Young Justice s01e05 Episode Script


- Aah! - Whoa! - Aah! - I had that.
- I didn't want to take the chance.
As it is, your landing could have destabilized the entire bridge.
- It didn't.
- But it could have.
We don't yet know the limits of your powers.
- But maybe you could, you know, help me figure that out.
- Batman's got that covered.
I know, but-- - Superman.
Wait, Arrow.
Slow down.
What's attacking? No, I'm definitely available.
Coordinates? Acknowledged.
On my way.
sorry, SuperBoy.
Duty calls.
Already got the alert, Bruce.
- I know, Clark, but we need to talk.
Young Justice - Season 1, Episode 5 "Schooled" - Recognized.
Superboy, Speed--0.
- Hi, Superboy.
How was Metropolis? - Ready for training, everyone? - Black Canary! Uncle J'onn! - M'gann, I was in the neighborhood, So I thought I'd see how you were adjusting.
- A few bumps, but I'm learning.
- That's all I can ask.
- Stick around.
Class is in session.
I consider it an honor to be your teacher.
I'll throw a lot at you-- Everything I've learned from my own mentors--uh!-- And my own bruises.
- What happened? - The job.
Now, combat is about controlling conflict, Putting the battle on your terms.
You should always be acting, never reacting.
I'll need a sparring partner.
- Right here.
Yeah! After this-- Swish-- I'll show you my moves.
Aah! Uh! Ohh.
Hurts so good.
- Good block.
But did anyone see what he did wrong? - Ooh, ooh.
He hit on teacher and got served? - Dude! - He allowed me to dictate the terms of-- - Oh, please.
With my powers, the battle's always on my terms.
I'm a living weapon, and this is a waste of my time.
- Prove it.
- Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha.
- You're angry.
Good, but don't react.
Channel that anger into-- - That's it.
I'm done.
- Training is mandatory.
- Batman to the cave.
Five hours ago, a new menace attacked Green Arrow and Black Canary.
The attacker was capable of studying, then duplicating The powers and abilities of its opponents.
Arrow called in reinforcements, which nearly proved disastrous As our foe gained more and more power with each new combatant.
- Whoa.
One guy with the powers of the entire League? - In the end, it took 8 leaguers And dismantle the android.
- An android? Who made it, T.
Morrow? - Good guess, Robin.
But Red Tornado doesn't think so.
- The technology bears the signature of professor Ivo.
- Ivo? But Ivo's dead.
- So we all thought Or hoped.
- To make certain this threat is permanently neutralized, We're sending two trucks carrying the android's parts To two separate S.
lab facilities in Boston And New York for immediate evaluation.
Every precaution is being taken.
We'll have 4 additional decoy trucks to create confusion In case Ivo or anyone tries to recover the remains.
You will split into undercover teams To safeguard the two real trucks.
- Yes! Road trip.
- So now we take out your trash.
- You had something better to do? - Coordinates received.
On our way.
- When you're ready, I'll be here.
- S.
Boston is a go.
- S.
Manhattan is go.
- I told you, we need to talk.
- If dislike is the opposite of like, Is disaster the opposite of aster? See, instead of things going wrong, they go right.
Uh, clearly you're not feeling the aster.
What's wrong? - Canary.
And what business does she have teaching combat skills To a guy with super strength? - Taking down stronger guys is part of the gig.
Canary learned that the hard way.
Same with Batman and, well, me.
- Do you think Superboy's ok? I wasn't reading his mind, I swear, But anger flowed off him in waves.
- Heh.
Surf that wave.
Just give him space.
Me? Stick as close as you want.
- Superboy just needs time to cool off.
A quiet mission will clear his head.
- Robin, Superboy, our truck - kind of figured.
- I hate monkeys.
- Robot monkeys! Ha ha! Totally Ivo's tweaked style.
Hey, hey.
Switch your ride to battle mode.
- No point.
- Or not.
Aah! Uh! - Huh? WhaS-somebody, help! - Ugh! Aah! - Aah! - Aah! - Hyah! Hyah! Huh! Get out! Hyah! Superboy! - Aqualad to Robin.
We've lost our cargo.
Did you-- - It's gone.
And so is my partner.
- Aqualad to Superboy.
Radio your position.
We'll help you.
- I don't need help, don't want any! - Superboy? - I think he ditched his comp.
- Super.
Now we can't even track him.
