Young Justice s01e22 Episode Script


Times like these One feels the very weight of the world upon us.
Everyone is here.
Our agenda is clear.
What's at stake should not be underestimated.
The decisions we make today will reverberate for years to come.
And influence whether or not the world continues to put their trust in the Justice League.
Please, take your seats.
We have work to do.
Season 1, episode 22 “Agendas” Another expansion of the League could generate another escalation of hostilities from our enemies.
No one needs or wants another Injustice League.
Point taken.
But the option remains to vote no one or all candidates.
So I nominate Icon for League membership.
Why, because you suspect Icon might be Kryptonian, like you did with Captain Marvel? You thought I was Kryptonian? Cool! Icon interests me also.
As does his protégé, Rocket.
Athena knows the League could use more female members.
- Agreed.
- Hear, hear! Gabble, gabble! Aw, I love Thanksgiving! - Ow! - Those are for dinner, Wally! There, seasoned to perfection and ready for the oven! Wally, I thought you were eating with your family! Oh, yeah, Dad will kill me if I'm late! See ya! Wally! It's nothing.
The onions These are all the things I used to cook for It's my first Thanksgiving without my Dad.
At least she had a Dad.
With Superman off world, only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superboy.
And that's you.
Meet me in Washington DC, East Potomac Park.
Come alone.
I promise, it will be worth the trip.
Conner? Figured you don't want my help in the kitchen.
Remember the last time? When the Yeah.
But Just walking Wolf.
No big.
Seriously? The Atom? How useful could he be at that size? It's the size that makes him useful.
Still, we could always use more raw power.
And Earth has a third Green Lantern.
- Guy Gardner.
- No! - But we could really - No! Superboy My name is Lex Luthor.
I'm the new Chairman of the Board for Project Cadmus.
I know who you are, Luthor.
And I want nothing to do with you.
Or Cadmus.
Cadmus has created a new super clone.
Another genomorph has vanished.
Every disappearance is being investigated.
Not good enough, Dubbilex.
The new super clone.
Where are you holding it? Welcome home, Superboy.
Now, what are you talking about? Brother, you are the only super clone in Cadmus.
All cloning projects, human and Kryptonian had been shut down since you escaped.
"Since my liberation".
As you say.
But now I'm needed back in my lab.
Sometimes I hate this job.
You you look a lot like Red Arrow.
Not all that surprising, Red Arrow is my nephew.
If we're considering Blue Devil, then I nominate Red Arrow.
Roy has more experience and he's no kid anymore.
He's eighteen.
A legal adult.
Red Arrow has been uncooperative and disrespectful.
If we reward that behavior What message does that send to the rest of the Team? Here's the floor 1-1.
This is the new and improved Cadmus.
Doctor Spence and her team are doing truly worthwhile genetic medical research now.
The genomorphs are becoming more independent.
More educated.
Some even have names.
Hey, Benny! And, someday The working done here will save millions of lives Superboy You may trust Guardian.
He keeps no secrets.
Unlike you Apparently, you still keep your psychic power a secret.
Some secrets have their place.
We were all created to be exploited as living weapons.
You were designed to replace or destroy Superman, I know.
What's your point? That you should understand the plight of those left behind, after I helped free you from Cadmus.
The League liberated all genomorphs.
Are we free to walk the surface, as you do? Or has our role merely changed from weapons to minimum labor? Look it's complicated.
But first things first.
Guardian, could a super clone exist without you knowing? It's highly unlikely.
Tell me, Brother, what would you do if you found this super clone? If it'd exist, I'd free it.
Just like Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash freed me.
Then I will question our brothers.
Nothing happens at Cadmus without a genomorph knowing.
If a super clone exists, we will find him.
Look, I have my own missing genomorphs to locate.
But you got the run of the place.
I just doubt you'll find what you're looking for.
It's OK.
You're free now.
Stop! I'm on your side! You can fly Why can you fly? I don't wanna do this! Enough! I'm trying to help you! No! Red Arrow may be eighteen, but the rest of the Team is too young.
We're not inducting children into the League.
That seems ironic.
I have been one with Kid Flash and Aqualad.
Both are ready.
- And what of Zatanna? - Absolutely not! That sounded almost protective, Doctor.
At least we know Zatara is still in that helmet, somewhere.
Why is Doctor Fate a member? You coerced Zatara into giving up his life to you.
Or else, lose his daughter instead.
Not cool.
Should such behavior be condoned? Zatara desires Doctor Fate remain with the League.
- Oh, please - It is true! Zatara's trust in Nabu is measured.
He desires the League to maintain a close watch upon us.
No, no, no! It's alright! It's not "alright"! You put me in a pod! It was the fastest way to heal your injuries! She's another Cadmus' mad scientist, picking up where Desmond left off! "Project Match" is yours! Admit it! Believe what you want! Superboy, please! She was as shocked to see the security camera footage of this "Match" as I was.
- Where is he now? - He disappeared.
What? All cameras went offline after your battle.
