Young Justice s01e11 Episode Script


This is Cat Grant, reporting live from New Orleans historic French quarter where the Martian Man and Superman are in mid battle against the so called "Terror Twins" who have been on a free state rampage through the South.
I don't feel right My strength But I done just gone toe to toe with Superman.
It's more quality time than he's ever given me.
Got your inspiration, sister Tuppence? I believe I do, brother Tommy.
Somebody tell me what's going on.
It's simple.
They're under arrest.
This past fourth of July, simultaneous attacks Mister Freeze, Icicle Jr.
, Killer Frost, and Captain Cold were all easily apprehended.
Perhaps too easily.
Cold and Frost were immediately sent to Belle Rêve penitentiary, a federal prison designed to house supercriminals.
The 17-year-old Icicle Jr.
was sent to a juvenile facility, Mister Freeze to his usual cell in Arkham Asylum.
But Freeze petitioned the court to be declared legally sane, and Junior sued to be tried as an adult.
As a result, both await transport to Belle Rêve, which seems to have been the goal all along.
I'm sending the two of you in to find out why.
Who inside the prison will know their true identities? No one.
We can't be certain the prison staff isn't compromised.
Dude! Your sister is sweet! Hmmph.
How about you put in a good word for me? Sit down.
We're here.
Welcome to Belle Rêve.
I am the law of last resort.
My name is Amanda waller.
I am not your mother, your maiden aunt, or your friend.
I am your warden.
And you are my prisoners.
The proprietary collars you wear are custom designed to inhibit your specific meta abilities.
No strength, no ice.
In addition, the collars can and will be used to discipline inmates.
A con who breaks the rules gets one warning.
If order has not been restored, the next shock will render the offender unconscious.
At the slightest hint of trouble, this facility goes into lockdown.
Belle Rêve's walls are thick enough to hold Superman.
We know.
We checked.
No one's ever escaped Belle Rêve.
No one ever will.
This is Professor Hugo strange.
He is your maiden aunt.
Actually, I'm the prison psychiatrist, and I promise you a sincere attempt at rehabilitation.
Because we know you types are all about sincerity.
Connor, can you hear me? Yeah, but I thought the collars Custom designed to inhibit Tuppence Terror's super strength, not my telepathy.
But your strength is Not at Superman's level.
I get it.
No, that's not what I was Whatever.
Home sweet home.
I call top bunk! Mmm.
You're cutting into my beauty sleep, little girl, and if I don't get my 8 hours, I'm a real killer.
Stick with me, cellmate.
I'll show you the ropes.
Are you kidding? You ain't been in Belle Rêve before.
You're liable to get me hanged with them ropes.
I may never have been incarcerated here, Tommy, but trust me, I know whereof I speak.
For starters, we pay homage to the top of the food chain The big dog, the prison capo.
My father.
That's your That's your pa? Yup.
Icicle sr.
Reeks when your dad is the man, you know? Believe me, I know.
Hey, how many ice villains does it take to screw in a light bulb? No one cares, Nigma.
Of course not, Bossman.
I just thought if you were having a pow-wow, you might need my know-how.
Get a load of riddler trying to run with the big boys.
Riddle me this, Doofus.
Who's the biggest joke in Belle Rêve? Oh, and it ain't the joker.
Here goes nothing.
Hello, junior.
I warned you what would happen next time we crossed paths.
Ojo, buddy, pal, mi amigo.
Get off of him.
Boy, that was not wise.
New fish needs to learn.
Free shot, ojo.
I know him.
He's Not wise.
Not wise at all.
Don't you understand? He's-- He's Tommy Terror! He'sTommy Terror.
He's roadkill! Enough.
Kid's got guts, the kind of guts a father wouldn't mind seeing in his own son.
Great to see you too, dad.
Get over here.
Not you, Terror.
Just junior.
All right, Icicle.
We're all here.
Now what? Now we put the final pieces in place to bust every single con out of Belle Rêve.
Tommy boy.
I'd advise putting the new rags on sooner than later.
The break is coming sooner than later.
Updating Aqualad now.
Time to pull you out.
Call in the League.
Icicle would only postpone.
We need to learn how they're busting out, or they'll just try again.
We remain on alert.
Here's my concern.
Your antisocial tendancies are a roadblock to rehabilitation and are often the result of a conflict with a mother figure.
Hmm? Hmm? It's really more of a father figure thing.
Interesting, Tuppence.
Expand on that.
Or don't.
Healing requires open dialog, Tommy.
Go on, my dear.
Well, he won't admit it, but Tommy really wants to be like hisOur father.
Be able to fill pa's shoes, you know? But pa's distant at best.
Refuses to give Tommy the time of day.
It makes Tommy feel unworthy of Well, maybe Tommy refuses to live in Tuppence's stupid fantasy world where every problem's solved in half an hour! Excellent.
I think we made a real breakthrough today.
These parts came in with the shipment of new prison orange.
Exactly the parts we need.
Cat Grant reporting from Chicago, where the Manhunter from Mars has defeated the headmaster.