- He's out of my telepathic range.
This professor Ivo, if he is alive, seems to be two steps ahead of us.
M-maybe w-we should contact Red Tornado? - Tornado always tells us to handle things ourselves.
And the mission can still succeed if we recover the parts Before they're reassembled.
- Well, that's a great plan, except for the part about us Not knowing where to look! - Maybe we do.
We'd have heard by now if the decoy trucks had been attacked.
So how did these monkeys know exactly which trucks to target? Ha! The parts have gps.
The monkeys can track the signal, Which means I can track them with the one I captured.
It looks both sets of parts are converging on Gotham city.
- That far south? M'gann and I won't get there anytime soon.
I'm sending kid on ahead to meet you.
Aqualad out.
- Definitely a disaster, heavy on the "dis.
" - Apple pie.
- The devil's food.
- Something tells me this isn't about dessert.
- The boy needs you.
- No.
He needs you.
He needs red.
I'm just a constant reminder of what he's not.
- Sorry, Clark, but you're dead wrong.
Look, I know he troubles you, but he's here.
You have to get over the how and why.
Trust me on this.
This boy needs his father.
- I'm not his father.
I'll take that pie to go.
- Oh, hello.
- You? You're Ivo? I'm whelmed.
- You're one to talk.
Now, since when does the big blue boy scout Have a brat? - He doesn't.
- Yeah, if you say so.
Have you met my mobile optimal neural quotient infiltrators? Ah.
And after all the trouble I went through finding An acronym for monqi.
- Access Captain Atom.
- Uh! - Since professor Ivo's magnificent monqis Don't float your boat, Maybe my amazing Amazo will better suit you Or better slay you.
- Give me your best shot.
- Ha ha ha! - Heh heh heh! - Please.
My android has the strength of Superman.
What chance do you have? - Aah! - Oh, sorry.
Did that strike a nerve? Amazo, strike a few more.
- Aah! - Access Black Canary.
- Aah! Ohh! - Access Flash.
- Oh.
No wonder daddy keeps you hidden away.
You're not really doing justice to the old "s" shield, are you? Ha! - Martian Manhunter.
Access Superman.
- Aah! Unh! - Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! - Finish him.
Priority alpha.
- So you changed, too? - You kidding? Huhh.
I feel naked in civvies.
You still tracking the parts? - They were heading through Gotham, But they veered.
Dude, they're at my school.
- Unh! Errgh! Aah! Unh! ThatAll you got? - Access Captain Atom.
- I don't usually attend these things in person, But--heh heh--this was too good to miss.
- Access Superman.
- Yoink! - Martian Manhunter.
Access Red Tornado.
- Aah! - Aah! - Access Captain Atom.
Access Black Canary.
Martian Manhunter.
- Aah! - Martian Manhunter.
Access Black Canary.
- Access Black Canary.
- Oh, yawn.
Normally, Amazo would study and mimic Your abilities during battle, but what's the point? You're all such poor copies of the originals.
- Ha ha ha! - So everyone keeps saying.
It makes me angry! - Aah! - Want to see me channel that anger? - Great.
He's gone ballistic again.
- Maybe not.
- Amazo, protect your master.
Priority alpha.
- Unh! - Captain Atom.
- Anyone want to play keep-away? - Me, me! - Access Superman.
- Aah! - Martian Manhunter.
- Superman.
- Help me disassemble him now! - Dude, the guy has no head.
- Don't take any chances.
- Superboy, are you all right? - I'm fine.
Feeling the aster.
- Hey.
Where's Ivo? - The Amazo android is in pieces again, Safely being analyzed at the two separate S.
labs, But Ivo escaped, and since he Originated the tech, he's arguably More dangerous than the android.
- Capturing the professor ill be a League priority.
- But we understand your mission encountered Other complications.
- Complications come with the job.
Your ability to handle them has impressed the League.
- The whole League? - Given time, yes.
Kryptonians, as you know, have very hard heads.
Of course, there's no shame in asking for help.
That's why the League exists-- because there are some problems Even we can't handle individually.
- Please.
If we needed help, we'd never get The chance to ask.
Look familiar? You were following us! Babysitting! You still don't trust us.
- We didn't follow you.
- And that's not your arrow, but that means-- - Speedy! - He has our backs.
- Souvenir! - Ahem.
I'm ready.
- Good.
Because I'm here.

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