Young Babylon (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

♪In a sudden instant♪
♪Dreams shattered and then recovered♪
♪Babylon's youth♪
♪Fearlessly living their lives♪
♪They keep moving forward♪
♪The noisy coastline in June♪
♪Reminds me of midsummer nights♪
♪The subtle emotions between you and me♪
♪No longer ordinary♪
♪Seasons come and go, steps never cease♪
♪Leaving behind evidence of existence♪
♪Watching time flow away♪
♪Anxiety gradually grows♪
♪Don't want to miss the scenery along the way♪
♪The scenery along the way,
evidence of existence♪
♪Dazzling you in my dreams♪
♪Are the source of my courage♪
♪The scenery in the air is amazing♪
♪Turn around to see the girl I miss♪
♪And the familiar nice wind♪
♪When this story reaches its conclusion♪
♪Perhaps it will be moving♪
=Young Babylon=
The mooncake is too hard.
Where did they come from?
Where else could it be?
Probably from the food factory.
My teeth are almost breaking.
No wonder they can't sell them.
If he could sell them,
would he give us a 30% discount?
- Right.
- Be content, all of you.
(Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival)
(Dajiang Skate Land)
Where are we going?
Let's grab a late-night snack.
Let's go.
Hey, bro.
What's that dark figure ahead?
Looks like
a person.
And he's wearing a raincoat.
But it's not raining.
- Could it be
- Yeah.
Could it be that infamous
Let's follow him.
Let's go. Hurry!
Hey, skating is really fun.
Hey, you did well today.
Teach me that dance move of yours
when we get back.
I feel like I'm not doing it right.
You'll get it.
You look like a duck when you dance.
I'll teach you next time.
I'm not very good at this.
Hey, when are you going skating
next time?
Teach me properly.
Sure thing. How about tomorrow?
Don't move.
=Episode 9=
=Storm Is Coming=
They really caught him.
I heard about that stalker
a while ago.
Many female workers at our factory
were stalked by him.
We were all scared.
Now that they caught the stalker,
you can clear Lu Xiaolu's name.
He was really caught?
So you won't have to worry about safety
when you go home at night.
I'll come back earlier.
And it won't affect your rest.
you can't live at the guesthouse
all the time.
If you want to move back,
just do it.
How did you know
I was staying at the guesthouse?
Why do you care about me so much?
let's go.
(Deputy Director's Office)
Early this morning,
the foreign inspection team
returned to Shanghai.
with their departure,
your temporary assignment
is completed.
I understand, Director Bi.
So, I've organized the documents for you,
and I'll head back to the food factory.
Then I'll leave now.
Hey, Bai,
how's your health?
Feeling better?
Zhigang said
you left the party early yesterday
because you weren't feeling well.
That's what he told you?
in the future,
if you're not feeling well,
don't force yourself.
How could I dare to entrust you
with more important tasks in the future?
You mean in the future?
These days,
your work performance
has been outstanding.
So, upon my suggestion,
and with the unanimous agreement
of the bureau leaders,
it was decided
to allocate this graduate opportunity
to you.
(Registration Form)
Thank you, sir.
Ding Dezhong's son?
That's not right.
I heard from people at the factory
that his son joined the army.
He's been bragging about it to everyone.
Wu from the police station knows him
and said he has a mental illness.
I guess Ding Dezhong
didn't want to lose face,
so he kept his son hidden at home
without telling anyone.
Where is he now?
I sent him to the Security Department.
But Wu said
he has a mental illness certificate,
so there's no way
to hold him accountable.
We can only ask Ding Dezhong
to take good care of him.
What does that mean?
Are we just going to let this slide?
What about those girls?
They were harassed for nothing?
Hey, could that
mental illness certificate
be fake
like the one Afang had?
If it's fake,
it won't pass scrutiny.
But if it's real,
he should be sent to a hospital.
If Ding Dezhong could handle him,
he wouldn't have been able
to do so many bad things.
where are you going?
I need to get to the bottom of this.
Hey, hey!
Yu, Yu!
You can't do this, you can't!
- Listen to me.
- Yu.
He did something wrong.
It's our fault as parents.
We didn't teach him well.
You can't treat him like this.
Listen to me, listen to me.
Captain Wu, listen to me.
If there's anything, tell us.
We adults are responsible.
- It's our fault.