By the time we arrived Match was gone.
And he isn't the only genomorph to disappear.
We need to go to the bottom of this.
So, the truth wasn't that hard to find, after all.
I assume you suffered no - permanent damage.
- Like you care! Tell me what you know about Project Match.
Very little.
I know more about you.
Kryptonian DNA is notoriously difficult for human science to read.
When you were created, the gaps in the sequences were bridged with human DNA.
Robbing you of your full Kryptonian powers.
No flight, no heat vision, etcetera.
I'm part human! Yes.
Obviously, your twin was created with pure Kryptonian DNA.
The missing sequences have apparently left Match unstable.
I'd advise you to get him back on ice as soon as possible.
Not gonna happen.
Your call.
Either way, you'll need help.
Consider this a gift.
I call them "shields".
Stick one on your arm and it will suppress your human DNA for about an hour.
Allowing your Kryptonian powers to bloom.
You'll be as powerful as Match.
As Superman.
I don't want anything from you.
Keep them, anyway.
You never know.
Plastic Man.
I don't know The guy has a pretty substantial criminal record.
Sorry sorry.
The guy just cracks me up.
Maybe it's time we all talk about the elephant in the room.
Should Captain Marvel stay a member? Now that we know he's really only ten years old? He does possess an adult body and the wisdom of Solomon.
Wisdom does not equal maturity.
Hey, I'm sitting right here! Then, Billy, maybe you should leave.
Until we hash this out.
Captain Marvel is a member and is entitled to participate, until or unless he's voted out.
It's not just his age.
It's the fact that he lied about it.
I didn't lie exactly.
I just left out the part about being a kid.
A lie of omission is still a lie.
You kept an important secret from us.
No one in the League knew the truth.
I did.
I shouldn't be surprised.
Since you indoctrinated Robin into crime fighting at the ripe old age of nine Robin needed to help bring the man who murdered his family to justice.
So he could turn out like you? So that he wouldn't.
At least these are empty.
OK, Dubbilex, spit it all.
When I accused Spence, I could hear your heart rate increase.
You're hiding something.
From them, not you.
I have questioned the oldest genomorphes.
They tell me Match is not your younger brother.
He was Cadmus' first attempt to clone Superman.
His Kryptonian DNA rendered him uncontrollable, so they froze him, and struck again.
Who are "they"? Desmond? Spence? Desmond, yes.
And his superior and Cadmus founder, Lex Luthor.
So Luthor took Match.
Actually, Brother, I did that.
Turn left, Brother.
Welcome, Brother, to Genomorph City.
So you're responsible for the missing genomorphs.
I am.
One by one, I liberated them, brought them here, to a new life, where all our brothers can be free.
Of course, I have a dream that one day, the world you live in will accept us.
But for now, no one must know Genomorph City exists.
Which is why I brought our brother here.
- What have you done to him? - He is safe.
The genoms keep him docile with their psychic abilities.
And the chains? Should he escape, in his current condition, he could set back the genomorph cause by decades.
So you hold him prisoner, like Cadmus held me? You might as well put him in a pod! Our goal is rehabilitation.
We will release him when he is ready.
That's not your call! Be calm! You seem to have reached consensus that eighteen years is a suitable minimal age for joining the League.
Yet, what of Miss Martian? Though she is a biological adolescent by Martian standards, she was born 48 Earth years ago.
So what is the deciding factor? Chronology or biology? - Take Superboy.
- Exactly.
He's less than a year old.
Does he have to wait 17 more to stand beside us? My turn.
Superboy, enough! He's down.
You won.
It has to be this way.
No other ideas? Then here are candidates for new, or continued membership.
We've debated origin, gender, size, experience, age, temperament and background.
But What is the fundamental criteria for membership? When all is settling down, the question must be, whom do we trust? Trust to fight beside us, trust to have our backs, trust to uphold the high standards and ideals of the Justice League.
Time to vote.
There was a tracker in that tin box you gave me.
I assume you discovered it, with your X-ray vision? You initiated the cloning projects! I wanted Superman to meet his match.
And you used both of us to locate the missing genomorphs.
A good businessman has to keep track of his assets.
But none of that is what really bothers you.
Half your DNA is human.
Haven't you wondered who the donor was? Or have you just been afraid to acknowledge the obvious Face it, son.
You have much more in common with me than Superman.
That's a lie! What has he given you? Nothing.
Not even affection.
And, why? Because Big-Boy-Blue lives in a world of black and white.
You were created by the "bad guys".
So there must be something wrong with you.
But we both know life isn't that clear cut.
The real world is full of grays.
Weren't you determined to free Match at all cost? Yet, ultimately, you wisely agreed to my suggestion to refreeze him, for the greater good of all.
And though you think me a villain, you still accepted my shields.
We're more alike than you care to admit.
- Take them back.
- They're a gift! From a father to his son.
I won't need them for this Red sun.
Two words, and he shut me down What else can he make me do? All those in favor of ratifying the results I! All opposed? Then, we are adjourned.

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