Young Justice s01e21 Episode Script


We came as soon as we got your message.
- What's the problem? - There's something you both need to see.
Almost had me that time, Conner.
You deserve a reward.
Season 1, episode 21 “Image” - Dinah! - Freeze playback! That never happened! You need to keep watching.
Play! Freeze playback.
Don't you laugh! She and He and Oliver, this is not funny! No no, of course not.
Please, understand.
On Mars, this is a common game.
My people, all shape-shift.
But also read minds.
So, no one is ever mislead.
And I am certain Conner knew he was with M'gann from the very first.
We are not on Mars, J'onn! No But my niece does not understand things are different on Earth.
Then I'll make her understand.
Hello, Megan! M'gann! Just a sec! Uh OK.
Come in! So, you can see that, among humans, that game could be very hurtful.
I'm sorry I'm really sorry! I'm not upset anymore! But please, M'gann, from now on, just be yourself.
This IS myself! This IS who I am.
Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian.
Report for mission briefing.
Rumaan Harjavti is the democratically elected President of Qurac.
Harjavti has been praised as a fair, wise leader.
A humanitarian.
Sure, any friend of Bruce Wayne's But five days ago Harjavti allied himself with the dictator of the neighboring nation of Bialya.
Queen Bee.
- Not a fan.
- Few are.
But Harjavti suddenly backs Queen Bee's baseless claim that Qurac and Bialya were one nation in ancient times.
And has announced the countries will reunify in two days at a ceremony in Qurac.
After the ceremony, I will step down as President so that our rightful monarch, Queen Bee, may rule.
I laud president Harjavti for unifying our peoples and I will gladly come to Qurac to be crowned sole leader of our nation.
And the Quracies are OK with this? Hardly.
They're well aware of the brutality of Queen Bee's regime But Harjavti has censored the press, silenced all legitimate protesting and invited the Bialyan military into his country, to enforce Martial Law.
Queen Bee has to be controlling Harjavti.
Doesn't she have the power to enthrall most men? And some women.
But not long distanced.
And we have confirmation she hasn't left Bialya.
Something else is at work here.
Find out what.
Robin, you're team leader.
Promotion! Sweet! Me? What about Aqualad? Busy helping Aquaman.
You're the next logical choice.
- Great - Dude! You totally left me hanging! We're right above the Quraci-Bialyan border.
A border the Bialyans are in the process of ignoring.
No opposition.
I guess Harjavti really is in bed with Bialya.
I wouldn't expect opposition here.
It's an animal sanctuary.
The Logan Animal Sanctuary? You've heard of it? Guys Tanks have caused a stampede.
The civilians in herd's way! I see them.
A woman and a small boy.
- We have to help them! - We're way off mission here! Deploy.
But stealth mode! If the Bialyans know we've hit them, this becomes an international incident.
Oryx! - Wow! - Are you both alright? Mom.
Mom! Mom! We were just saved by Robin.
And Kid Flash! Course, Superboy and Miss Martian helped too! Oryx! We diverted the Bialyans around the sanctuary.
You should be safe now.
Uh yeah! Coast has cleared, Miss M.
! You can decamo now.
H-hi! You may have made things worse.
Bialyan border-crossings are a way of life here.
Usually, they wreck a few fences and move on.
Engaging them might have made us a target.
Mom Uncool! I'm sorry I should thank you.
This is my son, Garfield.
- I'm - Marie Logan! I can't believe I'm actually meeting you in person! The oryx is sick.
And I think you injured this wildebeest.
Uh sorry? I suppose it was unavoidable.
But both need to go to our clinic.
The boys can do that! You and I can - Fix your fences! - That's not exactly our - Robin - Please, Mom! - Fine.
- Yes! Hey, get it off! It's OK Meet Monkey! Good name! But I hate monkeys.
Looks like Monkey hates Superboys.
Dude, be glad he only threw a proteine bar.
So Pretty weird about Miss Martian and my mom, huh? - What do you mean? - I mean she looks exactly like Marie.
- You know, except greener.
- She does? Well, duh! Especially back when Mom was a TV star in "Hello, Megan!" Wait "Hello, Megan!" is a TV show? I just thought it was something she says all the time.
Yeah On the TV show! Way before we were born.
Only one season! You can't even find it online.
I know Mom has a tape somewhere Well, you're certainly a time-saver.
How was it? Being Megan? "Being Megan"? I don't know, I was young.
It was fun.
Remember that time when you were supposed to make cookies for the big sale only you thought it would be faster to make one giant cookie and Listen! "Hello, Megan!" was a job.
The person you saw on TV isn't who I am.
"Hello, Megan!" The pilot episode.
Wow! You still have VHS! Where is your 8-track? Wait! Aircraft! Headed this way.
Gar! Stay put.
What is it? - Where is my son? - I ordered him to stay inside.
He's eight! He doesn't do "orders"! Mom! It's OK, I got the animals out! Garfield! I told you there'd be consequences! Always! Let's get him inside.
He's in shock.
He needs a blood transfusion, now.
Is either of you O negative? No, I'm sorry.
Neither am I.
It's the hardest to match.
I've kept a supply in the clinic I can run into the nearest hospital The nearest hospital with this type of blood supply, half an hour away, at your top speed.
Longer, by Bio-Ship! He doesn't have that much time! What's Superboy's blood type? He's Kryptonian.
