Young Justice s01e06 Episode Script


Guhh! - Aah! - We're losing patience.
Complete the project or forfeit your life.
- I'm completing as fast as I can.
uhh! - Dr.
Roquette? - Tell me you're the advance guy.
- The only guy.
- You couldn't bring backup? What, were there budget cuts? - Now-or-never time, doc.
- We can't leave this.
- Look, I take it, or I take you.
- Right.
Take me.
- Hang on.
- Yaah! So, what do you call this, the Arrow boat? I call it a rental.
Now get down! I think we're in the clear.
- Great.
Leaves only one problem.
- Well? - She finished.
We're good to go.
Young Justice - Season 1, Episode 6 "Infiltrator" - Hello, Megan.
We should hit the beach every day.
- First a moment of silence for our absent comrade.
- Poor Wally.
- Welcome, class, To the first day of sophomore year.
- Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- Nuhh! Wha-hoo! - Recognized--Kid Flash, b03.
- The wall-man is here.
Now let's get this party star-- Unh! Ted.
- Wall-man, huh? I love the uniform.
What exactly are your powers? - Uh, who's this? - Artemis, your new teammate.
- Kid Flash.
Never heard of you.
- Um, she's my new protégé.
- What happened to your old one? - Recognized--Speedy, b06.
- Well, for starters, he doesn't go by Speedy anymore.
Call me Red Arrow.
- Roy.
You look-- - Replaceable.
- It's not like that.
You told me you were going solo.
- So why waste time finding a sub? Can she even use that bow? - Yes, she can.
- Who are you? - I'm his niece.
- She's my niece.
- Another niece? - But she is not your replacement.
We have always wanted you on the team, And we have no quota on archers.
- And if we did, you know who we'd pick.
- Whatever, baywatch.
I'm here to stay.
- You came to us for a reason.
- Yeah, a reason named Dr.
Serling Roquette.
- Nanorobotics genius and claytronics expert At royal university in star city-- Vanished 2 weeks ago.
- Abducted 2 weeks ago by the league of shadows.
- Whoa.
You want us to rescue her from the shadows? - Hard-core.
- I already rescued her.
Only one problem.
The shadows had already Coerced her into creating a weapon.
Doc calls it the fog, Comprised of millions of microscopic robots, Nanotech infiltrators Capable of disintegrating anything in their path-- Concrete, steel, flesh, bone.
- But its true purpose isn't mere destruction.
It's theft.
The infiltrators eat and store raw data from any computer system And deliver the stolen intel to the shadows Providing them access to weapons, Strategic defense, cutting-edge science and tech.
- Perfect for extortion, manipulation, power broking.
Sounds like the shadows.
- Like you know anything about the shadows.
Who are you?! - Roquette's working on a virus to render the fog inert.
- But if the shadows know she can do that - They'll target her.
Right now, she's off the grid.
I stashed her at the local high school's computer lab.
- You left her alone? - She's safe enough for now.
- Then let's you and I keep her that way.
- You and I? Don't you wanna take your new protégé? - You brought this to the team.
It's their mission, which means it's hers now, too.
then my job's done.
- Recognized--Speedy-- - That's Red Arrow, b06.
- Miss Martian, link us up.
We do not want the shadows intercepting our com.
- Everyone online? - Ohh.
This is weird.
- And distracting.
Coding a distributive algorithm virus on a kiddie computer With less ram than a wristwatch is hard enough.
Now I have to hear teen-think in my skull? - Lady, do you always complain when someone tries to help you? - Pot, kettle.
Have you met? - Hey.
Hey, I do not need attitude From the newbie who drove Red Arrow off the team.
- That is so not on me.
- Fate of the world at stake.
- She started it.
- How 'bout I just help Miss Martian and Superboy patrol the perimeter? - Good idea.
- You might cut her some slack.
It was her arrow saved your butt against Amazo.
- What? No, that was Speedy's-- I mean Red Arrow's Arrow, right? - Not so much.
- Humph.
Well, still not giving her the satisfaction.
- You know I can still hear you.
ahh! - I couldn't get the justice league.
- The virus won't be of much use if we cannot find the weapon.
Can you track it? - My utility fog is not a weapon.
It's science, brilliant science, And of course I can track it, but I'd have to go online.
Might as well rent a billboard with this address And "assassinate me" written in neon.
- We will protect you.
- Tracking the fog now.
- Roquette has surfaced to track us, But that link's a 2-way street.
Sending her location Now.
- Who do we have near Happy Harbor, Rhode Island? mmm.
That boy.
- He can hear you.
We can all hear you.
- Oh, I know.
Miss Martian, Dr.
