Young Justice s02e11 Episode Script


secretary tseng and I are so glad.
You accepted the reach's invitation.
To meet, Captain.
The justice league always supports peaceful diplomacy.
And should diplomacy fail, you have your wanted meta powers to enforce peace.
Not how we operate, ambassador.
But we can discuss that in private.
If you insist.
Private meeting? Is this an April fools' day prank, or just another example of the league.
Hiding their true agenda from you, the people? Don't know why you're surprised, folks.
After all, most of your heroes wear masks.
Ah, sorry.
Thank you, Ty.
Ty! Hold, jaime reyes.
The Ty longshadow does not know us in this form.
Time to stretch! Yep, got to keep limber.
Virgil, I know you've been through a lot, but I'd still like to ask you a few questions about your abduction.
Well, here's one.
Why am I on camera? To make sure I remember what you say.
I'm speaking to everyone, to provide counsel, but also to find out exactly what happened.
And hopefully gain some insight.
As to why the reach chose you.
I don't know why they chose me, but I know they wanted to break me.
Why do you say that? The tests.
They started out small, little static shocks, but they kept upping the juice.
Till it felt like I was being eaten by lightning.
Still, I was one of the lucky ones.
The alien creepazoids didn't seem to like.
The results they got from some of the other kids.
Kids I never saw again.
Look, when can I go home? My family's probably worried sick.
It won't be long.
For now, if you'd wait in the hall.
Perfect cover for our new digs.
On the outside, I mean, it's downright nasty.
And it's nasty on the inside, too.
April fools, right? I mean, this is the team's new hq? Where's the secret trapdoor to our real base? No secret trapdoor.
And it's not our new hq.
For the time being, we'll operate.
Out of the basement of the hall of justice.
This is just a place to crash.
A very temporary stop gap place to crash.
For those of you who were actually living at the cave.
It's fine.
I'm sorry about the lack of privacy, m'gann.
This curtain will have to do for now, but we'll figure something else out.
Oh, no.
No way.
I am out.
I'm heading for the hall.
Where I'm making other arrangements, my friend.
You two should go along.
Pick up the boxes of your stuff.
We salvaged from mount justice.
It might help this warehouse feel more like a warehome.
I'm telling you, it's a pit, beautiful.
So I figured I'd just crash with you.
Uh, now? I mean, I'd love that, but I'm studying all the time, and, you know, know how small my place is.
I'm not even sure I'm allowed to have crashers.
Greetings and salutationisms, earth champions.
I am I-Ron, major domo to the great master.
And you are my prisoners.
This is plastic man's April fools joke, isn't it? Ok, plas, you got us.
No, I have you.
Though not for myself, of course.
Rather, I hold you here at the behest of my master, who seeks to prove himself against earth's greatest warriors.
Ohh! Let the cage match begin.
No fooling.
Magic user, master.
Nah, uh-uh.
Magicism is cheating.
Master's more the hands-on type.
Allow me to introduce my master The warlord despero, gladiatorial champion of 92 star systems.
Working on 93 now.
He has come to this backwater planet.
Seeking a challenge to prove his superiority.
To all life forms.
It's quite the complimentism.
You really should feel honored.
Oh, I am.
Here, let me show him.
Uhh! Ahh! He needs backup.
Uh The force field around the hall is blocking all com.
Zeta tube's down, too.
We're on our own.
Uhh! Ahh! Check on zatanna.
Thin head's mine.
Zatanna? Wake up.
Zatanna! Why do they always make me do this? Ok.
Then let's try getting help.
Think I'm losing my touch.
Our people appreciate the reach's openness, ambassador.
We believe there should be no secrets among allies.
Odd, since the reach spent so much time on earth.
Before making their presence known.
We did spend a brief period observing.
Out of concern the league might attack us on sight.
After all, you are wanted criminals throughout the galaxy.
Wanted criminals? It's complicated.
And I suppose it was also complicated.
When you targeted my ship with your young covert ops team? That's not what happened and you know it.
Are you saying you don't have.
Young covert operatives, Captain? Because I know from personal experience that you do.
The reach had abducted our people.
Many people, in fact.
Now he confuses us with the kroloteans.
I suppose all aliens look alike to him.
These are serious accusations, Captain.
I assume you have evidence, witnesses.
Yes, Captain, witnesses.
Perhaps some who don't number among your teen proteges.
Or young impressionable fans.
Captain atom.
What kind of situation at the hall? Uhh! Hmm.
Not an impressive showing for you earthlings thus far.
Big ugly's wiping the floor with our heavy hitters.
I tried stinging him, but he didn't even feel it.
Miss martian, you have to do something.
Uhh! Come on, miss m.
Brain blast him or something.
Ohh! Uhh! Uhh! Ok, you got stuff, I'll admit it.
But I've still got one last trick up my sleeve.
Shazaam! Oh, man, I really thought that would work.
Flagrant foulism! My master has no interest in fighting a child.
Um, yes, master.
You will require a new opponent.
A-ha! This one wears the symbolism of superman, one of earth's mightiest champions.
Lagoon boy.
