Young Justice s02e06 Episode Script


How's it coming? Almost finished.
Wish I could go along.
Only seats one.
Is that the Krolotean intel? What Krolotean intel? The data files M'gann and J'onn recovered on Malina Island before it was destroyed.
Apparently the Kroloteans were snatching humans to use as guinea pigs.
They were hoping to find something Something inside us.
What? There's no english word for it.
The nearest translation is meta-gene.
What's a meta-gene? Never met-a-gene I didn't like! Warning.
Unknown energy impulse detected.
Stand ready.
Ta-da! Intruder alert.
Intruder alert.
Lock down cave.
Well, I think we found our unknown energy impulse.
Impulse? That's so crash! Catchy.
One word.
Like Nightwing.
And Robin.
And Beast Boy.
Except that's two words.
Will be those two words? Hey, is he here too? Nevermind.
Impulse can find that out for himself.
Ha ha ha.
You two.
Take him down.
We're crash.
Home-style faucets.
So retro.
Limbo time.
Ha ha! You can't catch me that easy- Now that was crash.
For you maybe.
Me? I'm totally feeling the mode.
I still don't buy it Chesh.
It's too easy.
The good guys have been looking for the real Roy Harper for years.
And suddenly you just- I go to places the good guys don't.
And stop calling him the real Roy Harper.
You may be his clone but I need you to be real.
Our daughter needs you to be real.
You can't be the father Lian deserves until you get your "original Roy" guilt out of your system.
So let's get it done.
Assuming you're up for it? You're a tourist? From the future? Why so surprised? Half the meat at Comic Con are from my era.
Look look look, guys.
We should all be friends.
I'm really one of you.
Part of the heroic legacy, right? My name is Bart Allen.
You know, grandson of Barry Allen.
The Flash.
Not believed.
But noted.
What's not to believe? I've clearly got Flash's speed.
His amazing good looks.
Frankly, I can't wait to meet him.
Uh, you know, back when he was in his prime.
Well, Bart.
Coming all the way from the future, you must have worked up quite a thirst.
Ah, you're trying to get a DNA sample.
You need my spit.
Hah, that's such a Dick Grayson thing to do.
How did? See? I know stuff only a future boy would know.
Dick Grayson.
Tim Drake.
Garfield Logan.
Your name is Tim? And yours is Dick? Oops! Spoilers.
This secret identity thing is so retro.
I mean You can call me Impulse.
Or Bart.
Or Bart Allen.
Or Bart "Impulse" Allen.
It's all crash.
Is it possible he might actually be telling the truth? Could he really be from the future? Tell us something we don't know.
When do I become leader of the team? When do I join the Justice League? When do I get my own reality series? Sorry, BB.
Never was the best history student.
Besides, we can't risk altering the time stream.
We do that, we're all feeling the mode.
And the mode would be bad? Doesn't get any worse.
Always better to crash the mode.
Malcolm Duncan.
Ooh, Sounds like a door opening somewhere.
Aaand, that's my cue.
Hi Mal.
Bye Mal.
Don't worry, the peregrine falcon is the world's fastest bird.
He won't get away.
Doesn't stand a chance, does he? Nope.
Impulse is too fast.
But at least we can track him.
You planted a tracer? It will fall off at his speed.
It won't.
He drank it.
Sub-cutaneous micro-tracker in the water.
He's making a beeline for Central City.
Need your help.
[In chorus.]
Happy anniversary! Barry, you and Iris never forget.
You kiddin' Jay? We idolize you two.
Seventy years of marriage is quite the achievement.
The achievement is how Joan's put up with me for that long.
Just a sec.
Barry Allen.
What kind of impulse? Another speedster? He says he's my what? Your grandson! Bart Allen a.
a Impulse.
And I'm your grandson from the future.
Pretty crash, huh? I've always dreamed of doing this.
I mean when you were young and I didn't have to worry about breaking you gramps.
Hey, grandma! Love you too.
You must be the Garricks.
That makes you like my honorary great grand parents.
Uh, Barry? Something you've been meaning to tell us? What? No! This kid is not my grandson.
From the future or any when.
Heck, Iris and I don't even have kids.
Um, Barry? What? I'm pregnant.
What? I found out this morning.
I was gonna tell you tonight.
In private.
Hi dad, Hi aunt Dawn.
Wait, there're two in there? We're having twins? Oops! Spoilers.
Careful, kid.
If you are what you say you are, revealing too much could crash the whole time stream.
Crash it.
If only.
Wally? What are you Nightwing called.
Thought I might be of some help with this mess.
You're Wally West! My first cousin once removed.
The operative word being removed.
Hello? It's mine babe.
Don't answer that.
I mean why interrupt the reunion.
It's my boss at GBS.
What's up Pete? They're evacuating downtown.
A new super-powered lunatic is calling for blood.
Your blood.
