Young Justice s02e02 Episode Script


This is not how the mission was supposed to go.
I'm totally walking on an allien planet! Wow, sis, you must say that like every day on Earth.
Actually I kinda do.
Wait, we can breathe the air here, right? Adam! Adam! Great.
I think.
Zeta Squad, these are my Rannian friends.
Sardath, and his daughter, Alanna.
Miss Martian, Superboy and Beastboy.
I am still figuring out the language.
This is usually when we start playing charades.
What was that? Such an odd sensation.
- Wait, you're speaking English! - No, they're not.
But I linked us mentally.
And I'm serving as a psychic translator.
They speak Rannian, we speak English.
But all now hear the language they understand.
- Amazing! - It will make communicating so much easier.
Perhaps we should take this inside.
It is wise to use caution when harboring earthlings.
Alien animalage! Cool! Sardath, have you learnt anything more about why earthlings are unwelcome in this corner of the Galaxy? The Rannian Science Command is xenophobic in general.
Which is why my research into interplanetary zeta beam travel is being conducted quietly.
And why you haven't reported the theft of your technology.
If Science Command learned I had made it possible for aliens, especially you earthlings to zeta here to Rann, the consequences could be dire for myself and my daughter.
I still don't get it.
Why the big hate for earthlings? How do they even know any earthlings to hate? I assume Adam showed you this.
We are still unclear on the details.
Science Command is not inclined to share intelligence with its' people But we have learned there was an accident on the planet Rimbor involving earthling criminals knowing as the Justice League.
I assume you are not associated with these outlaws? We are not members of the League.
Only these 6 were on Rimbor.
But since then the kroloteans have posted planetary watch alerts for every criminal in the League.
The Kroloteans! That's who stole your Zeta platform tech! They used it to secretly invade Earth, which is how they found about other Leaguers.
I know.
I told you that the last time you were here.
Of course! Kroloteans, right! I misunderstood you.
I thought it was just a rannian word for "thief".
It might as well be.
Yeah, krolotean culture revolves around stolen tech.
We heard.
Question is what do we do about it? My father's Zeta shield will help.
If I can perfect the design.
Your primitive Zeta tubes would still function within the confines of the earthling atmosphere, but unauthorized travel to and from other worlds will become impossible.
In short, my shield will prevent more kroloteans from invading your world via Zeta beam while trapping any still entrenched there.
And in the meantime Adam tells us you've located the Kroloteans' zeta platform here on Rann? Indeed.
But the jungles of Rann can be dangerous.
you earthlings will need a guide.
I'll go, father.
You must complete your work on the zeta shield.
But transpotation out of the city of Ranagar is not also without risks, Alanna.
We must disguise these earthlings.
Look, enough with this earthlings thing.
I am half-Kryptonian, and Miss Martian is.
Martian! You came here from Earth? Did you not? Yeah, but we are not nevermind.
We should be fine now.
Unless the Rannian Science Patrol comes in for routine ID checks I'll create a diversion, lead them off the train.
No, it's not safe.
I You are the jungle guide, remember? I'll ditch these guys and circle back to your father's compound.
Help him finish the Zeta shield.
Be careful.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch!" Got your nose! No time to say Hello, Goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! Jabberwock? Bandersnatch? His last name is Strange.
And down the rabbit hole I go! We'll be in range of the coordinates soon.
Hey, sis, remember that time you and Superboy visited me in Qurac, he picked flowers that were really poison ***.
It was a long time ago, Gar.
But you remember, right, Superboy? How much farther, Alanna? We're close enough.
This way.
Now that is some prime alien souvenir material! Wait! Lucian Bog, deadly.
Basically, if it looks pretty, don't touch.
It's bigger than I anticipated.
even this far out in the jungle, how could something this size have been built without Science Command knowing about it? I'm going in.
I'll send you an image of where to rendevous I found your entrance.
All clear.
- 6 Zeta platforms? - Not for long.
These are small target explosives.
