Young Justice s01e18 Episode Script


2 So the perp bypasses your alarm system and disables every security camera in the place to steal a sword? Not a sword, detective Daniels.
The sword of Beowulf.
It's priceless.
Legend says it provides great power to the pure of heart.
There's even an old English incantation that's supposed to summon the power: "abanen aful Beowulf!" Great.
Look, the NYPD will do its best, but the thief is obviously long gone.
Let's not rush to judgment.
Mediocrity such as this is never far from harm.
- Freeze! - Drop the sword! Down on the ground! Still, Harm should be grateful.
Harm did need the words.
Abanan aful Beowulf.
How monumentally unsatisfying.
Harm and the sword will require greater challenges.
But the legend Only the pure of heart should be able to summon that power.
The legend said the heart must be pure.
It never said pure good.
Aah! Really? You're not gonna join in at all? What kind of wolf are you? Wally, stop torturing him.
Hold still, please.
Megan, stop torturing him.
Awkward for him anyway, being the third wheel on our date.
Wally, I invited the entire team to the dance.
Zatanna, too.
Keeps us on the down-low.
So you going as my favorite Martian? Not exactly.
Babe, eat my brains anytime.
Great minds think alike.
Captain, you look terrific.
Are you going to a Halloween celebration, too? Well, sure.
I'm going with-- I mean, you did invite the whole team, right? Yeah, we'll all be at the dance.
So don't worry about us.
Have a good time at your party.
Recognized: Artemis b-0-7.
Zatanna Zatara a-0-3.
Oh, hey, Zatanna.
You look great.
Oh, thanks.
You, too.
Oh, look.
Zombie Captain Marvel.
That's hilarious.
Is the Justice League having a party? 'Cause my dad didn't mention it.
No, no, no, no.
See, I Fine.
I'm going trick-or-treating.
Recognized: Captain Marvel 1-5.
And I'm not sharing my candy.
So how long have Connor and Megan been a couple? Ha! Couple? No.
They're not a Will you please stop fidgeting? You are so making this up to me later.
Uh, I--I'm sorry.
It just seemed so obvious.
I didn't realize-- wait, the dance.
Not in the mood.
Of course, sitting at home with my mom doesn't sound any more appealing.
Well, there is another option.
Girls' night out.
Too bad the rest of the team couldn't make it.
You've gotta be kidding.
You look amazing! Who did your makeup, girl? Burn victim? Mummy.
You? Superman done right.
Good luck with that.
Wally, this is Wendy, Karen, Mal, and Ignore Marvin.
He thinks we're being invaded by Martians.
I never said that.
It's just, reports are all over the interwebs, and I'm not the only one getting them.
I mean, Martians aren't invading.
It's just a prank gone viral.
Right? Of course it's a prank.
Ever hear of Martian Manhunter? Martians aren't hostile.
Of course not.
Computer, secure the room.
I'll cut to it.
Do we believe there's a mole within the team? I am convinced there is none.
When Sportsmaster claimed he had an inside source, he was merely sowing dissent.
His intel could easily have come by comparing notes with the other villains working for the Injustice League.
And think about it.
If anyone on the team was working with those creepoids He or she would have betrayed us during our fight against them.
I'm not convinced.
Sure, you two and Kid Flash are above suspicion, but I know Artemis isn't shooting straight.
For starters, she's not Green Arrow's niece.
What? Well, yeah.
In fact, she's related to-- Enough.
Artemis's relations may indeed make her suspect, but she's still entitled to a secret identity.
I'm more concerned about Superboy.
We still know very little about what Cadmus programmed into their weapon.
Connor could be the mole and not know it.
And what about Miss Martian? She is Manhunter's niece.
But he told Black Canary he has a few hundred nieces and nephews.
And the first time he met M'gann was 5 months ago, when she stowed away on his last trip from Mars to Earth.
This changes nothing.
I have fought side by side with these people.
None are traitors.
Whatever happened here is over.
I want some action.
But maybe you need to talk about Connor and Megan, or whatever.
What I need is something to beat up.
- Aah! - Uhh.
Aah! Unh! Aah! Huh? There were easier ways to take them.
They had it coming.
No harm done.
Aah! No, indeed.
Harm is not done.
Much harm left to do.
The its cannot escape Harm.
Escaping isn't on the menu.
Arrows do not impress.
Neither does its magic.
Both must do better or suffer Harm.
We get it.
