Young Babylon (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

♪In a sudden instant♪
♪Dreams shattered and then recovered♪
♪Babylon's youth♪
♪Fearlessly living their lives♪
♪They keep moving forward♪
♪The noisy coastline in June♪
♪Reminds me of midsummer nights♪
♪The subtle emotions between you and me♪
♪No longer ordinary♪
♪Seasons come and go, steps never cease♪
♪Leaving behind evidence of existence♪
♪Watching time flow away♪
♪Anxiety gradually grows♪
♪Don't want to miss the scenery along the way♪
♪The scenery along the way,
evidence of existence♪
♪Dazzling you in my dreams♪
♪Are the source of my courage♪
♪The scenery in the air is amazing♪
♪Turn around to see the girl I miss♪
♪And the familiar nice wind♪
♪When this story reaches its conclusion♪
♪Perhaps it will be moving♪
=Young Babylon=
Lu Xiaolu?
You're finally back.
The dormitory is about to close.
You've been waiting for me?
Why are you hanging out
with Bi Zhigang again?
So what?
I saw you in his car.
I also saw the two of you
This is my private matter.
It's none of your business.
How can you say
it's none of my business?
What about what happened between us?
Wasn't that a major life event?
What happened between us?
Do I have to take responsibility for you
for life?
Go back and get some sleep.
Li Guangnan,
am I naive?
Both foolish and naive.
Oh, Lu Xiaolu.
You've encountered an expert.
What do you mean?
Do you know there's a type of woman
in martial arts novels
Madam Ma from "Demi-Gods and
or Lin Xian'er
from "Legend of Dagger Lee"?
Women like them
are never serious
with men.
They use men as stepping stones.
Their beauty is their weapon.
Bai Lan isn't that kind of person.
Well, it seems like you don't know.
Bai Lan was transferred to
the Second Light Industry Bureau
to work as Bi Zhigang's father's translator.
I'm not making this up.
My mom told me.
It's been spreading
around the women's dormitory,
and you're the only one who doesn't know.
Well, that's good in a way.
At least she doesn't have to suffer
in the boiler room.
Bi Zhigang can make Bai Lan suffer?
Bi Zhigang
isn't a good person,
but he indeed has a good father.
Oh, if I were a woman,
I'd go for him.
What I mean to say is,
if you compare yourself to Bi Zhigang,
he has a background, education,
and a good father.
What do you have?
You do have one advantage.
What is it?
Good looks.
Isn't that enough?
It's usually sufficient,
but not for the girl you want to impress.
=Episode 7=
=Rib and Appendix=
(Vice Director's Office)
Director Bi,
he says he's very thankful
for your warm hospitality.
He's had a great time these past few days
and expresses his gratitude.
Okay, then tell him
if that's the case,
he shouldn't leave yet.
Stay a few more days.
Mr. Bi said, "Why don't you stay
a few more days here?
Don't rush to leave."
I would love to stay here,
but I still need to go.
He is thankful
but he has to go.
He needs to go back to persuade
his business partner to help us,
so he has some work to do.
Thank you again.
He said thank you again.
No problem.
- Thank you sir. Goodbye.
- Thank you.
- See you soon.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Miss Bai, thank you.
- See you.
- Thank you very much.
Director Bi.
Miss Bai,
you've done a great work
these past few days.
I'm really a little reluctant to let you
go back to the food factory.
This is my duty.
Oh, this is the meeting summary
from yesterday with the foreign guest
that I organized.
That was fast!
Good, you really live up to
being a university graduate from Beijing.
If you keep working at the food factory,
it would be a waste of talent.
I hope you work hard,
seize opportunities,
and I see great potential ahead for you.
Thank you for your approval.
Well then, Director Bi,
I'll head back to the factory now.
You are going already?
Yes. Goodbye, Director.
Alright. Bye.
Secretary Bi,
what brings you here?
Oh, nothing.
Just checking in on you.
Are you settling in well?
Everything's fine.
about that night at the hotel,
I really didn't mean anything bad.
I hope you don't misunderstand.
I understand.
It must have been Lu Xiaolu
trying to cause trouble.
