Young Justice s01e08 Episode Script


Ha ha ha! - I need to talk to Aqualad.
The rest of you, hit the showers and head home.
- Head home? I am home.
- Just Aqualad.
- I am sorry you had to intervene.
I know the team performed poorly-- - The team performed adequately.
The problem was you.
You're their leader, and your head wasn't in the game.
No, you are correct.
Of late, I am not even convinced I belong on the surface world.
For so many years, it filled my every thought.
But now that I am here, my dreams are all Atlantis.
- AtlantisOr someone you left behind? You can split your time between the surface And the sea, but not your mind.
Either you're here 100%, or you need to walk away.
Make a decision, Kaldur, and make it soon.
Young Justice - Season 1, Episode 8 "Downtime" Aqualad, e02.
- Watch this! Did it work? I can't tell if it worked.
- Ohh.
I'll never finish in time! - Topo, the workmanship is magnificent.
- Kaldur! Wait.
Our beloved King was at the mercy of the vile ocean master, But two young students, Kaldur'Ahm and Garth, Intervened, allowing the Aquaman to triumph.
Impressed with their valor, Aquaman offered both young Heroes the opportunity to be his protege.
Garth chose to continue his studies at the conservatory of Sorcery, but the brave Kaldur accepted his King's offer And becameAqualad! Kaldur? I mean, Aqualad? - Oh.
It is very good.
- Oh, thank you.
Um, do you think it's all right I put myself in? I know I was not really there, but I-- - It is fine.
Do you know where I might find Tula now? And Garth? - On the roof, at their studies.
- Your technique is excellent, But your choices remain predictable.
Combat sorcery demands improvisation.
Kaldur'Ahm! Oh, so good to see you.
- Kaldur! - Apologies, My Queen.
I did not mean to interrupt.
- It is well.
I have another class.
Will I see you at dinner? - Yes, your majesty.
- We shall talk then.
- You look well, Kaldur.
- Yes, surface life agrees with you.
- You speak as if I have been gone for years, But it has only been - Two months.
- That long? Then I must make up for lost time.
Tula, would you accompany me to dinner tonight at the palace? I wish I could invite you as well.
- I made that choice long ago.
- We have another class, but I will see you tonight.
- You have to tell him.
- It is disturbing, to say the least.
The creature is frozen, has been frozen for millennia, Yet somehow it still lives.
We have even detected brainwaves.
Needless to say, Prince Orm, the study of this find has Become the science center's highest priority.
- All security protocols are in place.
No unauthorized personnel get in or out.
- Excellent.
- Would you like me to turn that on? - No.
- Well, would you like to help me make dinner? - No.
- Let's see.
We're gonna need some brown sugar, a little butter, Some salt, cooking oil, vinegar, a few eggs, cup of tomatoes And two cups of Oops.
I'm so sorry.
I should have paid more attention.
It was too much at once.
Too much at once.
Hello, Megan! That's so me.
IUh - Halt, intruders! - Unh! - That was careless, Alpha Squad.
Don't let it happen again.
- No, sir.
- All squads, report.
- Beta Squad ready.
- Gamma Squad ready.
- Delta Squad ready.
- Epsilon Squad ready.
- Phase one complete.
Initiate phase two.
- All squads report manta stings in place and ready.
Phase two complete.
"just Aqualad.
" Unh! - Ahem.
Master Bruce wishes to see you.
What's this? - Training--hand-eye coordination.
- One on one? - If you think you can handle it.
- Ha ha ha! Yes! -A gigantic echinoderm frozen yet still alive.
Of course, at this point, our data is quite limited, But dr.
Vulko thinks the creature is very promising.
- I am considering rejoining you at the conservatory.
- You realize you left your studies some time ago.
Your sorcery skills have not kept apace.
You would no longer be in Tula's class or Garth's.
- Perhaps I will require a tutor.
- Here, let me get that.
And that and this and those and these.
How about that? This, too.
I got it.
- Thanks, uncle Barry.
- You're welcome, kid.
- You're a lucky lady, Iris.
Our Wally certainly isn't that fast, not when it comes to Clearing the table.
- Mom! - Neither is my Jay, believe me.
