Young Justice s01e04 Episode Script


- Aah! - Hail Kobra.
Hail Kobra.
Young Justice - Season 1, Episode 4 "Drop Zone" - We're approaching Santa Prisca.
- Isla Santa Prisca.
This island nation is the primary source Of a dangerous and illegal neosteroid-- A strength enhancing drug sold under the street name "Venom.
" Infrared heat signatures indicate their factory Is still operating at full capacity, But all shipments of Venom have been inexplicably cut off.
That's where this team comes in.
This is a covert recon mission only.
Observe and report.
If the Justice League needs to intervene, it will.
The plan requires two drop zones.
- So who's in charge? - Work that out between you.
- Drop zone "A" in 30.
- Ready.
- Putting bioship in camouflage mode.
- Heat and motion sensors are patched.
Data is now on a continuous loop.
Move in.
- Drop zone "B.
" - How cool is this? - Very impressive.
- Uh, that works, too.
Hey, Supey, not too late to put on the new stealth tech.
- No capes, no tights.
No offense.
- It totally works for you In that you can totally do good work in those clothes.
- Knew I didn't need a line.
- And yet creating a seismic event May not have helped us much with the covert.
- Aqualad, drop "B" is go.
- Head for the factory.
I'll track your GPS and rendezvous ASAP.
- Roger that.
- Did you hear that? - Uh, no.
Is this a super hearing thing? - You do have great ears.
- Ok, Rob, now what? Man, I hate it when he does that.
- Superboy, Kid, switch to infrared.
See if you're being tracked.
- Got a squad of armed bozos incoming.
- Two squads.
But they'll meet each other before they find us.
- No super hearing required now.
- Swing wide, steer clear.
- Yeah, as soon as I find Rob.
- Huh? Oof! Aah! So much for the stealthy.
Whoa! Whoa.
- Unh! Aah! - Hyah! What is wrong with you guys? Remember covert? Why didn't you follow my lead, vanish into the jungle? - That's what you were doing? Way to fill us in.
We're not mind readers, you know.
- Unh! - Er, I'm not anyway.
- You told me I could only read the bad guys' minds.
- Aah! - I recognize those uniforms.
They belong to the cult of the Kobra.
- I am certain Batman would have mentioned it If he knew a dangerous extremist Was running Santa Prisca's Venom operation.
- Agreed.
And since there's clearly no love lost Between the cultists and those goons, I'm betting Kobra came in and tossed them out.
That's why normal supply lines have been cut off.
- We get it.
Kobra wanted super cultists.
Mystery solved.
Radio Bats, and we'll be home in time-- - These cultists aren't on Venom.
Kobra's hoarding the stuff.
We don't leave.
Not until I know why.
- Until you know why? - This team needs a leader.
- And it's you? Dude, you're a 13-year-old Kid Who ducked out on us without a word.
- Ha ha! And you're a mature 15? You blew our cover first chance you got.
- Don't you want to lead? you? - After the mister Twister fiasco? - You did all right.
- Yeah? You don't even have super powers! - Neither does Batman! - Duh, you're not Batman.
- Duh, closest thing we've got.
Such clever ninos.
But you only know half the story.
Let me show you the rest-- Get you into the factory via my secret entrance.
- There is a secret entrance, But he's also hiding something.
- Ah, ah, ah, chica.
Bane is not that easy.
- Ohh.
He's mentally reciting futbol scores en espanol.
This could take a while.
- It's not complicated.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
- Sublime master, he approaches.
- Activate the radio jamming net.
Nothing must interfere.
- Look at all that product.
A buy is going down.
But if Kobra's not selling to the usual suspects, then-- - We need to identify that buyer.
- Just what I was thinking.
- Yeah, you're the thinker.
- Sarcasm? Dude.
A real leader would focus on getting answers.
Answers are this way.
- So, now el luchador is our leader.
- All clear.
- Has that little fool already been caught? - No, he just does that.
- Stay put.
I'll get our intel and be back before the boy wonder.
- Wait, Kid! - Great chain of command.
Huh? - It's a massive shipment.
- Yeah, but they're only taking new product off the line.
They're not touching this Venom.
- Maybe freshness counts? - Helicopters coming.
