Young Justice s01e23 Episode Script


Sleep tight, baby-girl! No! You were warned, Mr.
No one likes a crusading reporter.
Please please! Not in front of my daughter! I'm sorry, you know how it is.
I'm on deadline! And so are you.
Well done, Strange.
I've got nothing against you, archers.
I don't suppose you'll let me finish up Jones and go back my web-slinging way Not a chance Good girl Take the lead on this one.
You have an in penalty box.
Bonus points for poetic justice.
Ah, my dear Morrow How the mighty have fallen Well, hideous as you are, I refuse to abandon you.
In fact, I promised to stop by daily to remind you what an abject failure you've become.
Did you see the look on his face? OK, he was wearing a mask, but Did you see the look on his mask? Right, calming down.
See you next week? You bet.
Recognized: Artemis, B-0-7.
Been watching long? Long enough to see she's improving.
What'd you wanna talk about? All units, armed robbery in progress.
Corner *** and ***.
For old times' sake Gotta check your cargo.
All clear, Professor.
Why, thank you, Sportsmaster.
It's my pleasure pleasure Season 1, episode 23 “Insecurity” Congratulations.
You made the cut.
By year's end, you'll be in the Justice League.
But please, do me a favor, set a good example and join the Team first! You should've seen the look on that little girl's face! She was so grate cause her dad was safe.
This life suits you, Artemis.
Most mothers would be horrified.
But for me It's a relief.
You don't know how nervous I was when Arrow and Batman first confronted me about your activities.
Confronted "us".
They figured out I saved Kid Flash and confronted "us".
Not initially.
I'm your mother.
They talked to me first.
Wh? What did they say? What did YOU say? I was afraid you were in trouble.
While I was in jail for my crimes as Huntress.
I lost one daughter I couldn't bare to lose another, so I begged them to help - keep you on the straight and - You begged? So I was some sort of pity-case? No, you taking this all wrong Artemis! Artemis, wait! This isn't T.
Morrow! Klarion, this is Professor Ivo.
I didn't order this! Send it back! Morrow's in a coma? Did I already know that? Morrow's skills have been in a coma since the 1940's.
But I won't stay where I'm not wanted.
Don't get pouty.
I invented pouty! Fine.
Where's my equipment? Delivery's in the works.
So maybe I wasn't brought in because I impressed them.
I just spent the last four months doing nothing but.
I've got nothing to prove.
I'm one of a kind.
Recognized: Artemis, B-0-7.
Artemis! Just in time.
Look who's agreed to join the Team.
Finally! Sure! Team's needed a real archer.
OK, people! Listen up.
The Dynamic Duo's on a case in Gotham, but Batman gave me a heads up.
Sportsmaster was spotted coming through Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.
In full costume? Nervy! In street clothes.
Facial recognition software picked up the ID.
Find out what he's up to.
All of us? Seems like overkill for a shadow job.
Perhaps a small squad? Miss Martian's camouflage abilities seem ideal.
Thought the sidekicks Sorry, "ex-sidekicks" could suit up on this.
Aqualad, Kid Flash, Red Arrow.
Stakeouts make me crazy.
We could use the night off I want in.
With M'gann and Robin out, no one's logged more hours piloting the Bio-Ship.
Artemis, are you sure? Absolutely.
This could wind up being one of those things that sounds better in my head than out loud, but you are a real archer.
No, I mean I'm just about Red Arrow.
We go way back, you know? But you You've made your own place on the Team.
You have nothing to prove.
Well, not to me.
And Wally? I sounded fine Out loud.
I gather you did not join the Team for the camaraderie.
There's a mole on our Team, Kaldur.
And suspect number one is Artemis.
No offence, guys, but even my boredom is bored.
Maybe the night off wasn't the best idea? Red Tornado! Got any good stakeouts for us? I do not.
You must amuse yourselves.
- That's Tornado's apartment, right? - It is.
But Tornado doesn't eat, or sleep, or change clothes, or Well anything.
So? So What does he do up there? Target's heading North.
But maintain a discreet distance.
And that goes double for you, Artemis.
Sportsmaster's proven adept at spotting Martian camouflage, when in motion.
He's stopped.
Hold your positions.
I'm moving in, for a closer look.
Hey, Sis! Long time "no reveal who you really are to all your friends" Nice Canary teach you that? Bet you run out of arrows before I run out of sword! Unless you plan on breaking out the pointy ones, to use against your own sister Why shouldn't I? You are working with Sportsmaster! Not my choice! Not my call! Then who's call is it? Sorry Just because I know your secrets doesn't mean I tell you mine.