Your name is Harm.
Their ridiculous garb and rudimentary skills indicate instruction from Green Arrow and Zatara.
Harm will study these two to learn methods for killing their mentors.
Oh, you did not just threaten my dad.
It wants Harm's sword? Very well.
Big mistake, Harmster.
Aah! Unh.
On second thought, running.
OK, yeah.
To regroup.
Something I've been practicing since Red-- Wait! Who's that? - Do you care right now? - No.
Dead end.
Where'd she go? I like her already.
Thanks for the assist, but who are you? Secret.
That won't cut it.
We need answers.
Do you know Harm? Does he have any weaknesses? Secret.
At least they make the hunt interesting.
He's fast.
I'll give him that.
Where'd little Miss Secret go? There! OK, these boots, adorable, but for a chase sequence-- - Aww.
- Hey! Everybody calm down.
Probably just a blown fuse.
Says here martians have taken New Haven and Providence.
Spotted in Happy Harbor, too.
Guys, guys.
It's a Halloween cliché.
Meaning it happens a lot? Attention.
Homeland security advises everyone to stay inside the gymnasium.
This is not meant as confirmation of any alien invasion.
- I knew it.
I knew it.
- All right, come on.
- I told you.
I told you.
- Bring them on.
Bring them on.
Don't mess with me.
Come on! We should call the cave.
For your own safety, remain inside.
Best Halloween prank ever! Hold him off while I restring.
You want to play without the toys? It tries to bait Harm, leave Harm weak.
But Harm has no weakness.
So unfocused.
It struggles with inner demons and can't fight Harm while fighting itself.
Harm doesn't battle his demons.
Harm embraces them.
Would Harm please shut up? Aah! Zatanna! Unh! And it cares about others-- another weakness.
The sword rejected its impure heart.
It has not made the sacrifices Harm has to become pure.
Look! It's Secret! She hasn't led us wrong so far.
The its think to escape Harm but draw near to home.
Such considerate its.
Aw, she's gone again.
Now what? End of the line.
And we can't go back the way we came.
He's coming.
We'll zip line to that magic store.
This can be no coincidence.
They alight on Harm's very roof.
How did they know? Tell Harm, now! Wait, this is your place? No more games.
I have orders to keep everyone inside.
Or did you freshmen want to become Martian chow? The martians are coming! The martians are coming! Look out! They have disintegration rays.
Aah! Run, Marvin.
I'll hold it off.
Heh! Come on.
We do not want to miss this.
Martians are invading! Martians! Marvin, chill.
We got the memo.
No! Before it was all a prank I pulled.
Now it's definitely real.
The martians just killed two guys! Which two guys? Those two guys! Wait! I Uh Oh.
Marvin? Trick or treat? It deigns to awaken.
It will tell Harm its secrets, or its partner will pay the price.
How did it know of Harm's home? Ask your partner.
She lured us here.
Harm has no partner.
Harm is pure and works alone.
Ow! First you lure us into a trap, now you free me? What's your game? Secret.
Is this your room? Do you live with this nut job? Secret.
Secret, right.
It seems honestly convinced Harm had help.
Perhaps the other it-- No! Wait! Zatanna, she's his partner! Then why did she help me? Don't know--secret.
Look out! Oh, that little-- "Greta Hayes, beloved sister.
" This is your grave.
This is your secret.
This is you.
A ghost.
An actual ghost.
Uh, h--how did you die? Harm's dagger.
They defile Harm's holy place.
We defiled it? You did this, to you own sister! You're proud of it? And you had the gall to write "beloved.
" Not gall, truth.
She was the only thing Harm ever loved.
That's why she had to go.
Harm's heart had to be pure.
Greta had to be cut out, excised like an infection.
Ah, it casts another illusion spell.
Except I didn't speak.
Harm knows it can't cast a spell without speaking.
You asked how we found this place.
Face it, Harm.
Your secret's out.
Harm's heart is pure.
Harm's not sorry.
I'm not! I--I don't need the sword.
So unfocused.
It can't fight us while fighting itself.
Unh! We'll make sure you receive a proper burial.
We won't forget you, Greta.
I still can't believe anyone could do that to his own sister.
If my Your what? Artemis, talk to me.
Secrets don't stay buried, obviously.
It's better to bring them into the light.
I don't have any secrets.
Cops are coming.
We did blow up the kitchen.
Zatanna, look! Must have been the last thing Greta ever saw.

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