Young Justice s02e07 Episode Script


Next on Godfrey's bonehead list the launch of Ferris Aircraft's new Earth-Mars communication satellite.
That's right, folks.
It's not enough we've been invaded by aliens now we're going out of our way to contact them.
My friends if you're asking what's wrong with this picture you're not alone.
That's why old G.
Gordon's I'm ready.
[jumping on a plane to Florida.]
to get to the bottom I'm not happy about this.
As I recall, you were wearing yellow-and-red just a few weeks ago.
That was an emergency.
I was needed.
Well, I'm needed now.
He shouldn't need you.
He's my best friend.
He knows we're trying to leave the life behind.
Don't blame Nightwing.
The decision was mine.
Babe, you're freaking out over nothing.
What could go wrong? She's dead.
Mal: They're both gonna wind up our responsibility, aren't they? Not necessarily.
Bart, Impulse, is staying with Jay and Joan Garrick in Central City.
Roy, the original Speedy is recuperating at Royal Memorial Hospital in Star City.
Arrows Green and Red are watching over him.
They're both gonna wind up our responsibility.
Doesn't everything.
I mean where are we on identifying the Light's new partner? [Sighs.]
No progress.
La'gaan, don't eat so fast.
I can't help it, angelfish.
The idea of cooking crabs is amazing enough.
But making them into little cakes? You're gonna choke.
If only.
Let me.
If that's not true love, I don't know what is chum.
Call me when it's time for the briefing.
Time for the briefing.
Artemis! Hi, M'gann.
How's Wally? He's Wally.
Welcome back girl.
Hey Mal.
We have so missed you around here.
Connor! I relish this opportunity to finally fight beside you archer.
Um, thanks, La'gaan.
OK, gamma squad, listen up.
The mission's Cape Canaveral covert op to safeguard the first Earth-Mars com-sat.
There are people out there who don't even like the idea of aliens and will do anything to scrub this launch.
But, that's why I came back because not all of us feel that way.
So why are you going? Let's just say that after running this team for a year I'm peckish for a little action.
And, we are officially at T minus one hour and counting.
Uh, now we do have time for a few questions.
Yes, Miss Godfrey.
Miss Ferris Maybe I'm the only one not drinking this space cola but has anyone asked whether Earth wants more communication with aliens? Our galaxy contains billions of stars yet Earth and Mars are warmed by the same sun.
The Martians aren't aliens.
They're our next door neighbours.
Isn't it time we got to know them? So that's your plan.
Borrow a cup of Martian sugar while our world is being invaded.
If I may all the more reason both worlds must stand together.
This satellite represents a new spirit of cooperation between sister planets.
The beginning of an alliance that can protect us all.
Thank you, Martian Manhunter.
On behalf of Ferris Aircraft and the Earth-Mars Communication Initiative we couldn't agree more.
That's it? No more questions for the mighty man hunter? Tell old G.
Gordon that name doesn't sound ominous to any decent earthling.
And did you notice the Kryptonian's not taking any questions at all? We're out of sight.
Let's just get to the bio-ship.
I don't like you levitating me to fake the power of flight.
You're welcome.
Connor you know we have to maintain the illusion that Superman, Manhunter and the other leaguers who went into space are still on Earth.
We can't let our enemies know how shorthanded the Justice League is right now.
Hate monkey-suits.
If nothing else, we have a nice view.
Miss M, link us up.
Link established.
Begin aerial sweep of the cape's perimeter.
Hey boss, I'd be happy to join my angelfish on that assignment.
Negative Lagoon Boy.
You're right where I need you giving me maximum coverage.
In the water, on land, and in the air.
In case there's any attempt at sabotage.
And so I'm stereotyped as the water guy, again.
Meanwhile she flies the friendly skies along with super ex-boyfriend.
Neptune's beard! Missile launchers locked.
We're going five.
T minus fifty two minutes and counting.
All systems go for launch.
I know I'm not Wally's favorite person right now, but it is nice to have you back.
It's nice to be back.
I didn't realize how much I'd been missing it.
Which is pretty much exactly what Wally's afraid of.
He's worried the rush that comes with the mask will get its hooks in and I won't give it up until my dying day.
I know exactly what you mean.
So, now we're never talking again? Gee, you read my mind.
I don't have to read your mind to know how you feel, Connor.
But the breakup was your idea.
Don't pretend you don't know why.
I know.
I know.
You disapprove of how I use my psychic powers.
You mean how you abuse them.
Ripping intel from the minds of your victims with no concern for what it does to their psyches.
They're not victims! They're the bad guys! That information is helping the team, the League, the entire planet! And leaving your victims in a catatonic state.
It's not right M'gann.
You're behaving no better than Psimon.
