
Hold on a second,
I just helped you out.
Why are you turning against me now?
You don't really think
I wanted to kiss you, do you?
You've got it all wrong.
I was just helping you out.
I just had to go all the way.
Otherwise, how would you escape?
Could they really kidnap me?
Hard to say.
Lu Xiaolu,
I'm starting to think
you're the pervert who followed me.
Bai Lan, you're too full of yourself.
Everyone else might not know
what you're like,
but I sure do.
You appear all angelic on the outside,
like a fairy come down to earth,
but in reality, you're just a scoundrel—
rough, cunning,
and even a bit crazy.
Why should I follow you?
You know I'm a scoundrel
and still keep bothering me.
Do you believe I'd kill you with a knife?
I don't.
Because you can't beat me.
What are you doing?
- Let go.
- I won't.
You even use sneak attack!
Thank goodness I reacted quickly.
You kissed me without my consent.
That's harassment.
Apologize to me.
I won't.
You repaid kindness with enmity
and attacked suddenly.
Why should I apologize to you?
Bai Lan, let me tell you.
In my dictionary,
there's no such thing as "I'm sorry"!
=Episode 3=
=Thank You, I'm Sorry for the Trouble=
Why are you venting
on an iron bar in the morning?
Lu Xiaolu.
Good for you.
You are famous already.
You brought honor
to our maintenance department.
You've really got Dr. Bai.
What do you mean?
Lu Xiaolu,
the Labor Department received a report
saying you harassed Dr. Bai.
Come with me
to explain to the supervisor.
I am innocent.
There is nothing to explain.
Come here.
did you kiss her?
If you're not harassing her,
are you two together?
How is that possible?
She's such a two-faced woman.
I will never like her.
You should go explain to everyone
that you two
No pulling and pushing during work hours.
You still know it's work hours?
There's a job for you.
- What kind of job?
- What is it?
The kind that'll open your eyes.
Dr. Bai.
Get out.
I didn't know there was a patient inside.
Dr. Bai, are you okay?
Lu Xiaolu didn't hurt you, did he?
This is my private matter.
No need to trouble you.
I actually have
something private to ask you.
Do you really have a boyfriend?
It's none of your business.
Looks like
this has had quite an impact on you.
I'll come back
when you're feeling better.
No need to see me out.
Secretary Bi is much better
than the workers at our factory.
He's a junior college graduate.
His dad is the deputy director
of the Second Light Industry Bureau.
You should consider it.
That way,
you don't need to study so hard.
Then why don't you go pursue him?
Since when do girls pursue guys?
Could Lu Xiaolu really like you?
He was arrested because of me,
missed the college entrance exam,
lost his welding mask,
was suspected of being a flasher,
and was even forced
to fix a bicycle by me.
I think he's the person in the factory
who hates me the most.
So many things have happened
between you two.
I had no idea.
I don't want to talk about him.
Lie on your back.
I thought you were dead,
not moving for ten minutes.
Let's go watch a movie this weekend.
A movie?
Is there anyone worth seeing recently?
All's Well, Ends Well Too?
Fight Back to School?
Why is your head always
filled with such dirty thoughts?
What's dirty about that?
I just wanted to confirm something.
Confirm what?
In reality,
why do those women wear
such different things
than in the movies?
How do you know they're different?
Have you seen it?
You pervert!
You are still full of dirty thoughts.
Why did you throw that at me?
Bai Lan.
Bai Lan.
So much food.
Can you finish it all?
He helped Xiaoying catch the pig.
Xiaoying gave him the food.
Beautiful, huh?
Not at all.
I didn't even say what I was saying.
Why are you looking down
if it's not beautiful?
I didn't sleep well last night.
I'm tired.
You didn't sleep well?
He had a nightmare last night,
scared me.
What kind of dream?
Let me interpret it for you.
Since when do you interpret dreams?
All girls in our department can do it.
Just for fun.
Xiaolu, tell me.
Did you dream about
something or someone that scares you?
Kind of.
If so,
there are two types of people
you're afraid of.
One is someone
who will change your destiny,
and you're worried
about your destiny changing,
so you're afraid of them.
The other is someone
you love dearly,
and you're worried about losing them,
so you're afraid.
Which one are you?
Aren't those
the same?
How could they be the same?
Are you even listening to me?
You care about the first one
and like the second.
- Guangnan.
- Since you like them
Something's happened.
What happened? What's going on?
Come with me and you'll know,
and you too.
Come on, come on, hurry.
What's going on?