It was my idea.
It has nothing to do with him.
I tried so hard to persuade my dad
to let you come here
and be the translator.
Is that so?
But I saw the application notice
posted on the bulletin board
at the food factory.
I volunteered.
The Bureau selected based on merit.
What does it have to do with you?
I heard that
the Bureau has a fully funded slot
to study for a master's
in Shanghai this year.
There's only one slot,
and many people are
competing for it.
My dad said
they must choose the most capable person
to make everyone trust the result.
Of course,
you don't need to worry.
I'll do everything I can
to help you.
But it also depends on
your own capabilities.
I don't think I need your help.
I believe in my own abilities.
(Recruitment Notice)
(Open Recruitment
for One English Translator)
(Shanghai Commissioned Training Quota)
(Safe and Civilized Community)
Hey, Xiaolu,
you are up.
I am making Buddha Jump.
Come over here.
Help me watch the stove.
Aren't you free right now?
The soup is for the whole family,
but I'm the only one cooking.
Can't I take a break
and read the newspaper?
What are you cooking?
My dad asked me to
Why are you so insistent on cooking?
He insisted on doing it.
This is my job, you know.
Come on, give it to me.
Okay, good boy.
Hey, come back.
keep going.
have you heard of that strange syndrome?
What syndrome?
It is called Stockholm Syndrome.
I know.
The victim falls in love
with the perpetrator, right?
Don't you think you have this syndrome?
Alright, son.
You've grown up.
You know how to use sarcasm now.
that's not what I meant.
But the truth is
since I was little,
you did whatever Mom asked.
You never fought back or argued.
Are you really so afraid of Mom?
You don't understand.
Let me tell you,
there's no man in this world
who's afraid of his wife.
This is about respect.
It's about love, tolerance
and trust.
Do you understand?
Well, let me ask you another question.
Go ahead.
If Mom gets close to
someone you really dislike
and does things you don't understand,
what would you do?
You should ask her.
Why are you asking me?
I already asked her.
She refused to answer
and claimed it had nothing to do with me.
How did you ask her?
Did you ask calmly
or assertively?
How can you stay calm
when something like that happens?
This matter
is very simple. It
It sounds like
an interesting conversation.
What are you talking about?
About relationship issues?
You asked your dad
about relationship issues?
Your dad is like a fool in that aspect.
What does he know?
You should ask me about that.
I'm right here.
Let me tell you
what love is.
Love is all about trust.
What did you just say?
You questioned her?
How could you question her?
If you lose trust,
love will run away,
Tell me.
Are you dating someone?
Tell me what happened.
Which girl is it?
- Mom.
- Well
Stop asking if he doesn't want to say.
Remember, it's only about
Look at me.
I trust your mom completely,
Of course.
You understand?
Mom, Dad just lied to you earlier.
He asked me to watch the stove.
Hey, you brat, how can you
I have always done this alone.
That brat.
So stingy.
Hey, hey, why is she here?
She's a big shot at the SLI Bureau now.
Why did she
come to our canteen to eat today?
To show off of course.
Hey, did you hear?
Bai Lan is now
part of the Bi family.
She might marry Bi Zhigang this year.
Huh? So fast?
They have to. She's pregnant.
Dr. Bai, you don't want to eat with us?
She thinks we workers are dirty.
That's true.
We workers
have no money,
no power,
no education background.
We can't compare with cadres.
Am I right, Dr. Bai?
Hey, Xiaolu!
Watch your mouth.
What are you doing?
I dare you to say that again!
Hey, Xiaolu, Xiaolu.
Calm down, calm down.
Isn't she your girlfriend?
She dumped you,
and you are still defending her?
What a shame.
Let go of Lu Xiaolu! What are you doing?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
No, Xiaoying, Xiaoying.
- Xiaoying, Xiaoying. Enough.
- What
What does it have to do with you?
You can't bully him
on my turf.
Bai Lan,
why are you leaving?
You just work there as a translator.
Why not explain?
Is explaining useful?
Even you thought that was true.
Dr. Bai,
my dad said
there's a event in the afternoon
and he needs you to participate.
Got it.