If you feel that strongly, why not tell Nightwing? Or the League? I was hoping I mattered enough to you to make you stop.
I didn't think you'd try to tamper with my mind.
Try to make me forget I was upset with you.
Connor, I'm so sorry about that.
Sorry you did it.
Or sorry you got caught.
After all we'd been through.
How could you think I wouldn't recognize your touch inside my mind? Didn't you know what that touch meant to me? And to have you pervert it like that.
Guess I was kiddin' myself.
I mean how replaceable was I? Two minutes after I ended, you're dating the rebound guy from the black lagoon.
La'gaan is not my rebound guy.
Well, lucky La'gaan.
Heads up minnows.
We got bad guys.
Black Manta's troopers working some kind of platform beneath the surface just offshore.
I'm taking taking them down.
Ahoy there.
Wait for backup.
I'll scrounge a re-breather from the cargo hold and help the rookie out.
Rookie! Neptune's beard! I don't need any help from the boy of steel.
Lagoon Boy! Stand down! Sorry.
You're breaking up.
There's no static on a psychic link! We're under attack.
Arming missiles now.
Recommend activating phase two as precaution.
Company! Superboy.
You have that re-breather? Negative.
La'gaan didn't restock.
Then take the helm.
Miss Martian, gill up and help Lagoon Boy.
Superboy, we need cover fire down here.
Bio-ship reconfigured for manual flight.
La'gaan, I'm on my way.
What's going on there? That's our cue! I know you're rusty.
But are you TRYING to get yourself killed? Launch.
As you command, Kaldur'ahm.
We're on the wrong side of this wall.
On it.
Do we abort? We're not aborting anything.
Advance the countdown.
Final safety checks.
Then launch.
We're really on the wrong side of this wall.
The troopers' helmets.
Designed to enhance vision under water, right? Move! Sir, you should have the honor of killing him.
He's a perfect specimen for our partner.
Take him to the flier.
If the mission fails, rendezvous as planned.
Our first missiles were shot down.
And the ground assault.
Our helmets have become a liability.
Launch all missiles.
Maximum rate of fire.
I'll take charge of the ground assault.
What? I'm not that rusty.
They've taken La'gaan.
I'm going after him.
Priority is the missiles.
There are too many.
I'm not keeping up.
You don't want to do this.
I believe I do.
All systems go.
Well done! The mission may yet succeed.
No rest on me.
Artemis, behind you! Welcome back.
Artemis! I got you.
Hang on.
Move out.
The mission is a failure.
We are done here.
I I don't hear her heartbeat.
She's dead.
Congratulations Kaldur'ahm.
You had quite a day.
Capturing the Atlantean.
Killing a former teammate.
Destroying the com-sat.
My crew did not destroy the com-sat, Father.
It's rocket must have malfunctioned.
Our victory was mere luck.
I don't believe in luck.
Which is why I arranged to have a bomb with an altitude sensor smuggled onto the com-sat rocket days ago.
This was your final test.
To see if you would take credit for what you had not accomplished.
And what if I had succeeded.
Then another test would have waited.
For it is not in success where true character is revealed but in failure.
I'm quite proud of you my boy.
You're ready for the next level.
We'll find La'gaan.
And Aqualad.
No doubt.
Where's Nightwing? He should be here.
He went to tell Wally.
We'll laugh about this someday.
Wally? No.
Welcome back.
I don't hear her heartbeat.
I got you.
Hang on.
I take it our ruse was successful? Almost too successful.
The team and the League are in mourning.
They may never forgive us.
And still, only we four know the secret? This secret and the other.
That you've been under deep cover within Black Manta's organization since leaving the team.
How'd it go on that end? Successful as well.
I've proven my loyalty to my biological father.
He's moving me up the ladder, bringing me closer to the Light.
And their unknown partner.
Not without cost, Kaldur.
The com-sat wasn't supposed to be destroyed.
And La'gaan definitely wasn't supposed to be captured.
It was the only way to save his life and maintain my cover.
I'm not blaming you.
I know you've been forced to make impossible decisions.
Like choosing between saving the Kroloteans on Malina Island Or saving my friends.
And I will find a way to help La'gaan.
You have my word.
So what now? Uh, dude? Why are you giving bling to my dead girlfriend? Glamor charm.
Courtesy of Zatanna.
Physio-morphic spell, I think.
She said it backwards.
You look exactly the same.
To the four of us.
And only us.
But to anyone else, you're an entirely different person.
The more impressive trick is how you got something so specific from Zatanna without revealing who or what it was for.
We have a history.
It is time.
What could go wrong? Don't say that.
We're through the hard part.
They're in.
Who are you kidding? It only gets more dangerous from here.

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