Wait a minute.
Turn that breaker back on for me.
Do you know why they respect your master?
Because he's good.
It's because he fixed foreign water pumps,
beat the workshop manager,
and even blew up in the sky
with the reactor once.
Nothing major,
maybe a loose screw inside.
Open this big cover for me.
Okay, Master.
- Don't do it.
- Hurry up.
Don't touch it.
This machine was imported from abroad.
(Ding Dezhong, Director of the Factory Office)
There's only one in Fucheng.
If you break it, who will be responsible?
I find it strange.
At this time, he shows up.
tell me,
is there a machine in the factory
that I can't fix?
Every horse has its saddle.
This is a German machine.
We can invite a German expert to fix it.
Hey, Director Ding.
So what you're saying is
my master isn't qualified
to fix this German machine?
Look at him being so obsessed
with foreign things.
Foreigners' farts would be his perfume.
Ding, when will
this expert arrive?
It might take a week.
A week?
That's too long.
- One long week.
- Once the production line stops,
one day's losses
are over a hundred thousand.
for a week
means losing the bonus.
Anyway, no matter what,
nobody can touch it.
Hey, Ding.
What's more important,
the person or the machine?
I've said my piece.
You can touch it.
If you break it,
it's on you.
Let's go.
Should we talk to Master?
Sometimes it's better
to have fewer problems.
Talk to him how?
When has our Master
ever endured this kind of frustration?
He's about to retire, and that Ding Dezhong
is stomping all over him.
If it were me, I couldn't swallow
this insult either.
But the director
doesn't care about the shutdown.
Why rush ourselves?
Big Feet, you go talk to Master.
How can you do this to me?
Everyone knows
that person will get scolded.
Xiaolu is bold. Let him go.
So Xiaolu,
you do it.
I'll do it with you.
Let's do it together!
Count me in too.
You little brat,
look at what you've got.
How do we approach that?
There are two doors in that workshop,
one north and one south.
Enter from the south door,
turn right for 20 meters,
and you'll reach the ventilation area.
Enter the corridor
to reach the cold storage room
where the broken machine is.
But the security guards outside
the cold storage room patrol every night.
If we want to get in,
we'll need to distract the security guards.
Not bad, Xiaolu,
you've only been there twice.
How do you remember?
With my brain.
(Cold Storage, Corridor, Dark Hallway)
Master, will we fix it or not?
Just tell us about it.
You think you can read my mind?
Who said we would go?
No one's going.
Not a single person.
Who are you?
Didn't I tell you not to come?
But you came too.
Anyone else?
- You all
- Master.
Debao is the shiftleader.
If something happens to him,
the entire maintenance team
won't have anyone to lead.
So I didn't call him to come.
Look at you
making arrangements.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Go, go, go.
Take this.
Someone's coming, someone's coming.
Over here, over here.
What's going on?
Ma! Ma!
There's a ghost, a ghost!
Why are you yelling like that?
Are you the ghost?
There really is a ghost.
Wearing a white robe, floating
with long legs.
What are you two waiting for?
Come with me.
You go!
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
(Security Department)
Wait for me! I'm scared!
People are coming.
Watch closely.
Big Feet,
please don't take it off.
Stop right there!
Hey, don't run!
Stop, be it ghost or human!
Hurry, hurry.
- Who are you?
- Stop running!
- Hurry, hurry!
- Don't run!
- Get him!
- Stop!
Stop right there!
I'm sorry, sorry.
- Dr. Bai?
- Big Feet?
Why are you pretending to be a ghost?
I'm not, I'm not.
Caught you!
Dr. Bai,
did you see a ghost?
Are you talking about this?
You go, you go, you go.
This is ridiculous.
- Dr. Bai, look.
- Dr. Bai.
Did you hear?
There was a ghost
in the bottling workshop last night.
Where did the ghost come from?
Can something like that happen?
Yeah, it's strange.
It's true,
and because there was a ghost last night,
the German machine is working now.
It's a shame that
Director Liu and Ding Dezhong
still won't let us work.
Why not?
Why do you think?
They insist on
waiting for that foreign expert.
(Warm Welcome to German Expert)
Do you need a hand?
No, I'll do it myself.
So what do you think the problem is?
Is it because of the machine's engine?
Of course not.
This is not our original screw.
I don't know where it came from,
but it definitely shouldn't be here.
Is this not an original one?
He said that this screw is not original.
Explain it to me.
Why was there a Chinese screw
in the German machine?
The German machine
is used in China,
so it's not surprising
to find a Chinese screw in it.
