Young Justice s02e08 Episode Script


So, let me get this straight.
While I was on ice, you found another Roy Harper the sidekicks formed their own team aliens invaded the Earth and Olly grew that dopey goatee? - We try not to call ourselves sidekicks.
- You don't like the goatee? So missing the point.
You've both been talking around it all day.
Now I want answers.
What happened to me? How can there be another Roy Harper? And what happened to my arm? Okay, okay.
We wanted to wait until you were strong enough, but - I guess the moment's here.
- Moment's passed.
Get to it.
What's the last thing you remember before we found you in Tibet? I've been trying to piece that together.
I remember investigating a LexCorp shell company that we suspected of smuggling weapons to North Relasia.
Some LexCorp goons got the drop on me I remember feeling embarrassed.
Then nothing.
That's right.
They grabbed you.
Thing is Roy that was eight years ago.
What?! Lex Luthor and the Light this criminal organization he works with abducted you.
They amputated your arm.
Why? To keep me from using my bow? No.
They needed an endless supply of your DNA to perfect their human cloning process.
So that's what you are.
A clone.
They grew me.
Or rather force-grew me.
In a matter of months I looked your age.
They programmed me with all your memories, and skills, and worse.
Then they spoon-fed me clues to your location.
I thought I was doing detective work, but in hindsight-- You'd been missing three months! I'd been going crazy, so when I found you him I didn't question the good fortune.
I had no idea it wasn't the real, the original, you.
No idea Luthor had stored you on ice all this time.
So what you're saying is you took my place.
You've been living my life for eight years.
And he's been tirelessly searching for you for five of those years.
Huh, but not you Olly.
You gave up on me.
I don't want to be the cause of more conflict between you two.
I'd understand if you never wanted to lay eyes on me again.
I don't know.
Seems to me the clone didn't do anything wrong.
He didn't ask to be created.
Plus he found me.
I can't blame him for this.
- But I can totally blame you! - Roy! I We were partners! Friends! How could you not know I had been replaced? You could you leave me in Luthor's hands for eight years? And how did I not see how useless you are? Get out.
Get out! Look Roy I need some time to process all this.
I understand.
It's a curse, isn't it? Having me for a mentor.
Red Arrow.
And Artemis.
The three of you all poster-children for the stay-away-from-Green-Arrow club.
I may not have always shown it over the years but I don't feel that way.
Neither did Artemis.
And trust me I know Roy doesn't feel that way either.
Not really.
You're a good man Olly.
So get back in there.
He needs you.
Whether he knows it or not.
Roy, listen, I-- Aquaman has all of Atlantis on the case.
He said they're quote-unquote searching the seven seas for Lagoon Boy and his captors.
It's a big planet.
And that's a lot of water.
We'll find La'gann.
And Aqualad.
I want his fish-head on a platter for what he did to Artemis.
I don't suppose we're any closer to identifying the Light's new partner.
Nightwing? Where is everyone? Well, the girls are all hitting the shower.
The rest they're down in the grotto.
Uh, sorry.
Morning makes me hungry.
You stole those freeze-dried chicken whizees from my locker, didn't you? Hey hey hey, where I come from it's not stealing, it's scavenger rights.
The point is, we don't have chicken whizees freeze-dried or otherwise, in my era.
So blame Kid Flash.
He got me hooked.
Forget I asked.
So why is this here? I mean it's pretty and everything, but these people are heroes.
In the line of duty and all that.
You should have giant statues, big crashy memorials in the Hall of Justice or something.
Yeah, I asked that too.
Captain Atom said the League doesn't want or need a public shrine to its fallen.
But I don't know.
Seems to me they just don't want to advertise we are not immortal.
The handful of regular people who've seen me in action they think I'm this guy in a new costume.
The world will never know about Ted Kord's sacrifice.
But you know.
And you're carrying on the grand Blue Beetle heroic tradition, right? I wish.
It's just a total rip.
Superboy has Superman, Wonder Girl has Wonder Woman.
Robin has Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl.
You've been in this era like what five minutes and already you have three Flash mentors.
One who feeds you junk food.
But me? I never even got the chance to meet the guy who should have been my mentor.
I hear that.
You know, we have more in common than you might think.
Our love of chicken whizees, for example.
Let me buy you some to replace the bag I salvaged.
We'll hang.
It'll be totally crash.
Got any money? Thank you for coming, Wally.
This has been the hardest two days of my life.
Harder than prison than losing the use of my legs than losing Jade to the life.
I could not have survived this without you.
We had our differences, but Artemis was my sister.
And I loved her.
I should have taken better care of her.
Protected her from you, for starters.
Yeah, well, too late for that now, little girl.
But it's not too late to get vengeance on her killer.
Aqualad is mine.
As usual, Jade, you're missing the point.
Artemis' death is an insult to our professional reputations.
The son of Black Manta cannot kill Sportsmaster's daughter.
Not without running it by me first.
