Young Justice s01e07 Episode Script


- Bonsoir, Monsieur.
How can Madame Xanadu be of service? Ah, there is someone to whom you wish to speak.
Your wife, mais non? - Yes, my Inza.
- Then Madame will make contact if fate be kind.
- Ah, but he so rarely is.
- Ahem.
- Oh, of course.
- Oh, my darling.
How I've missed you.
I'm so lonely here and cold.
- Ha ha! Th-that's the best you could do? - Imbecile! You have broken the spell.
Your wife is forever lost.
- That was supposed to be my wife? Heh! Heck, my little spitfire would have kicked my can For throwin' away good money on you.
- No refunds for nonbelievers.
- I think we both know you're the nonbeliever, Madame.
A wind machine.
Tire jacks under the table.
A shame, too.
You have the perfect aura for the work, And nothing would have pleased me more Than to be reunited with my bride.
- You will be with her soon enough.
ahh! Young Justice - Season 1, Episode 7 "Denial" - Initiate--combat training.
- Kaldor's, uh, nice, don't you think? Handsome.
You should totally ask him out.
- He's like a big brother to me.
But you know who would make the cutest couple? You and Wally.
- You're so full of passion, and he's so full of, uh--of-- - It? - Fail--Aqualad.
- Black Canary taught me that.
- Do you have a mission for us? - Mission assignments are the Batman's responsibility.
- Yeah.
Well, the Batman's with the Robin Doing the dynamic duo thing in gotham, But you're headed somewhere, right? Hot date or a--a misiĆ³n? - If we can be of help - This is Kent Nelson, a friend.
He is 106 years old - Guy doesn't look a day over 90.
- And he has been missing for 23 days.
Kent was a charter member of the justice society, The precursor to your mentors' justice league.
- Of course.
Nelson was earth's sorcerer supreme.
He was Doctor Fate.
- more like doctor fake.
Guy knows a little advanced science and "dumbledores" it up To scare the bad guys and impress the babes.
- Kent may simply be on one of his walkabouts, But he is caretaker to the helmet of fate, The source of the doctor's mystic might, And it is unwise to leave such power unguarded.
- He's like the great sorcerer priests and priestesses of Mars.
I would be honored to help find him.
- Me, too.
So honored I can barely stand it.
Magic rocks.
- Take this.
It is the key to the tower of fate.
- What are the chances we both so admire the mystic arts? - So, Wally, When did you first realize your honest affinity for sorcery? - Well, I--I don't like to brag, but, uh, Before I became Kid Flash, I seriously considered becoming a wizard myself.
- We've reached Tornado's coordinates, but-- - Nothing's there.
- Take us down.
- Grant us access to the tower, And I promise an end to your suffering.
Continue to refuse, and-- aah! - Shush, teekl! I'm watching the show.
- Enjoy itWhile you can.
Soon enough, my friends will come to help me.
Aah! - Encore! Encore! Ha ha! - What? - Oh.
- Nothing.
This isn't simple camouflage.
- So what do you think, Adaptive micro-opto-electronics combined with phase shifting? - Absolutely Not.
Clearly mystic powers are at work here.
- Hey, Abra Kadabra, aren't you using Adaptive micro-opto-electronics and phase shifting? - Yes.
- A test of faith.
Stand behind me.
- Uh, where'd the door go? - Greetings.
You have entered with a key, But the tower does not recognize you.
Please state your purpose and intent.
- We are true believers, Here to find Doctor Fate.
- Yaah! Those were my favorite boots.
This Nelson guy better be worth it.
- The tower may not appreciate trespassers.
- Mute.
- Ack! - Hello, Kent.
How unlike you to bring guests to the tower, Especially one with such potent mystic power.
- My friends come to help me.
- Having trouble Maintaining altitude.
I'm so hot.
- You certainly are.
- Wally! - Hey, inches above sizzling death, I'm entitled to speak my mind.
- my physiology and m'gann's Are susceptible to extreme heat.
We must climb out quickly.
- Hello, Megan.
We never truly answered the question.
Red Tornado sent us To see if mr.
Nelson and the helmet were safe! - Yahh! - This platform, it should be red-hot, But it is cool to the touch.
- Don't worry, megalicious.
I got you.
- Enough! Your little "impress Megan at all costs" game Nearly got us all barbecued.
- When did this become my fault? - When you lied to that whatever it was And called yourself a true believer.
- Wally, you don't believe? - Fine! Fine! I lied about believing in magic.
But magic is the real lie, a major load.
- Wally, I studied for a year at the conservatory of sorcery in Atlantis.
The mystic arts created the skin icons that power my water bearers.
- Dude, you ever hear of bioelectricity? Hey, in primitive cultures, Fire was once considered magical, too.
Today it's all just a bunch of tricks.
- You're pretty close-minded For a guy who can break the sound barrier in his sneakers.
- That's science.
I recreated Flash's laboratory experiment, and here I am.
Everything can be explained by science.
- Let us test that theory.
- Wait! The back-draft from the lava will roast us alive! - It's snow.
- Do you ever get tired of being wrong? Well? - Ever hear of string theory? We're in a pocket dimension.
- Ahh! - What's that? - Ooh.
Maybe it's Nelson's magic wand.
- I got it.
- I got it.
- Ahh.
I can't let go.
- Ahh.
