Young Babylon (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

♪In a sudden instant♪
♪Dreams shattered and then recovered♪
♪Babylon's youth♪
♪Fearlessly living their lives♪
♪They keep moving forward♪
♪The noisy coastline in June♪
♪Reminds me of midsummer nights♪
♪The subtle emotions between you and me♪
♪No longer ordinary♪
♪Seasons come and go, steps never cease♪
♪Leaving behind evidence of existence♪
♪Watching time flow away♪
♪Anxiety gradually grows♪
♪Don't want to miss the scenery along the way♪
♪The scenery along the way,
evidence of existence♪
♪Dazzling you in my dreams♪
♪Are the source of my courage♪
♪The scenery in the air is amazing♪
♪Turn around to see the girl I miss♪
♪And the familiar nice wind♪
♪When this story reaches its conclusion♪
♪Perhaps it will be moving♪
=Young Babylon=
♪Escaping the night in moonlight♪
♪Avoiding the guards using darkness♪
♪Lost and no longer lost♪
♪You go find a spaceship♪
♪I'll lead away the guards♪
♪I don't have a spaceship♪
♪So we can't reach♪
♪The moon♪
Did you hear the news?
Dr. Bai has been reassigned
to the boiler room.
The boiler room?
They say it's because she issued
a fake mental issue certificate for Afang
and got reported to the police
by Ding Dezhong's wife.
Anyone here?
I'm Bai Lan.
I'm reporting in.
It's not like
anyone can work in our boiler room.
There are rules here.
What rules?
The first rule is
we never welcome traitors
who bully the working class.
What do you mean?
What do I mean? You don't understand?
Everyone in our factory knows
Afang isn't mentally ill.
Why did you issue a fake certificate
to harm her?
Today, I'm going
to uphold justice for her.
Are you in love with Afang?
Hey, don't talk nonsense.
Our relationship is pure
working-class friendship.
It's just that I can't stand
your despicable tactics.
So despicable.
What about the second rule?
The second rule
I'll tell you when I think of it.
Okay, then, I'll go to work.
If you want to join our working class,
you need to have the skills of us.
See that?
That pile of coal,
move it all
to the opposite corner within an hour.
Then you pass the test.
How about that?
Get started.
Hey, don't just stand there.
Clock is ticking.
Hurry up.
- You scumbag!
- I
How could a man like you bully a woman?
- No
- Xiaolu.
She cozied up to Ding Dezhong.
I'm avenging Afang.
- Continue.
- We should stick together.
Lu Xiaolu,
what are you doing?
Don't think you can act arrogant
because you're
a hero in the factory now.
Let me tell you
You wait!
Don't go. I'll come back.
- Wait for me.
- This is not over.
Let's go.
- What are you doing?
- Come.
Hey, let go.
Pack up and go back
to the medical room to work.
Don't come here again.
I accepted it.
I issued the fake certificate,
it's only right that I'm punished.
But the one who suggested it was me.
If anyone's punished, it should be me.
Do you regret it?
Do you regret helping Afang?
Of course not.
I don't regret it either.
But if you stay here,
what if Dakang and the others
bully you again?
Do you think they can bully me?
Next time they bully me, I'll hit them.
- Hit them hard.
- Hit them hard.
Hey, why are you hitting me?
- You should hit them.
- I'm practicing on you.
=Episode 6=
=Pink Memories=
You're all dirty.
Oh my! You scared me.
Why are you hiding here
during lunch break?
This electric fan is in such bad shape.
Why bother fixing it?
You don't understand.
I can turn even
rubbish into treasures.
Not bad.
Where did you find these things?
These are all treasures.
Big Feet.
Alright, I'll help you make a new one.
How is it?
- It's nothing.
- Xiaolu,
come have a cup of tea.
What did you put in this tea?
It's the cooling tea I prepared.
I brewed mint and tea leaves together.
Isn't it refreshing?
This invention is amazing!
What are you saying?
It's hardly an invention.
You are even speaking up for Bai Lan?
Have you forgotten how she
slandered your uncle?
You know if it was a slander or not.
What are you saying?
Who raised you from childhood?
You forgot?
Now that you have grown up,
you're turning against me, right?
Then I'll just leave now.
I'll give you back everything
you've given me.
How are you going to repay me?
Go away!
What are you
Hey, sweetie, sweetie.
I don't want you. I want meat.
What are you doing here?
Are you alright?
Did Ding Dezhong scold you again?
Not only did we argue,
but I was also kicked out.
Now I have nowhere to go.