I'll come pick you up then.
A toad wants to marry a white swan.
You're just a lowly worker.
Focus on your work
instead of daydreaming
and hindering others' pursuit of happiness.
We workers earn money honestly
with our skills.
What does Bi Zhigang have?
Just a big mouth and his dad.
Nothing to be proud of.
That's right.
He's just bullying people
with borrowed authority.
Big Feet,
I'll borrow your bike.
What do you need it for?
Thanks, but don't ask.
Xiaolu, I'm not done yet.
Lu Xiaolu,
are you going
to pick up Bai Lan on that bike?
It's really hard for you.
Dr. Bai,
I'm here to pick you up.
You don't have to trouble yourself.
It's no trouble.
I heard a new Western restaurant
opened in the west of town
with authentic flavors.
Let's go check it out together.
Bai Lan,
I'm here to pick you up.
Let's go.
Hey, wait
You are just
But my
What is the problem?
I heard Bi Zhigang say
he wants to take you out
for Western food.
It seems so.
I could also do that.
You know what?
There's a new place on East Street
- called K KFC.
- Kentucky Fried Chicken?
Yeah, it's really popular.
The line stretches all the way
from East Street to the City Hall.
That's not Western food.
It's fast food.
when I get my year-end bonus,
I'll treat you to the most authentic
Western food in Fucheng.
How about that?
No need.
You workers earn money the hard way.
Didn't you say there's a place
with the best fish ball soup
in the world?
Let's go there.
Sure, it's settled then.
Mr. Niu!
Mr. Niu!
This car has been
having trouble starting lately,
and the left rear tire is a bit flat.
Can you have someone fix it?
That's not our responsibility.
You need to go
to a professional repair shop.
This is the SLI Bureau's vehicle
for foreign guests.
Isn't this
a matter for us?
we can't handle it.
Where is Lu Xiaolu?
He's good at this.
Let him fix it.
Xiaolu has
something else to do today.
Really busy.
Well, I'm telling you
He's really busy.
How about this? I can fix the battery.
I'll do it.
Today, only Lu Xiaolu
is allowed to fix this car.
- Xiaolu is
- Alright.
I'll fix it.
leave it to me.
Tell me about the problem.
Check this tire first.
Let me tell you,
be careful.
This is a high-end vehicle,
all imported.
If you mess it up, I doubt
you can afford to pay for it.
but useless trash.
My bike's wheels work better than this.
Lu Xiaolu,
I forgive you
for your ignorant remarks just now.
After all, with your background,
you probably haven't had much exposure
to imported cars,
for someone like you,
even if you spend your whole life
fixing things in this factory,
you probably can't even afford this tire.
Bi Zhigang,
- watch your words.
- That's right.
What do you mean by that?
Do you look down on us repair workers?
What are you guys doing?
This is between him and me.
None of your business.
Get back to work!
Lu Xiaolu,
I'm warning you,
stop showing up in front of Bai Lan.
Sometimes people are like cars,
some are imported, some are domestic,
and some are just a mishmash of junk.
You're right.
People, like cars,
come in different varieties,
but it's not about money;
it's about whether your heart is clean.
Don't think you're special just because
your dad is a director.
I'm telling you,
in my eyes,
besides putting on airs
- What are you doing?
- and faking it,
you're nothing.
- What are you doing?
- Did you forget who you are?
You want a fight?
Let me tell you,
no matter whose son you are,
during work hours,
you can't mess around in my repair shop.
You think you can
just do whatever you want
because you're a cadre?
Alright, you guys.
You've got a lot of people
and you're ganging up on me, huh?
Hey, don't say we're ganging up on you.
You can also find people to back you up.
We'll have a fair fight
and see who's the coward.
Alright, let's fight!
I have plenty of friends,
and let me tell you,
you can't afford to offend them.
You mean those sons of cadres
from your big yard?
- Bring them on!
- I'll
I'll teach them a serious lesson.
- Okay, alright.
- Just go!
Remember what you said.
This matter is not over!
Not over!
Hey, Xiaolu is here.
Xiaolu, we've heard about it.
Heard about what?
