Young Justice s01e25 Episode Script

Usual Suspects

The Justice League was formed for two reasons.
First, as an acknowledgement that no single individual, no matter how powerful, can solve all the world's problems alone.
And second, to uphold the values of Truth, Liberty and Justice.
That last one's even in the name.
These five heroes have sworn to uphold those values.
You are watching live coverage of the Justice League's induction of its five newest members Looks like the entire League showed up to welcome the new blood.
Everyone, from Batman to Captain Marvel.
I'm glad they didn't kick Billy out.
And I love the fact that there's a 10-year-old on the League.
- There is? - Owww! Way to keep a secret, genius.
Hey, she's on the Team now, right? Superman is now handing out official League membership cards.
Starting with Doctor Fate, the Atom, Plastic Man, and Icon.
You know, I was the one who convinced Icon to become a hero in the first place I should be outside, celebrating with him.
Not hidden away in here! Welcome to our world Well, I suppose there's an upside, too! Finally, Green Arrow welcomes his former protégé, Speedy, now known as Red Arrow.
to this roster of heroes.
- Way to go, Roy! - At last, he has his wish.
The first of us to make it! No one will call him "a sidekick" anymore.
Wait since when is being a sidekick a bad thing? You sidekicks were my inspiration.
Well, see Six months ago So, there you have it.
The world's officially a safer place.
- Hey, hey, Superman! One question! - Over here! Aquaman! Will Atlantis be joining the U.
? Arrow, how hard will be treating your ex-sidekick as an equal? Are you ready to see the Watchtower? Born that way Plus six months.
I'm sure the Team would want to congratulate all of you first.
You don't know Raquelle That is, Rocket.
After making her wait inside, congratulations may not be the first thing on her mind.
I thought she would at least stick around.
Season 1, episode 25 "Usual Suspects" A-are you sure it's her? I mean, are you absolutely positive? See for yourself.
This is the security footage from the Asheville Regional Airport.
Facial recognition confirms that's Jade Nguyen.
But you've seen her without her mask.
What do you think? It's Jade.
- Cheshire.
- Agreed.
But focus on what she carries.
Is that the case you saw in New Orleans? - The one that got away? - Yes.
I'm guessing from the mug shot that this "Cheshire" is the bad guy.
But what's so important about that case? - Remember the Injustice League? - And their giant evil plants? Uh yeah! The Team and the League put them in prison.
But their allies still scheme.
And whatever is in that containment case seems important to their plans.
We had the chance to grab it in New Orleans, but SOMEONE screwed up.
Approaching Cheshire's jet.
Looks like there are no survivors How come Homeland Security and the NTSP aren't all over this? Cheshire's ID was a League alert.
Authorities didn't pick it up and her jet didn't follow it's flight plan.
Flew under the radar.
But the Watchtower audited the jet and recorded the crash.
Then why isn't the League here? Because our Boy Wonder has some mighty hacking skills and arranged to get the alert first.
And because Cheshire and that case represent our unfinished business.
Where are the bodies? Here's one.
And it is stunning.
I am flora, not fauna.
I am foliage, not trees.
What am I? Come on, you can get this! I am shrubbery, not grass.
What am I? - I - am bushed.
Didn't you think we'd be tipped you were on Cheshire's trail? We're tired of your interference, kiddies.
This is the end game.
Ordered from above and executed by their master strategist.
Moi! Miss Martian, is everyone linked? - Yes.
- Go! Superboy, the pylons! Working on it.
The last one.
Better make it count.
It's like old times! Dad pitting us against each other SB, you're you're flying! Artemis, duck! Okay, fine, we're sisters.
I don't actually want you dead.
No, no! I am not the straightjacket type! I am strictly Belle Reve, not Arkham! Is it always like this? Yeah, pretty much.
Tell me if this sounds familiar.
You hacked League systems, disobeyed protocol and endangered your lives.
And your initiative resulted in the capture of three escaped felons, proving Warden Strange runs Belle Reve as a cover for criminal activity.
Well done.
And then, there's this.
Bio-technology integrated with some form of nano-circuitry.
Though I am unfamiliar with the species, the bio-component is clearly not of Earth.
We'll take it to the Watchtower for further study.
Recognized: Batman Congratulations on the League thing! - Sorry I skipped out.
- Yes, well We both seem to have found teams that suit us.
We should go, too.
