Young Babylon (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

♪In a sudden instant♪
♪Dreams shattered and then recovered♪
♪Babylon's youth♪
♪Fearlessly living their lives♪
♪They keep moving forward♪
♪The noisy coastline in June♪
♪Reminds me of midsummer nights♪
♪The subtle emotions between you and me♪
♪No longer ordinary♪
♪Seasons come and go, steps never cease♪
♪Leaving behind evidence of existence♪
♪Watching time flow away♪
♪Anxiety gradually grows♪
♪Don't want to miss the scenery along the way♪
♪The scenery along the way,
evidence of existence♪
♪Dazzling you in my dreams♪
♪Are the source of my courage♪
♪The scenery in the air is amazing♪
♪Turn around to see the girl I miss♪
♪And the familiar nice wind♪
♪When this story reaches its conclusion♪
♪Perhaps it will be moving♪
=Young Babylon=
(Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration)
Amidst the fragrance of osmanthus,
the golden autumn has arrived.
To celebrate the annual
Mid-Autumn Festival,
on the evening of September 27th,
(Dajiang Skate Land)
at Dajiang Skate Land,
the annual Youth Workers' Fellowship
Grand Party will be held.
- On this beautiful moonlit night,
- Let's go.
let's come together.
Everyone is welcome to participate.
What are you hiding?
Hey, let me tell you some good news.
The doctor said
I can leave the hospital tomorrow.
Well, I'll tell you some good news too.
Tomorrow, I'll be back to work
at the SLI Bureau.
Weren't you unhappy about me
returning to the Bureau?
Why are you so happy now?
I've come around.
You can do what you enjoy.
That is pretty great.
After getting beaten up,
you've become nicer.
The Mid-Autumn Festival
is around the corner.
How do you plan to celebrate it?
I don't.
Ever since I went to the orphanage,
I have never celebrated
Mid-Autumn Festival.
=Episode 8=
=It's All the Moon's Fault=
You've really grown up.
You have become capable enough
to pick up a fight now.
You are really something.
It's okay. I'll protect you.
I've only been on a business trip
for a few days,
and look at the trouble you've caused.
I know you're worried about me, right?
I've told you, it's just a minor injury,
nothing serious.
- I'm worried about you?
- Don't resist.
In your dreams!
If I had known
you would fight with someone,
I would have broken your leg.
Hey! What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You can't hit me!
Oh, who's here?
Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Lu.
Hey, why are you here?
I'm here to visit Xiaolu.
Mr. Lu, I also came to visit Xiaolu.
You came to visit Xiaolu too?
Xiaolu is at home. Come in, please.
- Mrs. Lu.
- Come in, please.
- You two are so beautiful.
- Hello, Mrs. Lu.
Hello, hello.
I gave you a warning before you fought,
but you didn't even tell me
you left the hospital.
- I
- That's right.
I cooked for you in the past few days,
and you didn't tell me either.
It's not a good thing after all.
I can't let you two
hold a party for me, right?
- We would have done that.
- We would have done that.
These are calcium supplements for you.
Mr. and Mrs. Lu,
these supplements are for you.
Oh, thank you so much.
Oh my, this girl is really considerate.
Mr. and Mrs. Lu,
supplements are all deceitful.
It's best to rely on food for nutrition.
You see, all-natural.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- Oh, quickly, quickly.
Pick that up.
Over there, over there.
Which one do you like?
This one is not bad.
- Take it away!
- This one is also good.
Where is it, where is it?
Give it to me.
They both look good.
- You like both of them?
- Yes.
Come in.
Why are you here?
I brought you a little surprise.
I am busy with budgeting.
What is it?
Is the bureau's Mid-Autumn Festival party
under your jurisdiction?
I want to bring a friend.
She's not from the bureau
or a family member.
Is that okay?
You should ask your dad.
He has more authority than me.
Every time I ask my dad for something,
he always talks about principles.
He would never help me.
you also have the power.
You're almost a deputy bureau chief.
