Young Justice s02e05 Episode Script


It's almost midnight.
What? I've had enough, Jaime.
I'm done letting Maurice push me around.
I'm on the bus to Houston tonight.
I'm at the depot now.
Slow down hermano.
No! Not this time.
I just called to say goodbye.
Tye, listen, I'm on my way.
I'll meet you by the statue of Cochise.
We'll talk.
Just promise me you'll wait till I get there.
No promises.
Your concern for this Tye is trivial.
Our armor is intended for greater purpose.
I'm trying to stop a friend from making a massive mistake.
What greater purpose is there.
Excuse me.
The bus to Houston? You just missed it.
But there'll be another one in the morning.
Investigating the origin of the alien bomb that destroyed the Krolotean invasion force is still a high priority.
We suspect the bomb may have been smuggled to Earth via boom tube.
Watchtower sensor scans in Bialya have recorded an uptick in boom tube activity.
Alpha squad.
Your mission is Sneak behind enemy lines, recon known boom tube hotspots and find alien tech matching the bomb.
Oh, and don't get caught or create an international incident.
Right? That about covers it.
Psimon? We have confirmation that Bialya's telepathic enforcer's still catatonic in a Quraci hospital.
After his last encounter with you.
But Bialya's dictator, Queen Bee, is another story.
Her ability to control the minds of men is why Alpha is an all-female squad for this mission.
Oh really? And would you have felt the need to justify an all male squad for a given mission.
There's no right answer for that, is there? So Nightwing out.
Queen Bee isn't the only woman who can mess with a man's mind.
What are you doing here? I'm looking for Tye Mrs.
Is he home? He was gone when I woke up this morning.
He should be at school.
He's not.
And he's not answering his cell.
Last night he called me from the bus depot.
Said he was running away to Houston.
He threatens to do that a lot, Jaime.
You know that.
I know.
But last night, he sounded It doesn't matter.
I went to the bus depot and he was gone.
But the clerk told me nobody bought a ticket for the Houston bus last night.
Nobody boarded.
There, you see? He and Maurice, my boyfriend They had another of their disagreements last night.
So Tye's blowing off steam somewhere.
What kind of disagreement? Maurice.
You're home.
Forgot my lunch, Shelly.
What's the kid doing here? I'm looking for Tye, Mr.
You're ditching.
And I'm a school employee, kid.
Gonna have to report your butt to principal Sanchez.
Go ahead.
I'm on a free period.
Biofeedback of this Maurice indicates hostile intent.
Recommend preemptive strike.
Don't make faces at me, kid.
Or I'll take care of you the way I took care of Of Tye? Did you do something to Tye? Why you little punk! Attack imminent.
Activating plasma cannon.
No! Maurice didn't touch Tye last night.
They had an argument and Tye took off.
Ran off.
Like always.
Tail between his legs.
Anyway, Jaime was just leaving.
Don't mind Maurice.
He's having a bad day.
I hear he has a lot of bad days.
Good ones too.
But I'm sure Tye is fine.
He stays with his grandfather sometimes.
He's probably there now.
I hope you're right.
The other boom tube hotspots have all been busts, but But this much security must be guarding some big deal alien stuff, right.
Our job is to find out.
Batgirl, take the north hangar.
I'll take the south.
Bee, the middle.
Wonder Girl, hold position.
What? Wait, why can't I go in? 'cause You're Wonder Girl, honey.
Not Stealth-er Girl.
I can do this.
No one's knocking your enthusiasm, Cass.
And if we were in a firefight there's no one I'd rather have beside me.
But we're trying to avoid a fight.
And we need a lookout.
Use the psychic link only.
The Bialyans have the tech to intercept our radios.
Anything goes wrong, we scatter and meet at the rendezvous point.
Clear? [in chorus.]
I mean, clear.
I could have done that.
Radio's not safe.
No, psychic link's a no-go.
Gotta warn the others the hard way.
I've shut down our psychic link.
But we'll need to alert the others.
You warn Bumblebee.
I'll warn Batgirl.
Meet at the rendezvous point ASAP.
Hey, you did good, Cassie.
Who's Stealth-er Girl now? Sound the alert! Lock down! Here you go Mr.
Thank you, Jaime.
So, have you seen Tye? Not in a few weeks.
But I wouldn't worry.
You see, Tye comes from a long line of Mescalero Apache chiefs.
I believe he has begun a journey of awakening that will connect him to his heritage.
And show him the path to his destiny.
This Holling Longshadow appears imbalanced.
Our time is wasted here.
We should interrogate The Maurice in extreme prejudice.
Uh, Wow.
That's something.
But I was thinking Tye's mom's boyfriend Maurice might have Oh, Maurice.
Year's ago, he was jealous of Tye's father's role as head of our band.
Now, he's jealous of Tye.
But he's just a distraction.
He plays no part in Tye's vision quest.
Or yours, for that matter.