I can't let this stand, or everyone will think I'm a punk! You can have Aqualad.
I want a reckoning with Manta.
Red Arrow.
So new Roy goes by Red Arrow.
Wow, that's an original name.
Well, somethings haven't changed.
Olly's still a pack-rat.
Wonder if he kept this out of laziness, nostalgia or guilt.
This is the only place I've maintained since Speedy's day.
There're other places he might go.
But none where he could get himself in trouble.
Red Arrow.
Red Arrow.
Already inside.
Security breach.
Override lockout.
Green Arrow.
Roy, wait! Sorry GA, can't let you stop me.
Get down! Great! We can't follow.
But we can find out where he went.
He zeta-ed to Metropolis.
Metropolis? Why would he-- Oh no.
Only one reason.
To get revenge on the man who stole his life and his arm.
He's going after Lex Luthor.
And Luthor will kill him.
Oh, who knew enabling an alien invasion would entail so much paperwork.
Hmm, I see the boy has abandoned his hospital bed.
Gotta love modern weapons tech.
Easier for a one-armed man to fire a missile-launcher than pull on his pants.
Hey there, birthday boy.
Oh, hey.
Hey Wendy.
- So, how old are you today? - Six.
I mean twenty-two.
I turned twenty-two at six p.
Well, at either age, you look exactly the same as the day we met.
That's a compliment, you big goof.
Although, even Mal outgrew wearing the Superman t-shirts where he turned eighteen.
Well, I'm not big on change.
Or surprises, right.
That's how I remember your birthday.
There's no way I could forget.
Not with the huge surprise parties Megan threw for you year after year.
I hated those parties.
Mmm, I don't buy it.
You, Conner Kent, just pretended to hate them.
It made Megan happy to throw them for you.
So secretly you loved it.
You know me pretty well.
So, any parties this year.
This year, you're the only one who remembered.
It's Conner's birthday today.
He's never had a birthday when I haven't thrown him a party.
That's not really your job any more, M'gann.
And with Kaldur holding La'gann captive I can't focus on parties.
Megan and Zatanna are here! So glad you could make it, you guys.
Happy bridal shower, Raquel.
You shouldn't have.
Actually, it's it's from Artemis too.
We bought it together.
What am I doing.
Having this shower.
How How can we celebrate so soon after--- Because Artemis would want us to celebrate.
She'd kick our butts if we didn't.
To absent friends.
To absent friends.
And to the bride! [Chorus.]
To the bride! - You're getting married girl! - I know! And that my dear is why I spent top dollar for a customized desk.
I know your only concern is my safety but there's something in here I need.
That didn't take long.
Luthor! You all right? We're fine, Otis.
But do me a small favor.
There seems to be a would-be assassin on the roof opposite corporate HQ.
Kill him for me.
For a smart man Luthor, you're pretty easy to outmaneuver.
One little missile flushed you right out.
So nice to see you again.
Feeling's not mutual.
Tell your bodyguard to disarm.
She carries no weapon.
She is a weapon.
[Zatanna casts a spell.]
I'm completely doomed, aren't I? One hundred percent.
Quite the arsenal you've brought tonight, Mr.
You haven't seen the half of it, Luthor.
Oh, I wasn't talking about the weaponry.
I myself never go armed.
No, the greatest arsenal any man can bring to the party consists of the resources of his own mind.
His intelligence, his stratagems, his force of will.
And you, my young friend, have all of those in spades.
That's detonation cord, Luthor.
The kind LexCorp sells illegally.
It's the perfect revenge.
I use your own tech to do to you what you did to me.
Except, we gave you anesthesia.
Your methods seem a tad more violent.
We reap what we sow, Luthor.
But are you prepared for the harvest? Vengeance is a sucker's game, son.
And yours can only be achieved at the cost of your own life.
You think I won't pay that cost? Honestly, I have no idea.
But I might just be dying to find out.
You want we should take him out now, Mr.
Luthor? No, Otis.
I'm content to wait patiently for young Mr.
Harper's decision.
Don't mock me, Luthor! To get my revenge, I'd run any risk! I don't believe in risk.
I believe in preparation.
You see ever since you vacated that cozy little freezer unit we provided for you in Tibet I've expected this confrontation.
So I came prepared.
How do I know it's not booby trapped? I suppose you don't.
What is it you really want, son? Revenge, or satisfaction? No! We can't be too late! I cannot have failed him again! No, wait! Look! Hey guys.
What took you so long? Roy, are you alright? I'm good.
Well, better than I've been in eight years, anyway.
You didn't-- Kill Luthor? No.
Not tonight.
What's in the case? Satisfaction.
It's not elegant.
Won't fool anyone into thinking it's actual flesh and blood.
But it's more powerful and versatile than the model Luthor gave his own bodyguard.
And it will literally make me a living weapon.
No one's putting me on ice again.
You sure you're okay? Speedy died eight years ago.
But I kind of like the sound of Arsenal.

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