You can easily help me.
Your girlfriend?
Well, not quite yet.
Soon, though.
This is a big deal.
Bring her to me,
I'll take a look at her.
Mom, it's too early for that.
You're always so serious,
you might scare her off.
Can you just treat her
like an ordinary friend?
Our family is special, you know.
I'm a department head,
and your dad is a bureau chief.
If she's not decent enough,
how can we introduce her to anyone?
She is a university graduate,
definitely decent enough.
If you feel embarrassed,
I'll ask Ding Dezhong to handle it.
- But
- Alright, go back.
stop staying at the guesthouse.
You and Dad have been in a cold war
for so long.
You should go home.
Stay out of adult matters.
Oh, my son.
Let me pour you a cup of tea.
Oh Mom, it's fine, I'll pour it myself.
Let me do it for you.
Let me do it.
I'll do it.
Okay, okay.
Let's have a chat.
why did you suddenly invite me to dinner
and pour me tea?
It's pretty scary.
Just tell me
what you want.
What plans are you making?
Tell Mom.
Who are you planning to invite
to the Mid-Autumn Festival party?
Mom, don't worry about this matter.
I know who
you will invite anyway.
Who is it?
You think you can keep
your little thoughts from me?
I not only know
who you want to go with,
but I also know
you've liked her for a long time.
You're just one step away from dating,
aren't you?
who's been telling you these things?
Listen to Mom, okay?
You and her,
even though one is a worker
and the other
is like a junior cadre,
as long as you two are in love,
you will get my blessing.
I don't even know
if she likes me.
Of course she likes you.
You're my son!
You're my son.
Your dad and I are experienced.
Just by looking at
these things,
we can tell what's going on.
Of course.
If she didn't like you,
why would she agree to come?
Come here?
She agreed to come!
This way.
Director Ding,
why the secrecy
over a work dinner?
Anyway, you'll benefit from it.
It's a great thing.
Who is it exactly?
Why not just go in and find out?
Come on.
Let me tell you,
You are finally here.
Come here, sit down.
Let me tell you something.
Guess what?
I ran into your Aunt Dong.
If it weren't for
Aunt Dong telling me,
I would still be in the dark.
Hey, Mom,
what did she tell you?
Aunt Dong said that
Juan often goes to your dorm
to find you.
One time, she even went
in the middle of the night.
Is that true?
Yeah, she did come. So what?
As young people,
you should express your love boldly.
Is that right, Juan?
Juan, which year were you born in?
I was born in '77.
Oh, really?
Xiaolu was also born in '77.
So, you're both born
in the year of the snake.
What should I call you two?
Golden snakes!
Golden snakes.
More like rotten snakes
- or crazy snakes.
- What are you saying?
How old are you this year?
about the same age as Zhigang.
I heard you're a university graduate.
That's right.
We only have a few university graduates
in our factory.
She must have been a model student
since childhood.
Ma'am, you misunderstood.
I was not a good student
since childhood.
young girls nowadays are modest.
I'm a university graduate,
but I only got a graduation certificate,
not a degree certificate.
What do you mean?
Before graduation, I was dissatisfied with
the school's unfair distribution
and clashed with the leadership.
An accident happened.
What kind of accident?
I hit the principal's head
and ended up
in jail because of that.
Do you want to know more?
I'll tell you everything.
If I remember correctly,
you and Xiaolu were
middle school classmates, right?
You know each other well.
Don't take what he said to heart.
He's been mischievous since childhood
and has a bad mouth.
- And he doesn't know
- Thank you, Mrs. Lu.
how to express love.
He doesn't even know
how to invite a girl to dance with him.
I can do that.
You can do what?
I can be your Mid-Autumn Festival
dance partner.
Come on.
Why are you making that face?
Are you happy or upset?
I have to clarify something today.
Little Pouter did come to our dorm,
but I don't think it was for me.
The person who really wanted to invite her
as a dance partner wasn't me,
it was Li Guangnan.
there is someone I want to invite.