- Let's get him to the hospital first.
- No, no.
- Are you planning to go home just like this?
Let's hospitalize the child first.
Your son has scared so many people.
Aren't you going to explain something?
I'm here.
- Mom's here. Don't be afraid.
- Dajiang.
- Don't be afraid.
- It's our family's trouble.
You've seen it all.
We're all family here. Do me a favor.
If he's sick, he needs treatment.
That's him! Hit him!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You can't do this.
I'm telling you,
Like father, like son.
I'll hit you too.
What are you trying to do?
Is there no law anymore?
Stop hitting.
Stop shouting!
I think
we should take him to the hospital.
In case something happens,
nobody can bear the responsibility.
- No, no.
- Is that right?
No one can take Yu away.
Yu can't leave me. No.
Mrs. Ding, listen to me.
Mrs. Ding, hear me out.
Mom! Mom!
Yu! Yu!
Mr. and Mrs. Ding,
I'll go with him, okay?
- I'll go.
- Alright, alright.
Yu, I'm here.
Listen to me. Ma will be with him.
Lu Dajiang,
since you are ruthless towards me,
don't blame me for not showing mercy.
Let's wait and see.
No need to work in the Bureau today?
The task is over.
I'm back to where I came from.
I thought
What did you think?
Thought being seconded to the Bureau
would turn me
from a small factory doctor
into an official who drives a sedan?
Actually, I wasn't thinking.
I was afraid.
I hate those petty officials
who act all high and mighty.
I can't even imagine
what if one day the person I like
becomes like that.
I mean,
I still prefer
how you look in a white coat.
But I don't want
to be a sedan-driving official,
nor a factory doctor in a white coat.
So, what do you want to do?
I'm afraid Fucheng
isn't big enough for my dreams.
Come, I'll take you somewhere.
Where to?
Let's go.
Slow down.
Ding Dezhong's niece?
Is there anything good about her?
What do you call her?
Little Pouter.
Well, it's mainly
because she's just very pretty and sexy.
You like her, but does she like you?
Women look for three things.
or money.
Look in the mirror,
and feel your pocket.
What do you have?
what do you have then?
Can't you see?
I have all of them.
As for you,
you've lost
the first two.
But money
If you want to make money in my place,
you need to have the knack for it.
Come on, where are we now?
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the New Century Grand Theater.
I am Fucheng's famous singer
for love songs, Lu Xiaolu.
Today, I dedicate
my debut performance here
to the beautiful lady below,
Bai Lan.
♪When you said you wanted to leave♪
♪I didn't want to look back♪
♪Love ultimately comes to naught♪
♪Who says our past
doesn't need an expression♪
♪Don't forget I once had you♪
♪You also once loved me♪
♪Who can tell me♪
♪If I gave too much♪
♪As if I never had it♪
♪Still it lingers in my heart♪
♪Who once reminded me♪
♪Was I unsure♪
♪As if I never had it♪
♪Still, I forget you♪
♪You forget me♪
How's that?
Aren't you afraid they'll kick us out?
You might not know
I'm a lifetime member of this theater.
The most brilliant moments of my life
both happened here.
- Really?
- Yes.
Tell me how brilliant they were.
The first time was
when I was in third grade.
My cousin and I were here
watching a movie, "Shaolin Temple".
The place was so packed,
and people were standing in the aisles.
While watching,
suddenly I noticed
smoke rising beside the screen,
and flames jumping.
I was the first to notice.
What happened next?
Then, my cousin and I
helped put out the fire
and evacuate the crowd.
Lucky, I spotted it early,
or it could have been too late
and killed someone.
Because of this, the school awarded me
a certificate for bravery.
This was the first award
I got in my life.
Seems your most brilliant times
were all when you were a child.
There were also times when I grew up.
In the second grade of junior high,
at that time,
I put shampoo
in our teacher's teapot.
As a result,
I was forced
to make a public apology here
during a school-wide movie session.
But that was because the teacher
was always picking on Li Guangnan
for being poor.
Hey, I'm telling you.
It was so funny.
While the teacher was scolding me,
he was also spitting out bubbles.
It was hilarious.
That sounds pretty interesting.
So, how did you make your apology?
At that time, I stood here
and recited a poem.
Over the vast sea,
where wild winds whip up the clouds,
between the clouds and the sea,
the petrel flies like dark lightning,
proudly soaring.
