Young Justice s02e09 Episode Script


How can you stand to look in the mirror? Atlantis, King Orin, the team.
You've betrayed us all! Neptune's beard! I can't believe I once idolized you! Why is this prisoner still aboard? He should be delivered at once to our partner.
Prepare a pod.
I will handle it personally, father.
I have other duties for you, my son.
You're not his son! You're his errand boy! I am aware of my role in the larger picture, La'gaan.
Are you? I'm so getting you back for this chum.
Kaldur'ahm, you should know my faith in you is absolute.
But others require further proof of loyalty.
You have my word, father.
I will do whatever it takes.
To enter the Light.
Brother Tommy.
I think we're plum crazy to throw in with this feller.
I mean it wasn't two years ago Mister Aqualad here was trying to lock us back up in Belle Reve.
Well, sister Tuppence folks say he had a change of heart since finding out who his pappy is.
I hear he switched sides because of some girl.
Which I totally get.
You know, if it's the right girl.
Step back Junior.
You're giving me the chills.
But in a good way, right babe? Me, I'm more concerned about this Tigress.
How come the Terror Twins ain't never heard of her before? You know we can hear you? That we do, missy.
These are open questions, you see? So which one of you wants to ask your open questions of Black Manta? Which one of you wants to suggest to the Big Bad that his son and his son's handpicked right hand can't be trusted? Don't look so defeated.
I'm here for you babe.
Will you cut that out? Can't help myself babe.
Been kinda obsessed since the first time I laid eyes on you.
This is the first time you laid eyes on me.
But see, five years ago in Belle Reve this martian girl was posing as you-- So go give the skeevies to her! I'm wearing her down.
Perhaps we could focus on the mission now.
We're closing on our target.
Dude, what are you doing? Here to hang, the chill, spend a little downtime with my buddy Blue "BB" the Beetle.
The be-tel.
You know, chill-(h)angin'.
And put my secret ID at risk? The Impulse is trouble.
Destroy him.
Overreacting won't help.
Hey, don't beat yourself up.
I'll never get used to this so-retro obsession with secret identities.
I mean, what's the point in hiding how crash we are? If you don't know, I can't explain it.
Let's just get out of here before someone spots us.
Excuse-- Mal? What are you doing here? Thought I'd surprise you, beautiful.
Hardly seen you lately.
Mal, we saw each other last night.
Mission briefings don't count.
Look, Karen, I want to take you out.
Like back in high school.
You know, dinner, movie busted curfew.
That sounds great, Mal.
But I need to put in a couple of hours at Dr.
Palmer's lab.
Then I'll keep you company till you're done.
Okay, but you'll be bored.
Here, watch this one.
- Well? - Yawn.
Really, that's the best you could do? No.
How's that, hermano.
Not bad, not bad.
Boulder's definitely feeling the mode, but-- One thing I learned in the future amigo is that it's easier to destroy-- Than to create! Ta-da! The Impulse has created nothing.
And it's premise is faulty.
Tactical destruction is more effective than creation.
Uh, ta-da what, exactly? Curb the attitude, get a little altitude, hermano.
Whoa! Impulse.
By Impulse.
Is that crash, or what! Crash, totally crash.
Blue! Oh, man! I spent 1.
6 seconds on that self-portrait.
It was my masterpiece! Hold him steady! Now move! Blue! The advantage is ours.
Recommended tactic: evisceration.
Or, since they outnumber us four-to-two, we could recommend tactic: strategic retreat.
But first, how did they find us out here in the middle of the-- Aha! So you're Aqualad.
Working with the bad guys, I see.
Taking their alien tech to track our friend Blue? Not crash, dude.
Not crash at all.
They can't follow us now.
Let's book! Booking! Well, that's brilliant, chief.
You let him get away.
With the tracking device.
Now how do we find Beetle? As it happens Recognized.
Blue Beetle.
Left them in the dust! Left who in the dust? And what is that? Souvenir.
Souvenirs are Beast Boy's thing, ese.
Oh really? I thought it was Kid Flash.
Can we get to it? Sorry.
Aqualad attacked us with Icicle Jr the Terror Twins, and a ninja girl I didn't recognize.
This is how they tracked Blue.
I made sure they couldn't do it again.
So you brought foreign, possibly alien, tech into the cave? Rookie mistake.
Give it here.
If you had another one of them gizmos, why not just say so.
It is not the same.
This one confirms the first device acted as a trojan horse.
Impulse brought it into the cave where it remotely hacked and bypassed all security.
Mount Justice is ours.
So, beautiful.
When you're done, maybe we could hit the Happy Harbor Bowl-O-Rama? Like old times? The Bowl-O-Rama closed down months ago.
It did? Oh, man.
We had some killer fun there.
Yeah, in high school.
Hey guys.
Oh, Mal.
Good to see you.
Thanks doc.