Are you happy now?
Stop crying.
Don't look this way.
Turn around.
Ding Dezhong is Ding Dezhong,
and you are you.
Even if others don't understand you,
I do.
What's the use of your understanding?
Lu Xiaolu, that heartless scoundrel.
He knows nothing.
Lu Xiaolu is just a big fool.
When we go back,
I'll teach him a lesson for you.
I don't want to go back.
Everyone will hate me because
I'm Ding Dezhong's niece.
No one will like me.
How do you know no one likes you?
someone is full of thoughts about you,
but you just can't see it.
If you have nowhere to go,
I'll just take care of you.
Li Guangnan,
I consider you a friend.
Don't think about taking advantage of me.
What you are saying is unreasonable.
I'm just willing to help a friend.
Why do you think of me like that?
Even if you're pretty,
that's not enough for me
to make mistakes.
And let me tell you,
you're not that pretty.
At most,
you're third in Fucheng.
Why am I third?
Who's first?
First is, of course, Guanyin Bodhisattva.
And second?
is Mazu.
Smooth talker.
I'm telling the truth.
You're definitely third.
Don't be greedy.
Li Guangnan, turn around.
I'm hungry.
You said you'd help your friend, right?
Treat me to a meal.
How did he start
fiddling with these bottles and jars?
What is he messing around with?
He doesn't look like he's messing around.
Is he creating a new product
for the factory?
What new product?
He's in maintenance.
did he switch to R&D?
That's a good thing.
What future does maintenance have?
Technical jobs are different.
You fool.
Your son's in love.
He's grown up?
He's grown up.
Seeing you, a college graduate,
doing this kind of work
really pains my heart.
my abilities are limited,
and I couldn't help you.
College graduates are also human beings.
Why can others do things
while I cannot?
Let me do it.
I'll help you.
I feel it's such a waste for you.
This matter
shouldn't be blamed on you at all.
It's just because
you're here without any support.
No one is backing you.
It's working hours now.
Don't disturb me at work.
Do you just
want to keep staying here?
Bai Lan.
What are you doing?
As long as you're willing to trust me,
I can take care of you
and protect you.
Bai Lan.
You guys in the boiler room work late.
I know you haven't taken a hot shower
in days.
You can do it here.
Bah! Lunch time!
Hey, I
Who's this?
Lu Xiaolu?
Why are you here during work hours?
It's lunch break.
Lunch break
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Stay away from me!
I heard there are a lot of flies
in the boiler room,
so I came to chase them away.
There are the most flies in your
maintenance department,
and they're all headless flies.
With these gloves,
you won't be afraid of getting burned
or cut in the future.
It's quite thick.
Thank you.
What's this?
It's a specially made
jasmine iced tea for you,
plus your favorite milk.
Try it.
How is it?
Is it good?
It's a bit strange
but still good.
See? I knew it.
Just now, I saw Bi Zhigang
handing you a letter.
A love letter?
Are you curious?
What's there to be curious about?
I'm just reminding you as a good friend.
Bi Zhigang is not a good person.
He's scheming, cunning,
and hypocritical.
Don't fall for his tricks.
Come on,
take a look.
Didn't you say you weren't curious?
I'm just helping you
as a friend
so you don't get deceived.
Come on, let me see.
Let me see.
Why are you smiling?
This scoundrel.
(Grand Hotel)
I knew he was bearing evil intentions.
It's a three-star hotel.
You're not allowed to go.
Why not?
Hello, sir. Do you have a reservation?
Has anyone come to room 412?
Let me check for you.
Oh, the guest has already checked in.
Bai Lan.
It's me, Bi Zhigang.
Take your time showering.
I'll wait outside for you.
I didn't expect you to actually come.
I feel like
I'm dreaming.
I remember the day
you first came to the factory.
You were wearing a snow-white
polyester skirt,
and stylish,
unlike any of
the other girls I've met before.
But I'm
just ordinary
and too introverted,
so I never
dared to confess to you.
I'm just ordinary.
Even though my dad is a leader
in the Second Light Industry Bureau,
just a small,
ordinary office secretary.
Who knows when I'll become
a big leader?
I'm too introverted.
Many young and beautiful female comrades
in the factory try to talk to me,
but I don't know how to respond
and just end up blushing
and running away.
The female comrades
have opinions about me,
blaming me
for not giving them a chance.
But it's not that I don't want to
No, no.
Don't come out yet.
Let me finish.
Do you remember the chocolate I gave you?
When I was a child,
my parents always argued.