Aah! What'd you tell her, ese? About you betraying mankind and causing the reach apocalypse? Heh heh.
Nada, amigo.
See, I have no idea what actually turns you.
For all we know, the league finding out.
Could be the very thing that makes it happen, so I say we say nothing to no one.
This is good.
Now, kill him so he can not change his mind.
- Keep quiet.
- Exactly.
Stick with me, blue.
I'll keep you from feeling the mode.
Grr! Uhh! Do you earthlings truly have no concept.
Of honorable single combat? Do not follow, earth females.
Do not interfere.
It is poor sportism.
Uhh! Ohh! Take his head, master.
It will make an excellent trophy.
M'gann, now or never.
Murderer! Aah! No.
M'gann, what have you done? I can't.
Did I get your attention? Master, they have no honor.
It is time they pay in blood.
There, master.
Start there.
Enough! You want earth's champion, you found him.
Your scarab.
We all had assumed.
It was an invention of the previous blue beetle, but now it seems clear the reach created it.
Uh, yeah, that's clear.
There is no reason to believe the impulse's predictions.
Perpetuating concern would be a strategic error, putting us at risk of persecution or worse.
I mean, it's very clear.
The reach tried to use my scarab to control me, but it wouldn't work for them.
Their scientist said the only way to reboot it.
Was to kill me.
So the reach created it, but they can't control it.
Jaime, that may make you our best weapon against them.
Something like that.
Your fight is with me, alien.
I am earth's guardian.
Its greatest champion.
Its secret champion.
He is not listed in the krolotean database, master, but their records may be incomplete.
Miss martian, take the others and leave.
This is my fight alone.
Mal, what are you doing? Keeping ugly busy, at least until you and superboy get a better idea.
As you command, guardian.
Did you see how she bowed to him? This guardian must be earth's true champion.
Finally, master, a battle worthy of your prowess.
What happened? Where's mal? About to play the most important game of keep away in my life.
So how about you guys figure out a plan "b.
" Fast.
All right, freak.
I could incinerate you with a look, but you hurt my friends, so I'm gonna teach you a lesson instead! Use cautionism, master.
You don't know this one's abilities.
Strength of the earth and power of all mankind, I summon you.
Well, I'm waiting.
Give me your best shot.
Thank you, black canary.
How could you leave mal there alone? Get your martian mind in the game.
Nothing I've thrown at the alien telekinetically.
Has had any effect.
And I can't attack him psychically.
I just can't.
Then don't.
But do something.
You are going to reimburse us for damages, right? Ahh! Come on, chatterbox.
You gonna show me something or not? Uh, how we coming on that plan "b"? Coming right up.
Zatanna, Billy, Karen, can you hear me? It feels like there are blindfolds on your brains, and you need to help me remove them.
Now! Master, he has no powers.
This so-called champion is merely another distraction.
Neutralize him, then take the other's head.
Superboy, I've used m'gann's link to possess mal.
And turn the alien's power back on himself, but I don't know how long it will last.
Long enough.
Cheaters! Sneaks! Frauds! You will all suffer for your crimes.
Let's try this again.
Shazaam! Poor sportism! Poor sportism! Poor sportism.
The others, are they I can't believe that guy medusa'd me.
Uh, why you dressed like that? Ok, together.
My spells aren't working, either.
We could try digging our way out.
Perhaps I might be of some help.
Problem solved.
Thank you, ambassador.
Such a shame your hall was destroyed.
I suppose it is fortunate you still have your other headquarters.
The one in orbit above us now.
What is it your call that one? The watchtower? What? Oh, I'm sorry.
Was that fact not for public consumption? Did you hear that, folks? The justice league has their own eye in the sky.
Spying on the very planet they report to protect.
Thank goodness for honest allies like the reach.
And wise men like secretary tseng, who has invited our new friends.
To extend their stay on earth.
What happened to your other arrangements? What would you guys do without me? Where's m'gann? She said the place was a bit too much like a boys dorm.
And as much as she likes the smell of unwashed socks Mr.
I haven't seen you in weeks.
I have been traveling, Mrs.
But it is good to be home.
M'gann, we need to talk.
The reach used our own secrets against us, beat us without firing a shot, even offered to take despero off our hands.
And I couldn't come up with a reason to say no.
Hope you have some good news.
Some answers, at least.
With the obvious exception of blue beetle, the reach abductees are of two types Those with a known superpower.
And those with the potential to develop one.
I believe we now know what a meta gene is A genetic anomaly that allows certain humans.
To adapt new survival abilities.
When exposed to trauma.
The reach, I think, seeks to cultivate the gene and weaponize it.
Which is probably what brought the reach and the kroloteans.
Here in the first place.
All thanks to the light sending the league to rimbor.
And putting earth and its heroes square in the galactic spotlight.
- Beetle? - I'm sorry.
I've been hiding something, but I can't I just can't.
Uh, blue, blue, blue.
What happened to keep quiet? Stop, jaime reyes.
This is a tactical error.
No, time for the truth.
Impulse says that some time in the future I betray earth and bring on a reach apocalypse.
That's not a future I can live with.
So whatever it takes, get this scarab off me.

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