I can't let go.
- Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? - Tell us how to find the helmet.
- Can't.
Having too much fun.
Unh! - Still having fun? - Heh heh.
I am.
Zap him again Or dump him off the side and watch him splat.
- Aah! - Ah, yes, yes.
I suppose we might still need him.
- I don't understand Wally.
It's almost like He needs to believe the impossible can't happen.
- Wally uses his understanding of science To control what he cannot comprehend.
Acknowledging the existence of magic Would be to relinquishhe last vestige of that control.
- Abra Kadabra.
- Well, would you look at that.
- Uhh.
- Uhh.
- In here.
- No! No! No! I want that helmet! I want it! I want it! I want it! - I'm Kent Nelson, by the way.
- No duh.
Ow! - I'm Artemis.
Miss manners here is Wally.
- Well, Artemis, we're up against an opponent With tremendous mystic power.
Abra Kadabra? Flash proved he uses futuristic technology to simulate magic.
Guy's all show and no biz.
- Right you are.
- He is? - Abra is a charlatan.
But Klarion, the witch boy, the Kid with the cat, He's an actual lord of chaos, The ultimate enemy of a lord of order like Doctor Fate.
- Right.
You're a lord of order.
- Oh, no, not me.
I'm just an old coot fate used to put on Until my wife Inza convinced me there could be more to life.
Ah, she was a real pistol, that Inza.
Anyhoo, Klarion's after the helmet.
If he gets his sticky little mitts on it, He'll turn the planet into his own personal playground of pandemonium.
- Unh! - Ohh! - Friends of yours? - Friends of yours? - Aah! - Mr.
Nelson! - No! - Not bad for a former "doctor fake," eh, Kid? The bubble'll give you just enough time To do what you need to do.
- I have no idea what I need to do.
- Have faith in what you can't explain.
Believe in what you can no longer deny.
- 28, 29, 30.
Come on.
Come on.
- I want that helmet, and I want it now! Wally, we're in trouble.
Tell Kent we need Doctor Fate.
- Waah! Aah! A test of faith.
- Hey, dumb Kid, You put that on, you may never get it off.
ok, ok.
No problem.
I'm not here.
I'm just delusional.
- Still don't believe? Seriously, Kid, how'd you get so bullheaded in 15 short years? - But--but you're--you're-- - Yep, but don't feel bad.
Soon as this little brouhaha is over, My spirit will ascend, And I'll be reunited with my beloved Inza.
- O-oh.
Does that mean that I'm-- - Ah, you're alive, but your soul no longer controls your body.
See, we're inside the helmet.
You put it on, And my soul got sucked in, Probably because I spent so many years serving its master.
- Master? - Nabu, The real Doctor Fate, One of them lords of order I told you about.
He's the guy controlling your body now.
Wanna watch? - Give it up, Nabu! Order went out of style in the 20th century.
this battle is pointless.
You sought to take the helmet before it claimed a host, But you are too late.
- Shut it, you old fart! - Agh! - Aah! What gives? - Well, it is your body.
- Then let me control it.
With fate's power and my speed-- - Sorry, Kid.
Doesn't work that way.
But you can see why I haven't put on the helmet in 65 years.
- And if fate loses this fight? - You see Inza before I do.
- Aah! - You're out of practice, Nabu, And that pathetic host body, Zero affinity for the mystic arts.
- Aah! - Ooh, rainbow power.
- I am paying attention, you stupid cat.
in case you hadn't noticed, I'm winning.
- It is difficult for a lord of order or chaos To maintain a presence on the physical plane.
I am bound to the helmet and use a human host.
But that is not your way.
- You're babbling, Nabu.
- Am I? - Teekl! I can't believe you would assault a defenseless pussycat.
- We both know that creature is no cat, witch boy, And without your familiar, You have no anchor in this reality.
- Bully! Killjoy! Geezer! Holy carp.
We're outta here! Wha? - Show's over.
- Yes! That's how we kick it on the earthly plane.
- Uh, it's--it's over, right? So why isn't Nabu taking off the helmet? - Because the earth needs Doctor Fate.
I will not release this body.
- He can't do that! Can he do that? - Can, but shouldn't.
Nabu, this is not the right candidate.
The Kid's soul belongs to the world of science, Not sorcery.
- True, but I do not appreciate Being permanently hidden away, useless, And isolated for decades at a time.
Chaos must not be allowed to reign.
- That won't happen again.
The boy'll take the helmet And make sure you're put to good use.
- Yeah.
I swear.
- And in the meantime, I'll stick around, keep you company.
- Wait.
What happened to you ascending, seeing Inza? - So you believe now, eh? Don't sweat it, Kid.
I'll spend a few millennia here, then see Inza.
That's the great thing about eternity.
It's eternal.
- The bargain is acceptable.
- Some free advice before you go.
Find your own little spitfire, One who won't let you get away with nothin', For example, that-- You never said what happened to you when you put on the helmet.
- Energy from the thing rewrote my brain's beta waves.
I was bioscripted into becoming Doctor Fate for a few minutes.
No big.
- Wait.
You're still claiming There's no such thing as magic? if that's how you feel, why keep it at all? - Souvenir.
- Geek! Find your own little spitfire, One who won't let you get away with nothin'.
- Hello, Megan.
Guess who bought us 2 tickets to a magic show.

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