Young Justice s01e12 Episode Script


Please, please don't go.
Sorry, sis.
Mom isn't getting out of prison anytime soon.
And I refuse to live in this house with just dad.
Dad, and you and me.
We have to keep this family from falling apart.
Artemis, get up! I don't want you late for your first day of school.
Artemis, I'm Bette, your new student liaison.
Welcome to Gotham Academy.
I'm Artemis.
But you knew that.
We'll laugh about this some day.
Uh, who's that? A freshman.
Ignore him.
Dick, what was that about? Nothing, Barbara.
Just being friendly to the new girl.
Someone's jealous.
Or maybe Hey, guys.
You two sure spend a lot of time working on his bike.
Obviously you need the wall man's expert help.
So you have told no one else of this mole? I cannot be sure one exists.
And if it does, if the team is being betrayed from within, I must investigate without tipping my hand.
But perhaps I should tell Batman.
Generally the Batman expects the team to handle its own problems, but the decision is yours.
I will return after monitor duty on the watch tower.
I thought you were exempt from monitor duty since becoming our den mother.
Recognized Red Tornado.
I agreed to cover for Green Arrow.
He has an interpersonal event with Black Canary A hot date.
Artemis? Robin? I, uh Oh, random that you're in Gotham City instead of Star City where your Uncle Green Arrow lives.
I'm, uh, here to see my cousin.
She was in the state spelling bee here in Gotham City.
Did she W-I-N? N-O.
Let's just go to the cave.
Ladies first.
Your town.
You go.
Get down.
Uhh! Who are we fighting? Don't know, but we're sitting ducks by these tubes.
Head for the exit.
Or not.
Uhh! Robin to team.
Come in.
Aqualad! M'gann, can you hear me? Are you there? Uhh! Robin to Batcave.
Override RG4.
Cave calling Justice League.
H-O-J-slash-watch tower.
Priority ray.
Com is down.
At least the water's helping.
Or not.
We need to get lost.
The air vent! Good.
Go! What are you Downloading Cave blueprints.
Could come in Go! Go! Go left.
Too close.
Take the first right.
There should be a vent cover right in front of you.
This way.
Uhh! That's not good.
I know that other access tunnel is here somewhere.
You mean this one? Hold on.
Locking out Cave's motion and heat sensors to prevent the enemy from tracking us.
And I ask again, who is the enemy? Let's find out.
Downloading cave security footage.
Torque wrench.
Thank you, green cheeks.
I have been meaning to ask.
Any problem juggling schoolwork with your responsibilities here? No.
Juggling's just one of my many talents.
Socket wrench.
Daily cheerleading practice has presented a challenge.
Oh, but my first loyalty is always to the team.
This team, not the Bumblebees.
Artemis starts school today.
Do you think she will have trouble maintaining her loyalties? Nah, she'll manage all right.
I mean, how much more hostile and annoying can - What happened? - Explosion took out the camera.
I'll find another angle.
That's it.
All four are dead.
The cameras.
I meant the cameras.
I'm sure the others are OK.
Just give me a sec to find the fastest route to the hangar.
Yeah, they're fine.
They've all got superpowers.
They can handle anything.
- Uhh.
- Uhh.
There's a secret passage behind one of these bookcases.
Seriously? Cliché much? You should see the Batcave.
Artemis, Robin.
It's Red Tornado.
Yes, on the Red, no, on the Tornado.
Who? What are they? Hyah.
- Uhh! - Ahh! Uhh! Did you know Tornado had siblings? No.
So now what? Red Tornado is one of the power houses of the League.
How are we supposed to take down two of him? They do seem pretty user unfriendly.
Don't joke.
They Attention, Robin.
Attention, Artemis.
You have exactly or the lives of your teammates will be extinguished.
Uhh! We can access the hangar from here.
Or not.
Will you please stop saying that? Aah! Uhh! Uhh! Look out! You guys OK? Forget us.
Help M'gann.
Aqualad, is she She is unconscious.
I fear sheWe cannot survive much longer.
I'm almost out of arrows.
Distract her, now.
What do we do now? We save them.
That's how it works.
Maybe that's how it's supposed to work, but those robots already took out our 4 superpowered friends.
You seem distraught.
Distraught? M'gann is dying.
We have no powers, and I'm down to my last arrow.
Of course I'm distraught.
We'll get trot or get dead.
How can you be so calm? Practice.
I've been doing this since I was 9.
What good is that now? What chance do we have against unrelenting machines? Oh.
They're machines.
And one electromagnetic pulse will shut down any machine within range.
Except you better have an EMP emitter in your utility belt, because I know I don't have one in my quiver.
I'm fresh out.
But I'm betting we can make one.
What do you say, K.
, doable? - Totally doable.
- 5 minutes.
You know, if you had more time.
Med lab, X-ray machine.
You'll find a small vacuum tube called a vircator that converts high energy pulses.
Reprogram the unit's microwave conversion from X-rays to EMPs with a cascading energy vector directed outward.
A ripple effect, like dropping a stone in a pond.
A stone with 10 to the twelfth power of wattage, yeah.
So I'll need to hook it up to the cave main generator.
Which is where? OK.
Make with the distraction.
Hey, red tomato! Who's your girlfriend, Red Onion? Yeah.
And by the way, worst death trap ever.
We can escape any time we want.
I can vibrate my molecules out of here before your binary brains can count to two.
Cover me.
And you can't drown a Kryptonian, dumb bots.
We don't breathe air.
Ha ha ha! And Ms.
Martian? I can't believe you're buying her act.
Rerouting power now.
You know how hot it gets in the caves of Mars? It's not working.
That cage is just making her homesick.
Duh! Ha ha ha! The circuit's incomplete.
I need something conductible.
A piece of metal or Robin, look out! Uhh! Aah! No.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
I surrender, I die with the others.
But if I find a way out, out of the cave, out of the Mountain, I can get help, call in the League.
Aah! Uhh! Uhh.
Who am I kidding? Best I can do is hide, hope the league finds me before the reds.
I know you understand.
We have to keep this family from falling apart.
Toothbrush, duh.
Knew I was forgetting something.
Dad will come after you.
Let him.
I'll disappear like the Cheshire Cat.
You should get out, too.
I'd let you come with me, but you'd slow me down.
Someone has to be here when mom gets out.
Haven't you learned anything? In this family, it's every girl for herself.
That might have been true about our family, but I found a new family.
And here, we're all for one and One minute.
I surrender.
Stop the clock.
Hyah! Kaldur, how's m'gann? She breathes.
I believe she will recover.
What of Robin? HeHe's breathing, too.
Way to get trot.
Figured my only shot was to surrender, pretend to drown before I actually did.
Blacked out, though.
I'll be fine.
Will you quit playing with that thing and cut us free already? It's not working, genius.
EMP shuts down all machines, remember? All machines present at the time.
What has occurred? Had a little visit from your family.
Your extremely nasty family.
I was not aware I had relations.
- Where have you been? - Monitor duty on the watch tower.
When it became clear cave communications were down, I attempted to investigate, but your zeta tubes were also nonfunctional.
I transported to Providence and proceeded here.
Hey, boy.
The pulses went off.
Artemis, can you hear me? She's all right.
What happened here? What happened? The Reds happened.
Tornado and his Wait, where are they? Gone.
All three of them.

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