Should permanently disable the platforms without blowing the whole base.
before the Kroloteans know what hit 'em.
Beastboy and I will plant them.
You two wait here.
All set, now lets blow this popsicle stand.
The escape route's blocked, we're trapped inside with the bombs! Yeah with the bombs and a lot of angry company.
New plan, when the platforms blow, use the chaos to charge through the front door.
I'll cover you.
And then we blow the popsicle Beastboy! Gar! Are you alright? Yeah yeah, i'm good, go! The exit is clear! -Where did all those Kroloteans come from? -Earth, I think.
Our teammates were set to raid their earth bases about now.
Can't you just translate their thoughts and find out for sure? Their minds are too alien.
It'll take hours, maybe days to learn their language psychically.
And I definitely couldn't do it without them noticing.
They are following us.
Or something is.
Something big.
Move! Hurry, in here! Superboy, Alanna, are you Safe, for now.
You? We lost them.
Now can we blow this popsicle stand Now we stay put.
Give their patrols a chance to move on.
We'll meet up below the Mag-rail when it's safe.
And then regroup with Adam and my father to determine what to do about this krolotaian base.
- M'gann, be careful.
- You too, Connor.
So, how long were you and she together? All my life.
- you wanna talk about it? - no.
- can she hear us? - it doesn't work that way.
Translation's basically automatic.
She is not conscious of what we say out loud.
Well then talk.
I live light years away so you'll never see me again, makes me the perfect confidante.
It's complicated.
And weird.
Hey I have a crush on an alien from another planet.
Who am I to judge? You asked for it.
See, I'm a clone.
Force grown in the span of a few months to look like .
M'gann somehow saw I could be more than the weapon i was created to be.
Complicated, but sweet.
-Go on.
-M'gann's a shapeshifter.
To her looks are clothing for the mind inside.
Easy to change.
But I am the opposite.
It's become clear the processes used to create me had a side effect.
I don't visibly age.
At all.
I am not immortal, I'm aging internally.
- But I'll always look - This good? Standard blessing and curse.
Seems like a shapeshifter would be the perfect match for someone suffering from your condition.
i used to think so.
Anyway she's with La'gaan now.
He's kinda a jerk, but he is good to her.
It's obvious she still has feelings for you.
Perhaps she regrets leaving you for him.
She didn't.
I dumped her.
She left me no choice.
They're gone.
Way to lead a mission accomplished.
Up high Sis.
-Ugh .
What's that for? -Nothing.
-Family prerogative.
-Get off.
Race you to the Mag-Rail.
Slow down, Gar! Before a carnivorous tree takes a bite out of you.
No worries.
You can just give me another blood transfusion.
Wonder what power I'll get this time? The power to listen to your adopted sister maybe! Sorry, didn't hear that! Beastboy? Garfield, what is it? Oh Gar, i'm so sorry.
I should have been there.
Done something.
But it's not your fault.
You couldn't have stopped Queen Bee.
I miss your mom too, but we have to keep moving.
It's not safe here, please.
We're close.
I can see the Mag-rail track up ahead.
(Rannian Language) .
Earthlings Miss Martian isn't translating.
M'gann, can you hear me? Something's wrong.
Whew .
boy am I glad to see you.
Thought I'd never lose those science patrol goons.
How's the zeta shield coming? - (Rannian Language) - And we're back to charades.
They still trying to capture us or is it just a bitter revenge thing now? Either way, we discourage them.
-Game? -Me? I'm big game.
Take care of her.
Kid, you may just change my mind about monkeys yet.
wake up! Alanna, what happened? Oh thank goodness, I can understand you again.
You and Beastboy were captured, but we rescued you.
What just Time to go! You ok? Fine.
I got this for Beastboy.
Souvenir! Sweet! Where did that come from - M'gann, what did you - Never mind that now.
We have to get back to Earth.
I know what the Justice League did on Rimbor.
I know what happened during their missing 16 hours.

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