Your repair team
will have a fight with Bi Zhigang.
It spread so quickly.
I heard that guy was
scared out of his wits.
Good job!
Bi Zhigang has been doing bad deeds,
we've all had enough of him.
You stood up for us workers,
and we won't forget it.
If you need anything,
just let us know.
- Exactly!
- Yes!
I apologize for last time.
I was wrong.
We thought you were teaming up with them
because of Bai Lan.
It was all a misunderstanding.
I told you Xiaolu wasn't like that.
Get out of the way!
These are all for you.
You think I'm a pig?
These are your favorites.
Oh, right.
Take them.
You need to be full to have strength.
These are your favorites.
She's not only good at cooking
but also fighting.
What a special girl.
She is really one of a kind.
Lu Xiaolu and the repair team
are a bunch of barbarians.
Why would you fight with them?
Secretary Bi!
Don't drop the ball tomorrow.
We're all waiting for you to get beaten up
by the repair team.
- What are you saying?
- Hey, Secretary Bi.
- Say that again!
- Secretary Bi, please.
Don't leave, don't go!
Did you see that?
I didn't want to fight,
they forced me into it.
But can you really win against them?
- I
- Those are just rough people.
I just can't swallow this.
Even if I can't win,
I have to fight.
Secretary Bi,
if you don't want to fight,
I can
find a way to resolve this.
- You?
- But
since the incident with Afang last time,
I've been feeling mistreated
and I haven't been valued at all.
I mean
- Fighting is uncivilized after all.
- That's right.
If you can calm this trouble,
it'll make up for your previous actions.
I'll definitely speak to my father
on your behalf.
I'll do my best.
Children fighting is normal.
Why do you care?
How can this be children fighting?
He's fighting against the only son
of Deputy Director Bi of the SLI Bureau.
It doesn't matter whose son he is.
He'll get beaten up if he deserves it.
Your cousin is too young to know better,
but you, as his older cousin,
shouldn't act like him.
Let me tell you, this fight can't happen.
If it does, it'll affect your skating rink.
You don't understand?
Secretary Hong has always been
dissatisfied with your use
of factory land for the skating rink.
Now that he's the factory director,
if his higher-up's son gets beaten up
Think about it.
Do you still want the skating rink?
I'll handle this.
Don't take it lightly.
Talk to him nicely.
- I have to go.
- Okay.
Each of us
- will wield a stick like this.
- Let me see.
Bi and his friends
will be in serious trouble.
No sticks.
My cousin said we should not
go all out in a fight.
It's a hidden rule.
We're all from the same factory.
What if someone gets seriously hurt?
Blind weapons can cause accidents.
But just now
I think you're right.
Me too.
I think
we can do that this weekend.
We should settle this
sooner rather than later
to prevent further complications.
Sure, whatever.
You seem to understand brawling
pretty well.
- Bro.
- Dajiang.
Why are you here?
I have so many good qualities,
why only learn
how to fight like me?
It's not like that.
For the sake of a woman,
you're arranging fights now,
causing a huge commotion.
You've really grown up.
- Dajiang
- Dajiang,
it's not about a woman.
Bi Zhigang has gone too far.
He looks down on us workers,
and we can't stand for it.
It's true!
- He's right.
- It's true!
That's why
I've brought my brothers here.
Let's see who dares to touch my cousin.
Let's go!
- Thank you, Dajiang!
- Thanks!
- Let's go.
- Dajiang is great!
Why are you here?
Director Bi asked me
to check if the car was fixed.
The foreign guests are waiting.
There was just a minor issue
with the battery connection,
but it's fixed now.
I'm asking you,
did you arrange to fight with Bi Zhigang?
Even you know about it?
But strictly speaking, this isn't just a fight.
It's a battle for justice.
That's still a fight.
Anyway, no matter what,
you must come
and see
how I knock Bi Zhigang down.
I won't come.
Anyway, I'm telling you,
if you fight,
I won't talk to you anymore.
Hey, have you ever learned to drive?
That way!
Why can't you
solve problems with your brain?
Resorting to violence
is something barbarians do.
Whatever you say.
Just consider me a barbarian.
