Young Justice s01e19 Episode Script


How about here Finally! Time to get the old band together Wotan Blackbriar Thorn Felix Faust Wizard.
Now Let's put on the show.
Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln - Did you get everything? - Everything on your list, Batman.
Plus groceries.
- Cookie fixins? - Snickerdoodles! Babe You rock my world.
Glad you're back, Zatanna.
Does this mean you're officially joining the team? I don't know Zatara's so overprotective I mean, just getting him let me visit takes a full day wheedling.
I wish he'd just give me a little space! Dad! Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Season 1, episode 19 "Misplaced" Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln! Not on the street, please! Today, in Fawcett City, Captain Marvel defeated an attack by the creatures known as Ibac and Sabbac.
Uncle Dudley! Don't know which of my enemies is behind this.
But I know a job for Captain Marvel when I see one.
Shaz Looks like uncle D.
isn't the only one gone missing.
Look out! - Are you OK? - Forget me, where is mommy? All the grown-ups are gone.
And Cap's a grown-up If I change I could disappear too! We've set a refugee center at the high school gym.
- Any luck with - No! Can't reach the Batcave, the Hall of Justice or the Watch …or any adult hero.
Even Red Arrow.
Guess we're on our own.
Kid Flash, out.
Traditional media is offline.
But kids worldwide are all posting the same thing.
Every adult, 18 or older, has disappeared.
The sorcery necessary to pull this off Scary big.
And we need you to find its source.
- How am I - I pulled this footage.
It's your dad, helping us locate Wotan and the Injustice League, last month.
There But the words I mean, it's only part of it.
And the rest takes training and Robin, I'm just not in Zatara's level.
I know it's hard.
But try to stay "whelmed".
We'll find your dad, Batman All of them.
That's what we do.
~ Twinkle, twinkle, little star, ~ Uh ~ Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full.
~ You mingled "Twinkle, twinkle" with "Black Sheep"! Oh, for me? Thank you! - Did you call home? - No answer.
- You could scurry over there.
- I've been collecting kids all day.
I don't need to see another empty house.
Got three more.
OK, Batson.
Make sure the coast is clear, and Go! Captain Marvel, 1-5.
Captain Marvel, 1-5! Override.
J/Watchtower, Priority: red! Captain Marvel, 1-5! Not recognized.
Access denied.
Attention, children and teenagers of Earth.
I am Aqualad.
These are my friends, Robin and Kid Flash.
We are using Justice League's tech to cast and stream to every TV, radio, computer and smartphone on the planet.
We know you must be scared and angry.
We know with your parents missing, there's a temptation to run wild.
But please Stay calm.
We will find a way to bring the adults back.
But for now, the oldest among you must step up.
Take care of your younger siblings.
Take care of kids who have no one.
Protect them.
Baohù tāmen.
It is up to you.
It's up to Billy Batson to find a way to the Cave.
No matter the risk! Please Help in any way you can.
Which is how, exactly? That depends.
Do you have a pilot's license? I finally got through to Atlantis.
No adult there, either.
So? Just how desperate are we? We both know anyone who downs the helmet and allows Nabu to possess him may never be released from being Doctor Fate.
So Not that desperate.
Not yet.
Guys I'm ready to try my father's locater spell.
Coordinates locked.
Roanoke Island! You did it! I cannot believe I let you talk me into this.
You did the right thing, Amber.
I know I don't look like much, but I have to get to Happy Harbor, to help.
We're almost there! We should arrive just after midnight, on my birthday! Wait Are you telling me you turn 18 at midnight? I'll take that as a "yes" Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln Wir sind die Pfeifer von Hameln! - Cookie fixins? - Snickerdoodles! Babe You rock my world.
Does this mean you're officially joining the team? I'm glad you brought Zatanna, old friend.
Does this mean you'll allow her to join the team? I do not know! Zatanna's so My only child.
I wish I could get used to the idea that she's growing up.
Zatanna! - Dude, who taught you how to - My son! My son's gone! Worldwide reports are all the same: Every child under the age of 18 has disappeared.
Parents are desperate for answers.
From secular and religious leaders, from the heroes of the Justice League and from scientists at facilities like S.
Those eggheads in there know what happened to our kids! For all we know, they're responsible! Make them tell us the truth! Citizens of Gotham, please return to your homes.