I know, I know, you're a retired speedster, and since It's your birthday, we won't argue.
- Wally's fast enough when he wants to be.
We're suddenly out of ice cream.
- Wally! - Ah! Uh, happy birthday.
- We have an announcement.
- I am with child.
- Oh, that is wonderful! - Congratulations.
An heir to the throne at last.
Apologies, Prince Orm.
I did not mean-- - No fear, Kaldur.
No one could be more thrilled at this news than I.
- Thank you, brother.
Thanks to you all.
- Mmm.
- Superman to Aquaman.
League emergency in Tokyo Bay.
Rendezvous at the watchtower.
- Acknowledged.
It seems I must take my leave.
Swim with me.
Batman has made me aware of your dilemma.
I know from personal experience it can be difficult To live there and love here.
Aquaman, 06.
- I am confident you will make the right choice.
- Omega Squad is in position.
Initiate phase 3.
- There is something I must-- - there is something I must-- - Heh heh! - Heh heh! - I-- - Please, Tula.
I have made a decisionTo stay in Atlantis with you-- Because of you.
- Kaldur, I'm sorry.
We wanted to tell you sooner, but Garth and I, We areTogether.
- Careful! Get these people out! - Aah! - Unh! - Alpha Squad requesting reinforce--aah! - This attack was precision-planned.
The initial explosions lured our patrols into ambush.
- Tula! - Garth, look out! Aah! - No! - Tula! - Surface communications are down.
We cannot reach King Orin.
Summon more troops to the palace.
- The palace was not the only target.
I witnessed explosions in sectors 1, 2, 3, and 5.
- Nothing in sector 4? Explosions all over the city except where the science Center is located, where your giant sea star is secured.
- Then it is all a diversion.
But with the King away, I must protect the Queen and the heir.
- I need no protection.
Go! - No, Mera.
If you suffered any injury, my brother would never forgive me.
- The Prince is right, My Queen.
This battle is mine.
- And mine.
- Your place is with Tula.
- Next up on the comedy classic network, An episode of "hello, neigh" - This came in the mail for you.
- You opened it? Mom! - Just read it.
- I've been awarded a full Wayne foundation scholarship To the Gotham Academy? But I didn't apply.
- It's not that kind of scholarship.
You qualify, or you don't.
Gotham Academy is very prestigious.
You should be thrilled.
- Yeah, I'm not switching schools.
All my friends are at Gotham north.
- You're going, or you give up your extracurriculars.
- Mom, don't make threats you can't enforce.
- Artemis, this is a chance to better your life! A chance I never had.
- Ok, mom, I'll go.
I'll go for you.
- Objective secured.
Manta sub, initiate phase 4.
- You should be with Tula.
- The Queen watches over Tula and sent me after you.
- Check the perimeter.
As soon as the sub melts through the dome, We take our prize and go.
- You have a plan? Kaldur? - Aargh! - I, too, have my studies.
- Impressive, is he not? - Aqualad? - Aah! - Such a waste.
You really have no ambition beyond serving Aquaman? Aren't schools of others willing to die for their King? This school, for example! - Aah! - Garth, get your head in the game.
- I summon the power of the tempest! - Forget them! Get the job done.
- Garth, the cable! - Aah! - Aargh! If I can't have it, no one can! - Unh! - Our city was heavily damaged, and many atlanteans Were injured, but it could have been far worse.
I am grateful to you all.
- This contains all that survived.
It is already regenerating.
The creature requires further research, but with the dome Compromised and the science center in ruins, we cannot Safely secure or study it here in Atlantis.
Perhaps the surface world can do better.
- I'm sure they will be eager to try.
Kaldur? - Call me Aqualad, My King.
- Kaldur, I--we--that is-- - I wish you both nothing but the best.
Have you ever wondered what would have happened if I had Stayed behind and you had become Aqualad? - Never.
- No, neither have I.
Aqualad, e02.
- Made your decision? - The decision is made.
I am here, 100%.
- Just in time for your next mission.
The watchtower detected an immense power surge in the bialian desert.
- I was unable to secure the objective and was forced To execute plan "b.
" - You did well.
Everything falls into place.

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