Why, Arrow If you wanted another date, you only had to ask You two are dating? Wh what? No! Why deny the attraction After all, Arrow You're here I read you.
Keep 'em busy.
Really, I'm so fond of you, both.
I couldn' bare to hurt you Much! Sportsmaster! Oh, too bad, lover boy But at least, a kiss is still a kiss.
And a sai is just a sai.
And quite the souvenir, by the way Artemis, tracing arrow on Sportsmaster, now! - He's out of range.
- Move! - You're abandoning? - I'm prioritizing! Oh, that's gotta sting He makes the shot you're afraid to even try! Aqualad! Here.
Artemis, Kid, listen.
Leave him alone! Artemis! Forget me! What about Cheshire - Did you - Tracer's on her sword.
Brilliant! I knew you could Oh, hey, there's the guys! So, we threw the fight, as ordered.
After Artemis planted the tracer.
Cheshire's heading North.
Sportsmaster was headed South.
Kinda like this mission.
Maybe he'll double back.
Maybe she will.
Either way, they'll rendezvous.
And we'll find them! Sportsmaster acquired an attaché case.
We need to learn what it contained.
If you had stayed aboard the Bio-Ship I saw Cheshire sneaking up on him.
Then you radio a warning.
And if she found you by hacking our frequency? It is true.
We have come to rely on M'gann's telepathy over our radios.
So let's stop looking to place blame and start looking for Cheshire.
Since, clearly, I can't be trusted.
You track her.
Artemis That's fine.
I'll follow in the Bio-Ship.
Go, Kid.
Arrow and I will return to the river.
And we will ALL follow, as originally planned.
Bark if Tornado comes back.
Is that what I think it is? Thank you, Sportsmaster.
We'll take it from here.
Pulled it off my sword about a minute after you put it there.
Thought you'd want it back, since it goes so nicely with the one Red Arrow gave you.
Someone on your Team doesn't trust you Arrow to Aqualad.
*** Cheshire and Sportsmaster.
Rendezvous at my coordinates.
Sending Kid ahead.
So you're pretty much allergic to radioing a warning? "Artemis to Arrow: look out.
" So, is Red building a friend, or what Perhaps you should ask Red.
Wolf Alright, what's with the new bot? I am a robot.
This is an android.
It will serve as my alter ego, John Smith.
And allow me to download my consciousness, so that I may walk among humans.
And learn.
I think it's a wonderful idea.
Your approval is appreciated.
But your presence is uninvited.
Is this a sign of disrespect? - Of curiosity! - Boredom You know He's cute.
But, if it calls human interaction He really needed pants.
Aqualad and I found the tracer on a caboose! And I don't mean Cheshire's.
- She must have ditched it.
- Yeah, I figured.
Wait, then how did you and Red end up here? I've got this! Go! All done! Freeze! Don't be absurd With what we've created tonight, I could Why waste such power on her Do what she says! Freeze! Let me be clear.
We failed.
Though the Injustice League is in custody, their allies still scheme.
And we have learned nothing of their plans.
"Gee" I wonder why Hey! Who found out Sportsmaster was working for Brain, Klarion and Ivo? Yeah, great intel! Except Ivo has been in Belle Reve the whole time! And the guards just checked.
It's the real Ivo, not a robot.
Well, I enjoyed my sabbatical.
Thanks for filling in.
It's my pleasure.
You know, I'm getting pretty tired of you dumping on her.
Her tracer, so? Cheshire ditched it.
Artemis ditched THAT.
To send us on a wild-goose chase.
She put this one on Cheshire.
Artemis? Are you that freaked out about Arrow joining the Team, you had to prove yourself by bringing down the bad guys solo? Please, tell me I'm wrong! Well Nice going.
What you proved is that you're insecure and selfish.
Keep the sai.
This is the right souvenir for the mission.
- So, how will you betray us next time? - Enough! If making a mistake was a betrayal, we would all be traitors.
I must report to Batman.
The rest of you, get some sleep.
You're not who you say you are.
This isn't over.
Not by a long shot.
Artemis? - Is everything - Fine, Mom! I just wanna go to Bed We wouldn't want to upset your mother What are you doing here? Just curious to hear how your little Team took their defeat Blamed you, didn't they Will they keep you around, now that Red Arrow's joined up? And what if they learned the truth about the family ties you worked so hard to hide? Would they ever trust you again? Thanks for the pep talk, Dad.
We should have these family reunions more often.
You tried, baby girl.
You can fight Jade.
You can fight me! But you can't fight who you are.
Time to switch sides, Artemis.
You'll never be one of them.
You belong with us.