In its cries,
there's a longing for the storm.
In these cries,
the clouds hear the power of anger,
the flames of passion
and the confidence of victory.
The storm,
the storm is coming.
It's the brave petrel,
soaring proudly
over the roaring sea,
amidst the lightning.
♪Things become a lot easier♪
This is the prophet of victory crying out,
let the storm
come even fiercer.
♪I realized my♪
♪Melting coldness♪
♪A brave choice♪
♪This is how the journey begins♪
♪Forget about the result♪
♪Just see it as a dream♪
♪Cause I said♪
♪This is why I stay♪
Bai Lan.
♪I'll be on my ride♪
♪Listen to my play♪
Would you like to become
a lifetime member
of this theater with me?
We could watch movies
and grow old together.
♪Memories are always revisiting♪
♪The story blurs♪
♪Diaries all locked up♪
♪As if I don't care,
and it won't make me cry♪
♪Anger or bitterness♪
♪All aboard the train♪
♪But I seem to still look forward♪
♪How can I feel this way♪
(Dajiang Skate Land)
Someone drank this before,
yet you're drinking it?
Aren't you disgusted?
What a waste.
It's okay.
I just saw a pretty lady
drink from this bottle.
Now that you've drunk from it,
it's like you and she
My milk tea!
He gave it to me.
I waited in a long queue to buy it.
Here you are.
Sorry about that.
It's yours now.
You drink it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(Dajiang Skate Land)
Hey, but is this thing
really that popular lately?
Don't know.
Come on, let me try it.
How is it?
It's quite good.
Come on,
you try it.
How is it?
Not that great.
The one Xiaolu made for Bai Lan back then
was much better than this.
- Really?
- Really.
Of course.
If we were
to sell it,
wouldn't there be even more people
waiting to buy it?
Clear this place.
Get to work.
♪I seem to still look forward♪
You feel good, don't you?
No, no.
Why are you sitting here
instead of going upstairs?
I shouldn't have spoken
to you like that yesterday.
You were right.
I, Li Guangnan,
know my own worth.
I really have no right to be picky.
I'm nothing. I'm really nothing.
Who says that?
I know what I am,
but you've always been great in my heart.
Back in school,
you were the class beauty,
and now you're the youngest official
in the Labor Department
of our food factory.
Of course,
you're also forever
the goddess to me.
Of course.
I swear
that every word I just said
is true.
What's wrong?
Is it
who offended you?
It has nothing to do with him.
He couldn't even upset me.
It must be Ding Dezhong then.
Let's not talk about it
if you don't want to.
Whenever you want
to talk or vent,
just come to me.
I'll always be here.
Have some milk tea.
Isn't it sweet?
Can it make you forget
the bitterness in your heart?
You prepared this
especially for me, right?
Of course.
Come on, don't lie to me.
You didn't even know I was here.
I didn't lie to you.
Even though I didn't know
you would be here,
this milk tea
was prepared for you.
Because with it,
I can slowly become the person you like,
become better and stronger,
so I can protect you.
That way, Ding Dezhong
won't dare to bully you anymore.
My uncle holds grudges.
Tell Lu Dajiang to be careful.
(Registration Form)
(Dear Xiaolu: I'm sorry)
You've finally moved back.
I won't leave.
What are you writing?
Just admit it's a love letter.
Only when writing love letters
does one get so serious and troubled.
It's okay if you don't admit it.
It's all written on your face.
Is it for Lu Xiaolu?
Why be shy about it?
You like Xiaolu, and he likes you too.
I don't like him.
Alright, I get it.
You're a college girl
with high standards.
Bi Zhigang is also pursuing you.
But our Xiaolu
is actually quite good.
Back in school, many girls pursued him.
He's a good guy.
It's not about him, it's about me.
what's wrong with you today?
Nothing. I'm going to freshen up.
Try this.
How is it?
The milk isn't fresh enough.
There's too much sugar.
And this tea.
Did you use flavoring additives
because they're cheaper?
You need to use fresh tea leaves.
If it's as bad as you say,
then why do people queue up for it?
That's because everyone's tired
of cola and Jianlibao.
They just want to try something new.
I have a good idea.
Do you want to join me?
Tell us.
Since our tastes are superior
and our formula is unique,
why don't we set up a stall?