- Whatcha got? - Chemical formulas.
I'm guessing it involves Venom, but - This one's Venom, and that one's-- whoa.
The blockbuster formula from cadmus.
Mixed correctly, Kobra's new juice is than Venom And permanent.
But how did Kobra get access to project blockbuster? - Our mystery buyer must also be Kobra's supplier! Using the cult to create a blockbuster Venom super formula.
Robin to Aqualad, we got-- - Static.
- Lord Kobra.
- Sportsmaster.
The shipment is ready.
- The new Kobra Venom? - A complete success.
Our friends will not be disappointed.
- This is a game-changer.
Finally, we can go mano-a-mano with the Justice League.
- Aqualad, sending you a telepathic image of the buyer now.
- Sportsmaster.
He is the buyer? Aqualad to Red Tornado.
Do you read? - Ugh.
Can't reach the League, Robin, or Kid.
Comm's jammed.
We need a plan, no - I have a suggestion.
What is he-- Destroy them.
Miss Martian, radio is jammed! Link us up! everyone online? yeah.
you know it, beautiful.
We need to regroup.
- Busy now.
- Batman must be desperate If he sends his whelp to task me.
- What's wrong, Koby? You look disconcerted.
- This is beneath me.
Shimmer, take him.
- Robin, now! - Strategic retreat.
Kid, clear a path.
- Superboy, the support beams! - How could my first mission as leader go so wrong? - You do have the most experience.
Perhaps that is exactly what has left you unprepared.
Fighting alongside Batman, your roles are defined.
You two do not need to talk.
But this team is new.
And a leader must be clear, explicit.
He cannot vanish and expect others To play parts in an unknown plan.
- Oh, so I'm supposed to hold everyone's hands.
who am I Kidding? You should lead us, kaldur.
You're the only one who can.
- Please! I can run circles-- - wally, come on.
You know he's the one.
We all do.
- Hello, m'gann.
It's so obvious.
- Could have told you.
- Ok.
- Then I accept the burden Until you are ready to lift it from my shoulders.
You were born to lead this team-- Maybe not now, but soon.
All right.
Our first priority is Preventing that shipment from leaving this island.
- Funny.
I had the same thought.
- Sabotage.
Robin? - Undoubtedly.
Find the problem.
Fix it.
- Master, shall we send search parties after the intruders? - Don't be absurd.
They'll come to us.
- Sportsmaster's the supplier/buyer.
But it still doesn't track.
He doesn't have the juice to acquire the blockbuster formula Or to get Kobra to do his dirty work.
- And neither of them have the chops to bond blockbuster with Venom.
That took some major nerdage.
- I believe the expression is "tip of thiceberg.
" - Halt, ninos.
I'm feeling explosive.
you betrayed us.
Why? - I want my factory back.
- Kid, you'll need a running start.
- So I forced you into a situation Where you would either take down my enemies or die trying.
If the latter, the Justice League would certainly have come To avenge their sidekicks.
And when the smoke cleared, Santa prisca would be mine once more.
Blowing the tunnel with you inside should have the same effect.
- With what? This trigger thingy? - Finally.
Drop him.
- Aah! - The helicopter is operational, exalted one.
- Take the shipment! - Go again? - Sorry.
Not the plan.
- Souvenir.
- Unh! - I know you hate getting your hands dirty.
- True.
But sometimes, even a god must stoop to conquer.
- What's wrong, boy? You look disconcerted.
- Thanks for the workout, but I got to fly.
- I am plagued by mosquitoes.
good, 'cause this mosquito's mighty concerted over your pain.
- Another time, then.
- We picked the right guy to lead.
Automatically making you the right guy to explain this mess to Batman.
- A simple recon mission, observe and report.
You'll each receive a written evaluation Detailing your many mistakes.
Until then, Good job.
No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.
How you adjust to the unforeseen is what determines success.
And how you choose who leads determines character.
- All I recovered is a single ampoule of Kobra Venom.
- Peut-etre the drug can be reverse engineered.
Mais, what of our young heroes? First, Cadmus, then mister Twister.
Now, Santa Prisca.
- Once is happenstance.
Twice is coincidence.
But 3 times is enemy action, And enemies of the light must not stand.

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