If there were an American screw,
that would be strange, wouldn't it?
Bai Lan, could you explain to him
what the German expert said?
The German expert said that
we cannot change machine parts
without authorization,
they will no longer provide
maintenance services
and we will have to pay
a penalty of 100,000 yuan.
A hundred thousand
for just one screw?
Isn't that robbery, Director?
Mr. Niu,
I have great respect for you
after all the years
you've worked in the factory.
We should value contract
and honesty,
or nobody will work with you.
The factory pays me
and I do what I should do.
I don't know anything
about a contract.
I've never read it anyway.
Get out of the way.
we shut the machines down
just for this little screw?
We lost over
one hundred thousand a day
and you know that.
Mr. Niu,
you are an old employee of our factory.
I remember you were already here
when I entered the factory.
But why are you
becoming unreasonable now?
If I remember correctly,
you're about to turn 55 in two years,
What are you trying to say?
We won't discuss who's right or wrong
in this matter for now,
but for the sake of our factory's interests,
we should give the Germans an explanation.
What explanation do you want?
What do you want?
If you want to fire me, go ahead.
If that's your attitude, how will we
- solve this matter?
- Master!
- Xiaolu.
- Master.
Lu Xiaolu,
why are you
in every trouble?
Director Liu,
I came up with the idea
to fix the machine that day,
I drew the topographic map,
and I handed the tools to my master.
If you want to punish someone, punish me,
not my master.
I kept watch that night.
I did that too.
my master's business is our business.
You can just fire us all.
Do you think Big Feet can do it?
Among the few of us,
he is the only one
who knows a little English.
- Hello.
- It has to be him.
Tell him
Mr. Niu is our master.
Hey, man.
Don't be arrogant.
Do you know who we are?
We apologize to him.
Believe it
or no believe it,
we can beat you down.
We are sincere.
Let you see what we are.
You better shut up.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Lu Xiaolu.
- You better run. Beat it.
Come out with me.
- Go.
- Eat. Eat.
What are you doing?
That's also what I want to ask you.
I am trying to apologize to him.
We admit that
violating the contract was wrong,
but replacement comparison method
is a basic method
that I knew about since middle school.
He wouldn't even let us touch it.
I just want him to trust us.
Rules are rigid,
but people can not be.
Could you please stop causing trouble?
Are you also just like Bi Zhigang
and Ding Dezhong,
thinking we workers know nothing
but making trouble?
Isn't that true?
You sneaked into the workshop at night
and let Big Feet play the ghost,
and now you are
threatening the German expert.
Didn't you do all that?
How do you know about Big Feet
playing a ghost?
Do you think you are being a hero
and solving problems?
Let me tell you,
in my eyes,
you're just like a clumsy bear.
do I really
look like a bear?
You are my bloodline,
how can you be a bear?
What do you mean?
Your veins flow
with my blood.
Didn't your mom tell you?
No, no, no, Master,
you can't say things like that.
What do you mean my veins flow
with your blood?
You mean my mom
You little rascal,
what are you thinking?
When you were little,
you fell down the stairs
in the factory
and got seriously injured.
We have the same blood type,
so I gave you a big bag of blood.
You scared me there,
you shouldn't start the story like that.
Drink up, Master.
You have
my blood flowing in you,
so your temper
and character are just like mine
when I was young.
The day
you joined the maintenance team,
when I saw you,
I thought,
isn't this my son?
Mr. Niu,
think before you say anything!
If he's your son,
then what am I?
you two can be
brother and sister.
He can't be my brother.
why is she angry?
I've been
in this factory
for over 40 years,
never late
or left early once.
When Xiaoying's mother passed away,
I only took half a day off.
There's no machine in this factory
that I can't fix.
With me around,
I'll never let the production line stop.
But they
said I'm
and asked me to leave.
don't be sad.
You still have me.
We are very sorry for this mistake.
Hope there will be opportunities
for cooperation.
Come in.
Secretary Bi.
Dr. Bai?
Why are you here?
This is for you.
For me?
Didn't you say last time
that you wanted to learn English?
These tapes should be helpful.
(University English)
I appreciate it.
Next time, just let me know.
You didn't have to come personally.
I could go pick it up.
How about this?
I'll treat you to dinner tonight
as a token of thanks.
No need to be so formal.
I'm not being formal with you.
By the way,
are all the contracts
of the factory with you?
Can I borrow the contract signed with
the German manufacturer?
I mainly want to learn
how English contracts are written.