That accounts for every Leaguer except Red Tornado.
Probably on monitor duty or whatever.
Even if he does show, he can't handle all of us alone.
Don't even think about it, Nigma.
Fine, fine.
No one can say the riddler goes where he's not wanted.
That philosophy must not leave you with a lot of options.
Beat it.
So how come you ain't sitting with your pa? 'Cause my pa is a jerk who only wants me around when he needs me.
I try not to live or die over getting his approval, you know? So, tell me about your sister.
What? Oh.
She's a pain.
Why? Dude, she's hot.
You can't see it 'cause you're family, but I look at her, and I think, "that chick gets me.
" And really, that's all you need Someone who sees the psycho that you are and likes you anyway.
You're, like, an evil genius.
- Word.
- That's it, old man.
I'm ne genuflecting.
Belle Rêve needs a new capo.
This ain't Arkham, Freeze.
We don't put up with Prima Donnas.
Take him to waller.
Oof! There's a glitch.
Can't reach Frost.
Excuse me.
I couldn't help overhearing.
That will happen when you eavesdrop.
Yeah, well, I can help.
I got this mind link with my sister.
I know your stats, boy.
Super strength only.
No telepathy.
It don't pay to advertise when they're slapping collars around your neck.
But we're twins, see? Got the psychic thing in utero.
So you talk to me, I talk to sis, sis talks to Frost.
All right.
Send the message.
It's going down now.
Too little, too late.
We'll see.
Voice activation.
Waller one.
Stop, stop! What do you want? Master control for the collars.
Strength should be back, dude.
How things going with Frost? Please.
I have a family.
Oh, beg some more.
It's much sweeter that way.
No! Well, Tuppy, aren't you just full of hidden talents.
Superboy, I think my power Miss Martian! M'gann! M'gann! The prisoners now control the prison.
That's not the same as escaping it.
Then we better get to work.
At this rate, we'll have our exit in 10 minutes.
Genius, huh? Uh, yeah.
M'gann, please, can you hear me? I will reach you, somehow.
I promise.
Hey, kid.
Still in touch with your sister? Everything copacetic in chick central? Yeah, copacetic.
Then why you both standing around? We're on it, dad.
This wall adjoins the women's wing.
Oh, yeah.
We work it from our end While Frost and her ladies work it from theirs.
Then the babes cross over into our wing, and we all walk free together.
I'm coming, M'gann.
Just hold on.
Look at 'em shiver and shake.
Too bad you're not wearing the new orange we had smuggled in.
Microtech thermal units sewn into the fabric keep us toasty.
Toasty? Before this is over, you'll be toast.
Before this is over, you'll be over.
Daniel, stop.
There are 100 ways this could go down, and in all of them, a hostage like waller is m-more valuable alive.
Thank him, Wal.
He just saved your life.
I'm getting closer, M'gann.
I can't save you if I have to fight every con in Belle Rêve.
Junior, listen.
I just got me a warning from Tup.
Collars are turning back on in the women's wing.
Could happen this side any minute.
Oh, man.
We better tell dad! Or you could show some initiative.
Freeze said no one goes in.
Dude, you want your collar to turn back on? We don't have time for this.
Keep an eye on them.
I'll make sure them collars stay off.
Fool! He's using you! I remember him now! He's-- - How's it going? - It's done.
Dad's going to love this.
No, no, no, no, no! We're almost through! The greatest jailbreak in history! It is history.
What are we supposed to do now, carry them all out? Tell me how you did this, or I swear, you won't thaw for millenia.
At which point you will still be in Belle Rêve.
No! You must be kidding me.
I went back to the warden's office.
Hook and Abber were taken out by ice before their collars reactivated.
Your father and Cold were with me the whole time.
So What are you talking about? We stopped the collars from turning back on.
Oh, and you're welcome.
Don't you get it? You heard Freeze in the mess.
This is his power play.
He's taking what belongs to your pa.
- Traitor! - Traitor! Aah! Amaetur.
You can't possibly hope to beat me at my own game.
How about we trade dance partners? Deal.
No, no! My suit is breached! Can't survive unless I got mine, but I don't know if that ice will hold them.
Just keep at it.
Pile on the ice.
I'll finish up.
Well, well, well.
It's the brother.
Care to share Tuppy's fate? Get out of the way! Oh, fine.
I'll ice you both.
Dude, what are you thinking? Oh.
Oh, dude.
I'm sorry.
And she was such the total babe, too.
Dude, stop! You'll shatter her! Assuming she's still alive in there at all.
M'gann, please, don't leave me.
Are you It's pretty cold where I come from.
I'll be all Dude! That's your sister! Mmm.
What Wait.
Is she And are you Oh, dad's going to kill me.
Belle Rêve will be fully operational by tomorrow.
All prisoners are acounted for, except the riddler, who somehow did manage to escape during the confusion.
Still, you must be disappointed.
Me? After the risk you took smuggling our tech inside, you had nearly as much invested in the break as we did.
It's a shame we got beat, but the main objectives were all reached.
The light should be quite pleased.

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