Look, Lu, you handle the recipe,
I'll manage the sales.
Big Feet is talented and versatile,
so he can draw in customers.
We could set up our stall
right at the entrance of the skating rink.
Dajiang is the big boss.
Once we start making money,
we can share the profits proportionally.
If we find an outlet,
we can
open a shop and mass produce,
and even expand throughout the city.
come here.
Take your temperature.
Are you feverish?
I'm not feverish.
This is the fire in my heart, Lu.
You're well off.
You have it all.
You can find a girlfriend easily.
But for people like me and Big Feet,
we have nothing.
I want to win over Little Pouter
and make her happy,
so my priority is to make money.
Leave the recipe to me.
But let's get one thing straight.
We start with a trial stall.
We can't be successful overnight.
Don't worry about my cousin.
I'll convince him.
Thanks, bro.
Hey, hey, save it.
You've been fiddling
with that cassette all day.
Is it fixed yet?
Almost, almost.
remind Dajiang.
Little Pouter passed a message,
saying Ding Dezhong might seek revenge
because of his son.
Dear Xiaolu,
I'm sorry.
Congratulations to me.
Does Xiaolu know?
I was just about to tell him.
Why are you suddenly going to Shanghai?
Aren't you afraid
Xiaolu will be heartbroken?
This is something
I've always wanted to do.
after you finish
your sponsored postgraduate study,
will you come back?
I don't know.
You're being selfish.
Big Feet,
you're here alone?
You want to see Xiaolu, right?
He and Li Guangnan
are studying milk tea.
Milk tea?
Guangnan had a sudden inspiration,
thinking that the milk tea
Xiaolu gave you was especially delicious.
he thought about making more
and then selling it.
Did you come here for something?
Nothing much.
What are you doing?
I'm working on a mobile milk tea cart.
Is this Xiaolu's table?
Yeah, that's right.
Then I'll be going.
When he comes back,
tell him to call me.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Ding Dezhong wants to retaliate.
You go and make some inquiries.
- Who am I afraid of?
- That milk was really cheap.
Wasn't it goat milk?
- That's right.
- Here comes the milk!
So much.
How much did this cost?
Didn't cost a penny.
This was leftover
from the Cold Beverage Department.
The director said it would be a waste
to throw it away,
so he just gave it all to us.
Can such a good thing happen to us?
Do you know what this is called?
This is called perfect timing
and wealth flowing in.
- Try it.
- Here.
Hey, good.
Let me have a try.
Food safety.
You can't put it in.
Bai Lan, your call!
(Registration Form, Fucheng, Bai Lan)
(Dajiang Entertainment City)
There was no problem at all.
Look what happened
after drinking your milk tea.
If you don't
give me an explanation today,
Are you alright?
- Sorry.
- Let's go.
No, no. Hurry. Give me some tissues.
- Here it is, here.
- Here. Here.
Tissues. Tissues.
Bai Lan,
you're finally here.
I think it's food poisoning
caused by unclean food.
Distribute these medicines now.
- Is it serious?
- Just a lot of people.
Three pills each.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine. I didn't drink it.
Get some cars
and get everyone to the infirmary.
You're back.
How are you? Are you feeling any better?
I'm dying, Xiaolu.
If I really kick the bucket,
you'll have to look after my parents.
- What are you talking about?
- Get lost. What are you saying?
Dumb Jar, take him to the infirmary.
- Hey, take it easy.
- Everyone, hold on a bit.
- Come with me to the infirmary.
- Let's go to the infirmary.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
(Skate Land)
(Milk Tea for Sale: Tasty & Affordable)
Thank you, Dr. Bai.
Thank you, Dr. Bai.
- You're welcome.
- Take it easy.
Everyone should drink more water
these few days,
eat light,
and rest well.
If you need anything,
come find me anytime.
Take care and rest more.
Finally done.
Let me take you out for some food.
Don't you have something to say to me?
What is it?
Thank you
for helping me and Li Guangnan.
I'm sorry
for causing you trouble.
That's it?
That's it.
What do you mean?
Where's your meal box?
Meal box?
Where's the letter I gave you?
You wrote me a letter?
A confession letter?
Who wrote you a confession letter?
You really don't like me?
I don't believe it.
Your heart's beating so fast.
You lied, right?
That's because I'm tired.
Everyone, wait a moment.