Although my spoken English is not bad,
reading is quite difficult for me.
So, I thought I could learn a bit more.
It's better to be a slow learner
than not at all.
How can you be a slow learner?
You're so smart.
So, are you refusing to lend it to me?
Of course not.
Well, I
You can't take the contract
out of this room.
It's a rule.
I'll read it here.
You can watch me.
There won't be a problem.
Okay, okay.
- Wait for me a moment.
- Sure.
For January and February
Wait, hey!
Wait a minute! Hey!
Dr. Bai!
What is this?
Hop on!
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Let's go.
Can you go any faster?
Don't worry. Xiaolu will surely
hold the German expert off.
Dr. Smith.
This man is crazy.
- Xiaolu!
- Please take me away from here.
I just got something
very urgent to tell you.
This is our contract.
I just read through it.
And seems like we were not the one
who broke it.
So according to it, we should
be given solutions within three days.
After which we can open the shell
of the machine.
So your company is the one
who breached the contract first.
Your persistence really beat me down.
This is not just about persistence.
It's just that we have the right
to speak for ourselves and find out the truth.
Can you let me go
if we withdraw
our breach-of-contract claim?
Of course!
We are friends.
Although we don't have to
compensate the Germans anymore,
is this your achievement?
It's all thanks to
Dr. Bai Lan.
for not following
the factory's regulations
and repairing equipment privately,
I still
need to punish you.
Plus that Lu Xiaolu,
you three will all be punished.
are you only punishing the three of us?
Our master won't be punished?
What does this have to do with Mr. Niu?
He fixed the machine,
so let's call it even.
Thank you, Director. Thank you.
But to redeem himself,
Xiaolu also got injured.
Is this a negotiation with me?
Considering your
dedication to the factory,
just write
a self-criticism report each.
That's it?
You want more?
How about
you write it in another language?
No problem.
Let's go.
Thank you, Director.
Dr. Bai.
Stop pretending to be asleep
and get up.
If you keep sleeping,
you'll really be a bear.
I'm warning you,
don't call me a bear again.
Didn't you see
how cool and stylish I looked
in that windbreaker?
Yeah, you did look cool,
like a kid
wearing adult clothes.
But what you did
was quite manly.
What are you doing?
- Master.
- Master.
When I'm not around,
no one's working?
No, we were just waiting
to welcome you back.
Big Feet,
sing a song to celebrate!
You can sing, Big Feet?
You didn't know?
Big Feet is the most famous
singer in our factory.
No, no, I really can't sing.
I really can't.
Set sail!
March forward!
♪In summer's carefree delight♪
♪And scorching hot♪
♪The passionate me, surging wildly♪
♪Indifferent to the outcome♪
♪On the colorful path♪
♪I imagine those summer fireworks♪
(What a lame magic show.)
♪Life fools me♪
♪Deceives me, troubles me♪
♪Should I give up♪
(Good stuff. Keep it a secret.)
♪Various things before me seem wrong♪
(Chocolate represents love.)
♪Unintentionally, I intruded♪
(You stole the gift
our foreign partner gave Director Liu?)
(Director Liu gave it to me.)
(Nobody will believe you.)
♪On the unknown path♪
♪Should I shrink back or push through?♪
(Only you are worthy of the high-class
imported chocolate.)
(Is it from Xiaolu?)
(It's from Secretary Bi.)
(Yeah, right.)
♪Sitting by your side♪
♪Looking through your eyes♪
♪Nothing to regret♪
Thank you.
I'm sorry
for the trouble.
♪Looking through your eyes♪
♪Nothing to regret♪
♪Life fools me, deceives me, troubles me♪
♪Should I give up♪
♪Admit defeat, not care anymore?♪
♪Various things before me seem wrong♪
♪Perhaps these are all my stubborn mistakes♪
I intruded, chose, embraced♪
♪Without hesitation♪
♪In summer's carefree delight
and scorching hot♪
♪The passionate me, surging wildly,
indifferent to the outcome♪
♪On the colorful path,
I imagine those summer fireworks♪
♪I am the naive hero of youth♪
♪Life fools me, deceives me, troubles me♪
♪Should I give up, admit defeat,
not care anymore?♪
♪Various things before me seem wrong♪
♪Perhaps these are all my stubborn mistakes♪
♪Unintentionally, I intruded, chose, embraced♪
♪Without hesitation,
protecting, believing, indulging♪
♪No one tells me
how to proceed on the unknown path♪
♪Should I shrink back or push through?♪
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