One Flash down.
One to go.
Ow, c'mon.
Let the League handle this guy.
I mean how often does a relative from the future show up at your door.
Listen, I I'll deal with you later.
Stay put.
I'll be back in a flash.
Back in a flash.
Does he say that often? [Collective sigh.]
Too often.
You're going, aren't you? Duh.
You're safe now ma'am.
There's a shelter at Fox & Gardner well out of the danger zone.
Walk, don't run.
And you and your little one will be just fine.
Nice trick.
Dad taught me.
He learned it-well, will learn it-from you.
Flash! Prepare to meet your doom.
What kind of meat is this guy? He's never gonna hit us with those.
No, but it's a standoff.
He's generating cascading waves of energy.
Each wave starts before the previous wave dissipates.
There are no gaps at any speed.
We can't get close.
Wait a minute.
I told you not to come.
I wanted to see you beat the bad guy, in person, in your prime.
Told you we should have left her with your sister.
Keep your men back, Captain.
Protecting the city is what they pay me for, Speedy.
No, Speedy's the other guy.
Though history books are really unclear on the why.
Let's, please, try to stay focused.
Captain, the best way to protect this city is to keep its citizens at a safe distance.
You handle that- And we handle Neutron, right? Right.
His name's Neutron? Yeah.
Heard him shout it.
You know, like bad guys do.
"I'm Neutron.
All of you will die.
" Anyway, what's the plan? Remember that wind funnel that you used to save me? Sure I remember.
I was there.
So were you.
Good times.
We do it again.
On a bigger scale.
You, me, Kid Flash.
Around the perimeter of the explosive wave.
The funnel draws him upward.
And we move him out of the city.
Piece of cake.
You getting any of this? Every fifth word, maybe.
Flash! Yo, Flash! Sorry, got sidetracked.
You on board? With what? I heard something about "funnel cake"? Just follow our lead, kid.
Go ahead, lap me.
I'm used to it.
Ow, c'mon! No.
This interference will not stand! You're so gonna feel the mode.
This is so humiliating.
Where do you think you're going? I just wanted a closer look.
What harm could it do? Neutron totally felt the mode.
He's gone.
Who's Neutron? [In chorus.]
The bad guy.
Except he's not so much feeling modes as putting his body back together from scratch.
What's going on? How did I get here? What's happened to me? Switching to infrared.
I think that getup he was wearing before was some kind of containment suit.
Without it, he's even less stable.
Looks to me like he's gonna blow again.
Maybe bigger than before.
Let me see those.
There are fluctuations now between his energy waves.
I didn't see that.
You don't have the Allen family eyes.
Don't make me hurt you.
Each fluctuation only lasts a microsecond.
But at near-light speed, I can race in, grab Neutron and haul him to the desert to minimize damage.
That sounds kinda- You two stay put.
I'll be back in a flash.
You realized you almost got him killed, right? Sorry, I Actually, he saved me.
Or at least, you all did.
Neutron's overload accelerated.
Even at my top speed I'd have never made it to the desert in time.
But what are you doing? You've retired.
You could have died.
Joan's gonna kill me just for putting on the tin hat.
Hey, where's the kid? Is that? Yeah.
Might wanna get him a blanket or something.
What's happening to me? We're not sure, son.
But it looks like it's over.
His heat signature reads normal human now.
What did happen? No idea.
Guess old Neutron just ran out of juice.
Who's Neutron? Should I be concerned over the obvious delight our daughter takes in the ultra-violence.
It's genetic.
This is the door they didn't want us anywhere near, so Impulse's DNA matches up with both Iris and you, Barry.
And this thing is giving off both zeta and chronotron radiation.
Which is, based on pure theory what you'd expect to find radiating off a time machine.
Which means you are exactly who you say you are.
Told you.
Anyway, it's been crash.
But the future awaits.
I gotta run.
Ha ha.
See what I did there with the "run"? As for you gramps- Bart.
Thanks for coming.
I look forward to meeting you again for the first time.
And watching you grow up.
That will be crash.
So long! Maybe he's traveling forward one second at a time? Not working.
The whole thing's fried.
Can you fix it? I'm a tourist, not a chronal expert.
Look at me! I'm trapped in the stupid past.
I'm so moded.
How's it coming? Almost finished.
Wish I could go along.
Only seats one.
You understand the trip to the past will fry the machine's circuitry? This is a one-way ticket.
Does this look like a future worth returning to? Well, I'd better get in character.
Neutron? Please, don't use that name.
I was Neutron for too many years.
Through too much destruction.
Curing me, and saving Flash's life.
You know it's only the beginning.
I know Nathaniel.
Big mission.
Lots to do.
Better get to it.
That kid is so crash! He did it! It's a new day? No.
Time stream.
It should have all changed.
All at once.
The mode should have crashed.
Should have all crashed.

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