Let me say a few words.
The factory leadership is already aware
of the food poisoning incident last night.
Secretary Hong takes it very seriously
and is very concerned.
He decided to rush back
from out of town today.
Our Golden Peacock Food Factory
is a time-honored food enterprise.
Food hygiene and safety
are of utmost importance.
Such a serious, egregious,
and widely impacting incident
of food hygiene
in our public health facility
will not be tolerated or overlooked
by the factory leadership
and the Food Bureau.
We will definitely take strict actions
against these speculative profiteers.
These speculative profiteers
Who are you calling speculative?
Li Guangnan,
did I name you?
Why are you rushing to confess?
You and Lu Xiaolu
will have to bear the consequences.
Neither of you can escape.
since it has already happened,
please go home and rest well.
We will surely give everyone
a proper explanation.
It's all my fault
for being greedy for a bargain,
insisting on using
that nearly expired milk.
We were too hasty.
But don't worry.
This started because of me.
I'll take full responsibility.
It won't affect you and Big Feet.
Li Guangnan has it tough.
Could you please
Speak well of him
to Secretary Hong?
Why should I help him?
Let me ask you.
When they ganged up
to send your cousin
to the mental institution,
who helped me?
What were you doing then?
Why didn't you stand up
for your cousin?
He did this for me.
If we're really to blame,
I'm also responsible.
I know he's pursuing you,
but is he worthy of you?
Don't degrade yourself
by crawling into a rat's nest.
Tell him to be here.
I'll talk to him face-to-face.
Wait a moment.
How prestigious Lu Xiaolu is!
He has never returned it himself.
Something happened
at the skating rink last night.
He was busy all night without rest.
Is he alright?
He should be fine.
Then I should serve him more.
How was the braised pork ribs last time?
They were especially delicious.
Especially delicious.
He said they were especially delicious.
You didn't sneak a taste, did you?
No, no, no.
I I just smelled it
when he was eating,
and then felt it was especially delicious.
Alright then. Wait there,
I'll get it ready for you.
(Factory Workers are Like Family,
Love the Factory Like Home)
How is it?
What's this?
You got it wrong.
My milk tea is sold
at the entrance of the skating rink.
But what does this
have to do with Dajiang?
He just lent me a place.
Li Guangnan,
don't rush to play the hero.
You're a smart person.
You should know
this isn't just about selling milk tea.
I understand.
You're trying to take revenge, huh?
I'm just seeking justice
that's rightfully mine.
Ding Dezhong, I'm telling you.
You've asked the wrong person.
I can't betray my friends.
Does Lu Dajiang
even consider you a friend?
He only cares
about his cousin, Lu Xiaolu.
Lu Xiaolu is my brother.
You, Lu Xiaolu, and our Juan
have been old classmates
and friends for years.
But do you know
why I only asked you to be here,
instead of Lu Xiaolu?
Because Juan asked me to help you.
To help you, not Lu Xiaolu.
Let me tell you the truth.
This matter has blown up.
The Health Bureau
has informed the police.
The police called the factory management,
saying this was
an illegal unlicensed operation
and a serious
poisoning incident occurred.
If they really investigate,
a few years in jail
wouldn't be surprising.
I know the situation at your home.
What will happen to your family
if you end up in jail?
Can your father still see his doctor?
Will your mother survive?
I know
you've been pursuing Juan
for many years,
but even if she says yes,
do you think I'd let her
marry someone who has nothing?
Would I?
It's all been investigated.
The ingredients
that caused the food poisoning
came from the Cold Beverage Department.
Director He from the department admitted
that he took a pack of cigarettes
from Li Guangnan
and then gave him
the two leftover buckets of milk.
Isn't this undermining socialism?
Meticulous inspection day and night
is not enough
to protect us from an inside job.
According to factory rules,
how should this be dealt with?
Per our disciplinary regulations,
Li Guangnan will be dismissed,
and Director He will receive a demerit
and have his salary suspended.
Proceed with the factory rules.
Handle it seriously
without leniency.
Secretary Hong was furious
over this incident.
Mr. Ding, I beg you.
Please don't fire me.
My mom will kill me.
I beg you.
Get up.
I want to help you,
but the situation has developed
to this point.
Someone must bear the consequences.
If I don't fire you, who should I fire?
- I beg
- Get up.