Roquette has located the fog.
Reconfigure the bioship so that Robin and Superboy can pursue.
- Ready.
you embarrassed Superboy.
- Didn't hear him say that.
- Must you challenge everyone? - Where I come from, that's how you survive.
whoa! Unh! uhh! - Doctor, get down! - Hmm.
That had to hurt.
- Atlantean skin is quite dense.
- And my shuriken are quite poisoned.
M'gann, Kid, Artemis, We are under attack in the computer lab.
- On our way.
yaah! - Almost.
Poison slowin' you down? - Jellyfish toxin, I'm largely immune.
- Largely.
Uhh! - Don't Move.
- Heh.
This gig's getting interesting.
Maybe a little too interesting.
- Yaah! Oop! Uhh.
- She's getting away! You're letting her get away! - This is all your fault! You were on perimeter! How'd that Shadow get in?! - That's not really fair.
I was outside, too.
- Outside being distracted by her.
Besides, I can't be mad at you.
you gave me mouth-to-mouth.
we heard that! dang it! - I didn't do half as well during my first battle, And I know you can't have been Green Arrow's sidekick for very long.
- Focus, everyone.
The shadows will be back.
Robin to Aqualad.
We're over Philadelphia.
We've located the shadows' next target, Star Labs.
We're too late.
It's destroyed, Totally destroyed.
The fog decimated it.
This is bad.
Star Labs is cutting-edge science, And now their secrets are in the hands of the enemy.
What's our next move? - Rescan for that fog.
Find it.
We're moving the Doctor.
stop it, both of you.
- What? - What? - I can hear you glaring.
Miss Martian, stay in camouflage mode And make a wide perimeter sweep.
Whuhh! Uhh! Ohh! Aah! Unh! - The martian could return any second, And I'm not keen on evening their odds.
We end Roquette now.
- Don't stop working.
- Martian's here.
It's now or never.
We've been duped! - I've almost got it.
- The next target's a Waynetech facility.
In theory, its systems software could be used to hack the - The what? - Doesn't matter.
Wh-what matters Is Waynetech operates a 24-hour workforce.
We'll never evacuate the building in time.
- You'll never find Dr.
- Never's such a long time.
Pursuing target.
Keep 'em busy.
- Pursuing their leader.
Take the rest down.
- You are so not the boss of me.
- Just do it! - Oh, I do not like being played.
I was hoping it'd be you.
- Uhh! - Mask has built-in filters.
Better luck next time, Kid.
- Uhh! - We have company.
- Uploading now.
And by the way, you said you'd protect me.
- Let's test the limit of your jellyfish immunity, shall we? There.
Limit tested.
Now, Doctor, Time for my appointment.
- It's downloading! - Don't need it! - Superboy! - Aah! Unh! - No! - What in the-- Hey! You can't come in here! Unauthorized entry! - Waynetech override-- Archie 4.
- Kid Flash, we need to end this now.
- It's like you read my mind, beautiful.
- Huhh! Uhh! - Yaah! whoo hoo! I got mine.
- Great.
Uh, little help? - What's goin' on? What are you doing? - Please be linked to the mainframe.
Please be linked to the mainframe.
- So you finished the virus, Eliminating the reason for your elimination, Though not the entertainment value.
- Aah! - Lucky for you my orders are clear.
You live to program another day.
After all, Doctor, The shadows may find another use for you.
yes! The infiltrators have been outfiltrated.
Unh! - Don't move a muscle.
- Wow.
I am completely at your mercy.
- I suppose now you bring me to justice, Let your new friends interrogate me.
I wonder if your position's secure enough To survive them learning everything I know.
Didn't think so.
So like the Cheshire cat, I'll just disappear.
Artemis, where's the assassin? - She, uh--she got away.
- Oh, from you? Oh, big surprise.
Notice we got ours.
- Her mask? Did you see her, her face? - It was dark.
- It is fine.
Robin and Superboy neutralized the fog, And Dr.
Roquette is safe, Thanks in no small part to you.
Welcome to the team.
- I've always wanted a sister.
Here on Earth, I mean.
I have 12 back on Mars, but trust me, it's not the same.
- I wouldn't know.
But thanks.
- Ow.
- Step into the light.
- Nice move.
Almost made me believe you are Green Arrow's niece, But we both know you're not.
Still, I'm sure G.
and bats have a reason for lying, So your cover's safe.
But I warn you, do not hurt my friends.
- Report.
- Masters Before Ojo's capture, He transmitted the Star Labs data you required, But the Waynetech intel still eludes us.
- Once again, the young Heroes interfere, So it's fortunate we have an operative on the inside.

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