- But that girl is
- I don't want to know.
Stop talking.
Hey, Juan!
Why did you say such things
in front of her?
Mom, what did I say?
You're also colleagues.
You shouldn't hurt her like that.
What are you still standing there for?
Go find her
and apologize to her.
Oh no,
I've made a mistake
and caused trouble.
But now Bai Lan has changed.
She's not so impulsive anymore.
Since she came to our factory,
she excels in all aspects,
which is why
she caught a young talent
like Zhigang's attention.
Bai Lan is doing
very well in the factory.
- Am I right?
- Yes.
Director Ding,
Secretary Bi,
are you serious?
Have you forgotten why I was
sent to the boiler room?
Bai Lan, stop talking nonsense.
Let her speak.
there's a situation
you may not understand.
I provided a fake mental illness certificate
for our female worker, Afang.
That's why I was punished
and sent to the boiler room.
- You
- Why did you issue
a fake mental illness certificate?
on Secretary Bi's instructions.
- I
- Because if I hadn't done it,
Afang's public accusation
in front of the whole factory
that Director Ding mistreated her
would be believed by all.
Our family in Fucheng
is respected.
How could someone with bad manners,
low education,
bad character,
and a stained past
be worthy of my son?
although Bai Lan made mistakes before,
she's doing well now.
Admitting fault and changing
for the better is commendable.
What right do you have
to criticize Bai Lan?
Lu Xiaolu, what are you doing here?
What you call a stained past
is standing up for the weak
and upholding justice.
Is that a stain on life?
It's a shining moment!
People like you with narrow-minded views
will never understand.
What are you talking about?
Do you know who you are talking to?
I'll say that no matter who is here!
What an arrogant young man.
Who are you?
Where are you from?
I'm Lu Xiaolu,
Bai Lan's boyfriend.
Lu Xiaolu,
are you crazy?
Bai Lan doesn't have a boyfriend.
Is he your boyfriend?
Mom, Mom.
He's just a troublemaker in the factory,
a filthy rascal.
He thinks he's the boyfriend
of every girl!
Are you out of your mind?
Why are you glaring at me?
It looks like you are not welcome here.
Please leave.
This is a family gathering.
Get out now.
Get out!
Although Lu Xiaolu isn't my boyfriend,
he's my best friend.
We are the same kind of people.
He's a rascal, and I'm a female rascal.
We'll leave together.
Let's go.
Hey, Bai Lan.
Bai Lan!
You two, stop.
Sit down.
Oh, Mrs. Ding,
look what's happened.
This is
It's fine.
Let's eat.
Let's eat. Let's eat.
Come on.
The people from the Bi family
are so snobbish.
Who are they
to talk about you like that?
So, taking a bottle of wine from them
isn't excessive.
We can share it.
Not bad.
You are drinking too much.
Bai Lan, let me ask you.
Why didn't you admit earlier
that I'm your boyfriend?
What about that night
when we got drunk?
What was that all about?
Do I mean
absolutely nothing to you?
You are still thinking about that night?
That night
That night I drank too much,
so I accidentally kissed you.
I apologize to you.
What do you mean you apologize to me?
Do I need your apology?
That night,
you not only kissed me.
We also
The finger-guessing game?
Don't tell me you think we did that.
Hey, why are you laughing?
Because you are so silly.
How am I silly?
Two buddies!
Three stars!
Four fortunes!
Five champions!
Six successes!
Seven surprises!
Eight immortals!
Nine rings!
Ten Ten
Bai Lan.
Bai Lan.
Don't you think it's ridiculous?
How did I suddenly become
Become what?
I just feel
I just feel so sad inside.
Stop whining.
You are luckier than me.
At least that kiss of yours
is real.
I have been liking Little Pouter
for so many years,
but I haven't even
I haven't even touched
the tips of her fingers.
What right do you have
to criticize Bai Lan?
What you call a stained past
is standing up for the weak
and upholding justice.