Whenever they did,
I would hide in a corner of the house
with a box of chocolates
and quietly eat them
because chocolates
gave me a sense of security.
I've seen your file.
I think in some ways,
we're both lonely people.
I really don't want to see you
falling into despair
with someone like Lu Xiaolu.
If you're with me,
I promise you'll live a life
ten times,
a hundred times better than now.
I promise
you won't suffer any
innocent repercussions again.
Do you believe me?
I do.
Bi Zhigang,
your words just now are truly touching.
I'm really moved.
Too moved.
Wait a minute. Why is it you?
Why couldn't it be me?
Where's Bai Lan?
I'm a guy.
I've been working in the factory all day,
dirty and smelly.
Hey, haven't you been concerned about
your colleagues in the factory?
Can't I come over and take a shower?
No, I I
Besides, I'm just a lowly worker
who's never even stayed
in a star-rated hotel.
Secretary Bi,
you're so thoughtful.
You even bought me supper.
How considerate.
- Thanks.
- Put it down. Put it down.
It's not for you.
What's this?
You want to fight?
Can you beat me?
Lu Xiaolu,
don't think you can act recklessly
just because your cousin backs you up.
Do you believe I can make things
very ugly for you?
So, you're scared of my cousin, huh?
But let me tell you,
dealing with you
doesn't require his intervention.
You guys wait and see.
I'll make you regret this.
Good speech.
Hey, you're looking great in that outfit.
Couldn't tell you just got off
from the boiler room.
Cut it out.
Oh, you have no idea.
When I came out
of the shower just now,
Bi Zhigang's eyes nearly
popped out of his head.
It was so hilarious.
Too bad
you weren't there to witness
such a great scene.
I actually wanted to go.
You were the one who said I shouldn't.
Are you hungry?
Let's go.
Ding Dezhong!
I'm telling you!
I will definitely leave the boiler room!
What should we do next?
Let's go back to sleep.
Oh, come on,
it's too early to sleep.
How about we go
catch that pervert?
We only caught a fake one.
The real one is still out there.
He's too scared to leave
his house for days.
We should just go to bed.
Hey, who's there?
Hey, who's that?
Wanna do something
more exciting?
With your poor tolerance for alcohol,
you shouldn't have drunk so much.
You got yourself all dirty.
Who said I have a poor alcohol tolerance?
Which room? Give me the key card.
I told you I'm not drunk.
I can even find the key card.
Let's go.
Ding Dezhong,
come out and face me.
I'll teach you a lesson.
Lower your voice,
it's late at night.
Bai Lan.
Why are you calling my name?
Are you Bai Lan?
You're not Bai Lan.
Bai Lan is much prettier.
Is Bai Lan really that pretty?
Of course.
In my heart, Bai Lan
is so, so beautiful.
She's almost as pretty as Joey Wong.
Don't you think
she's weird
and violent?
If you badmouth Bai Lan again,
I'll punch you.
Even if I don't punch you,
if Bai Lan hears you,
she'll punch you too.
That woman is terrifying.
Then why are you defending her?
People are afraid of her
because they know nothing about her.
But I know
she's alone and
all her actions are for self-protection.
♪Can soften people up♪
But it's okay.
With me around,
I won't let anyone bully her anymore.
don't you believe it?
♪I realized my♪
♪Melting coldness♪
Let's wait and see.
♪Bravely make the choice♪
When I stand on top of Fucheng,
if people like Ding Dezhong
and Bi Zhigang
dare to bully Bai Lan again,
I will beat them up
and make them regret
every time I see them!
♪Cause I said♪
♪This is why I stay♪
You talk a lot.
♪I'll be on my way♪
♪Listen to my play♪
Oh no.
Let's warmly applaud to congratulate
Secretary Hong on assuming
the dual role of Party Secretary
and Factory Director.
we invite Secretary Hong
to deliver an important speech.
(Congrats to Secretary Hong)
Comrades and colleagues
of Golden Peacock Food Factory,
good morning.
First of all,
I would like to thank
the higher-level leadership
and the factory party committee
for their trust and support,
allowing me to temporarily
assume the positions
of secretary and factory director.
How was your sleep last night?
I fully obey the decisions of
- the party committee and leadership.
- What do you mean?
- I didn't return to the dorm last night.
- I hope that all comrades
- Didn't you sleep alone?
- can support and assist me
- Of course.
- in carrying out
- Otherwise, who would I sleep with?
- the factory's work.
You are weird.
the primary task of our factory
is to ensure production,
secure the welfare of all workers,
and quickly restore profitability.
