Young Justice s01e09 Episode Script


- Hello, Megan.
I'm on Earth.
But how did I get to Earth? Why am I wearing this costume? And why does my head hurt so much? Is this a dream? - Wait.
I've seen that symbol.
Are you Superman? Aah! - Not a dream.
A nightmare.
Young Justice, Season 1, Episode 9 "Bereft" - Those are bialyan Republican Army uniforms.
But what are bialyans doing in, uh, Bialya? Ok.
Better question-- What am I doing in Bialya? In September? What happened to March? Better radio Batman.
- Maintain radio silence at all times.
- Or not.
- Hey.
Wake up.
hey, it's ok.
It's ok.
I won't hurt you.
I'm one of the good guys.
You know, Kid Flash.
- Seen Kid Flash on the news.
He doesn't wear black.
- A little unclear on that myself.
What about you? Green Arrow fixation? - Who put me in this? - Wow.
I am not touching that with a 10-foot--uh-- So, you know how to use that bow? - Yeah.
My dad taught me.
He must have done this.
Another of his stupid tests.
- What kind of test? - He probably wants me to kill you.
Don't let them escape.
- Sorry.
They've got bigger arrows.
- Thanks.
- Hey, I told you, good guy.
Now, not to pry, but what's your name? Oh, and what's this about you killing me? I'm actually on Earth! I've wanted this for so long Even if it's not exactly like tv.
But why can't I remember how I got here? Concentrate.
- Good idea.
- Be careful.
- Careful, Superboy.
They're hot.
- Not as hot as you, babe.
- Thanks, Wally.
That's, um, sweet.
- Mmm.
Not as sweet as you, sugar.
- Oh, grow up.
- Ow! - Team, report to the mission room.
- I'm on a team! I have friends! And a Superboy who might be I need to find him.
hello? Um, team? Maybe they're just out of my range.
Running on empty.
Don't think I've eaten in a while.
Been out here over 24 hours.
Or my cupboards wouldn't be bare.
- Aah! Aah! Superboy! Where are you? - Whose side is he on? - Want to stick around and find out? - Get down! Don't worry, I'm almost there! - Did you just hear a girl talking in your head? - Girls are always on my mind.
But they're not usually talking.
- Well, J'onn, the costume looks familiar, But I'm not sure the new bod screams "Manhunter.
" - You know my uncle J'onn? Hello, Megan, of course you do.
You're Kid Flash.
And you're Artemis.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Martian Manhunter's your uncle? Is that how you know my name? - Your name is really Wally? - Ohh.
- It's ok.
We're teammates.
I made you cookies.
- You know her? - I swear, beautiful, never seen her before in my life.
At least-- - you both lost your memories, too.
Come on.
I'll fill you in as we go.
Robin and Superboy need our help.
- Of course.
Robin and super what now? - You must control his mind.
- Doesn't seem to be much mind in there left to control.
ButBe still.
- Wish I could remember why I put a gps marker here.
Huh! Guessing that's why.
Her Majesty wants him alive! Enough! Open fire! - I'll hold that.
Thanks! - K.
! Man, it's good to see a familiar face.
- Hey, Rob.
Memory loss? - 6 months.
Let's hogtie these creeps and compare notes.
So we're a team? - The 4 of us and Superboy.
- Then this must be his.
- Yes! Did you see him? - I think we did.
- Feral boy? Some teammate.
He attacked us.
- He didn't know who we are.
I don't know who we are.
- I remember Batman ordering radio silence.
Our team must work for him.
- How do you know we don't work for my mentor? Whoa.
This is so cool! - We look ridiculous.
Quit touching yourself.
we need our memories back.
to help Superboy.
- I brought you into my mind To share what I've remembered so far.
But I need your help.
Together, Our broken memories can form a whole, If you open your minds to mine.
- You want to paw through our private thoughts? - I have no wish to intrude, but-- - We need to hack our minds to grok what happened to us.
Got it.
- My brain's all yours.
Try not to let its brilliance overwhelm you.
- Or underwhelm you.
Hey, why isn't anyone ever just whelmed? - Tast 6 months only, and only what you need.
- The watchtower detected an immense power surge in the bialyan desert.
Spectral analysis revealed elements non-terrestrial in origin.