It's a shining moment!
Who are you?
I'm Lu Xiaolu,
Bai Lan's boyfriend.
Bai Lan,
can I still
invite you to be my dancing partner?
♪Various things before me seem wrong♪
Ah! You demon!
Little Pouter!
Are you here to wait for Xiaolu again?
I'm waiting for you!
For me?
Have you got a dance partner
at the Mid-Autumn Festival party?
Then will you be my dance partner?
I take that as a no.
Yes! I will!
Then it's settled.
It's a deal!
♪Say you love me♪
♪The girl is somewhere waiting♪
♪Your eyes drive me crazy♪
Little Pouter will be my dance partner!
♪Say you love me♪
You ask how much
I love you
Lu Xiaolu!
Where's the lunch box?
Why are you always helping him
return the lunch box?
Is he a cadre or what? So busy.
He has been eating the food
I cooked for a long time.
And tomorrow is an important occasion.
Oh, forget it.
Why am I saying this to you?
What is this?
You ask how much
I love you,
my love is true,
my feelings are genuine.
The moon represents my heart.
Comrade Xiaoying,
I look forward to dancing with you
on the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Lu Xiaolu!
You still have a bit of conscience!
Do you know how many people
I have turned down
just to wait for his confession?
Thank you, Big Feet.
You're like Cupid,
shooting that arrow.
I'm glad you're happy.
I'm so happy!
My dad says
I've never had any artistic talent
since I was a child.
What if I embarrass myself
in front of him at the dance tomorrow?
It's okay, I'll teach you.
(Skate Land
Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration)
It's about to start.
Aren't you going in?
How's the sign?
I made it myself.
Looks good.
Still thinking about Dr. Bai?
Just thinking about it won't do any good.
If you like her,
invite her to dance.
I did invite her.
But she's not coming.
How many times did you invite her?
Don't tell me you gave up
just after being rejected once.
Once is already enough.
I care about my dignity, you know.
Do you think I'm someone
who cares about dignity?
Of course. You care about
your dignity the most.
Then let me tell you,
I'm willing to give up
all dignity
for the girl I like.
That's a man's true nature.
It's not embarrassing at all.
is something you have to
fight for yourself.
You need to be brave.
Don't be like me,
regretting not doing
what I should have done
so I'm still single.
hurry up and come in.
Sorry for calling you out
so late tonight.
But this party tonight
is organized by the city.
People from all walks of life in Fucheng
and many foreigners are attending.
Don't worry,
I'll be with you the whole time.
Bai Lan,
are you still mad about that dinner
that night?
Secretary Bi,
I hope there won't be any more
private dinners like that in the future,
especially without my knowledge.
It's all my mom's fault.
She's too impatient.
I told her not to do that.
Don't take what she said to heart.
You know that's not what I meant.
could you please stop trying
to irritate me with Lu Xiaolu?
I know
you can't really like him.
After all, with your status,
you are way out of his league.
Actually, I don't mind
if you two become friends.
After all, being friends
doesn't mean being together.
when you try to use him to irritate me,
I actually feel a little sweet inside.
Because that means
you at least
care about me.
That's the only reason you do it.
Am I right?
Can we talk about work?
let's talk about work.
What's wrong?
Do I look weird?
This is for me?
Are you wearing your dad's suit?
I love you.
Do I look like Leon Lai Ming?
Did you put pig fat on your hair?
Don't forget your task today.
Don't worry.
I won't let you lose face.
(Skate Land
Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration)
Ladies and gentlemen,
are you ready?
I declare
I declare
I declare
The 1996
The 1996
Golden Peacock Mid-Autumn Festival
dance party
begins now!
Why can you do this?
I learned it at the Youth Palace
when I was a child.
Not bad, right?
I have great confidence
in the future of Fucheng.
But currently, your infrastructure
is not enough.
You should spend more effort on it.
He has a lot of confidence
in Fucheng's future,
but currently our infrastructure
isn't sufficient.
He thinks
we should spend more effort on it.