Of course, to achieve this goal,
we need the concerted efforts
of everyone in the factory.
Why did you not come back last night?
Where did you go?
Little Pouter
was kicked out of her house.
She didn't want to yield
nor did she want to go back
to the dorm to face Bai Lan,
so I helped her carry her things out
and we spent the night at the guesthouse.
So you didn't come back all night.
You two stayed at the guesthouse?
So you two
What are you thinking?
Who would do that before
confirming a relationship?
That's so improper.
Who could do such a thing?
I will humbly learn from everyone.
Let's all work together
to quickly make our Golden Peacock
bloom its beautiful feathers again.
Lu Xiaolu, if you don't confess today,
you're not a man.
Do you have something to say to me?
- Last night
- Last night
Did you sleep well last night?
Not bad.
Are you sober now?
Do you remember
what happened last night?
Last night?
What do you mean?
It's good that you don't remember.
It's good that I don't remember?
What does she mean by that?
You rogue woman.
My cousin
met that woman at the skating rink.
She's extremely beautiful,
looked like the combination of
Rosamund Kwan and Vivian Chow.
From the first time they met,
she was all over my cousin.
So what happened next?
My cousin couldn't resist,
and that night, he confessed to her.
After dating for a week,
they talked about getting married.
But after they got married,
guess what?
What happened?
After they got married, he found out that
she had been a mistress
to a wealthy businessman.
She only came to my cousin
after the businessman was arrested.
That's why in those
martial arts novels,
the prettier the woman,
the better she is at deceiving.
You young people,
before you get married,
you must go to the hospital
for a check-up.
You must check thoroughly
before you get married.
How do men get checked?
For men,
it's not about checking,
it's about observing.
Here is the fruit.
Here is the fruit.
Virgin mark?
my virgin mark is gone!
Then you should go to the hospital.
Why are you in the boiler room?
Why the hospital?
To see a psychiatrist.
Come on,
Bai Lan, I'm serious.
I admit I drank too much that night,
but I swear, I am definitely not someone
who dares not take responsibility.
How will you take responsibility?
Will you invite me to dinner
or help me with work,
Or what?
Or do it again?
Okay, okay.
Let's just forget about
that night.
It's the alcohol's fault.
Don't take it to heart.
What do you mean, don't take it to heart?
This was my
first time.
You and Bai Lan
Lower your voice.
That old saying is right.
Younger generations
always surpass the older ones.
You're better than me.
And you're quite brave.
It is hard to say
who was the one being brave.
A fierce woman like Bai Lan
is really hard to deal with.
what should I do now?
Given your situation,
you're quite passive.
Then how can I
turn passivity into initiative?
She's just a woman.
Is it that difficult?
Do you really like her?
The key is I don't even know
if she likes me or not.
If she doesn't like you,
why did she do that with you?
If she likes me,
why say
"don't take it to heart"?
You just don't understand.
A woman's heart
is hard to understand.
You brat.
The initiative is in your hands.
You've been in Fucheng for so long,
and I've never treated you to fish balls.
This place serves my favorite fish balls.
When I was a child, my mom always used
pork belly and dried shrimp
to make fake fish balls for me.
It was only when
my cousin brought me here
for the first time
that I realized
fish balls are so delicious.
Fish balls are made with conger eel.
since that night,
there are some things
I've wanted to tell you.
It's not just about taking responsibility
for what I've done,
but I've wanted to
say something for a long time.
You know what?
You're like this bowl of fish ball soup.
Before I met you,
I didn't know
there was another side to the world.
I'm a small worker,
but so what?
I'll do my best to treat you well.
Bai Lan,
I like you.
What do you think?
If I were a girl,
I'd marry you.
Shut up.
It was so touching.
You're sure to succeed.
(Golden Peacock Food Factory)
(Delicacy for Honored Guests,
This Sleepless Place is Full of Joy)
♪In summer's carefree delight
and scorching hot♪
♪The passionate me, surging wildly,
indifferent to the outcome♪
♪On the colorful path,
I imagine those summer fireworks♪
♪I am the naive hero of youth♪
♪Life fools me, deceives me, troubles me♪
♪Should I give up, admit defeat,
not care anymore?♪
♪Various things before me seem wrong♪
♪Perhaps these are all my stubborn mistakes♪
♪Unintentionally, I intruded, chose, embraced♪
♪Without hesitation,
protecting, believing, indulging♪
♪No one tells me
how to proceed on the unknown path♪
♪Should I shrink back or push through?♪
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