Young Justice s01e20 Episode Script


Hey! Sweet sixteen! That’s right! Is my birthday! Arms are better, got my cast off too And it’s snowing! Cool! This is gonna be a good day.
Happy Birthday, Wally.
Oh, my favorite breakfast! Heaping piles of everything! Thanks, Mom.
You know, if you ever come up for air, I can take you to the DMV to get your driver’s license after school.
This weather would be a good proving ground.
Not really in a big rush to drive, Dad.
‘Cause you know.
I’m me.
You certainly are.
Plus, the team’s throwing me a big surprise-party this afternoon, at the Cave.
In school today, ask your teacher the definition of “surprise”.
You want “surprise”, just watch Miss Martian’s expression when I collect my birthday kiss.
Well, I have a surprise for you.
Or, at least, your aunt Iris does.
And a special shout out to my nephew Wally, wishing him a very happy sixteenth birthday.
So cool! Now, for school closures.
The following schools have declared today a snow day: Dubuc Elementary, Spisak Junior High, Central City High, Keystone High Oh, yes! Could life get any sweeter? Season 1, episode 20 “Coldhearted” Recognized: Kid Flash B-0-3 Zeta tube network now offline, due to extreme atmospheric conditions.
Wow, I just made it.
It’d be a tragedy if I miss my own Surprise! What? Oh, you guys, you shouldn’t have Right, not like you’ve been hinting for days, or anything.
- I made two cakes.
- Awesome! What will you, guys, eat? We’ll split the cupcake.
- Make a wish! - Way ahead of you You know If I tell you my wish, it won’t come true.
But, if you guess Nope! Guess again! Happy Birthday! You settling in Ok? Oh, yeah.
Just “like home”.
I know this is all very new and intimidating, But I promise you Some day You’ll get used to watching Wally eat.
Think we should tell him? You’re getting warmer, babe! But I can make you warmer still.
He is the only one who doesn’t know! Then, please Allow me.
Oh, man Attention, Team! Suit up.
Polar stealth.
Mission briefing in five.
Where is Flash? Flash and Red Tornado already have their assignments.
A massive ice storm has paralyzed North America from coast to coast.
Satellite imagery has detected five flying Ice Fortresses, source unknown, which seem to be responsible and must be stopped.
Well, can’t the Watchtower blow them out of the sky, or something? What’s a “Watchtower”? The League’s orbiting Headquarters is not weaponized.
And with both Green Lanterns off-world, I need all hands on deck.
Does that mean what I think it means? The League and the Team, fighting side by side? Wow, really?!? Now that’s a birthday wish come true! Superboy, use the Super-Cycle to rendezvous with the Batplane at Ice Fortress 1.
You’ll drop off Robin and Aqualad, then continue on with Wolf to meet up with Black Canary and Red Tornado at Ice Fortress 2.
Miss Martian, Artemis and Zatanna, take the Bio-Ship and rendezvous with Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter at Ice Fortress 3.
Other Leaguers will deal with Fortresses 4 and 5.
Sending all coordinates now.
Uh Batman? I think you skipped Kid Flash.
A young girl in Seattle is in desperate need of a heart transplant.
With all conventional air traffic grounded by the storm, you’ll need to pick up the donor heart in Boston and run the 3,000 miles across country.
No! No, no, no, no, no! He can’t seriously expect me to skip the first ever League-Team team-up! Who is this girl?!? Does it matter? No of course not But can’t we zeta Zeta-Tubes are offline.
Sorry… Right.
Then How could I say “no”? Seriously, HOW? Guess I won’t be needing the stealth Speedy delivery boy At your service.
Law enforcement across the country has been alerted to your mission and is clearing your route.
Lucky stiffs! Put your backs to work, we have to clear this road! Too late, too late! Someone ordered a pizza? What you’re delivering is considerably more precious to a girl who’s life depends on it.
Duh! I meant if anyone ordered a pizza for ME! The guy burns a lot of calories running a few mph higher than the speed of sound.
Sorry, no.
Now listen: This pack is heavily insulated for shock absorption.
But that doesn’t mean the organ within needs any extraneous jostling.
So no crumpling.
Got it.
Your PDA…? You have four hours to deliver the heart before it’s no longer viable.
- Is that clear? - As crystal, babe Then, go Guess asking for her number is pointless - Do you see him? - Nope.
- Did you see him? - Nope.
Making decent time, at least.
I’m at max speed now, but if I push it, maybe I can dump this load, save the girl and still join the real action! Aw, come on! Robin and Aqualad, with Batman, Aquaman and Flash? Who’s missing from this picture? Gotta find me a little detour Aw, man! I’d give this arm for a double chili cheese burger, or a “Tacostada”, or a “Chicken Whizee”! He’s due to pass here any minute.
Lovely Now all I have to do is get his attention.
Any ideas? Who is THAT? WHO is that? It’s him! Go! Get outta here! I’ll handle Vandal.
