Young Justice s01e24 Episode Script


Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Haly International Travelling Circus! Where the world in the center ring is your oyster and these are our latest pearls! The Daring Dangers! Dan Danger! Dawn Danger! Diane Danger! Dwayne Danger! and Dean Danger! You'll never see another trapeze act like this, folks, And all of it, without a net! Robin! Season 1, episode 24 "Performance" Don't blow our cover! But saving your life's OK? What did I just say? The crowd couldn't see me using telekinesis from below Besides, I've been using it all night.
I'm not exactly the acrobat you are.
Yeah, neither am I right now.
I think I've caught that 24 hour bug just by going around the circus.
But the show must go on Advanced weapons tech have been stolen at manufacturing plants throughout Europe.
And each theft coincides with tour stops made by the Haly Circus.
Batman is sending us undercover to catch the thieves.
This clown car have room for one more? Uh We've got this covered.
You've got the mission covered.
But who's covering the three potential mole suspects you're bringing along? Put your hands together for The Daring Dangers! Didn't think we'll make it through! Neither did I.
Help me backstage.
Ray, have you seen my other torch? Here, you dropped it outside the train.
- Thanks, you're a life saver! - Break a leg! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the "Dragon' Breath"! Haly, what's the deal? Giving the top slot to those Danger kids? That's our slot! "Was your slot", until you missed that performance in Paris.
Carlo was sick! He's better now.
Plus those Dangers are a sham.
They say they're brothers and sisters.
They don't even look alike! Ah, you just don't like the competition! Ah, for crying out loud, not you again! We're in the middle of a show! Then we'll talk after.
But we will talk.
Another city last week, another tech firm robbed.
Another stop on your tour.
If I prove you're responsible, I will shut you down.
I've got three minutes to gather props and get back to the center ring.
Faraday, Interpol.
New act? Yeah, just joining the tour.
Probably cleared you.
But don't get too comfortable.
Haly's going down for this.
If Interpol's already on this, why are bothering? Because Batman said so.
Why? You had something better to do? How do we know the thieves will hit here? There are more obvious targets.
And Faraday will have them covered.
But I analyzed the tech already stolen, and the patterns suggest this is the place.
- How are you feeling? - Lousy, actually, but I'll manage.
Contact! North-East quadrant.
Looks like we know why "Carlo" missed the performance.
Could be Carlo, could be his brother.
Keep an open mind.
And move in! Did you see were he went? The warehouse.
Caught red-handed! Red phase 2, 0 *** Acrobatics won't get you out of this.
Live ammo Those crates are full of live ammo! Move! That guy is dead meat! Superboy, no! - You need to get her out.
- He's getting away! And that matters more than Miss M? The fire's killing her! Right right! Artemis, Arrow! Find the thief! Because "he matters more than you"? You're still off your gigs, pal.
We're getting you out too.
Another weapons plant is hit, and once again the circus is in town.
I don't believe in coincidences.
I don't care what you believe.
My people are not responsible.
I did a bed check last night.
Every single member of my troupe was asleep in their bunks.
Well, we sure weren't!.
And if he's lying about us So two thieves, right? The fire breather and one of the acrobats.
Just in identical clothes! Maybe not just two.
Here's the Madrid security footage.
And now, Paris.
So the strong man and the clown too.
If the entire circus is involved, Haly himself may be the mastermind.
- You don't know that.
- It would explain his lies I told you to keep an open mind! Hello, Megan! I'll read Haly's mind! I'm not sure we can trust you to do that without tipping him off.
Or maybe you don't trust her, period! I heard you talking to Robin back at the Cave.
I know you're only here to spy on the three of us! There's a mole on this Team.
And good reasons to suspect all three of you.
Both Artemis and Miss Martian have already been caught in lies.
And you could be programmed by Cadmus without even knowing.
Or maybe I take your head off without even trying! OK, let's all take a time out.
Before we do something we'll regret.
Speak for yourself! None of us are perfect.
But each of us would give our lives for this Team.
So try and keep an open mind.
Ladies and gentlemen! The Flying Graysons! - Uh yeah? - Dude, where are you? Confidential mission.
From Batman.
Wow! You know what I'm doing? Making a baloney sandwich, kinda like you just did.
I talked to Tornado.
You guys are NOT on a mission.
Not an official one, anyway.
A friend, Jack Haly.
The circus guy? From your old Flying Graysons days? Yeah.
He's implicated in this global crime spree.
Someone in the show's dirty, but I need to prove old Jack's clean or he might lose the circus! Then why not bring me along? I know your back story, I know what circus means to you.
It's where you grew up, it's where you lost your I left you behind because you know my back story.
I didn't want my best pal questioning my objectivity.
Dude, that's what a best pal's for.
And that's our show! Farewell, good people of Bruges! Pack it up, the train leaves for Geneva in two hours.
Need a hand? I-I'm good, thanks.
Maybe one of the others could use some help? A lot of them seem to have that flu.
Yeah, it's going around.
All aboard, everyone, now! Someone's in a hurry - You look better.