Rest assured best minds here and throughout the world are working on this and only this.
Everything possible is being done to recover your OUR children.
Violence will not get them back.
So all you're creating is a dangerous distraction from what really matters here tonight.
So How desperate are we? I informed the Watchtower you located the focal point at Roanoke.
But the rest of the League is deployed to avert the chaos.
Tornado, you and I are on our own.
I would do anything to get my daughter back.
But we both know there are many ways for you to lose her.
So Not that desperate.
Not yet.
The entire League is unavailable? Except, perhaps, for Captain Marvel.
He's missing.
I can't If I say it, I'll be an adult! And maybe disappear forever! Captain Marvel may have the courage of Achilles, but Billy Batson has the courage of Billy Batson! Shazam! Hey! I didn't disappear! Amber! Got you! Recognized: Captain Marvel.
All right, guys! I'm here to You're back! Is it over? Where is the team? Haven't you heard? Every child in the world has Zatara! Wait.
Captain, where have you been? On a world without grown-ups! Holy Molly! There are two worlds! Two dimensions.
- One for adults - And one for kids! And you can travel between them? I think I can I KNOW I can! Shazam! It works! Where did you come from? Who are you? Gwen! Read my mind! He's Captain Marvel! Yeah, and I'm Speedy Gonzales.
Look, just because he believes he's Cap Gee, Wally, do I really have to bring you nachos and pineapples juice to get on your good side? There will be threats in both dimensions, and we may not be familiar with our opponents.
But the key to this mission is a coordinated simultaneous attack.
Our best chance against sorcery is to strike fast, disrupt their efforts.
And hope the two dimensions merge naturally back into one.
That's the best you can do? It's but baby magic Listen, when Nabu possessed my body, he defeated Klarion by attacking the cat! Good.
Not a big cat fan, anyway! Show 'em what a familiar to a Lord of Chaos can do, Teekl So You teamed up with the grown-ups Artemis! Robin! Captain, wait! That mystic gem, Ambre Jour Verdu, is the conduit of this sorcery.
Without it, nothing may keep apart two worlds meant to be one! I'll tell the team! Shazam! - It's the jewel! - Don't shout, Billy.
I've linked you telepathically to the others.
That is so cool! I mean… it's the gem! At the center of the pentagram! Destroy it and we win! That's all I needed to know.
- Zatanna! - Stop! Klarion! This ends now! Billy, tell Zatara! Right, yeah Shazam! She did what? Go back right now and No! The sooner we end this, the sooner you can help your daughter.
Keep the bad guys distracted.
I have an idea! Speed of Mercury! Power of Zeus! Go, Kid! Ha! There, see? When the world's divided, the helmet split too.
You're not all here, Nabu! And you are losing in whole, and that poor, soon-to-be-dead girl! She gave herself for nothing No, Witch Boy! Her degree of sacrifice will not be in vain! No No, no, no, no, no! No! Now, Kid! Doc! Catch! Zatara, catch! They sure don't make evil immortal sorcerers like they used to Oh, well! Fun as it lasted.
Teekl! See you later, armadillos! Unless I see you first! - Aren't you gonna stop him? - To what end? Klarion is Chaos personified.
He cannot be contained.
- Did we win? - At a cost.
Fate! Great Nabu, release my daughter.
Witnesses have been these last past hours… The world needs Doctor Fate.
And the girl's natural affinities for the mystic arts make her the perfect candidate.
- You can't do that! - She has her own life to live! - Kent would never allow you - Kent Nelson did object, strenuously, so I released his spirit to the afterlife.
He is gone.
Take me, instead.
My skills are already at their peak.
My body is physically stronger, better able to withstand the strength of you power.
All true.
But if I remove the helmet, what guarantee have I that you will do it? My word.
- Dad! - Zatanna! Remember: I love you.
Take care of my girl.
You have my word.
No, please! This is my fault! Dad, don't! Dad! Leave these to the Fate.
Mom! Dad? Shazam! And my room is right next door.
If you need anything.
I …could use a little alone time.
OK? Of course.
Happy? Oui, mon ami.
Your distraction, though "peut-être" extreme, was "très" effective.
Amid your trademarked Chaos, no one will notice the absence of our prize.
And, in time, we will bring it into the Light.

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