Young Justice s02e03 Episode Script


So the Justice League finally provided scanners to every government on Earth to root out those filthy little aliens posing as real human beings.
But you have to wonder how were they able to whip up this tech so fast? Or more accurately how long have they been keeping it from us? Oh sure, they operate up like a gift from the Gods Sit anywhere kids.
Uh-oh! There's only one Bibbo, and don't you forget it.
Huh! Boy! That practically singed my eyebrows off! Yeah.
You got a little some Blue! Scan for it! Right! Right! Scanning Sorry.
He's gone.
Nooo It would not have been preferable to vaporize him back at the diner Welcome aboard.
We have received a Rannian signal.
They are arriving now.
Adam Strange.
Miss Martian.
Nightwing! Check out my super cool alien souvenir! Gar.
Business first.
Zeta squad.
Our mission to neutralize the Krolotean zeta platforms on Rann was a success.
I have also brought back specs from Rann to create a zeta shield to prevent any more aliens from beaming to Earth from off world.
How will than affect our own zeta capabilities? It won't.
The shield will activate at an altitude above the watchtower's orbit.
League zeta tubes will still function normally.
Tell them about Rimbor.
Tell them about the sixteen hours.
It may be easier to show you.
I successfully interrogated a Krolotean general on Rann who had paid off a member of the Rannian Science Command to allow the Kroloteans to land a secret base in the Rannian jungle.
Once there, the Kroloteans stole zeta platform technology from Adam Strange's friend Sardath.
They landed another ship in New Orleans and used the zeta platforms to beam a few hundred Kroloteans to Earth.
They built more platforms brought in more Kroloteans and began abducting and replacing humans.
Perhaps as part of an invasion strategy.
Though that's still unclear.
But why Earth? And what does any of this have to do with the sixteen hours.
Well As you know Five years ago, Vandal Savage placed the entire League under his control.
Six leaguers Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawkwoman went missing for a full sixteen hours.
It turns out you were teleported to a planet called Rimbor where you spent sixteen hours on a rampage attacking everyone and everything in sight and announcing in several alien languages that you were the Justice League from Earth and that the rest of the galaxy should beware.
That's why the Kroloteans came.
The League itself brought Earth to their attention.
I don't know what to say.
I have no memories of this.
Don't blame yourself.
Blame Savage and his Light.
But John how is it that you haven't heard about this intergalactic incident.
No clue.
Rimbor's not a planet in my sector.
But I'll head to Oa immediately to consult with the Guardians of the Universe and the rest of the .
Green Lantern Corps.
We'll get to the bottom of this, Cap.
I promise.
In the meantime we still have a Krolotean invasion force to track down on Earth.
You did good work on Rann.
Now we need you at the Hall of Justice.
And finally we have the false arriving host bodies used by a race of alien energy beings known as the Appelaxians who attempted to conquer the Earth.
Of course the attack also brought together Earth's mightiest heroes to form the Justice League.
Gordon Godfrey says the League is working with the aliens.
This way to the viewing gallery.
You didn't have to come along.
I think I did.
This is the Krolotean captured by Lagoon Boy, Robin and Beetle? Your uncle has been interrogating him for days, but simply achieving psychic translation has proven difficult.
In the meantime, the League and the team have hunted the Kroloteans that had been masquerading as humans.
But all have escaped capture despite the fact that we destroyed their zeta platforms here and on Rann and that they apparently destroyed their own ship.
After your success on Rann Captain Adam though you might be of some assistance The Kroloteans have an emergency rendezvous point and have standing orders in case of discovery to evacuate there.
A base inside a volcano on Malina Island.
We have arrived with the final shipment of Kroloteans.
Congratulations, my son.
Thank you, father.
Initiating phase two.
Remember this is primarily a recon mission.
We want to discover all we can about the Krolotean's invasion strategy before we shut them down and deliver them to the Green Lantern Corps.
Approaching drop zone beta.
Drop some gamma.
All sectors report status.
Sector One.
Sector Two.
Sector Four.
Sector Three.
Report status.
Sector Three.
On the level.
And in the water.
There! Batgirl.
Maneuver seven.
Manta to Partner.
The base has been infiltrated.
Abort operation.
Partner to Manta.
The device has already primed.
You have five minutes.
Get your men out.
The bomb will take care of the rest.
Manta to all troopers.
Endgame enabled.
Strategic retreat to Manta flier.
You have four minutes.
Nightwing to delta squad.
Enemy is attempting escape.
Request backup.
Nice aim.
X-ray vision.
I cheat.
Superman! Triple combo over here.
That was amazing! You just You just Whoosh.
And then And then And then Bang! Little less fan girl.
Little more Wonder Girl.
Three minutes to departure.
I had not believed Nightwing until this moment.
You did not want to believe! None of us wanted to believe this! How could you betray us? You dare question me? After all of you let Tula die! Kaldur that was a mission.
Aquagirl knew the risks.
No one wanted - Neptune's beard! Don't coddle this traitor! He has joined forces with our King's greatest enemy.
Do you mean the King who hid from me the true identity of my father? That was my error in judgment Kaldur'ahm.
No one else need suffer for it.
All will suffer if Black Manta demands it.
Blood is thicker than sea water.
Just you and me, old friend? - No! It's a regular reunion special.
You can take me down.
Or you can save everyone from this bomb.
I am told the yield is quite impressive.
You have two minutes.
They're getting away! We'll stop them! Negative.
We have a bomb down here.
Alien tech.
I cannot disarm it.
I'll get it out.
Might have pressure or motion sensors.
All squads! Evacuate to bio-ship! Now! You heard Nightwing! Move! Listen! Listen to me! Neptune's beard! Hello, Megan! Knew we forgot something.
Well done alpha squad.
Find a seat.
It's time to go.
Wait Where's Superman? Listen, I'm not trying to hurt you.
A bomb is set to explode beneath this base.
There are too many of you to carry individually.
But if you board your ship, I'll fly you all to safety.
Please! *** old girl! He's breathing.
Pulse is strong.
He'll be alright.
He didn't save the Kroloteans.
He won't be alright with that.
What just happened? The Kroloteans were clearly trying to build a new ship.
They had to, Angelfish.
It was their only way to leave Earth without their zeta platforms or their original ship.
Uh but was Aqualad helping them escape? Or luring them into a trap? The bomb was of alien origin.
Yet the Kroloteans clearly knew nothing about it.
So where did it come from? I have the feeling it may be up to you and your team to find out.
Congratulations, son.
You did well.
I don't suppose Aquaman died in the explosion.
If you'll excuse me.
Good morning, Black Manta.
The Kroloteans' competitor our new partner is quite pleased with your efforts, and so is the Light.
All agree we made the right choice asking you to replace poor, disgraced Ocean-Master.
You are officially one with the Light.
I wish I could go with.
I doubt your mother would approve.
And only the six of us who stand accused need take this odyssey.
Though Hawkman insists on accompanying his spouse.
And Icon will act as our advocate.
For it seems he is familiar with intergalactic trial law.
You sure this is necessary? The Guardians of the Universe seem to think so.
They sent Hal and Guy ahead to make sure the so-called "high court" of Rimbor will know we come in peace and know we expect a fair trial.
How long will you be gone? However long it takes to clear our names, Kon-El.
But we will be back, little brother.
I'll miss you.
And I you M'gann.
Oh! Perhaps you could water the plants in my apartment while I'm gone.
Be careful alright? Was about to say the same to you three.
I fear we leave the more dangerous task here on Earth.
We'll manage.
Time to go.
May the gods be with you all.

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