- I feel better.
I'm sorry, Me Dawn.
I hope you didn't catch it from me.
I feel so silly.
Who knew a Martian could be vulnerable to a human virus? H.
Wells? Look, when did you first feel sick? Just after boarding the train It came on sudden! Same with me, the other night.
I remember Ray rubbed my head for good luck right before we went on.
Ray? That roustabout? He touched her before we boarded.
That guy must be a walking Petri dish.
Yeah, yeah, maybe.
Dan! You look refreshed.
Uh Jack How long has Ray worked for you? A bit about the start of the European tour.
Poor lad's down with the same flu as the rest of them.
We'll check on him.
It's the least we can do.
If you insist You should stay in bed.
As a friend of mine once said, "I'll manage".
I guess he wasn't THAT sick.
Does this circus have an elephant I don't know about? Not on foreign tours - Empty.
- No, wait! Ash Warehouse fire in Bruges! Uh Guys? I found Ray.
Split up! Search the whole train! Who did this to you? Ray Ray, the roustabout! Right after the train left Bruges! Hey, I'm not Houdini here! M'gann Dawn, come in! Uh Dan? I tried to reach you The other way.
I think the flu's knocked out my other way.
*** Dean, Dwayne, Diane, come in! We're chasing someone who's stolen "Dawn's act".
Her whole shtick, if you catch my drift.
I got him! But he's on to me.
Exiting the dining car now.
He's gone top side! That won't work on me, clown! That's no clown, he's the Parasite! The guy who once stole Superman's powers.
As if you, kids, are who you claim to be Please Stay out of his reach! There's no flu going around.
The weakness comes when he makes physical contact.
and feeds on the powers and abilities of others.
I happen to be a bit of a glutton today.
Chowed down on the skills of nearly every loser in this troupe But, oh, my But the *** was Dawn Danger.
Or whatever her real name is.
Thought I'd pouch on her trapeze skills Imagine my surprise.
when she tasted like Martian Manhunter, instead.
She made a lovely appetizer.
But guess who I want for my entrée M-hmm, now that's the full body Kryptonian The labor I love Everyone, stay "whelmed"! Subdue, but keep your distance! You know, I almost never say this But I'm sated.
Hate to eat and run Sorry No hitchhikers.
Conner! You alright? Fine, fine! You're drained! Parasite took more power than you even have! Heat vision? I have the genetic potential for it! Must've been enough for him.
Go! I'll manage! It's not a complete *tabaco.
I picked Parasite's pocket.
I got this flash drive.
Looks like Parasite's working for Intergang.
Everything he's stolen They're all pieces of something! They're putting together a weapon that generates.
Black holes? Oh, come on! To build that, you need a particle accelerator! Like the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva? The circus' next stop! But now that Parasite can fly, he's got a big head start on us! Sorry Not your fault.
But this thing could wipe out entire cities.
- We need to hurry.
- You and I need to hurry.
Without powers, the others would hold us back.
Hey, you're not the only one with a backup.
- My powers are back! - How? I'm still I guess Kryptonyans recover faster than humans or Martians.
Don't even think about leaving me behind.
Trail of destruction, this way.
This would be a whole lot easier with my flash drive.
There Now let's fire this baby up.
And see what's left of Geneva when we're done.
Need to take him down.
Or at least lure him away so we can safely disengage the No, wait! Seconds? No, I couldn't - What's wrong with - Wait! Ah, what a rush! How do you do it, kid? Even Superman never recharged that fast.
Alright, Dangers, come on out! Only a couple of minutes before this baby's done warming up And eats Geneva.
- What do you think? - Big risk to take on a theory.
Do it.
Go! What do you have against Geneva, anyway? Never liked the food, but the menu keeps improving.
I'm just the appetizer, remember? Here's the main course! Foam? You think foam can hold me? Or stop me from crushing you with a thought? Good bye, Martian and Kryptonian powers here! But do any of those powers free you before I sabotage your death thingy? This one does.
So clever Trick me into igniting inflammable gas But you forgot Doofus has double dose of invulnerability.
Fire can't touch me Unless you make a meal on my powers and get my weaknesses as a side dish! No No! Aw, poor baby Something you ate? We'll take it from here.
Thanks for the tip, by the way.
Definitely helps to prep the inhibitor collar in advance.
Glad to be of service! Wow He dares to touch the hand of a suspected traitor "Mind open".
I guess I never really saw you three in a *figative before.
Superboy's a hot-head, but I know I'm not one to talk.
You could each have betrayed us here You didn't.
I'm sorry I doubted any of you.
There is no mole.
So The show will go on.
And I have a feeling I have you, Dangers, to thank.
Don't know what you mean.
Of course not But I'm guessing you'll be leaving now.
Time to move on.
Well, Dick, I'll miss you.
It's Dan! Dan Danger! Son, you've grown.
But some things never change.
Like the sight of a Grayson on the trapeze.
You can't fake that.
Can't hide it.
So, doing old ring master one last favor? Ladies and gentlemen, the farewell performance of the Daring Dangers!