He's absolutely right.
Tell him that
this has indeed
been the focus of the city's work
in recent years.
Mr. Bi totally agrees with you.
And he said the infrastructure has been
the main focus by the city these years.
Very well, Mr. Bi.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
My father.
Nice to meet you and your son.
You've been waiting, huh?
I saw the note.
You usually act so serious,
I never expected you could write that.
What note?
Oh, come on.
I'll wait for you over there.
- Hey, Debao.
- What are you thinking about?
The prizes are out.
First prize is
a year pass for the Dajiang Skate Land,
second prize is
a box of exquisite five-nut mooncakes,
and third prize is a box of animal crackers.
That's it?
Xiaolu, see you later!
Have you ever had animal crackers?
Animal crackers?
when I was at the orphanage,
if we behaved well,
the teachers would give us
animal crackers.
There were tigers,
all sorts of them.
Those kids favored by the teachers
had countless animal crackers,
but I never got a single one.
Later, I got so anxious that
I said to them,
"Let's play a game together.
If you lose,
you have to give me the crackers."
And then?
Of course I won,
but they just refused
to give them to me.
So you know what I did?
What did you do?
I beat them up
one by one
and took all their crackers.
But then I realized
the animals were all gone because
all the crackers were broken into pieces.
Interesting story, huh?
Where did you just go?
I went to the bathroom.
Can I borrow this?
Take it.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
I won't close
before you take her here.
Why are you leaving?
Why don't you dance with me?
Just go have fun.
Go on, go on.
You're welcome.
I didn't expect you
to dance pretty well.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way,
in addition to the dance
I just did today,
I also know the cowboy dance.
And recently, I've been learning
the tap dance.
When we were in school,
I didn't know anything.
Only you were willing
to help me on stage.
Now I'm better, right?
I've made progress.
By the way,
thank you, Li Guangnan.
Thank you
for helping me shine
in front of Lu Xiaolu.
But I know,
if someone doesn't like you,
no matter how pretty you dress
or how well you dance,
they'll still like someone else.
Even if Lu Xiaolu doesn't like you,
you're still you.
There will be someone else
in this world who likes you,
just like me.
I still remember
when I first saw you
in junior high,
I thought, "My goodness,
how can there be such a beautiful girl
in this world?"
At that moment, I made a vow.
I said, "Someday, I will
make this girl my girlfriend."
Little Pouter,
will you be my girlfriend?
Li Guangnan,
I will never like you.
Qin Juan,
have always been one of the top students
in my class since I was a child.
Even in the factory, I am a cadre.
The person I like
should be the most handsome
and dazzling in the crowd.
And what about you?
When I was kicked out of my house,
did you have a place to take me in?
Why do you think you can like me?
I need a home.
I want to have a house.
Can you give me that?
You're being vain.
I am!
I actually liked you! I'm such a fool!
Then don't like me.
that bottle can be exchanged for money.
I have plenty of money.
What do you think
about this wine party?
It's not an exaggeration to say
it's the highest standard
in the whole city, right?
Bai Lan,
you have the opportunity
to meet the highest level of people
in Fucheng here.
You also
have the chance to become one of them.
Secretary Bi,
I'm just a small translator,
I can't reach that level.
Bai Lan,
I know
you have opinions about me,
but I don't mind.
I don't mind being rejected by you
again and again,
and I don't mind
you always give me a bad face.
Because I know
you would never be content
with a low worker like
Lu Xiaolu.
I believe
I don't look down
on the working class by the way.
I just think
you and he are so different.
You have talent, beauty,
and there are things
that only I, Bi Zhigang, can give you.
What about him?
What can he give you?
A modified bicycle?
Speaking of which, it's funny.
Do you remember last time we fought?
He actually came to me in advance,
wanting to make a bet.
If I agree to this matter,
you will admit defeat?
I keep my word.
The situation has already escalated.
You admit defeat?
Can your maintenance team agree to that?
Admit defeat without a fight,
how boring.