- And Miss Martian - Might be able to help.
My shape-shifting occurs at the cellular level.
I think I can modify blood to match his.
Please, try! I'll need to concentrate.
No distractions.
Out! All of you, out! I'm ready.
And on top of all this, Harjavti steps down tomorrow.
Subjecting all of Qurac to this danger.
KF, can you find a news station? Sure.
Which remote is it? ~Hello, Megan!~ ~School and boys and parents too,~ ~A whole lot to juggle from Miss You-Know-Who~ ~Hello, Megan~ ~Hello, Megan!~ ~This cheerleader knows the score,~ ~Center of attention and so much more,~ ~Hello, Megan,~ ~Hello, Megan~ ~A little bit distractable, but never too ***~ ~She's really quite attractable, OK, a lot distractable,~ ~Eventually, she'll get a ***~ ~Hello, Megan!~ ~The girl for me, The girl for you~ ~Hello, Megan,~ ~Hello, Megan!~ ~The girl for me, The girl for you,~ Maybe it's a coincidence.
~Hello, Megan!~ ~Hello, Megan!~ Mom, I'm going to the library, to study! But didn't you invite a certain someone "to study"? Here? Hello, Megan! Conner! I thought you'd never get here! Oh, yeah, "pure coincidence" It's done.
All we can do now is wait.
My fellow Quracians, Is that Harjavti? Queen Bee's rule is a gift to Qurac Hey, that guy in back! I know him! It's Psimon! The psychic we fought last time we were in Bialya! He was working for Queen Bee then, he must be controlling Harjavti for her now! I still remember the headache from when he brain-blasted us.
We have to get Harjavti away from him.
I think it worked.
Garfield is stable.
Because, we have our mission.
Harjavti is alone.
Where's my daughter? - Where is Psimon? - Forget him.
Let's get you out of here.
Well, well American heroes Here, to assasinate the President.
Such a shame we arrived too late to stop them Those are Apokoliptian weapons.
Which they'll use to kill Harjavti, we get cleaned and Queen Bee gets to rule Qurac! Full roundup around the President! I found Psimon! - Wait! - I'll get her! No! The mission is Harjavti.
Indeed, it is Am I the only one to learn anything from our previous encounter? You didn't think that, maybe, if you could sense me, I could sense you too? Or that this time I'll be ready to use your greatest fear against you? "Psimon says" Show me who or rather what you really are No, no, no! This IS who I am! Thank you for saving my father.
We will take care of him now.
M'gann, we're coming! "Psimon says", smartly done! Brain-blasting your own team I had no idea you'd go to such lengths to hide your true self from your good friends.
Oh, actually, I did.
But you needn't have bothered.
It's been recorded for posterity.
No! Uh-ah-ah! I didn't say, "Psimon says!" Come, now We both know that's not who you really are Must you even lie to yourself, whithin your own mind? It's not a lie! This IS who I am! Wow And they say I'm pathological Off our game, are we ? Let's take it a little deeper, find out what we're really afraid of.
Keep back! Well, of course Friends *** shrink from you in fear.
You should have told us the truth.
I don't see how we could trust you now.
*** I am sorry, M'gann.
But there is no place for you on Earth now.
Oh, there is none on Mars too! And even that's not the worst, is it? No, please stop! "Love you"? I can't even look at you! Oh, what you wouldn't do to prevent that, now right? That's right Now, now, my pretty I know you don't want to do anything you'll regret You don't know me at all! Conner? Are you OK? And there's the headache Psimon? He brain-blasted you.
I stopped him.
What do you mean, "The President won't see me"? He invited me! Not of my free will! No! But now, that I am free, of your *** thrall, the Quraci people will never suffer your tyrannical rule! Mark me, Harjavti! You will suffer for this! Qurac will be mine! Sorry you had to lie everyone like that.
But I couldn't think of any other way to convince the public Queen Bee was behind this.
Dude Saving a country Pretty big way for your first turn as "leader" Yeah Thanks.
And, I assure you, The Wayne Foundation is here to do whatever it can to help you and your people rebuild Qurac.
Gee, Bruce Wayne surely got here fast.
Almost like he knew Don't you have a souvenir to collect, or something? "Hello, Megan!" Something you'd like to tell us? Growing up on Mars was Not a happy time for me.
But I started watching the broadcast my uncle sent from Earth To teach us about our sister planet When I saw "Hello, Megan!" Something justclicked.
Maybe it was the similaties in our names Maybe it was the way all Megan's problems could be solved in 22 minutes.
All I know for sure is That Megan helped me smile through a lonely childhood.
So, when I came to Earth And had to adopt a human form I chose you.
Well Megan.
Which begs the question What do you really look like? Bald M'gann Still hot! You know, you don't have to put on the mask for me.
I do it for me.
This is who I am.
Please, don't be mad.
Mad? I'm honored.
M'gann, you saved my son.
He says he's you blood-brother now.
And I agree.
You're family! Thank you! You can't know what that means to me.
Garfield? Shh! It would be a shame to wake him.
I might have to order my little thrall here to damage himself.
Uh-uh! He already has orders to do just that if anything happens to me.
Now Your performance A bit over the top, I think, but then, you haven't practised me the way you've perfected the role of "Megan".
That's right Poor Psimon is not the only one who knows your true from.
And, if you don't cooperate, I'll make sure everyone knows what you really are.

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