Mine? You search for answers.
But the answers you seek will find you.
Only then will you make peace with the one inside you.
He knows too much! Eliminate him! Uh, thanks Mr.
I'll let you know when I find Tye.
Enjoy your water.
And who the heck are you? Wonder Baby? Wonder Brat? The Blonde Wonder? Devastation.
What's going on? Who is that? She's less than forthcoming on that point, Junior.
But I'm betting she's not here alone.
Stop her! Search every inch of the facility.
Girl, you look like turkey stuffing on Thanksgiving Thank you, that's very helpful.
This was your escape route? No I was already here when the alarm sounded and the psychic link went down.
What happened up there? No idea.
Let's get to the rendezvous point and find out.
But not back through the hangars.
They're sealed up tight.
I've scanned the air shafts.
They connect all three hangars, but they also lead to a larger chamber Twenty meters below.
Can you say temple of doom? This place must be thousands of years old.
What do you make of it Batgirl.
Batgirl? Are you serious? The rest of these kids are runaways.
They won't be missed.
But a bat-brat? Batman himself is out of the picture.
And if anyone else misses her Psimon says he just doesn't care.
I like the way that pretty brain of yours thinks.
Thank you Devastation.
Now help Mammoth load the cargo, bat-brat included, onto the plane.
Shimmer, prepare for takeoff.
Then go upstairs and confirm the flight plan.
I want this bird in the air in ten.
The plasma cannon would have provided a more direct tactic.
And vaporized Tye if he's inside.
Activating plasma cannon, now! No! Breaking and entering, kid? I oughta call the cops.
We're under attack.
Why do you resist.
Destroy The Maurice.
I said no! No cops, huh? Then how about I teach you a lesson myself.
Is that what happened with Tye? Did you teach him a lesson too? Did you stuff him into that shed because someday he will become a tribal chief and you never will.
Oh, kid.
You've got some funny ideas in that head of yours.
I don't want to be chief.
Tribal leaders work for free.
I'm only interested in jobs that pay.
I'm not buying it.
What is all this? Pirated dvds and games? Now forget you saw any of this or I'll make you very sorry.
What about Tye? What have you done with him? I don't know where Shelly's punk kid is.
And I don't care.
Voice analysis confirms The Maurice speaks truth.
Yeah, I got that too.
I'll turn him in for the pirated stuff and this shit.
He'll get what he deserves.
But he really doesn't know what happened to Tye.
And neither do we.
It's been too long.
Something happened to Batgirl and Bee and it's all my fault for getting spotted.
Cassie, calm down.
Every mission takes an unexpected turn.
We've recovered and adapt.
That's rule one.
Sounds about right.
Bee! You're alive! Was that really in doubt? Have you seen Batgirl? Captured.
So we have to go.
I'll brief you both on the way.
I have a plan.
Cargo is secured.
Just need a coupla more minutes to complete refueling.
Batgirl, wake up! You're really gonna make me do this, aren't you? Did you just Sorry girl, but we have got a cargo plane full of abductees here and you're the only one qualified to fly it to safety.
Which is ironic since you're the only one on Alpha who can't fly.
Shimmer, what are you Martian! Hello, Psimon.
Ready for a rematch? Plane's fully fueled.
What's going on? The Martian is here.
Posing as Shimmer.
We're engaged in psychic battle.
Uh, dude.
You don't exactly have a winning record against her.
I don't have to win.
I only have to hold her attention on the psychic plane while you kill her in the material world.
Devastation's right.
Your brain is pretty.
Wait! Who's at the controls? Mammoth! Devastation! Stop that plane! Junior, close the hangar door! Alpha? Little help? Devastation! This is for breaking my heart in Belle Reve, Martian.
Psimon says Enough! Bumblebee says good night! Uh-oh! Uh-oh's right.
Do you really think you stand a chance, blondie? I've gone toe-to-toe with the actual Wonder Woman.
Yeah! But you never trained with her! Yes! We did it! It's too heavy! For me too! Time for Plan B! Good girl! Yes! Psimon planted mental suggestions in the minds of his doctors and nurses.
They've been tending to an empty hospital bed for months.
I'm sorry.
It had to happen eventually.
So, no sign of any alien tech? None.
Though what we found was strange enough.
It was clear in Shimmer's mind that Queen Bee was acting as a middle man delivering abducted humans to an unknown partner.
We questioned all the abductees.
Most were runaways.
All were kidnapped after the destruction of Malina Island and the Kroloteans.
So if the Bialyans weren't kidnapping humans for the Kroloteans then who is this partner? [Sighs.]
Another unanswered question.
New questions keep the investigation moving forward.
You saved lives.
And you got each other home safe.
It's a successful mission in my book.
Good work, Alpha.
The loss of the cargo could have severely undermined our credibility.
Fortunately we had already collected a second shipment.
Our partner should still be quite satisfied.

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