If this gets out,
others will think I, Bi Zhigang,
am a sore winner.
What do you want then?
If I win,
let Bai Lan leave the boiler room
and return to the SLI Bureau.
If you win?
Bai Lan can return to the SLI Bureau,
but you
have to lose.
That idiot,
he knew that even if I
- I would definitely
- Bi Zhigang!
You rat!
I have said it many times,
you can't enter without an invitation.
Alright, I won't go in.
Can you at least help me call someone?
You can't go in.
Go, go, just leave.
Director Bi's son, Bi Zhigang,
you know him, right?
I'm looking for a tall girl.
She should be around him.
Could you take a look for me?
- Xiaolu.
- Bai Lan.
What are you doing here?
- I
- Stop talking. Come with me.
Bai Lan, you
You will regret this.
Look at her.
She's going to step on his feet.
It's okay, it's okay.
There it goes.
And this guy dares to dance with her?
I've been observing all night.
Let me tell you
Look, look.
This girl is the queen of stepping on feet.
She's stepped on over 20 people tonight.
Over 20?
No wonder no one
danced a complete song with her.
Forget it, let's go.
Alright, let's go.
Go on.
Forget it, Dajiang.
What are you afraid of?
the last performance of the evening.
No, no, I can't do it.
One, two, three!
I can dance now.
Why were you at the wine party?
I just happened to pass by.
You're lying.
I'm not lying.
You are lying.
And you said
you couldn't beat Bi Zhigang.
You intentionally lost to him
to make me return
to the SLI Bureau, right?
I really didn't.
I just couldn't beat him.
Alright, spill it.
What else did you lie about?
I lied about a lot of things.
Which one do you want to hear?
Then start from just now.
Just now?
When I said I just happened
to pass by the wine party?
I admit I lied.
I was angry and anxious.
I saw you in Bi Zhigang's car.
I didn't know where you went.
I asked many people and finally
found that place.
But the security at the door
didn't let me in.
Said I didn't have an invitation.
I could only wait at the entrance,
waiting and waiting.
Finally you came out.
I know it's too late now
for anything I say.
But I still want to try one last time.
Can I invite you to dance?
Are you okay?
It's not too late.
Not too late?
Let's go, to the skating rink.
(Skate Land)
Do you remember when I said
I never celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival?
Today is my first time.
I will never forget your words.
From now on,
every Mid-Autumn Festival,
I will be with you.
You're not alone anymore.
You have me,
and friends.
And in the future, you'll have a family,
with many children.
I hope that
when we grow old,
you'll still remember today.
That there was someone named Lu Xiaolu
who spent your first
Mid-Autumn Festival with you.
Can I invite you to dance?
It would be my honor.
♪Will I miss the beat♪
♪Will I disturb this tenderness♪
♪Pretending not to care is fake♪
♪In this, I have a talent♪
♪You and I walk side by side, far apart♪
♪Truth is hidden in my pretentious words♪
♪The seagulls have come♪
♪Flapping their wings,
laughing at my confusion♪
♪A life unchanged♪
♪No waves, no crests♪
♪Then this day suddenly appears♪
♪With clear outlines♪
♪And I panic♪
♪As if possessed♪
♪Examining my life♪
♪Seems I've dodged too much♪
♪So please don't leave me alone♪
♪Sad and cold♪
♪I think everybody knows, but you♪
♪Being with you is my happiness♪
♪I look forward to your attention♪
♪Counting every memory♪
♪Joy always accompanies pain♪
♪So let me shout it out♪
♪I think I'll make you proud♪
♪Nobody tell me what to do♪
♪My life is not a boring loop♪
♪This time I'm not joking♪
♪The taste of hitting rock bottom♪
♪From now on, following your steps♪
♪Solving the question in my heart♪
♪A life unchanged♪
♪No waves, no crests♪
♪Then this day suddenly appears♪
♪With clear outlines♪
♪And I panic♪
♪As if possessed♪
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