Don't wanna miss the League's induction party.
Black Canary, 1 - 3.
Icon, 2 - 0.
You realize we were set up.
Yes, Cheshire and Riddler were tipped.
And ready for us.
Not the mole thing, again! A mole thing? Again? We had intel that there was a traitor on the Team.
Namely Artemis, M'gann or me It is more complicated than that.
But your recent behavior does concern me.
Your attack on Mammoth nearly got Artemis killed.
Superboy, I believe you used up the last of your shields.
I have more.
Meet me at Santa Prisca.
Superboy? There's something I need to do.
Welcome, Superboy.
I'd like to introduce you to my associate, Queen Bee.
My pleasure I believe you know everyone else.
Sportsmaster, Mercy, Blockbuster And our new friend, Bane.
Who's allowed us use of his island in exchange for certain Considerations.
So the Injustice League was just a distraction You two have been behind everything from the start.
A flattering notion, son.
But we have many friends.
This one of your friends now? No, my boy One of yours.
Artemis? The hero thing wasn't working out.
You know how it is No trust.
This is where I belong.
It's a fast growing club.
Why are they here? You promised! I've kept your secret and my promise.
Now, you keep yours.
Good girl Give me more shields and I'm in, too.
My boy You're a terrible liar.
"Red sun.
" What do you want us to do? You two, follow me.
What about Superboy? He'll be fine He simply requires a few Adjustments.
There's something I need to do.
Something I need to tell you.
Last month, on Thanksgiving, I went back to Cadmus And found a few things out.
When I was cloned, only half the DNA was Superman's.
The other half was human.
That's why I don't have Will never have full Kryptonian powers.
You sure? Cause you sure seemed to have 'em today.
I've been using these.
They suppress my human DNA.
I get the flight, the heat vision But I think I also get angry.
Well, angrier.
I'm sorry.
Where did you get those? From my human father.
Lex Luthor.
Lex Luthor is your dad? He's summoned me to Santa Prisca.
Bring him along.
Uh Listen.
Superboy's not the only one suffering from bad DNA.
My mother is Huntress, an ex-con.
Rest of my family Aren't even "ex-".
My Dad's Sportsmaster.
And he's sending my sister, Cheshire, to fly me to Santa Prisca, too.
- That's why - Yeah.
I was so desperate to make sure none of you found out I knew.
Hey, I'm a detective! But it never mattered.
You aren't your family.
You're one of us.
Sorry, Dad, wanted to play you like you tried to play me.
But I can't let him mess with Superboy's head.
M'gann, be a dear and take Artemis down.
So Who's next? I am.
I swear I was kidding.
Queen Bee's been blackmailing me.
She wants me in Santa Prisca, too.
Blackmailing? How? She knows my True Martian form.
Bald M'gann? - Who cares if? - No Oh! I realized you would never accept me if you saw what I really am.
M'gann, did we truly seem so shallow? I couldn't take a chance Being a white Martian among the Green on Mars I endured constant rejection.
- I couldn't face that from - From me? I've known it since we mind-melded last September, in Bialya.
But That was before we even became a couple! Why didn't you say anything? I figured you'd tell me when you were ready.
Queen Bee is down.
Superboy, you're safe from her control.
May not be much of a liar, but I fooled you.
And I'm so proud.
I take it Miss Martian cleaned "Red sun" from your mind? And confirmed to Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash, rescued me from Cadmus, before you had time to install any other programming.
All true Personally, I blame Doctor Desmond.
Un poco de ayuda.
You have been a very naughty girl Guys, reinforcement time! Time to go.
Neither you, nor Queen Bee is going anywhere! Young man, if you expect to detain me Contact my attorney.
I got this! - I can still - No! You are needed here! You know I don't tolerate disobedience, Artemis! Sure, Dad! Jade and I learned that the hard way.
Gotta love an army of me! Superboy, Miss Martian, move! You should really learn to channel that anger.
Artemis, now! Jade! Sorry, Dad.
In this family, it's every girl for herself.
Jade! Souvenir It is always like this! Told you! Hey, disaster averted Feeling the "aster".
This has been a good day.
Scanning So, are you ever joining the party? This bio-circuitry is disturbingly sophisticated.
I'll take that as a "no".
Override, Batman, 0 - 2.
Access, granted.
Vandal Savage, A - 0 - 4.
I I was the mole? Yes Yes, you were.