I can't back out at this point.
- You must fight?
- Yes.
You narcissistic men,
am I some kind of object?
Whoever wins gets me as a prize?
Your competition with Bi Zhigang
is utterly absurd from start to finish.
It's not like that, Bai Lan.
I don't mean that.
Bi Zhigang is really up to no good.
Not only does he look down on us workers,
but he deliberately placed you in the SLI Bureau
just to take advantage of you.
I voluntarily went
to the Second Light Industry Bureau.
I like English, I like translation.
I don't like the boiler room.
What business is it of yours?
Get off!
Get off!
When I sent it for repair,
it just had a minor issue with starting.
How did it end up like this
when it came back?
This is the car for hosting foreign guests.
It's very delicate.
Director, I'm sorry.
It was my carelessness.
Please give me some more time.
I'll find a way to fix this.
Bai Lan,
normally you seem
quiet and composed.
I always feel you are reliable.
you can't be the type of girl
who treats everything lightly
and does things recklessly.
- I
- Listen,
I'll put the issue of the training quota
on hold for now.
I think you need to go back to the factory
and gain some experience.
I want to see how you perform.
(Sunday morning at 8:00, Shipyard)
(Sunday morning at 8:00, Shipyard
Get a stretcher ready)
(Sunday morning at 8:00, Shipyard)
(Sunday morning at 8:00, Shipyard
Get a stretcher ready)
Get a stretcher ready.
♪Life fools me♪
♪Deceives me♪
♪Troubles me♪
Enough, Big Feet, stop singing
and start training seriously.
We are going to fight,
not sing.
I'm not going to train.
It's too late anyway.
Maybe I can cheer you guys.
I'm not going.
If you dare to back down,
- I'll hit you right now. Do you understand?
- What are you doing?
Stop, come here.
- What are you doing?
- Why are you here?
Xiaolu, you can't fight this battle.
You can't win.
Who sent you as a mediator?
Even if you fight, you won't win.
What do you mean?
The battle hasn't even started yet.
How can you
deflate our morale?
When I was
delivering files in the office,
I overheard Bi Zhigang
making a phone call to the police.
- The police?
- Yes.
I eavesdropped on him.
He told the police that the workers
were going to bring weapons
to start a fight.
He wanted the police to arrest all of you.
How can that jerk play dirty like this?
The more he does this,
the less we can back down.
Do you all want to get caught?
It's okay.
Let's change the location later
and have our brothers
keep an eye on Bi's people.
We won't let them leak information.
Yes, our factory people
can help us keep an eye on Bi's people.
Are you guys crazy?
Don't worry, Little Pouter.
The fight between men
is about facing challenges
and never backing down.
Well said.
Then did you know the SLI Bureau
fired Bai Lan?
She's starting to work
in the boiler room today.
- Really?
- I saw the notice
in the office with my own eyes.
And have you considered
why she was demoted?
Everyone in the factory knows
who you are fighting for.
Do you think the leadership doesn't know?
You still have time to call it off now.
If you really fight and cause some result,
Bai Lan won't escape unscathed.
Enough. Stop it.
Oh, stop.
This is not your first time here.
You don't need me
to teach you again, right?
You need more practice.
She's pretty good at it already.
- Let's take a break.
- Take a break.
Have you heard this old saying?
It's said that the higher
a person climbs,
the harder they may fall.
Oh, Doctor Bai,
you must understand
this principle too, right?
It's not easy at the top, right?
Practice more.
Tired already?
Hurry up
or you can't finish it even tomorrow.
Hurry up. Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Staring at me won't help you.
The battle is happening on Sunday.
Are you so excited that you can't sleep?
I feel the same way.
Should I
play the guitar for you
to calm you down?
♪Should I give up, admit defeat?♪
The battle between experts
are more about mental state.
Don't disturb Xiaolu.
Got it.
♪Should I♪
I'll stop singing.
Ding Dezhong! I'm telling you!
I will definitely leave the boiler room!
You narcissistic men,
am I some kind of object?
Whoever wins gets me as a prize?
I like English, I like translation.
I voluntarily went to the SLI Bureau.