I-- Oh, Doctor Palmer, you have to see this.
Excellent work, Karen.
Of course, we'll need to test this against the white dwarf fragment.
Test is prepped and ready.
Shouldn't take more than 2-3 hours.
Let's do it.
Hello, Megan! Terror, move! Sorry, son.
Collar's done shut off your strength.
And that's not all it can do.
Don't know about you, Junior.
But I'm harboring some old resentments against this boy.
Oh yeah.
Let's finish him.
Belay that.
When the time is right, you will have your revenge.
For now, I need Superboy alive.
I'm an idiot! Oh, this one's a classic.
Ice over the floor and the speedster can't get traction, right? Wrong.
That worked so nice I'll try it twice.
Ah! My hands! What are you made of? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
Uh, nice try.
But I'll just vibrate right out of this-- Uh-oh.
No speed.
I'm moded, aren't I? Sorry.
No super-powers for your collar to turn off.
Stand down! Switch to plasma cannon.
Wide dispersal.
Incinerate them all.
Good guys included? No thanks.
This battle is over.
I don't think so, traitor! Then rethink, Beetle.
This is the same type of bomb that obliterated Malina island.
I am holding down the dead man's switch.
If my thumb comes off this button for any reason Mount Justice falls.
The traitor bluffs.
And if not, I calculate we can survive the blast.
But my friends can't.
We're standing down.
Wise choice.
I'm fine, by the way.
Escort Beetle, Impulse and Beast Boy to the flyer.
What about these two? As hostages here, they have value.
But Nightwing is an ordinary human.
Superboy, a human-Kryptonian hybrid clone.
Neither category is of any interest to our partner.
Aqualad! You'll regret this! I believe I have outgrown the name Aqualad, as well as anything resembling regret.
I'll leave the bomb with you.
As a souvenir.
Oh, and the dead man's switch has a five mile range.
Do not pursue.
Move it, bug! No, we cannot allow ourselves to be taken prisoner.
Not much choice, is there? None at all.
I've accessed the functions of this inhibitor collar.
I'll disable it so you may attack.
And risk Aqualad blowing up the cave? I don't think so.
Then, Jaime Reyes, you leave me no choice! I am taking control.
What? No! You can't! No! You were right! It was a bluff.
Get him! I was not certain that would work.
But it seems Beetle is indeed vulnerable to mystic energy.
And sedatives.
Bring him aboard.
Can't believe we didn't end Superboy when we had the chance.
Boss-fish still has a soft spot for his old team.
Do it.
You sure? Do it.
Oh no! Duncan to Watchtower.
Mount Justice is gone.
I mean there's been an explosion.
A big explosion.
Request immediate assistance.
Get here.
Sphere? Conner! Superboy! Wake up! What? Questions later man.
Grab wolf.
The disc-cycle's sinking.
Right, right.
Will Sphere be okay? Yeah, I think so.
She folds up to heal.
Can you make it to shore with Nightwing? Yeah, I got him.
Kid Flash.
Happened? It was necessary.
It better have been.
Aqualad needed to find a way to help us rescue Lagoon Boy.
He had already injected a microscopic tag into La'gaan's bloodstream.
And he used the raid on the cave to pass essential intel.
A flash drive with, among other things, tracking software that can locate the tag.
Like that's all he did.
Wally, he had to make it look good.
He put inhibitor collars on us.
But he knew I'd get us out of them.
He took three more hostages! Members of your team! And we'll rescue them when we rescue Lagoon Boy.
Dick, he blew up the cave! You guys almost died! No, it's all on the flash drive.
He knew I'd have to pursue to make it look legit, and that's exactly what happened.
He gave us time to get out.
We just-- We got caught in the debris fields from the explosion.
Do you even hear yourself? What if even one of you had been left behind? Huh? Why take that risk? Why go to such extremes? The drive explains that too.
He-- He needed to cement his position with the Light and the Light's partner.
Wasn't that why he "murdered" Artemis? I guess it didn't convince everyone.
You guess! The cave is-- Was just a place! Worth sacrificing if it helps us stop the invasion.
Look, I'm sorry you lost all your souvenirs! Are you serious?! I don't care about that junk! I'm worried about Artemis.
Terrified for her.
You put her right into his hands! Wally, we're talking about Kaldur here.
I know.
Our friend.
Who, in the space of a few months, lost the love of his life and found out Black Manta was his father.
Isn't it possible Aqualad might actually be a traitor? A triple agent? He's supposed to be playing them.
But are you absolutely sure he isn't playing you? Come with me.
Please allow me to officially introduce Kaldur'ahm.
My son.
He has succeeded in every mission.
And then some.
Not only did he capture Beetle as instructed but he acquired two bonus metas as well.
As for the destruction of Mount Justice well.
We appreciate initiative, vision, and strong family ties.
Welcome to the Light, Kaldur'ahm.
It is time for you to meet our partner.

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