Some consequences
are not yours to bear.
Even if Lu Dajiang
loses the skating rink,
he can still thrive.
But can you?
You can't, kid.
What about Xiaolu?
He's innocent in this matter.
As long as Lu Dajiang leaves the factory,
we'll call it even
and won't involve anyone else.
You can be assured of that.
I'm telling you all this
for my niece's sake.
Do you understand?
So, it was Lu Dajiang
who told you to do this,
If there are no other issues,
just sign here.
(Confession Letter: Instructed by Lu Dajiang,
I illicitly used expired and spoiled milk)
(Informant: Li Guangnan)
Isn't this better?
If there's nothing else,
you can go.
What are you doing, meditating?
Didn't you already say goodbye?
Why are you still not leaving?
Where's the letter?
It irritated me,
so I burned it.
What right do you have
to burn my things?
Fine then.
I didn't burn it.
- So, where's the letter?
- Burned it.
- You just said you didn't burn it.
- Didn't burn it.
- Did you burn it or not?
- Didn't burn it.
Burned it or not? Burned it or not?
Niu Xiaoying!
Bai Lan!
You think you can outshout me?
Can you?
I can't.
Alright then.
How did the letter end up with you?
Who told you to put the letter
in Lu Xiaolu's meal box?
I prepare
his meals every day.
Let it be burned then.
Maybe it's better that way.
Do you really not want it anymore?
Didn't you say it was burned?
Gets me mad.
(Golden Peacock)
Attention, all factory workers.
This food poisoning incident
has caused serious consequences
and negative impacts.
After deliberation
by the Factory Affairs Council,
it has been decided
to shut down the skating rink immediately
and revoke the business license
of Lu Dajiang's Skate Land.
This incident reminds us
that Golden Peacock,
as a leader in the city's food industry,
- always puts a priority
- Don't run.
on health and safety in our work.
Bai Lan,
where are you going?
I'm thinking of walking by the river.
I'm going to see my cousin.
Let's walk together.
Do you ever think
that I'm a very selfish person?
Didn't I already answer
this question for you?
Then maybe you don't really
know me at all.
Didn't you say
we were like two peas in a pod?
Since we are so alike,
shouldn't I understand you
as well as I understand myself?
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
I actually got
Bai Lan!
- Bai Lan!
- Tian?
I've finally found you.
cover my shift tonight.
Bi Zhigang just called,
saying we absolutely need someone
on duty at the infirmary tonight.
But today,
it's my wife's birthday
and she really wants me to a movie.
If I don't go,
she'll threaten to divorce me.
Alright, don't worry.
I'll cover your shift.
Happy birthday to your loved one.
Thank you.
Oh no, it's going to rain.
- I better hurry.
- Okay.
- Stay safe.
- Sure thing.
What are you thinking about?
Bi Zhigang said someone
needs to stay at the infirmary.
Has this ever happened before?
I don't recall it ever happening.
Could he know something
is going to happen tonight?
Remind Dajiang.
Ding Dezhong might seek revenge
for his son.
Oh no.
Ding Dezhong wouldn't go
after my cousin, would he?
♪Will I miss the beat♪
♪Will I disturb this tenderness♪
♪Pretending not to care is fake♪
♪In this, I have a talent♪
♪You and I walk side by side, far apart♪
♪Truth is hidden in my pretentious words♪
♪The seagulls have come♪
♪Flapping their wings,
laughing at my confusion♪
♪A life unchanged♪
♪No waves, no crests♪
♪Then this day suddenly appears♪
♪With clear outlines♪
♪And I panic♪
♪As if possessed♪
♪Examining my life♪
♪Seems I've dodged too much♪
♪So please don't leave me alone♪
♪Sad and cold♪
♪I think everybody knows, but you♪
♪Being with you is my happiness♪
♪I look forward to your attention♪
♪Counting every memory♪
♪Joy always accompanies pain♪
♪So let me shout it out♪
♪I think I'll make you proud♪
♪Nobody tell me what to do♪
♪My life is not a boring loop♪
♪This time I'm not joking♪
♪The taste of hitting rock bottom♪
♪From now on, following your steps♪
♪Solving the question in my heart♪
♪A life unchanged♪
♪No waves, no crests♪
♪Then this day suddenly appears♪
♪With clear outlines♪
♪And I panic♪
♪As if possessed♪
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