What business is it of yours?
no matter what happens today,
don't start fighting
without my permission.
Promise me.
Did you hear the news?
Lu Xiaolu is having a showdown
with Bi Zhigang this morning.
Is it true?
Who do you think will win?
It's definitely Lu Xiaolu.
Bi Zhigang is so frail
that I could push him over easily.
Well, you never know.
He's also a man.
You can't say that.
Although Bi Zhigang is
The fight is about to start!
Let's go watch.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Who are you betting on to win?
This whole thing today
started because of my
personal grievances with Bi Zhigang.
To avoid dragging down others,
I propose settling it
with a one-on-one.
- One-on-one?
- Xiaolu.
- You don't have to do this.
- Xiaolu.
You don't have to say that.
We're not afraid of him! Hit him!
No need for a one-on-one.
Today's fight
is between Lu Xiaolu and Bi Zhigang.
Since this is their decision,
no one should object.
Let me make one thing clear beforehand.
During their one-on-one,
no one is allowed to intervene.
Whoever breaks this rule,
I won't approve it.
- Is he okay?
- He's bleeding.
He went all out!
Xiaolu! Xiaolu!
Xiaolu, fight back, Xiaolu!
Fight back, Xiaolu!
Get up!
You big mouth!
That's too much!
- Get out of the way!
- Get up and keep fighting!
Stop fighting!
Why are you here?
Let me see.
He brought this upon himself.
It's not my fault.
Get lost!
Clearly, I won.
If anyone should get lost, it's you all.
Why should I get lost?
Get lost!
Why should I listen to you?
Why not?
Take care of your injuries.
This feels so good!
Get lost now!
- Get lost!
- Xiaolu!
- Xiaolu, Xiaolu!
- Xiaolu, Xiaolu!
You guys
You guys
You're not allowed to bully Bai Lan.
You are awake.
Young lady,
why are you crying?
What did you call me?
Young lady.
What's wrong?
Don't you recognize me?
You seem quite familiar.
You wouldn't happen to be
my dream lover, would you?
It hurts here?
Let me take a look.
It's probably a rib issue.
A rib issue?
Don't lie to me.
I know if I
have a rib issue.
Let me tell you,
it doesn't hurt at all.
It was nothing at all.
Does it hurt or not?
let's go to the hospital.
I'll take you to get an X-ray.
Didn't you say I had a rib problem?
I can't walk anymore.
If we need to go,
then carry me there.
I'll help you walk.
Get up.
Slowly sit up.
Why are you so mean?
You won't even carry me.
Just helping you walk
is already overflowing
with humanitarianism.
Be good.
I read in a book that
women are men's ribs.
When you hit my ribs just now,
didn't it hurt?
You're so harsh on yourself.
Have you heard that
men are women's appendices?
If the appendix goes bad,
you cut it out.
Where did you read that?
I said it.
You liar.
♪Will I miss the beat♪
♪Will I disturb this tenderness♪
♪Pretending not to care is fake♪
♪In this, I have a talent♪
♪You and I walk side by side, far apart♪
♪Truth is hidden in my pretentious words♪
♪The seagulls have come♪
♪Flapping their wings,
laughing at my confusion♪
♪A life unchanged♪
♪No waves, no crests♪
♪Then this day suddenly appears♪
♪With clear outlines♪
♪And I panic♪
♪As if possessed♪
♪Examining my life♪
♪Seems I've dodged too much♪
♪So please don't leave me alone♪
♪Sad and cold♪
♪I think everybody knows, but you♪
♪Being with you is my happiness♪
♪I look forward to your attention♪
♪Counting every memory♪
♪Joy always accompanies pain♪
♪So let me shout it out♪
♪I think I'll make you proud♪
♪Nobody tell me what to do♪
♪My life is not a boring loop♪
♪This time I'm not joking♪
♪The taste of hitting rock bottom♪
♪From now on, following your steps♪
♪Solving the question in my heart♪
♪A life unchanged♪
♪No waves, no crests♪
♪Then this day suddenly appears♪
♪With clear outlines♪
♪And I panic♪
♪As if possessed♪
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