“You’ll handle” me? Little hero Do you really think you have what it takes to survive Vandal Savage? This guy is so going down When I heard authorities were cordoning off this highway for a speeds trap, I assumed I’d be confronting Flash himself.
He and I are due for a reckoning.
But I suppose I must settle for making him miserable, by killing his brat sidekick, instead.
Troopers are safely out of range Good.
Frees me up to show Savage just what a “brat sidekick” can do.
Kinda bashing my head into a brick wall here.
Need a new approach.
Well, you’re truly running circles around me.
How will I cope? Not “coping” so great now, is he? What am I doing? Sure, I’d love to finish trashing this big jerk, but that won’t save the girl.
It should suffice.
Wasted about 15 minutes on Savage, but I can still reach Seattle on time.
Great, out of snacks.
Dude, you’re so running on fuel right now! But that wouldn’t help the girl either.
But forget the hunger, forget the freezing temp, forget the windchill… Just go! Go! Kid Flash! I made it! I’m here! I’m… I’m sorry.
You’re too late.
No! No, look, I’ve got almost twenty minutes to spare! I know But she passed away 12 minutes ago.
Twelve? Please Don’t blame yourself.
I’m sure you got here as fast as you could.
12 minutes The fight took 15 Maybe another recipient can be found Superman, Captain Marvel and Doctor Fate brought down the fourth Ice Fortress.
Kid Flash! We’ve been waiting for you! Where is the Queen’s heart? Wait, the girl’s dead, so now the heart’s going to a queen? The girl IS the Queen! Queen Perdita of Vlatava, age ten.
And she’s not dead, but she IS running out of time.
I’ve been conned! No! I’d love to take these creeps out, but can’t put the heart at risk.
They’re blocking the stairs, so We’ll take the highroad! That was nauseatingly familiar Count Vertigo Now it all makes sense.
Queen Perdita stands between her uncle Vertigo and the Vlatavan Crown! Crawling away… Is the young hero reduced to that? - Hey, I’m not proud.
- Apparently.
But not defeated either! Not while I still have one weapon left! My big mouth! I don’t get it, Vertigo! You were defeated, with the rest of the Injustice League.
How come you’re not in Belle Reve prison, with your putrid pals? As a member of the Vlatavan Royal Family, I have “immunité diplomatique”.
As long as no crimes against Vlatava can be proven against me.
But when the Queen needed a heart, Count Heartless heard opportunity knock! The Ice Fortresses were all part of the plan to murder your niece! And Savage, he intentionally stole me, as a favor to you! It is nice to have friends Now, shall we see if I can kill two hearts with one blow? Take your best shot Yes! Enough! ‘D love to continue this love fest, Count But you’re not my priority.
Tell me there’s still time Take it! Go! Right, right Send word to all our team staff! Wally’s birthday dinner will be completely dried out.
Shh! Mary! Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Captain Atom and Wonder Woman have defeated a fifth flying Ice Fortress.
But this just in Despite the best efforts of Kid Flash and the team of transplant surgeons, young Queen Perdita of Vlatava died.
On the operating table, at Seattle Medical Center.
Count Vertigo That’s “King Vertigo” to you, peasant - King? - Perdita is dead.
And the beauty of it is… I never laid a hand on her.
And now no one can lay a hand on you As King of Vlatava, I’m untouchable.
Let’s test that theory! Now, now, little hero, you’ll pull your stitches.
Besides, who exactly are you mad at? She died on the table.
All that planning, all that effort Neither of us needed bothered.
Right And now, it must kill you to know that you owe favors to Vandal Savage and I’m guessing five ice villains, for nothing! Not at all! They played their roles in my attempt to rid Vlatava of Perdita.
We couldn’t know it was unnecessary.
So you all still deserve credit for attempted murder! It’s called “Regicide” It’s called “You’re busted”, jerkface! I believe you know Queen Perdita No It’s called “Regicide”.
Count Werner Vertigo As Queen of Vlatava, I hereby accuse you of high treason against the Crown and revoke your diplomatic immunity.
No! Send this clown to Belle Reve.
Well-played, children.
Admittedly, well-played.
This round goes to you.
And, please, by all means, allow the victory to go to your heads.
Thank you Your plan worked perfectly.
Well, when I woke up and found out you were in Recovery, I knew Vertigo would make another attempt on your life.
Unless, A, he thought you were dead, and, 2, he lost that darned immunity.
And was sent away for good.
That sword is belonging to my country, not to the Count.
I would be pleased for you to have it.
As a reward? Or as a souvenir? It is the King’s royal lunch! The League destroyed the five Ice Fortresses, but failed to capture whomever was behind them.
But Icicle Sr.
, Icicle Jr.
, Killer Frost, Captain Cold and Mr.
Freeze are, by far, the most-likely suspects.
That’s impossible.
All five were in their cells for the duration of the crisis.
The sword was cool, but this just seemed like the right souvenir for the right mission.
Dude, I’ve just heard.
You saved an entire country! Major kudos! What can I say? I’m the man The man who finally figured out that the sweetest birthday present a lucky stiff like me could ever get was seeing that little girl smile.

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