Find out what happened at that site, what landed there.
Bialya is a rogue state ruled by Queen Bee, And not a member of the League's U.
All communications are subject to interseption.
Maintain radio silence at all times.
You'll land in Kourak on Bialya's border, - All clear.
- The bialyans control the site.
- Set up here.
- We'll be up and running in no time.
- Jackpot! The site's lousy with zeta beam radiation.
- Detecting non-terrestrial trace elements from the tent.
- I'll check it out in camouflage mode.
- Good idea.
- Careful.
- And maintain telepathic contact.
- I will, Aqualad.
Aqualad! - Where is he? What happened next? - I don't know! That's the last thing I--we remember.
- Ehh.
We landed 24 hours ago.
If Kaldur'ahm's been wandering the desert that long, well, That's not good for a guy with gills.
- Now that I know to look for him He's close! But he's not moving.
- Raise to shock level 4.
- Fascinating.
- I can't restore his memories in this condition.
- He needs immediate rehydration.
Call the bioship.
- It's out of range, but you can get him there fast.
- He's too heavy, and I'm too low on fuel.
Right now, I couldn't even carry her.
- why not just levitate him back? - I can't.
I have to find Superboy.
- 6 months ago, he didn't exist.
He has no memories-- just animal impulse.
I'm the only one who can help him.
- Superboy's indestructible.
Just ask those tanks.
It's Aqualad who needs your help.
Like, now.
- No! Superboy's in pain! We can't wait! - We still don't know what erased our memories! It could happen again! Aah! Well Someone's certainly a glutton for punishment.
Psimon saysForget.
- That's it.
Forget like before.
- I'm in.
- Good, but tread carefully.
Camouflage is not invisible.
- They're testing something.
To make someone in pain.
Hello? Can you hear me? - I can And an open mind is a dangerous thing.
- Someone's hacked our link! - Psimon can't see you.
Psimon can't catch you.
But Psimon can make you all forget! - No.
I won't let it happen again.
- Not really your call, little girl.
- Quick, over there.
Kaldur'ahm, quiet now.
- We can't risk a firefight with Aqualad koed like this.
it's not just him.
I'm way out of juice.
- And I'm almost out of arrows.
- Ugh.
I forgot how much I hate it when he does the ninja thing.
Hey, you never said why your dad would want you to ktttk! Me.
- I got confused by some old movie I saw the other night.
About a ninja girl whose ninja dad ordered her To kill her ninja boyfriend 'cause he was from a rival ninja clan.
- So, I'm your ninja boyfriend, huh? - Hey, amnesia, remember? Completely forgot how truly annoying you are.
- Oh, like you're the goddess of congeniality.
- Yeesh.
Get a room.
- Dude, where were you? - Breaking radio silence.
- That's our cue.
Move! - You have potential, But you're too raw, too untrained.
And not at all in my League.
- Hey, mr.
Psimon, are you all right? - You're here! You sound so relieved.
Is that mindless creature supposed to save your mind? - No.
I save his.
- We are trying to help you! - I was just trying to be part of the team.
- You did all right.
Get onboard, or get out of the way.
- Hey, Superboy, come meet miss m.
Hello, Megan.
- We'll, uh, we'll figure something out for you.
The League will, I mean.
Duty calls.
- The watchtower detected an immense power surge in bialyan desert.
- Forget.
- So sorry.
I should have paid more attention.
It was too much at once.
Too much at once.
Hello, Megan! That's so me.
I - Kick his butt.
By all means.
Kick my psychic butt.
- Uh, thanks? Oh! - M'gann! - He's too strong.
- You're strong, and I'm stubborn.
- Together.
GetOutOf my head.
- Can I keep it? I've got Superboy.
He's back to normal, and we're on our way.
- who are you, and how did you get inside my head? - Hello, Megan.
Aqualad's memories! I knew I forgot something.
- Aw, man.
Me, too.
I didn't get a souvenir from the mission.
- Don't worry.
Got the souvenir thing covered.
- The Martian girl escaped with both the sphere and the Super Boy.
- That hardly matters.
What matters is the successful test Of our new partner's delivery system.
More tech will come, Tech that will put the sphere, and perhaps even the Super Boy, To shame.

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